My Muscular Little Bro [Chapter 7]

by Sean O'Malley

It was a few months later and I was walking home from school thinking about that rainy afternoon that I spent in bed with my little bro. It’s still today one of my fondest memories. Anyway, as I was saying I got home, opened the front door and listened for little bro’s workout music coming from the basement…but it was silent. I walked up the stairs and looked in his room but it was empty. I walked across the hallway and entered my room where much to my surprise I found little bro and Joey sitting on my bed, naked, their backs against the wall. (Neither was hard yet.)

“What the?” I said.

“Surprise big bro. We waited for you” little bro said beaming.

“Hi Reed”, Joey added.

“You guys are the best. Give me one second”, I said.

I dropped my backpack and pulled off my shirt. Then I dropped my pants, stepped out of them and pulled off my boxers. I was already hard from thinking about my little bro. I walked over to the edge of the bed.

“Here you go boys”, I said brazenly.

They both jumped up and scooted to the edge of the bed where they began servicing my cock in a way that only two 15-year-olds can. Lips and tongues were sliding up and down my hard shaft each one taking turns swallowing the head and swirling their tongue around it. I watched as each boy slowly got an erection, taking note of Joey’s rather long one and little bro’s quite thick one. Both boys had beautiful penises and I couldn’t wait to wrap my hands and mouth around them.

For the meantime, it was my turn. I loved watching little bro make love to my cock. I loved watching little bro period, and Joey wasn’t half bad either. Once they had gotten my cock nice and wet I put my hands on their heads and pulled them off.

“It’s my turn boys” I said and with that dropped to my knees at the side of my bed. I swallowed little bro’s cock first while I jacked off Joey’s long member. The two boys began to kiss lightly as I sucked one off then the other. The length of Joey’s cock made me gag at first but I managed to get all 8 inches down my throat. His pre-cum had a spicy taste to it that I liked—little bro was more sweet. Both cocks were leaking profusely and I could tell that the boys were close to coming. I slowed down my jacking and sucking to keep them from doing that.

Then from somewhere deep inside me I said:

“I want you to fuck me with that big cock of yours Joey. I want you to fuck me right now”.

Joey looked a little taken aback at first—I guess I was a little forward. Little bro jumped off the bed to make room for me. I lay down on my back and smiled at Joey who was kneeling there with his extra large cock in-hand. Little bro started stroking my arm with his strong hand as if to calm me for the coming pain. Joey took me by the ankles and rested my calves on his shoulders—clearly he enjoyed doing this. His cock was nice and slick so he positioned it right by my ass and slid it in, all 8 inches in one motion.

I let out a yelp that prompted little bro to start kissing me, which was a very nice distraction. Joey just stayed there inside me for awhile letting my ass adjust to his intruder. It felt incredible to have his big 15-year-old cock in my ass and to have little bro’s tongue in my mouth. Slowly Joey started working his magic, long slow strokes in and out, building up speed little by little.

Little bro took my hand put it on his hard dick prompting me to jack him off while we continued to kiss deeply. Joey was nearing full speed as he pounded me relentlessly, slamming his big Italian balls against my ass with each stroke. Little bro’s cock was swelling to ejaculation size in my hand. My cock was standing straight up dripping pre-cum like a faucet all over my pubic hair.

Joey was working at break-neck speed now, all 8 inches in each blow. My ass was aching, but I was loving every minute of this. (It was like my birthday and Christmas all wrapped in one.) Little bro stopped kissing and held his mouth to mine as I felt his cock explode in my hand releasing copious amounts of sweet little bro cum onto my hand and the side of my bed. I brought my hand to my mouth and little bro and I licked it clean.

Meanwhile Joey was still fucking my ass when suddenly he said:

“Fuck…’s 5……30………I gotta…….get home.”

With that, he pulled out of my ass grabbed his big cock in his hand and jacked it exactly 2 times before he started spewing long lines of thick white cream all over my face and body. He must have shot 12 times total covering me in his rich juice. Little bro just held my arm and watched as it all rapidly unfolded. When he was spent, Joey jumped off the bed, grabbed his clothes and said goodbye with little kisses for little bro and me. He grabbed his backpack and walked out the door.

Little bro jumped on the bed and started licking the cum off of my torso. The feel of his tongue all over my body was magical. When he came to my face he licked it clean and then planted a big kiss on my mouth letting me taste the spicy cream. Then he lay down on top of me and we just looked into each other’s eyes for awhile.

“That was fun big bro”.

“Yeah it was pretty fun little bro. I’m glad you had a good time”.

“I always have a good time with you big bro”.

“I think you just earned yourself a tongue bath you little muscle stud”.

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