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Subject: My brother shows me, Part II

This is a fictional story involving youth/youth and/or adult/youth sexual relationships. If this type of material offends you, please do not read any further. This material is intended for mature adult audiences. Names, characters, locations and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

It'd been about 6 months since my brother, Mark, had moved into my room. We've been fuckin' almost everyday since then. On the weekends, well, sometimes I lose count of how many times. Sometimes I wake up with his big fatty pokin' my lips, and I just suck him off real quick. Or sometimes he'll crawl into bed, roll me over and slide his fat dick up my hole. Can't seem to get enough of me.

My favorite is to go into the bathroom while he's already in the shower. I love seein' him all wet and slippery. I like to slide on into the small shower stall with him and feel his hot soapy body against mine. It never takes long for him to flip me around, soap up my ass and slide balls deep into me. I always cum first. There's something about havin' my big bro's fat, hard dick poundin' my ass that pushes me right over the edge. He hits that spot up my ass and it's like an electric shock right though my dick. He loves it when I come with his dick up my ass. Says that it feels fuckin' hot when I cum, my ass clampin' hard on his cock.

Anyways, I was home after school one day, up in our room. Mark had left his car, which was busted again, parked in the driveway and had taken my bike down to the auto parts store to pick up some parts. That piece of shit was always breakin' down. As soon as he left, I stripped down naked and flopped down on my bed, my fat dick already gettin' hard. I felt up my strong thighs and squeezed my big nuts. I felt up my smooth stomach and chest. My dick was at full hard in no time. I was thinkin' about the last time Mark and I did it in the shower. Just yesterday morinin'. I was beatin' my meat thinkin' about him pushin' me forward in the shower, the warm water pourin' down my back and over my ass. The feelin' of his big ol' cock-head partin' the cheeks of my smooth, round ass. I would always lose my breath, waitin' for him to make the plunge up my ass into my hot, tight hole.

I flipped over on the bed and got up on my hands and knees. I reached in the drawer of the bed-side table and grabbed some lotion. I made quick work of gettin' some of the lotion on my fingers and then brought it around to my ass. I rubbed the lotion around my twitchin' hole. I sank my finger in my hot hole and groaned, wishin' it was Mark's big cock instead of my finger. Never could get enough of my fingers up there to feel as good as Mark did, but damn, if i didn't try. My cock was strainin' hard against my belly and I could feel my nuts sway in their loose sack as I fingered my ass.

I was really gettin' into it when, all of the sudden, I heard someone poundin' on the front door. At first I thought I'd ignore it. But whoever it was poundin' like the devil and didn't sound like they was gonna let up. Finally when I realized they wasn't goin' away, I got up, wiped off my hands and threw on some cut-off sweats to see what the hell was goin' on. I walked down the stair, willin' my dick to go down. I stopped by the door and looked down at my still half-hard dick tentin' my shorts, but the pounding kept on and finally I cracked open the door and peeked out.

It was Timmy. Timmy: Bull-dog faced, buzz-cut, 6'2 and built like a linebacker. He was my brother's best friend and my sworn enemy. He was always bullyin' me and callin' me names. He'd come up behind me sometimes, for no reason, and punch me in the back, knockin' the wind right outta me.

Timmy shoved the door open, knockin' me backwards.

"Where's Mark, dick-wad?" he barked.

"What the fuck, Timmy? He's not here."

"Bullshit, his car's in the driveway."

He walked past me and headed up the stairs.

"Timmy, he ain't here. Went out to get some parts."

I followed him up the stairs and he turned around hawked a loogie and spit it right in my face. Fuckin' gross! I started to run after him, wiping the spit from my face, but he sped up and busted into our room.

"Fucking asshole," I called, trailing after him.

He stood in the middle of our room lookin' around. He wore jeans and a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off.

"I told you he wasn't here," I said. "Went out to get parts for that piece of shit of his."

"Huh. Well, I guess I'll just wait till he gets back."

He folded his arms and I couldn't help but notice the way his muscles bulged. Damn, he was built.

"Ain't seen much of Mark since he told me he moved back into his old room. Wonder why?" he asked lookin' me up and down like I was on display. I suddenly felt self-conscious, standin' there in just my cut-offs, my dick never fully soft.

"You been keepin' him busy with somethin" Timmy sneered?

"What are you talking about," I stammered, blushing.

"You know what I'm talkin' `bout, faggot. I seen you wrestlin' with Johnny. Seen the way you bone up all the time when you guys wrestle. I bet you just love him on top of you, dont'cha, faggot? Bet you're a dirty little cock sucker arent'cha?"

"The hell I am. Fuck you, Timmy!"

Timmy looked around the room. He spotted the open container of lotion on the bed-side table. He looked back at me.

"How come it took you so long to answer the door, huh? what were you doin' up here before I got here?" he asked.

"You jackin' off, thinkin' about gettin' it on with my little bro?" he asked walkin' closer to me. He got right up to me an' started pokin' me in the chest. "You beatin' your meat, thinkin' about suckin' my bro's cock, little faggot?"

"Fuck you, Timmy," I said shovin' him back.

"You little shit," he said. He grabbed me in a head-lock before I had time to react. I was surprised by his speed and strength. He dragged me over to the bed and sat down on the bed, bending me over his lap.

"Teach you to fuckin' push me," he growled. He had one hand on the back of my neck, shoving my face into the bed and with his other hand he pulled my shorts down over my ass, nearly ripping them  off. I felt him slap my ass hard, it stung like hell.

"Gonna beat your ass, little bitch," he said as he slapped my ass again. He kept spankin my ass as I tried to get away from him, but he was too strong. He was hittin' me hard, in a rage, and my ass stung. Even still, bein' the sick perv that I had become, my dick started to get hard again, pressed against his muscled thighs. I knew I had a hot ass, my big bro told me so. I wondered if he liked lookin' at my firm, round ass as he spanked me with his big strong hands. As if reading my mind, suddenly he stopped spankin' me and ran his hands over my ass, squeezing my firm cheeks. I couldn't hep myself, I pushed my ass up as he worked my ass over.

"Oooh, you like it, you little perv," he said as he kept on maulin' my ass. He ran his thick finger over my crack, still slick from the lotion.

"Shit, you're already all greased up!" he said sinking his index finger in my ass.

"Ow," I cried, tryin' to get away from him. As much as I was turned on by how rough he was with me, I didn't want him to know how bad I wanted it. He held my head hard against the bed and I could hardly move at all.

"You waitin' for your big bro to come home and screw you, little bitch? Yeah I bet you just sit around with that little ass in the air waitin' for him to fuck you good. Yeah, you fuckin' love it you little bitch."

He had his finger all the way up my ass now and my ass clamped down hard on his finger, tryin' to stop him. Meanwhile, my dick was hard as a rock as he roughed me up.

"What is that?" he asked, sinking in another finger. "You hard, little bitch. You fucking are! Fucking little perv can't wait to get some dick up his ass."

"Fuck you, Timmy. Lemme go!" I struggled to get away, but he had me good.

With his hand still on the back of my neck, holding me down, Timmy pushed me further onto the bed. He flipped from under me getting behind me between my legs. he grabbed my hands and pinned them behind my back. Holding my hands together with one of his, he used the other to unzip and shove his jeans down.

"Gonna give you what you been waitin' for, little slut," Timmy sneered.

I felt him slap his thick cock against my ass and spit on my crack. Then I felt him rub his thick, spit-slick cock-head against my hole. It felt huge. He pushed and I tried to fight it. He pushed harder but I knew he had me beat. I figured the harder I fought him, the more it was going to hurt. I tried as best I could to relax, and as soon as I did, I felt the fat, hard head of his cock enter my hole with a pop.

"Ow! Fuck, it hurts!" I cried.

"Shut up, bitch. You fuckin' love it," he grunted as he fed me more of his cock.

I had to admit, it felt hot. He felt thicker than my brother and I loved him forcin' me to take it. My cock ached as he slid on in and hit my prostate. My whole body tingled as he slid me more of his thick dick up my ass. He kept on going till I felt his jeans against the back of my thighs and his balls slap up against my ass and I knew I had him all the way. He wasn't as long as my bro but he sure as hell felt thicker.

"Fuckin' tight, little bitch. Come on, work it!" he barked.

He held the tip of his cock just inside my hole. I thought he would keep poundin' me, but he just kept it there, waiting for me. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I pushed back, shoving more of his huge cock in my ass.

"That's right, bitch. Ride that dick. You fuckin' love it, little whore."

He let go of my hands and pulled my hips up in the air so I was on my knees with my elbows still flat on the bed. He didn't move, makin' me do all the work, slidin' my ass back and forth on his thick cock. God, I fucking loved it! He was grunting as I slid my tight, hot hole on his fat pole. I was workin' up a sweat, ridin' his big ol' cock. My hard dick was slapping up against my belly and my nuts were swingin' as I fucked myself on his cock. He was holdin' my hips tight and then he started poundin' me harder. He pulled all the way out and then slammed his fat fucker all the way up my ass grunting loudly.

"Damn, you got a tight little ass. You like that, little fucker. You like my big cock up your ass?"

I couldn't lie. "Yeah, Timmy. Fuck me. Come on, give it to me."

"Yeah, I fuckin' knew you would. No wonder I ain't seen Mark. Got his own hot little piece of ass right here."

My dick was achin' and I was dyin' to bust. As if readin' my mind, he reached around and grabbed my cock roughly. I was leakin' like crazy so my cock slipped around in his fist. Damn it felt so good! I started shovin' harder against his cock tryin' to get more of him inside me.

"Oh, fuck, Timmy. Gonna cum soon."

"Oh yeah, little slut fuckin' loves my cock up in him. Gonna make you cum, bitch."

He sped up his thrusts and fucked me harder, his nuts slappin' loudly against my ass.

I felt my balls draw up hard and knew I couldn't hold back. His hand on my cock and his dick up my ass was more than I could take. I lost my breath as I started to cum. My cock got even harder as the first jet of cum flew outta my cock, soaking the sheets beneath me. I could feel my ass squeezing hard on Timmy's thrusting cock. Every time he thrust all the way into me another jet of hit cum would erupt from my cock. I was dumpin' cum like crazy. Can't remember the last time I came that hard. He kept pumpin' me and I kept pumpin' more cum as my orgasm tore throughout my whole body.

When I finally stopped shooting, Timmy puled out abruptly and got out from between my legs. He jumped off the bed and stood up next to me.

"Sit up, bitch," he barked.

I rolled over so I was sitting on the edge of the bed, my cock still stone hard and leaking cum. Timmy got up near me, beatin' his meat in my face. For the first time, I saw it and was surprised I had been able to take it. It was thick as hell and blunt, not as long as my bro's, but definitely thicker. I watched his thick foreskin slid back and forth over his blunt cock-head as he beat off.

"Gonna bust soon, little slut. Open wide."

He grabbed the back of my neck with his free hand as he kept beatin' his thick meat. He pulled my face close to his meat. It smelled funky, like ass and sweat and I fuckin' loved it. His had was movin' like lightning on his big stick and his huge nuts were flapping wildly. His jeans were still bunched up around his bulging thighs.

"Gonna get it soon, cock-sucker. Open up!"

I parted my lips and he jerked his cock against my lips.

"Stick out your tongue. Gonna blow soon."

He jerked even faster and I suck out my tongue. He was beatin' his meat hard, slapping it against my tongue.

"Here it comes, little fucker," he cried. And hen I felt it. The first thick hot jet of cum blasted against my tongue. It was followed quickly by more long hot jets of cum, coating my tongue and lips. I stuck my tongue out further trying to get more of his hot stuff.

"Fuck," he cried, "Take it!"

It kept coming, jet after jet of hot cum fillin' my mouth. Then he jabbed the whole cock-head in. Filling my mouth with his fat, leakin' cock. I swallowed quickly, making room for more of his cock. He made short jabs in my mouth and I did my best to suck him, despite its thickness.

"Yeah, suck it clean, bitch."

And I did. As best I could, suckin' the last drops of cum outta his fat cock-head. Finally he pulled all the way out again. He took a couple steps back from me and let out a low whistle.

"Can't say I can blame Mark for not coming round my place too much anymore. Think I'll be spendin' more time here too."

To be continued...