My Brother Jake

By: Chris Candler

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Chapter 3

Chris lay on his bed and cried himself to sleep. How could Jake say something like that? Never in his 14 years had anything hurt him so much. Chris had always seen the best in people and for the first time in his life the darkness of human nature made its appearance. Chris was numb...he was hurt, lost, and didn't know how to reconcile these new emotions; with his face buried in his pillows he fell into a fitful sleep.

Chris woke up several hours later and knew that his mom would be in the kitchen preparing dinner. Chris trudged downstairs to find Jake and their father watching a football game on the plasma. Jake smiled at Chris.

“Whats up lil bro? You must have been tired. You slept for the last 6 hours.” Jake said grinning at Chris.

“Yeah, long flight.” Chris said with no emotion on his face as he continued toward the kitchen. Jake's smile faltered but Chris just kept walking.

As Chris entered the kitchen he saw his mother chopping vegetables for a stew.

“Hi Mom” Chris said still scowling trying to push thoughts of Jake from his head.

“Oh, hi sweetheart how are you feeling. You look lost in your thoughts. I don't think I have ever seen you scowl in your life. What is going on sweetie?” She asked with real concern on her face.

“Sorry Mom I am just pissed off at Jake. I am sure you all have noticed by now that I am gay. Well he obviously isn't too thrilled about it since he called me a fag. I overheard him and brad talking and when that word came out of his mouth, it just kind of broke my heart.”

His mother saw red. She had never been so pissed in her life. She raised Jake better than that and after everything Chris does for him he says something so hurtful. She was not having any of it.

“JACOB!! Get your ass in here NOW!” Sarah screamed in furry.

“What Mom? What happened and why are you screaming?” Jake asked in confusion and panic. He had never heard his mom cuss before so he knew it was serious.

“Why the FUCK would you call your brother a fag? I have never in my life been so disappointed. So what if Chris is gay! That doesn't give you or anyone, that includes BRAD, the right to say such a hurtful thing. Just because you think someone can't hear you say something like that doesn't make it o.k.! After everything Chris does to make your life easier you want to hurt him like that. He does everything for you, he does your laundry, he makes your bed, hell he even makes sure I get stuff you like at the grocery store! You know what just get out of my face I don't even want to see you right now!” Sarah not only cussed, but also told Jake to get away. She was absolutely pissed!

Jake's face paled at the reaming he had just gotten from his mother. How the fuck did Chris hear that? Just because he wasn't comfortable with his brother's sexual preference didn't mean he didn't love his brother. Fuck it! If he screwed up this bad he just need to leave and blow off some steam. Maybe he would just go visit his girlfriend and get a good fuck. That always made him calm down.

“Whatever Mom! I am outta here. I will see you when you calm down some, I am going over to Christy's house.” With that Jake ignored his mother and left slamming the door behind him.

Chris sat in the kitchen feeling numb. He didn't want his mother to do that to Jake. Even though he was hurt by what Jake had done he still loved his brother more than anything. His father wasn't home yet so that at least spared Jake from that little nightmare at least a little longer. Chris had heard the door slam so he knew that Jake had left but he was worried that his brother would do something stupid.

“Mom, I really wished you hadn't done that to Jake. You know I love him and I just don't want to see him hurt. It is one thing for me to be hurt even if it is by him, but I couldn't bare to see him get hurt. Please don't tell dad, I don't even want to know what he would do if he found out. Please, I am begging you not to say anything!” Chris said as he started tearing up.

“I can't believe you still have the heart to defend him after he said something so hurtful to you. I am his mother and I am more pissed than that. You truly do have a good heart. I won't tell only because you asked me not to, but it will be awhile before I can come to terms with him. I will always love him, but I never thought I would be ashamed of him. You do need to talk to your father about being gay. He is pretty sure about it, not exactly happy about it, but you still need to have that talk with him so he is not blindsided if anything happens. I love you sweetheart, I can finish dinner, why don't you go upstairs and get some more rest.”

“ Thanks mom, I think I will go lay down. I still have a lot of processing to do and I still need to figure out where this leaves things between Jake and I. I will talk to you later and I love you mom. Thanks for being there for me. I don't know what I would do without you.”

~Jake's POV~

“I always suspected Chris of being a fag, but to actually have it confirmed is just too much. I love him so much but at the same time I don't understand why he can't just be normal. I am still pissed at mom for overreacting. I mean it is not like I beat the shit out of him I just can't stand queers it is just not normal. Although, grabbing his ass in the airport made me hard as a rock for a boy he is smokin' hot. What the hell am I thinking I like chicks so I don't understand what the hell is going through my mind.” Jake thought.

About half and hour later Jake arrived at Chirsty's house. He was pissed and needed to blow off some steam. He knew her parents were at work and wouldn't be home for another 3 hours. Jake didn't even bother knocking he just barged into her house and straight up to her room where he found Christy in nothing but a towel. Lust filled him and he knew this little love session would be rough and hard.

“Hey babe! What are you doing here? Never mind, it is good to see you. You look hot today” Christy's eyes raked over Jake's body and the look of hunger made her wet with passion.

Jake strode over to her and ripped the towel away from her body. Jake threw her down on the bed and pulled his pants down around his ankles. Dripping pre-cum, Jakes 8” thick cock was throbbing with lust and anger. He rammed all of his thick inches into her warm wetness causing Christy to cry out in pain an pleasure. Jake groaned as he began pounding her hard and fast. All of his anger was pushed into his hard fuck session. It didn't take Jake very long for the pleasure to overcome him, he came hard and deep inside her as she came with him. He cried out so loud that he was sure the neighbors could hear him. The only problem was as he was coming a picture of Chris' ass with his cock buried deep and taking his load appeared in his head. WHAT THE FUCK!! Jake thought.

That was too much for Jake now he was more confused than ever he wasn't gay the bitch below him proved that fact so why was he thinking about his brother's ass?

Jake pulled out and pulled up his pants and left without saying a word to Christy. He had to sort out his thoughts so he spent the next several hours driving around trying to get a grip on reality.

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