My Muscular Little Bro [Chapter 6]

by Sean O'Malley

That smile haunted me as I walked back across the hallway to my room. ‘What did he mean by that?’ kept going through my head. As I took off my jeans and pealed off my wet boxers it began to softly rain outside my window. I cleaned myself up and got a new pair of boxers from my dresser and put them on. ‘What did he mean?’. I had a few options: either he was smiling to show off how great Joey was as a lover or he was smiling because he knew I was there and was glad that I could share in the experience, however peripherally. ‘Must be the latter of the two’ I comforted myself.

Just then I heard the door to little bro’s room open and the two guys walked out into the hallway. I remained quiet to hear them talk but still couldn’t make out any words. They seemed to be talking about school or something. Finally, I heard little bro say “Goodbye” and then heard footsteps down the stairs, the front door open and then shut.

A few seconds later there was a quiet knock at my door.

“Come in little bro”, I said.

In walked little bro in just his blue bathrobe that came down mid-thigh. God did he look sexy, but he always did. Today he had a “David Niven” feel to him, very dignified like he should be smoking a pipe or something.

“What cha doin’ big bro?” he asked coyly as he sat on the edge of my bed.

“Nothing, just picking up my room” I responded.

There were a few seconds of tense silence. I could tell he dying to say something.

“So what did you think of Joey?” he asked me directly.

“I don’t think you should see him anymore” I shot out tersely as I continued to work.

“But he’s my best friend”. ‘Ouch that hurt’

“I mean he’s my best friend after you big bro” he said sweetly.

I stopped working and just starred at the floor. God I loved the kid.

“You know I love you the most big bro, don’t you?” he purred.

I walked over and sat on the bed next to him, a handful of laundry still in my hand.

“I know you love me and I hope you know that I love you too little bro”.

“I like it when you call me little bro”. He put his strong arm around my shoulders and pulled me into his broad chest.

We just sat there for awhile listening to the rain and holding each other.

“So honestly big bro, what did you think of Joey?”

I sat up and looked him in the eye.

“He’s a hot kid I must admit. And that dick!?!”

“I know isn’t he huge? My butt is still kind of sore.”

“Next time I get his cock. If there is a next time.”

“Joey said that we should ask you to join us and I wanted to but you got home so late and Joey was anxious to get started. I’m sorry we didn’t wait big bro.”

“Don’t sweat it little bro.”

At this point I was feeling a bit randy with all the talk about Joey and such. I put my hand on little bro’s knee and slowly slid it up under his robe until it rested on his beautiful soft cock. Little bro looked into my eyes and we kissed deeply like lovers, our tongues exploring each other as if for the first time. Never was a kiss so sweet as at this moment.

In no time both our cocks were standing at attention. Little bro grabbed my cock and started to gently massage it like I was to his as we continued to make out. The feeling was rapturous. I had this huge 14-year-old musclestud all to myself. My hands opened his robe and began to explore is beefy body pushing him down on the bed. I ripped off my boxers and lay on top of him lining up all of our body parts. I loved the feel of his brawn beneath my body.

Our kissing continued getting more passionate as the rainstorm outside picked up. I pulled my mouth from his and started planting little kisses all down his chest and on his nipples. All at once he flipped us over and took the top position lying on top of me his robe still about his arms.

He looked directly at me hovering over me.

“You know I love you big bro” he said.

“Yeah I know little bro”.

With that we went back to kissing as the rain continued to patter against the window.

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