My Brother Jake

By: Chris Candler

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Chapter 1

Jake was a good kid growing up. From the time he was able to talk he would always ask for a baby brother for his birthday or Christmas. It was on his third birthday that he finally got his wish. Jake sat around the table with all of his friends opening his gifts and showing every bit of enthusiasm that a three year old does when he gets a new toy. Finally, when the time came to open his gift from his parents he saw that it was only a single card. Of course, to any kid this is like getting a pair of socks, the disappointment was clear. Jake opened the card to find a funny looking picture and scowled at it trying to make sense of it.

“What is this mommy?” Jake asked.

“That is a picture of you new baby brother, he should be here around Christmas!”

Jake's eyes shot up as understanding dawned on him. He threw everything down and ran to his mom hugging her tightly. She laughed as she held him. She new this wasn't going to be easy. She was also slightly disappointed as she had always wanted a daughter to do things with little did she know she was going to get her wish, at least in part.

On Christmas day Sarah was rushed to the hospital with labor pains. Like any pregnant woman she was, of course, cussing her husband and blaming him for the pain she was suffering. Only 11 hours later her new son, Chris had been born and all fell deeply in love with the tiny young boy. Jake knew at that moment he was going to be the best brother that ever lived. He would protect his brother and make sure that he would never get hurt.

As time passed by the two brothers seemed inseparable. However, both Jake and his father Max knew there was something different about young Chris. Whenever Jake would go to play football with his friends Chris would never join he would sit on the sidelines and cheer on his brother. When they would go skateboarding Chris would watch his brother unless he got hurt then Chris would immediately be by his side making sure he was o.k.

When the boys were at home Chris would always be with his mother either cooking or cleaning. They would spend a lot of time together and she treated him more like a daughter that the men of the house thought she should. Sarah didn't care she was just happy to do the things with Chris that she wanted to do with a daughter. She taught him how to run a household and how to take care of the men (not the sexual part though).

It was not long before she and Chris were working in sync both would take turns doing laundry or cooking meals and each pretty much took care of their respective “men.” Chris would make sure Jake had anything he needed and Sarah would make sure Max was taken care of. Things seemed to be running pretty well, at least for awhile.

By the time Chris was 14 and getting ready to start high school he looked exactly like his mother. If it weren't for the age difference you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. Chris stood at 5'0” with no body fat and curves that would make any girl jealous. He had always prided himself on his tight bubble butt and slim hairless legs which didn't go unnoticed by guys of all ages. He had long blonde hair to his shoulders and bright blue eyes. The only way you could tell he was a boy at all was if he were naked. Chris was pure of heart and found the best in people even if they were the worst sort. It seemed that he always had a smile on his face and was still trying to keep up with his brother and make sure his life was as good as possible.

Jake, on the other hand was 17 years old. He was in his junior year of high school and was built like you couldn't imagine. Standing at 6'3” and weighing a solid 225 lbs of pure muscle he was a sight to behold. Like his father he had brown hair and green eyes that would captivate all the girls. He had a light dusting of hair on his chest and ripped abs. Of course, like his dad, he was also very well endowed. Jake had suspected (more like it was obvious) that his brother was gay and also that his brother may have a crush on him. He didn't know it at the time just how much in love Chris was with him.

The summer before Chris was to start high school he went to spend a couple of weeks in California with their aunt Jackie, their mom's sister. She owned a beauty salon and lived right in front of the beach. The whole summer Jake missed Chris terribly as he was not used to not having someone there to take care of him. He realized just how much Chris really did for him and was ashamed that he had never really noticed before now.

The day Chris returned home Jake was supposed to pick him up from the airport. Jake couldn't wait to see his little brother and anxiously stared over the crowed of people looking for him. Suddenly this really hot chick caught his eye. She was about Chris' height and was hot as hell. Blonde hair with highlights, legs that were made wrap around you and an ass ready for pounding, Jake could feel himself getting hard. He really wanted to see his brother but he had to check out this chick. Jake figured it would be awhile before Chris got off the plane he set off looking for the girl and hoped to at least get her number.

Meanwhile, Chris was heading to the carousal to get his luggage. He had an awesome time in California with his aunt and had really changed while he was there a new look and a new attitude gave him more confidence for starting high school. Chris bent down to grab his bag when he felt a pair of hands on his ass.

“Damn girl, I haven't seen an ass like this in a long time. I have a few minutes why don't we sneak off somewhere and talk for a bit” This grabby stranger said in a husky voice.

Chris stood straight up not really knowing how to react. He had never really had anyone touch him like this before and it really shook him. He turned quickly to see this god of a man holding his ass. It was Jake!