My Muscular Little Bro [Chapter 5]

by Sean O'Malley

It was a few months later, I was almost 17, little bro was 14 and we had been going at it pretty regularly. One day I arrived home from school later than usual. As I walked up the stairs I heard voices coming from my little bro’s room. I quieted my steps and quickly made it into my room where I put down my backpack. I recognized the voice instantly—it was my little bro’s friend from school, Joey.

[Here’s the scoop on Joey: 15, dark skin Italian kid, close-cropped black hair, dark brown eyes, about 6’1, 185 pounds, nice trim build, light chest hair, and as I was about to find out, a very nice treasure trail down to about 8 inches of cut Italian meat.]

So I recognized the voice and I quietly made my way over to my little bro’s room to see what was going on. When I got there I saw that the door was just slightly ajar. Through the crack I could see the bed reflected in little bro’s flexing mirror. Much to my surprise both boys were naked and hard, sitting there just kind of talking and touching each other. Joey’s cock was a revelation, so long and arching and dark.

During a lull in their conversation I saw Joey grab the back of my little bro’s head and pull his mouth to his. As they kissed, Joey’s free hand explored my little bro’s body, feeling its hardness, admiring it. I started to get a hard on watching this scene and began rubbing my cock through my jeans. As they kissed Joey’s long cock began to bounce and I swear I saw a drop of pre-cum dangling from its tip.

They broke their long kiss and went back to talking.

“You’ve got a really great body Grant”, Joey said to my little bro. “You must work out all the time”.

Little bro started explaining his workout regimen to Joey, who didn’t seem to be all that interested in the specifics. Half way through little bro’s explanation, Joey grabbed his head again and pulled it back to his ramming his tongue down little bro’s throat. This time his free hand went right for little bro’s cock and wrapped around it tightly where he started to slowly jack him off.

The scene was so hot my jeans were burning up. I didn’t know how much longer I could last.

“Lean back”, Joey instructed.

Little bro complied leaning back on the bed resting his head on two pillows. Joey knelt between his spread legs looking over the younger boy’s much more developed body. He leaned in and grabbed little bro’s cock holding it against his own in his big hand. Slowly he began to jack them off together, each cock rubbing against the other. Little bro began to squirm—Joey was perfectly still. Little bro’s muscles began to flex and release and Joey watched as the young stud put on a show for him.

Joey grabbed little bro’s legs and lifted them to rest upon his thighs as his free hand wandered down to little bro’s ass. Slowly, he began to finger little bro’s tight muscular hole getting it ready for his 8 inches. First just one finger, then two and on and on until he got up to four. When he felt he was ready he released little bro’s cock causing it to slap loudly against his hard abs.

Grabbing little bro’s legs, Joey put them on his shoulders giving him a clear view of the stud’s hungry hole. He lined up his long brown cock and slowly popped in the head, stopping to let little bro adjust to the intruder. Little bro let out a shriek loud enough to be heard throughout the neighborhood.

“It’s OK. Just give it a second”, Joey cautioned.

A few seconds later I watched as Joey slid in a few more inches causing little bro to gasp. Then a few more inches until Joey was completely inside my little bro. I could see little bro gritting his teeth.

It was sometime around here that I shot my wad in my jeans. Seeing little bro in that position was too much for me. He looked so hot all vulnerable and sweaty and dominated. Anyway, even though I was done I continued to watch.

Joey started so slowly at first--sliding in and out just a few inches at a time. But in no time he had built up to full speed. Little bro’s head was banging against the headboard as Joey plowed into him giving him all 8 inches at once. Little bro grabbed his cock and started to jack himself off. Joey grabbed little bro’s ankles and pushed them back, further opening up his hot aching hole.

Just then little bro began shooting his load all over his own face and neck. It was a beautiful sight seeing him with a hot facial. Joey continued to pound for what seemed like an eternity. (I came again in my pants watching this from the hallway.) Little bro begged him to stop, but his cry fell on deaf ears.

Finally, Joey froze. His head flew back and he let out a howl of epic proportions. Deep inside little bro he shot his spicy load until it began to leak out. Then he fell down on top of little bro’s cum and sweat soaked body and lay there.

I watched my little bro lying there. I could see his face in the mirror. Suddenly, and to my surprise, little bro opened his eyes, looked right at me and smiled.

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