My Muscular Little Bro [Chapter 8]

by Sean O'Malley

I lay little bro down on my bed and took a moment to admire his hugely muscled body. It was quite a sight—bulging pecs like pillows on top of his torso, deeply carved abs, arms snaked with veins, shoulders as wide as the bed and smooth legs that looked like tree trunks.

I started with his left nipple. Just licking around the nipple for awhile, feeling the little bumps on the skin like goose bumps. Then I dove in onto the eraser-shaped nipple, taking it into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around the nipple I felt it start to harden-responding to my touch. I started to suck it like I was trying to get some kind of juice out of it. I lifted off of it and just played with it with my tongue for a bit, feeling its hardness.

I left this nipple and dragged my tongue under little bro’s mighty pec and up the ridge that divided the two. I continued over his chest and up his neck and over his chin until my tongue rested on his mouth. I licked each perfect lip before diving into his mouth and kissing him deeply. Little bro moaned loudly as our tongues jousted each other. But it was just to be a short kiss as I had much work to do.

I left his mouth and jumped on his right nipple getting nit wet and hard as well. As I did this I brought my hand up to little bro’s left nipple and started to lightly tweak it between my thumb and forefinger. Little bro let out a quick wince then settled into a long satisfied sigh. I sucked on his right nipple for awhile loving the taste of my little bro’s skin. When both nipples were hard I took them in my fingers and tweaked them getting them even harder. I could see little bro writhing in pleasure, which made me very happy.

Little bro was laying with his hands behind his head which caused to biceps to flex partially causing little muscles to form on his upper arms. Lying like this I could see his sexy hairless armpits and I knew they had to be my next stop. I licked around the massive pec on my right and followed the line all the way deep into little bro’s armpit. Smooth and silky describes the skin in my little bro’s pit, with a salty musky taste especially after an afternoon of sex. I licked the deep cup and felt the muscle there with my tongue.

Slowly and deliberately I licked up his underarm up to the small peak of muscle on his bicep. I placed little kisses on the bicep as if I was begging it to grow and to my liking it did. Little bro slowly flexed his arm causing his bicep to grow to full-size. It had to be the size of a melon by that point. It was huge! I quickly jumped on that one with my tongue and gave it a proper tongue bath. Licking the peak and working my way around to the base. It was so hard, like marble and so sweet. Little bro had the sweetest skin.

“You like that big bro. I got another one right over here”.

He flexed his other bicep giving me his “gun show”. I took my hands and grabbed each one barely covering the top of each peak. I squeezed and they wouldn’t give. (It was all so sexy, little bro was so sexy.) My mouth went from one bicep to the other licking and kissing the hard muscles—following the bulging veins with my tongue. My hands grabbed at little bro’s firm forearms feeling their strength. I think I may have left hickies on little bro’s biceps from sucking so hard. He didn’t mind-he loved being worshipped.

My hands trailed down little bro’s arms and rested in his armpits where I proceeded to tickle him mercilessly. Even though he could have crushed me he lay there writhing and laughing as I tickled him. It was quite a sight to see—a 15-year-old muscle stud being tickled and loosing control like that. I eventually stopped and watched as his chest heaved, his breathing so quick and deep. His hard nipples rising and falling so rapidly.

I ran my hands over his torso as he calmed down feeling the power of his pecs and abs. I ran them along his sides feeling his perfect “V” shape body from his armpits to his small waist.

I next dropped down onto his nice hard abs. Licking each smallish bulge of muscle (8 in all), feeling their strength. Then diving into the ridges between them feeling their depth. I ran my tongue up and down the middle ridge, the deepest, back and forth until I made my way to little bro’s belly button. He was an “innie” so I buried my tongue in the small crater. Little bro writhed a little more, I could tell he was enjoying himself.

As I exited his belly button and proceeded down I came upon the most beautiful penis I have ever seen. Soft and wet it looked like the perfect boy penis, so pink and smooth the head slightly darker. I took a moment just to look at it. I lay my head on little bro’s stomach and just watched it. I felt a hand come down on my head and start to comb through my hair. I turned my head and looked up to see little bro smiling down at me. I smiled back.

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