My Muscular Little Bro [Chapter 9]

by Sean O'Malley

When I was 18 and little bro was not quite 16 a new family moved in across the street from us. They were a typical American family: mother, father and one son, two cars, and Audi and a BMW and a dog. The sons’ name was Jimmy, they were the Palmers. As Jimmy was also not quite 16 he became attached to little bro as they shared many of the same classes at school. He also liked to lift weights so he and little bro had that in common as well.

Jimmy was an attractive kid, no where near as big and muscular as little bro but he had a nice build on him and a cute face. His hair was black with blonde highlights and he had small gold hoops in each ear as well as one in his right eyebrow. He loved to play soccer and had been quite a star at his previous school as he told it. All in all he was a nice kid.

One night, as few weeks after the Palmers had moved in, I was sitting at my desk in my room doing homework.

“Hey big bro whatcha doing?”

“Just homework squirt, Calculus”

Little bro grabbed my shoulders and started to rub.

“Oh that feels so good little bro. Keep it up”

He started to rub deeper and I couldn’t think about homework anymore. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation.

“You know Jimmy next door, big bro?”


“He said we should come over one day and use his pool after school”.

“OK little bro. Sounds great”

I was barely listening as the backrub had transported me to another place.

“Great! I told him you’d be into it”

I snapped back to reality.

“Into it? Into what, little bro”

“Well, into fooling around. You know like with Joey”

“Yeah, Jimmy is pretty cute. If it will make you happy little bro, I’m in.”

“You’re the best big bro a boy could have”

“More with the back rubbing and less with the talking”

“Aw, big bro”

He sounded fakely hurt.

“Come here little bro”

I pulled his head down to mine and planted a nice wet one on those beautiful lips.

“You know I love you little bro”

“Yeah I know big bro”


A few days later after school, little bro and I got our suits on and grabbed two towels and headed over to the Palmer’s house. I rang the bell and was greeted at the door by Jimmy still in his school clothes.

“Just give me one quick sec. I gotta change”, Jimmy said.

With that he ran up the large staircase in the middle of the entryway. Little bro and I marveled at the immensity of the house. It had to be 3 times the size of ours.

“So this is how the rich live” I whispered to little bro.

“Yeah I know”

Our astonishment was broken when we heard Jimmy coming down the stairs. He had the cutest little speedo on which left very little to the imagination. Lime green and very tight. From the looks of it, it seemed our new friend Jimmy might even give Joey a run for his money. Jimmy grabbed a towel from the bathroom and led us both out to the pool area in the back. Let me see if I can describe it all accurately. The pool was near Olympic size, crystal clear and perfectly blue. There was a waterfall that cascaded down into a hot tub which then overflowed into the pool. Palm trees, potted of course, surrounded the hot tub and pool. The whole thing had a Polynesian feel to it, very Bali Hi and very classy.

I would later learn that little bro felt as out of place as I did at first. But, Jimmy was a gracious host and made us feel at ease. He put our towels on loungers and took of our shirts. I could see Jimmy checking out little bro as he peeled off his tight white t-shirt. (I admit I peeked as well, always happy to see little bro strip). Jimmy took off his shirt and revealed a very nice torso as well, not thin or muscular but right in between—boyish.

Little bro jumped in first making a big splash like a big kid would. Jimmy was in next and then me. A water fight, or more like foreplay, ensued. Jimmy and I were no match for little bro’s powerful arms which could move great amounts of water at any target. We splashed around like this, like kids, and swam for about an hour before Jimmy suggested we move to the hot tub.

The hot tub was massive, probably for ten people at least. We all sat on opposite sides of the circle just kind of relaxing and staring at each other wondering who’d make the first move. I decided that would be me. I got up and waded over to where Jimmy was sitting and sat down right next to him, putting my hand around his shoulder.

“Thanks for inviting us Jimmy. You’ve got a great set-up here”

“I’m glad you guys came”

Little bro got up and waded over to the other side of Jimmy and sat down putting his arm around him on top of mine. We each took our free hands and started rubbing Jimmy’s legs beneath the warm water. I could feel little bro’s hand when we’d both reach Jimmy’s crotch and kind of hover there before going back down his legs.

I started to lick Jimmy’s cheek and he turned his head to meet my mouth with his locking me in a passionate kiss. He was a nice kisser, very deep and animated. Little bro came in close to get in on the kissing action and the three of us just sat there necking for some time as we continued to stroke Jimmy’s thighs and crotch. The more we kissed the bigger the bulge in his speedo became.

Finally I had to know and I reached in his suit and pulled out the monster. It was a revelation, large enough to stick out of the water at least 3 inches and slightly curved. Little bro stopped kissing and just looked at it in amazement.

“Nice isn’t it boys”, Jimmy said proudly.

Little bro and I just stopped and watched as Jimmy stood up and hopped up on the edge of the hot tub. All in all it had to be 11 or 12 inches and thick like a sausage. Little bro and I moved in and just looked at it, not sure of it was real or what. I took it in my hand and just kind of marveled at its’ thickness and length. Little bro grabbed it and our hands didn’t even touch. As if in a trance we both started to jack him off slowly each one with his own quadrant.

Jimmy put his head back and sighed softly as little bro and I manipulated his big boy cock.

“Oh yeah that’s it boys. That feels so good”, Jimmy purred.

Little bro removed his hand and took the big flared head into his mouth sucking it ever so gently. I let go and took one of the egg-sized balls that hung below into my mouth swirling it around. Little bro got a little braver and took a few more inches into his mouth starting to slide up and down the long pole. I switched balls in my mouth and sucked on the other one.

“Yeah, suck my fucking huge balls Reed. Fuck I love that”, Jimmy said.

I tried to take both into my mouth but they were too big. So, I let them go and started to lick the side of Jimmy’s fuck pole. Little bro popped the head out of his mouth and started to lick the other side. Our tongues would touch as we licked up and down the long cock. I put my mouth on the side and ran my lips over its’ length.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna shoot”, Jimmy announced.

With both my lips and little bro’s on his cock Jimmy proceeded to shoot a massive load into the hot tub. Long thick streams of sweet boy cum shot out of the 12-inch monster right into the hot water floating there for a second before dissolving into the bubbles.

After cumming, Jimmy slid back into the water and the three of us kissed long and hard again. At this moment I looked up at the house and swore I saw someone in the upstairs window, but Jimmy said no one else was home. I guess I was seeing things.

Little bro and I were so horny after our afternoon with “12-inch Palmer” (as he became known) we ran home and sucked each other off. It was a good day.

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