My Muscular Little Bro [Chapter 4]

by Sean O'Malley

I woke up the next morning feeling the weight of my little bro on top of me. His muscular little body covered me like a soft warm blanket. I gently ran my hands over his wide back and hard buttocks. I felt him stir.

“Good Morning big bro”, he whispered.

“Good Morning little bro”, I answered.

He looked up and smiled at me-his sweet face was beaming. He shimmied up my body and gave me a little kiss.

“I gotta piss”, he said and got up off me and headed to the bathroom.

I watched as his cute little ass walked away. God he was hot! I lay there replaying last night in my head. I still couldn’t believe that I had finally gotten it on with my little bro. I’d fantasized for so long and it finally came true.

When my little bro returned from the bathroom he was sporting the sexiest hard-on I’d ever seen. His long brown dick with a flared mauve head was sticking straight out from his body, wagging back and forth as he walked in. I got up off the bed and patted the sheets.

“Lay down little bro”, I said.

He walked by me and lay down on his back, his hands behind his head. I jumped up on the bed and straddled his torso. I dipped my head and planted a long deep kiss on his mouth to which he responded. Our tongues explored each other vigorously. I lifted my head and licked his lips before going in for a second round of tongue jousting.

After breaking the kiss I buried my face in his right armpit, licking and kissing the salty sweet flesh. My tongue strayed up his arm to his bicep where I kissed and licked and sucked on the mound of hard muscle. He flexed his arm as I did this making the muscle grow in my mouth. I moved over to the other side and gave his left bicep a similar treatment.

“Yeah lick that big muscle. Make love to it. Be my muscle whore”, my little bro whispered as I tongue fucked every inch of his body.

His chanting got me very hot and I went for his muscles with new voracity. Once I had worshipped each bicep fully I trailed my tongue down his enormous pecs and took his right nipple into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the hard flesh sucking on it and biting it—listening to my little bro moan as I did. I let go of the nipple and licked his deep cleavage and under each pillowey pec. My mouth landed on his left nipple and I began sucking on it. His skin tasted delicious.

Next I ran my mouth through the maze of deep abs, feeling each groove with my tongue. He flexed his stomach making the troughs even deeper, catching my tongue between the muscles. Finally I had arrived at the prize—5 inches of teen meat, hard and ready. I swallowed his boy meat in a flash feeling it against the back of my throat. As I engulfed him I heard him emit a long deep moan.

Man was he tasty. Pre-cum was dripping out of his cock right onto my tongue as I began to blow him. In and out, in and out. With each “in” he’d lift his hips a little thrusting his cock deeper into my throat. After a few minutes of blowing him I let his cock fall out of my mouth and started licking up the shaft getting the sweet pre-cum with each lick.

His moaning grew louder with each lick of his hard shaft, until he began to shoot. I quickly took his cock back into my mouth and swallowed each shot of his sweet boy juice. The taste was pure ecstasy. Every muscle in his tight body tensed up as he came into my mouth over and over again. Feeling his body relax I knew he was through and I let his hard dick slide from my mouth. I looked up at him and saw him smiling, his mouth agape as if to let out a silent howl.

I leaned in and gave him one final kiss, letting him taste himself as my hands wandered over his hard muscular body.

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