My Brother’s Birthday Wish

By DerekGuy

Note: This story series includes depictions sex between teenagers. If that’s not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true.

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“I want a blowjob.”

Mikey gave that awkward laugh when you aren’t sure what to say and you hope that a laugh is the right response. When Lucas didn’t say more, Mikey felt he had to fill in the silence.

“Come on, Lucas. What do you really want?”

“I’m serious, Mikey. Completely serious. I want a blowjob for my birthday.”

Mikey and Lucas were sitting on the backyard deck this Saturday afternoon. Mikey was about to go out to meet his girlfriend. Lucas had a friend coming over for the evening. They had been enjoying the temperate fall day and were both watching their dog, Monster, race around the years barking at squirrels and falling leaves.

For brothers, they got along surprisingly well. They didn’t usually hang out, except when playing video games, but they rarely fought and could be counted on to support each other and occasionally help each other.

Mikey was 15. He was tall, and getting taller all the time, skinny, and so happy his braces were finally off. He had dirty blond hair verging on brown that was awkward when it was short, messy when it was longer, and hideous when it was long, so he fought with his mom to keep it at an in-between state. He had always been called Mikey since he was a baby, and though he had tried a “Mike” phase recently, it hadn’t stuck.

He was smart enough, a great soccer player on three different teams for school and town, and so happy to have a real girlfriend. Like most of his friends, he had “dated” girls since he was 12. But they were mostly in-name and never got serious in any way, especially physically. Maya was an intense, smart, and pretty fellow sophomore with a much darker humor than his own. Most people didn’t get the match – the tall, often silent nice kid with the more abrasive, hot chick who lived for her guitar. But it seemed to work. They had been dating since August and it was now late October.

Lucas was very different than his older brother. He was 12, about to turn 13, but often seemed like he was a little adult. He had intense confidence in himself and in those around him. He was shorter than his classmates, but given their dad was 6’3”, everyone assumed he would hit a late growth spurt. Standing more than 10 inches shorter than his brother, he never seemed uncomfortable with it.

Lucas had light brown hair that he had recently cut after an epic dispute with his mom over hair length. She didn’t like long hair. He had both top and bottom braces. He didn’t fit in with the standard crowd in town – he wasn’t an athlete, he wasn’t in great shape or super skinny, he didn’t seek out the latest electronics or clothes or live-and-die by a sports team. Instead, he enjoyed things that made him happy. He had tried acting with some success in a musical the previous spring. He loved Harry Potter and had read all the books a few times and knew the movies by heart. He was naturally smart and didn’t study much, which often frustrated his brother who had to work to get his Bs. He had an easy smile, a quick laugh, and lots of causal friend, but no extremely close ones.

And Lucas was very into sex.

Every since his 12th birthday last fall, Lucas had started to talk about and be focused on sex. He jacked off constantly. Even Mikey thought it was unhealthy to masturbate that much. He checked out porn on the internet. He asked uncomfortable questions of Mikey’s friends when they were at the house. So it shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise when Mikey had asked Lucas what he wanted for his 13th birthday.

“I want a blowjob.”

“Come on, Lucas . What do you really want?”

“I’m serious, Mikey. Completely serious. I want a blowjob for my birthday.”

“And who is going to give a blowjob to a 13-year-old?”

“What about Maya?” Lucas stared into his brother’s face with a mask of calm. “I know she blew you.”

Mikey almost responded with anger, but he knew his brother was baiting him. Too often their older/younger brother roles got reversed. “How do you know that?”

“I overheard you telling Colton about it when he was here last week. You said it was awesome. That confirmed everything I thought, so that’s what I want.” Lucas finished off his drink and got up to go back in the house.

Mikey likewise stood up, towering over his brother. “Well, pick again because there is no one who will do that. Not the girls your age and not mine. Here Monster!”

A tiny white fluffball of energy, Monster, a happy female Bichon Frise, bounded up the steps. Mikey had wanted a big dog, but their mom had insisted on getting this small fireball. Mikey had coped by giving her an ironic name.


“Will you give me a blowjob for my birthday?”

The small group of 15-year-olds busted into laughter. Lucas had been hanging out with the small crowd of Mikey’s friends who were down in the basement casually watching TV and eating snacks. They were all meeting here before heading out for dinner and a movie. It was officially a quadruple date – Mikey and three male friends and their 4 girlfriends. They were waiting on Colton, Mikey’s best friend, who was running late.

Mikey’s friends liked Lucas. He was so much less annoying than their own younger siblings. He was also funny. Although they wouldn’t be caught dead hanging with a 7th grader anywhere else, it was okay when they came by Mikey’s house. Now they thought he was being cute.

“Sure, Lucas,” Sophie replied. She was Colton’s girlfriend of just a week and was a hot brunette with long hair, dark eyes, and a bit of a slutty reputation. “You want it right now, in front of everyone?” All the friends laughed.

“Okay,” Lucas knew she was joking, but didn’t stop from pressing the issue. “I’d prefer it on my birthday next Sunday, but I’ll go for it now.”

“Shut up, Lucas,” Mikey was uncomfortable with the conversation. Plus if Colton was here, he wouldn’t find it funny for anyone to joke about sex with his new girlfriend. Thankfully, Colton texted him that was turning onto their block, so they all began to head upstairs to pile in Colton’s and Mikey’s moms’ minivans for their date.

“I’m serious, Mikey,” Lucas said to his brother as his brother picked up his friends’ trash. “I’ve already asked many of the girls at school. Cheyenne said she’d do it for $100, but I’m not looking for a whore, but a birthday gift.”

“No one is going to suck a seventh grader,” Mikey flicked off the lights. “Especially not a turd burglar like you.”

“Well, I’ll have to find an ass goblin like you,” Lucas grabbed the remaining garbage and walked upstairs with his brother.


Lucas’ birthday party was an all-day trip to Six Flags. It was an end-of-the-season trip, which meant light crowds and the need to bundle up. There were six guys in addition to Lucas and Mikey. They went on every roller coaster and had a blast.

However, Lucas’ birthday wish was a source of constant amusement by his friends. They had watched Lucas brazenly ask their female friends and girlfriends to resounding laughter over the past weeks. Lucas had even propositioned a few among his male friends with promises of a reciprocal blowjob if that’s what it took. He had been bold, direct, and utterly humiliated at every turn.

The boys made the most of it. Throughout the day, they went up various girls, park employees, even a few men, and asked if they’d like to blow their friend for his birthday. At one point they were almost tossed from the park for their behavior, but Mikey was able to smooth it over as the older teen. He told Lucas’ friends to shut the hell up or they’d regret it. Mikey didn’t like to see his brother treated so harshly, even if it was his own doing.

That night, after the friends had all gone home – Lucas wasn’t into sleepovers – the birthday boy sat quietly in the living room in the dark. Mikey plopped down next to him.

“Why are you so obsessed with this, Lucas?”

Lucas didn’t answer for a while. Mikey thought he might not even have heard him, when his brother finally spoke. “Every since I started getting erections and you know, I have thought the blowjob was the most amazing thing. I remember discovering it on the internet. I couldn’t believe it was real. I found this video and the guy looked so happy and so did the girl. Ever since, I have fantasized about it.”

Mikey sighed. “Every guy wants a blowjob, Lucas. But you’ll just have to wait until the time is right like I did.”

“I don’t want to wait. And I don’t really care who it is. I mean, I don’t want a whore or anything or some creepy pedophile. I just want someone…” His voice trailed off.

“And you don’t care if it is a guy or a girl?” Mikey was puzzled by this aspect even more.

“You know, when I imagined a blowjob, it was usually Emma Watson. But sometimes it was Rupert Grint. Well, maybe half the time.” When Mikey stared back blankly, Lucas filled in the details. “Those are the actors who play Hermione and Ron in the Harry Potter movies. I figured you’d learned that by now. Anyway, a mouth is non-gender specific.”

Mikey and Lucas talked for a while longer before heading to their bedrooms. Lucas played on the computer without any passion, reviewed the Facebook birthday posts that were beginning to pre-maturely pile up and by 11:30 was ready for bed. Then there was a familiar tap on his door that he recognized as Mikey’s.

The 15-year-old was still fully dressed. He spoke quickly, “Okay, I made some calls and I found someone. Chill out. It’s a teenager and not someone creepy. But she wants to keep her identity secret so you need to make sure every light is out – close the blinds, turn off your computer, so on. Pitch black. She’ll find her way in the dark.”

Lucas was dumbfounded and merely nodded.

“And you should strip naked and lie under the sheet. And no talking. Just go to sleep, she’ll wake up to do her thing and then she’ll leave. Okay? Now remember this – you have the best brother in the universe that I arranged this for you.” Mikey turned and left. Lucas could see the lights in the hallway being extinguished. He quickly followed Mikey’s instructions and returned to bed naked. It took all his willpower not to jack off.

But he couldn’t resist. As Lucas rubbed himself vigorously with his right hand, he figured it would help. He’d last longer for the blowjob if he had cum recently. It only took a couple minutes to completion as he imagined various female friends of his brother with their mouth on his dick. And maybe Colton once or twice. Shortly after shooting, despite efforts to stay alert, Lucas fell asleep from exhaustion.


Lucas woke up to a sense that something was off. It was really dark in his room, but there was still some light from a lamppost to make it through his porous blinds. Lucas had complained to his mom that he wanted blackout curtains, but she said these blinds were adequate for him. Plus he had forgotten to unplug his digital clock and in this darkness, it helped add a surprising amount of light.

The shape at the end of his bed took some time to clearly make out. It was a person, he realized. As his eyes adjusted, he saw a dark mass where there was hair. She was clothed and was motionless. Lucas was covered by the sheet, so she hadn’t made a move yet. She sat almost as if she was debating whether to do this or not. He wanted to shout out and encourage her, but he knew that would frighten her and she’d leave.

By the digital clock, Lucas saw she sat there for nine minutes since he woke up. Then she suddenly adjusted her position and lifted up the sheet. Lucas had been half hard since he awoke, but the cool air hitting his dick and the anticipation of what was to come made him pop a rod instantly. At 13, that wasn’t unusual anyway.

The girl grabbed his cock in her right hand and began to rub up and down. She held him with some firmness that made him feel good. Up and down and down and up she stroked him. As much as Lucas liked having her touch his dick, he wasn’t looking for a birthday handjob and resisted screaming, “Suck me!” for the four minutes she stroked him. He was shocked he didn’t splooge then. He didn’t usually last that long when he stroked himself.

Finally, she let go and leaned in. At first, Lucas wasn’t sure anything was happening. Then he felt this strange sensation that made his body quiver. She wasn’t sucking him; her tongue was flicking against the head of his dick. It was almost too much sensation. She only did this for a few seconds before he felt a warmth surrounding his cock as she went down on him.

Lucas didn’t remember much in terms of specifics for the next few minutes. When he reflected later, he noted her teeth came in contact with him a couple times, which he knew was a rookie gaffe. She also seemed to only suck him for short periods before using her hand instead. Her grip was firm and sure.

But the new 13-year-old wasn’t in a complaining mood. Over and over, she went down on him and he loved it. He lost track of time as he enjoyed this early Sunday morning suck. As he felt his body tense, he didn’t even bother to try and stop it. He had to release now.

The first shot of cum definitely surprised the girl. She froze in mid-suck and let him ejaculate into her mouth. She stayed still after he was done and then pulled off his quickly softening dick.

And then she was gone. Lucas didn’t even really see her leave as he was enjoying a post-orgasmic moment. Was it real? A touch to his still moist cock confirmed it and he quickly fell asleep with a big grin on his face.


Lucas’ mom let him sleep in, so it was 11 a.m. before he started his day. His mom made his favorite chocolate chip pancakes. There weren’t any birthday plans for the family since his party was yesterday, but he fielded a call from his grandparents and from his aunt.

As soon as he had finished breakfast and gotten dressed, Lucas headed over to his friend Wyatt’s house as fast as he could with his laptop and his knapsack. Lucas had a secret that he was busting to share.

Wyatt hadn’t been at the birthday party. He didn’t go to school with Lucas and wasn’t friends with Lucas’ friends. Wyatt was 12, came from a wealthy family, went to private school, and was a budding filmmaker. He and Lucas had become friends because their moms were life-long friends. Wyatt didn’t really like hanging out with groups of kids and most kids thought he was weird anyway. Wyatt used Lucas as an actor in his attempts at moviemaking and the two always got along.

“It happened!” Wyatt shouted as he saw Lucas trying to unsuccessfully keep a poker face.

Lucas breathlessly recounted the events of the overnight to an excited Wyatt.

“And you have no idea who she was?” Wyatt grew more intense. When Lucas shook his head, Wyatt smirked, “Well, let’s find out.”

Lucas handed Wyatt his knapsack. Inside the bag was Lucas’ laptop and a small video camera with the bracket to mount it. Wyatt had installed the camera earlier in the week in Lucas’ bedroom. It was a new mini-infra-red camera that Wyatt had somehow convinced his parents to buy him in his quest to master filmmaking. Lucas was confident that the blowjob would happen and wanted a video record. Wyatt, a dirty minded 12-year-old, was all too eager to help.

Wyatt opened the laptop and found the recorded video stream that kept the last 12 hours of video. He jumped ahead through the stream and stopped.

“Is that it?” Lucas asked breathlessly. Lucas loved playing video games, but he wasn’t a computer or a camera teen.

“No, this is earlier in the evening. Looks like you couldn’t wait.” Wyatt turned the computer towards his friend to reveal a regular video image of Lucas clearly masturbating under the sheet with great enthusiasm. Nothing could be seen and every boy jacked off, but it was still embarrassing to be “caught in the act.”

“Fuck you. Get to it!” Lucas playfully shoved his friend.

The black and white infra-red section soon began. Wyatt raced through the seemingly identical footage until it suddenly changed. The quality was impressive. They both watched breathlessly as a figure entered Lucas’ room and dropped by the side of the bed. The figure sat there for a long time before finally making a move. Lucas was shocked to see his dick revealed onto screen, but too excited to be uncomfortable.

The handjob was followed by the blowjob. The orgasm was followed by the figure quickly leaving. Then the screen went still.

Neither boy spoke as Wyatt reviewed back over the images to find a clear shot of the Lucas’ sexually partner.

“That’s someone tall,” Wyatt analyzed looking at a still frame.

“And flat,” Lucas added.

“Because that person is a boy,” Wyatt stated what both already knew.

Lucas paused and said what was clear. “That person is my brother, Mikey.”

To be continued?

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