My Brother Nolan Part 2

Written by: M.J.W


Chapter 2: The Fun Begins


            The sun slowly started to peek through the little holes of the blinds, Nolan was still curled up in a ball, laying his soft sweet head on my chest. He was still asleep and I just rubbed his sandy blond hair until his eyes barley opened. He was so sweet, his crystal blue eyes met mine, "Good morning sunshine, how did you sleep."

            "Good, I need to pee, and my thingy is all hard to see." With that he pulled down his pants to show me an extra ridged 4'' inch dick.
            "Let's take care of that, come." I took him to the bathroom and told him to strip down. His dick was now going with his heart beat. God I was so turned on by this point, I slowly went close it and licked it. "Stop I have to pee,"

            "I know I have an idea, it will feel amazing, trust me." He nodded and I wrapped my lips around it and slowly started sucking. The taste was indescribable, a mixture of left over piss which was nice a sweet, and boy sweat. I was in heaven and so was he. He let out a very low moan and arched his back. I gave him the sign that meant to pee. "Are you sure? You won't get mad." I shook my head. I felt him strain and finally he let it rip. Piss started to spray (due to his hard on) and it hit the back of my throat. "Fucking hell" I thought. The taste, oh god the taste, it was so sweet and a bit salty too. It did not really smell that bad also. I kept gulping and gulping until it came to a small trickle. I then started to give him the pleasure of a blow job. "Oh gosh brother what are you doing"

            "It's called a blowjob; it feels even better than what I did to you in the tub." Now my own hard on was starting to hurt. I got up closed and locked the bathroom door and stripped down. My brother's eyes went straight to my 5'' dick. "Wow that's big brother." I blushed and started to suck him again while holding onto my own tool. I started to jerk off. It was not long until we both reached our moments. It as actually pretty amazing we both came at the same time. I felt my brothers dick start to twitch in my mouth and jerk about while my own did the same but shooting out 6 long strings of  cum all over his legs and floor. Once he calmed down a bit I teased the top of his dick head with my tongue. He shuddered and collapsed to the floor. "That felt amazing big brother, but what is this white stuff did you pee on me?" I shook my. "No that's called sperm, or cum it's what makes babies. He scooped it up and tasted it. "Yummy it tastes salty and sweet." Wow I thought, I could not believe my brother tasted my cum already. I thought how much more can we do and how much could we do without mom and dad finding out. When will be the next time we can do it. My thought was cut short by his voice "Brother?"

            "Yes Nolan?"

            "I love you, can we keep doing stuff like this? It feels super yummy and good."

            "Sure we can my love, I think I have one more thing we can try, but it will have to wait until mom and dad are out to dinner or in bed." He looked super excited about it. I hugged him and said lets go downstairs for breakfast.

            We headed down stairs and I think both our wishes come true. There was mom and dad packed up ready to go out of town. They usually did this and left me in charge of Nolan while they went to New York for business. They gave me the rundown about watching him, in bed at the same time, bath every other night etc. etc. They left about $200 on the counter for movies and food and they were off. I gave my brother a look, he smiled. "I guess that means we can have fun now?"

            "Sure does little buddy." With that he stripped down to well nothing. "Well someone is a bit excited" I chuckled.

            "So are you going to get naked huh huh huh?" I smiled and started to strip down to my nothing. "Now what?" he looked up at me. I smiled and said "Let's go sit on the couch and snuggle. You know you love the snuggles."

            "I do love to snuggle, nakie snuggles sounds even better." He quite latterly skipped to the couch his cute little ass bouncing the whole way. I instantly got turned on. I walked over to the couch and sat down. I snuggled up with my brother. His body was so warm and soft. I could not think why I was having these thoughts about him, I mean for fucks sake he was my brother, but for some reason all that was washed away and I wanted to teach him everything about sex. Nolan leaned in and kissed me on the mouth and well to describe it, it was amazing. Now like I said we have kissed before just small pecks, but this, it was just amazing. His month was so warm, I snuck my lounge in his mouth and touched his. We stayed like this, kissing for what seemed like hours. When we both let up I saw he was hard as a rock now. Again this felt wrong, but for some reason so right.

            I saw my brothers small hand reach over for my extra ridged dick. I felt him slowly but clumsily start to jerk me off. I helped guide his hand, his soft hand continued to jerk me off while I guided him. He got the hang of it real fast and was doing it like a pro. "Nolan that feels amazing you are doing great." He started giggling. A thought came across me...would he want to try it, he might be too small. "Nolan, let's go to my room, I have a plan." He smiled, and we walked over to my room, hand in hand. "Now laydown, and spread your legs."
            "What are you going to do Zach..."

            "I'm...going to try to stick my thingy up your butt. I'm going to start by using my fingers to loosen you up."

            "Will...will it hurt?" now he sounded worried.

            "It will a little but once you loosen up; it will be the best feeling in the world. I can promise you that. Think of when I sucked your thingy, it will feel a thousand times better than that." He smiled at me and nodded in agreement that he was ready.

            I went into my bathroom and pulled out the hidden tube of K-Y jelly. This stuff was amazing, used it a lot when I had time on my own. I put a little jelly on his hole and on my finger. "You ready?" he nodded. I slowly pushed my finger into his virgin hole, it slipped in quite easy. He let out a loud low moan. "Zach, that...that feels amazing." I smiled and kept going. I slowly put two fingers in stretching his pink hole even more, then three. His hole was nice and wide and ready. I put lube on my dick and told him he will feel like he needs to poop but relax. I pulled my foreskin back and positioned myself were my dick was ready to enter him. I slowly entered him causing him to wince in pain, "OW OW OW," he yelped.  "Are you ok do you want me to stop?"

            "NO keep going." I kept pushing until I finally bottomed out. "I feel full, but it feels amazing." He said. "Well it only gets better kiddo." I slowly started to move in and out. The feeling was indescribable. The feeling of his tight pucker hole clamped down on my hard dick. He grunted and moan the whole time. I grabbed hold of his dick, and started to wank him off. I must have hit the spot in him, I felt his dick start to inflate and start to jerk around. His hole clamped even harder and that sent me over the edge. I began to shoot 6 long shots of cum up his love hole. Never have I had an orgasm this powerful and it may have been the same for him. I pulled out of him and cum started dripping out of his young hole. He was breathing really hard trying to recover from his orgasm. "Zach, that...that was amazing." 

            "Told you it would be amazing. Let's get a bath and clean you up." He smiled and walked with me to the bathroom. We got the bath ran and we both got in. We both soaped each other, spending extra time on each other's dicks. I took my finger and dug it into his foreskin. He was extra sensitive after the fucking. Once we finished getting clean he embraced me in a loving hug. "I love you brother, thanks for doing this stuff with me."

            "No problem bud, let's get dressed, its only noon maybe we can go to the movies; how's that sound?" he smiled. "That sounds like fun!" With that we got dressed and we headed out of the house hand in hand.


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