My Black Cousin 2

Author: John Galaor

category: interracial and incest

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My black cousin.

These are last words about the previous story.

As I was going here and there during all afternoon, I was feeling Jim inside me. I got like a little sore feeling in my ass. But I was not disturbed by that, I felt like I had won the lottery.

I had like heat or something in my ass. I felt a soft humming inside. It was like... a reminder that Jim was... in a way, I was continuously feeling him inside me. It was not easy to forget, for I had inside his hard black meat, for nearly ten minutes inside, he had injected me his fiery jizz. His sperm was full of little black kids, that were now swimming gladly in my blood. I was feeling eager to be again with him. And front time to time I recalled his words, “be prepared for this night.”

Then, some hours later, about five or six in the afternoon, I met him in the dinning room of aunt Susan, and we had a light meal. Then we went to stroll along the beach together. The sun was now setting and we were walking side by side. Sometimes I grabbed his hand. But he was afraid that someone would see him hand on the hand of a white blond boy. I understood him. He was a little afraid of his reputation.

Part 2

A little later, Jim saw some boys playing volleyball, and he said to me.

“Let’s stop here a while to play with these boys.”

“OK”. It’s all what I said.

I understood the need he had of being playing with other boys like that. Perhaps his body needed all this playing to make some exercise.

So he talked with the boys to play and they accepted him.

I stopped there watching him playing.

After a couple of hours or so, I was feeling a little uneasy. For how long would he be playing?

The boys got tired of playing and left with their ball. So Jim and I went walking by the beach. I was so happy to be by his side.

An hour or so little later we were going on a commercial street full of small restaurants and little shops selling ice creams and hot dogs. As we were walking among the crowd Jim rubbed his shoulder with mine, for a second or two, or grabbed my rear cheeks and pressed with his strong hand. I felt a wave of electricity going from my butt to my head. It lasted only a few seconds. I was getting quite excited.

I was a little tired of so much walking, but Jim seemed quite fresh. I thought that I needed in injection of stamina, a little potion of his manly strength. When he would inject my body with his potent fluids, I would become stronger, less of a wimp. I would be more daring and more sportive.

I was getting eager, I could not wait much longer, to have his black meat inside me again. I was excited recalling his moaning when he was fucking me with all his might. He was making noises like a stallion covering a mare I saw once. And now, even if I was again feeling his presence in my ass. I was willing to have more of his black meat inside. I recalled the heat of his body on my back when, exhausted, he fell on top of me. He had spurted most of his jizz in my ass. But, while he was resting on my back, he had a sort of tremor from time to time and his dick another little spurt of his seed. I loved the feeling of his body weight over mine. And all the power of this powerful black male was passing into me, through the pores of our skins that were sweating in close contact. My annal cavity was full with his enormous black meat. Now I was feeling a strong need for more of the same.

When we arrived at the house of aunt Susan, a bunch of ladies were playing cards in the front yard outside. The sea breeze was refreshing. They glanced lightly at us and continued playing. It was about eleven o’clock and I was eager to be in bed with Jim again. One of the ladies asked us,

“Are you going to sleep so early?”

“We are tired of playing volleyball.” Said Jim.

Aunt Susan came from the kitchen with a tray, carrying a jag of coffee with ice rocks. As she crossed with us in the dinning room she said,

“Have you enjoyed the beach, boys?”

“Yes, aunt Susan. We are very tired.”

“Sleep tight, boys.” She said in a low voice.” Have sweet dreams.”

“Thanks, aunt Susan.” I said.

It seemed to me that aunt Susan had winked an eye at us as she told this.

I loved the idea. We were going to sleep really tight and have experiences far more penetrating than mere sweet dreams.

We entered the room and Jim switched on the light; then he turned on the key to close the door.

We were now face to face, and Jim watched me for a second, then he kissed my lips. He sucked my lips into his mouth. His thick lips were suctioning me. I thought he would suction my whole body and drink it. Then he started to strip my clothes off. Then I started to strip him off, and our hands and arms were crossing as we were doing. Then we were in front each other, naked except for our underwear. He watched my white body and I watched his muscled black body. I felt envy of his body, and wanted to have it all for me. I began to caress his his chest and touched one of his nipples. He let me do it for a while. Then he hugged me tightly and felt the heat of his body touching mine. He rubbed his body with mine. My hands wrapped around his trunk and I caressed his back.

Then I felt his bulge pressing on my crotch. It was amazing, to see this huge thing pressing beside my small dick that become hard instantly. I pressed forward my crotch to feel this might power. And he also pressed pressed against me. It was an incredible feeling. So, my hand reached between us to feel his hard thing. My finger found the huge form of his dick through his underwear. It was an exciting touch. So, I though that even if having his body hugging me was a great thing, I wanted to know better, to explore farther his body. So he stopped the hugging and I made a step back and knelt down before his body. I was impressed watching his pectorals and his abdominals, very well formed. He had not any trace of fact on his belly. I touched and pressed with my fingers on his belly that was very hard. I could not get a pinch of his flesh and I tried several times. His flat belly was as hard a washing board. Then I watched at his very full underwear. An incredible bulge was protruding on his underpants, in a way that thought, my! It is going to bust the fabric. I could not believe my eyes. I new his dick was big, and I had never seen bulging pants like these.

I began to caress the bulge with my fingers. I could feel on the tip of my fingers the heat the bulge was radiating. It was amazing. I was doubting if I could pull down his briefs. My hands reached for the waistband and did not dare to pull it down.

“Pull them down. Serve yourself.” Said Jim.

I did not wait a second. I start to pull down his underwear. It started appearing the hairy bush with many twisted, kinky, hairs. Jim’s dick was pushing forward and made a barrier to my pulling down his briefs. Then, I dare to take out his dick with my fingers. It was the most astounding piece a dick. I had to confess, that this was my first real sighting of a hard dick coming out of the underwear. On the other hand, I had never seen a real big dick. Most of the dicks I had seen in the urinaries were just small white flaccid dicks. So, this was like a revelation of mother nature to me. I love natural sciences, the wonder of nature, and all that unusual things you can sight on. So, my natural amazement was akin to a natural science class of high school. I was dazzle by the sudden sight of an extraordinary black dick.

Then I hastily pulled down the underwear, and began a careful study of this amazing piece of the black anatomy. His dick was pointing to my face and I watched his forward part. I thought the head was real big, even if I had not any reference to make comparisons. But as a rule and knowing the pitiful size of my own dick, this one was a real giant. The head was watching me, and I saw like a big eye hole. Then, I began to examine the specimen with by very eyes. It was a real big piece of black meat. I mean, I felt the dick in my fingers and pressed to check the hardness. It was real hard, like a wooden handle of a shovel. Then I pressed harder but I did not feel any shrinkage. Then I took care with the tip of my fingers and I felt it was beating. I was pressing on a vein or something and I felt the beating of his heart. Every some seconds the dick had a sort of jerking. Then I began to move my hand up and down on the dick, and I felt the rolling profile under his skin. I had observed this phenomenon on my own dick, but here it was much more marked. It was an outstanding real piece of black dick.

Then, I observed his balls, that were hairy and big. A strong young man like him had to have big balls. I had to have imagined this after I had watched the big balls of race horses and the most powerful dogs. So the size of his balls were in harmony with the size and the perceived strength of his body. I felt his balls and cupped them with my fingers. It was a pleasant experience.

After examining his dick and balls, I watched at his thighs. They were well developed as corresponds to young boy of athletic body. I was amazed watching his strong thighs. Then I began to feel them, rubbing my hands up and down, then around the thighs and on the inner surface. I even caressed the calf of his legs, and my hand went up again. I passed my hands to feel the joining of his legs. My hand passed under his balls, I cupped them in my hand for two seconds, then I felt in the cleavage there with my fingers, between his legs. The place was wet with sweat, for the room was hot. Then I applied my fingers to my nose and smelled it. I loved the scent of his sweat.

Next, I dared to check his rear furrow with my fingers. I rubbed the place up and down. The tip of my middle finger met his ass hole and I pressed a little there. Then I smelled my fingers and I like it. I even applied my middle finger at my mouth to taste the flavor of his ass hole. It felt and smelled nice.

Next, I went back to watch his dick. I examined it once again, like the first time, then I jerked it a few times. It was an amazing feeling to have such a big dick in my hand, for I was used only to jerk mine that was small. Then, I watched the hole on the head and it was showing something like a pearl.

“What is this?” I asked Jim.

“It’s a drop of jizz.”

“A drop of... jizz?”

“Yeah. Wanna taste it? It’s sweet.”


“Yeah. Don’t be shy and suck it.”

“You mean... suck it?”

“Of course. Open your mouth.”

I opened my mouth and he entered his dick in. The first I did was to taste the drop of jizz and it was sweet as he said. Then I began to suck the dick’s head. I felt it was a nice experience. It was my first dick. At the same time I was jerking the trunk of his member and it began to pour out drops and more drops a sweet jizz. He was moaning of the pleasure, as I sucked.

By my later experience, I know that these first drops are sweeter than the later ejaculation at the end of a sex act. It is like the dick was trying to entice you to do a sucking.

So, I was for a while sucking. And the most I sucked, the most I loved it.

Jim was moaning and this encouraged me to do my best. I had not any previous experience of sucking dick.

Then, Jim seem tired a little of me sucking only on the head of his dick. Then he put a hand on the back of my head, and began to press softly to make me go deeper. I understood what he wanted, and I began to get more and more of his dick inside my mouth. As I was going down on his dick he was moaning.

“Oh, Josh! Oooh! Aaah! You’re great, Josh!”

His dick was going deeper, till the back of my throat. I began to gag a little, but he was persistent, and kept going up and down pressing deeper, but not too hard.

“You are doing great, Josh!”

Even if I was too busy trying to swallow his dick, I heard his words of praise and felt proud.

I began to get used at his dick almost buried inside my mouth.

“Oh! My! Oh, how sweet’s you’re mouth!”

As Jim was moaning I wanted to please him the most.

“Oooh! It’s delicious! Ooh! Josh, you’re the best!”

So, after a while I felt my nose was buried in his pubs. I smelled his sweat strong scent and I felt a little daze. Oh, my god! I could not believe I had all his long dick buried in my throat. I was felt like stoned.

“Oh! Josh! I could not believe it. You’re great!”

He was delighted with his dick buried deeply in my mouth. He has to be so proud of himself if he has a second to watched me kneeling there, with my nose stuck on his pubs. But he could not think that, for this was the first blow job of his life. And this has to be a great thing when one is seventeen or eighteen as Jim was. So far, not any boy not a girl had sucked him off, neither jerked him off. And now this unknown beautiful blond white cousin was doing the best deep throat suck of his life. Then, he recalled I had a need to breath, and got back his dick for some seconds and waited. I had only the head of his black dick in my mouth while I was breathing by my nose. I loved the feeling of his glans in my mouth. After a while he resumed his pumping action, fucking on my mouth, for some seconds.

“Oh, Josh! Oh My! This is so good!”

He continued pumping to my delight.

“Oh, ah! This is the best of my life. Aaah!”

I felt proud hearing him moaning. I was used to being a little despised because the felt envy of my cute looks. Now, for the first time someone was showing me his appraisal.

Then Jim was trying again to bury deeply his large black in my throat. I got the hints of his trying and I relaxed, then it passed again till the bottom. I was delighting on the scent of his pubs, as he was showing with his moaning. Now, with my mouth spiked deeply on his dick, I was very proud of his praises.

After some seconds he got his dick back and I could breathe again.

“Oh, Josh! You are a great discovery!” Said Jim with the tip of his dick in my mouth. I was glad I was pleasing him.

Then, several seconds later he pushed his dick in again, and I took it all down my throat.

He was feeling great with his dick buried in me. He was moaning softly. Then he got it back up and resumed the fucking for a while, then he buried it deeply again.

He began to moan again.

“Oooh! Aaah! Oh, my! Aaaaah!”

So, I felt his dick was jerking and I said, my! He is ejaculating down my esophagus. This was all right, I was drinking him. Then, I wanted to know how it tasted his sperm in my mouth. With my hands on his belly I pushed him out, till his dick was in my mouth, spurting ropes and more ropes of jizz.

I felt them hot in my mouth, and I was frantically trying to swallow them all. At the same time I tried to taste the flavor of his jizz. I will never forget the flavor of his ejaculation. It was sticky and thick, like corresponds to a great stud. He was giving me a lot of his manly essence and it was so thick. It was very difficult to push to swallow for it stuck on the inside of my mouth. His dick was having jerks in my mouth and giving more and more of his sweet jizz. I could not cope with all, and a little of it was overflowing my lips and was running down my chin

He was moaning softly as he was cumming off. He did not want to moan aloud to avoid alarming the ladies, or aunt Susan.

He was standing there with the head of his dick in my mouth, so happy and relaxed. And I was caressing his rear buns with my hand. I even was rubbing my finger on his rear furrow, caressing his ass hole a little.

His breathing and panting was slowing and became nearly normal.

When his dick got soft, Jim raised me up before him and he began to kiss me. I began to give him a little sample of his own sperm, for him to taste his jizz. He liked it and began to explore my mouth with his tongue.

He was now a little tired of the exertion and stopped kissing me.

“Let’s go to bed.” Said Jim.

He held me my waist and he sort of made me go for the bed. We were then laying together in bed, relaxed. We said nothing for a while. Then I asked Jim,

“It was good?”

“Oh, Josh! It was the best pleasure of my life.”

“Can we do it again?”

“Oh, yeah. But I need a little rest.”

“A little rest?”

“Yeah. I think I need to rest a while. To sleep perhaps, for some ten minutes or half an hour to do it again.”

“I see. It was a great exertion?”

“Yeah. It takes a lot of work, to spurt out my manly fluids. But it was very pleasant all the time.”

“So, it was good?” I wanted to hear him tell again.

“You are the best fuck of my life.”

I was very proud.

“The best fuck?”

“Yeah. I want you to become my bitch.”

“Your bitch? What is that?”

“All grown up boys brag about having a bitch to fuck.”

“Why they call it a bitch?”

“I don’t know. Foul language I suppose.”

“I don’t like being called a bitch.”

“You don’t? How do you want to be called.?”

“Your boyfriend.”

“But I cannot tell anyone I got a boyfriend.”

“You can say, you got a buddy.”

“A buddy? I can tell my mates a I got a buddy. They would ask me to present him to them.”

“Then, do not tell them. If you need to tell something, you can tell them, I am going to see my cousin.”

“What if they asked me about you?”

“You can tell is a white cousin. And that you don’t want they would meet her.”

“Can I say I am fucking my white cousin?”

“Better do not.”

We were laying on our backs on the bed. Then as we were nearly sleeping, I grabbed his body and make it turn on his side. He let me do it, and I approached my body to his. I passed a hand over his waist as laying this, and our faces were very near each other. I was smelling his male scent all the time.

Half an hour later, Jim awoke and made my body turn on, making me lay with my rear close to his body. The night was hot and we were sleeping without any sheets or a blanket. So after being sleeping for nearly an hour I was feeling a little cold. Then it was a delight to feel his body on my back giving me so much heat. A minute later I was feeling his dick was growing fat between my rear cheeks. I began to awake to pleasant expectations.

End of part 2

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