My Brother’s Birthday Wish 2

By DerekGuy

Note: This story series includes depictions sex between teenagers. If that’s not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true.

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12-year-old Lucas desperately wants a blowjob for this 13th birthday. Although he is aggressive in asking others, no one agrees. Finally, his 15-year-old brother Mikey says he has found a girl. Lucas receives a great blowjob in the middle of the night in the dark by someone unknown. But he has secretly recorded it on infrared thanks to his friend Wyatt.


“That’s someone tall,” Wyatt analyzed looking at a still frame.

“And flat,” Lucas added.

“Because that person is a boy,” Wyatt stated what both already knew.

Lucas paused and said what was clear. “That person is my brother, Mikey.”

They sat there in stunned silence as Wyatt advanced frame-by-frame, confirming with each one the identity of the previously unknown sexual partner.

Lucas was confused. He had no idea that his amazing sexual experience of a few hours ago came from his brother. He was a little nauseated, but that quickly gave way to confusion and then to excitement Lucas had never really thought of his brother that way. Sure his brother Mikey was hot, but not in obvious ways like Colton, Mikey’s best friend. Lucas had many gay thoughts he kept to himself – the rare time he didn’t just blurt out what he was thinking – but Mikey hadn’t featured in them. That was clearly going to change.

Wyatt was hard as a rock. He was known as a “the little pervert” at his private school. He filmed people doing inappropriate things. He had been briefly suspended for hiding a camera in the girl’s locker room. A visit from Wyatt’s dad to the school principal had ended that punishment. Wyatt had no first-hand sexual experience, but would stage elaborate fantasies in his mind playing out like pornos. That’s why when Lucas approached him for video help he was so eager. This was a real chance to see sex with someone he knew, someone he totally had a thing for. Lucas was one of his few real friends who accepted him as he was. He never imagined Lucas would actually get blown – the jerkoff footage under the sheets was enough for him. To discover this major plot twist was amazing – like an early M. Night Shyamalan film (not his later crap), Wyatt decided.

Wyatt’s secret feelings for Lucas were even deeper for Mikey. Mikey was the only older brother who didn’t make constant fun of him. Mikey even talked to Wyatt about movies as an equal. Given the foot height difference, that meant something to Wyatt. He didn’t jerk-off a lot, but when he did, Mikey was the most common non-celebrity in mind. To have footage – even dark, unclear footage – of his friend Lucas being sucked off by his hot older brother was overwhelming and he fear he’d bust right there.

Lucas asked Wyatt to destroy the video. Wyatt nodded, but first burned a DVD for Lucas telling him he might want this later and shouldn’t rush to judgment. Lucas refused and bent the DVD in half in overly dramatic fashion. Wyatt had already saved the file to a wireless drive right from the start as a precaution before he even knew what was on it, so he had no problem deleting the file from Lucas’ computer. They didn’t talk about it further, swore each other to secrecy, and Lucas left. Wyatt pulled up the file on his own computer and he immediately went to the key moments. He exploded all over his skinny pale chest and stomach before he even finished the images of Lucas masturbating from the beginning of the video. Wyatt spent the rest of the day enhancing, editing, and cleaning up the sex scenes from the infrared.


Mikey had spent the day not thinking about last night. He was tired. Waking up in the middle of the night to suck your brother in secret will take it out of a guy. He was lethargic at soccer practice and downright sullen at lunch with his girlfriend Maya. He had spent the afternoon alone in his room doing nothing.

He regretted nothing. His loved his brother and wanted to make him happy. He had done that. Bet none of his friends gave their sibling as well-received a birthday present. It wasn’t an incest thing. Who cared if it was his brother? They weren’t having a kid. Why could they wrestle and play video games and even talk about sex, but not touch each other? It was a dumb societal rule that meant nothing to him. Like saying “please.” It was just something parents told their kids: Say please. Say thank you. Don’t have sex with your brother. He almost smiled as he thought it.

It wasn’t a gay thing either. Getting hung up about that was so last decade. He had gay friends. Well, he had a gay friend. Okay, he had a friend who he was sure was gay. Kirby had never had a girlfriend and just “seemed” gay. No one ever said anything and no one treated him differently. He wondered sometimes if any of his friends had been with Kirby. Mikey had thought about it last year when he was ready to try something sexual. Colton and Ryan had both seemed like they would do something like that. In fact, Colton was the guy Mikey most thought about when he thought about doing something gay.

If it wasn’t an incest thing and it wasn’t a gay thing, what was it? Maybe it was a Lucas-thing. Would his brother be mad? He heard from Lucas’ own mouth how he had gay thoughts sometimes. And Lucas clearly adored his older brother. No brother team got along better than Mikey and Lucas.. They didn’t have much in common outside video games. Mikey was quiet; Lucas never shut up. Mikey was tall and athletic; Lucas was short and average. Mikey didn’t watch much TV or read books; Lucas consumed media and read Harry Potter or similar stuff every day. But they just clicked. Last night, they had clicked.

Mikey didn’t know what he was doing last night. He had been sucked a bunch of times by Maya and she made him feel good, so he just copied her. His brother was small in size, so he didn’t have to worry about choking. Maya had swallowed Mikey just fine and he was bigger, although nothing to boast about. Maya claimed she had only sucked one other guy, but Mikey had his doubts. She also refused to consider fucking saying they were too young and she wasn’t ready. Blowjobs were one of things Maya could to do to get Mikey to drop the subject.

He knew he had done a good job. It wasn’t just the cum, but he could sense his brother’s pleasure. He hadn’t seen Lucas today, but their mom reported he was in a great mood when he went out. Maybe he just needed to tell Lucas the truth and see where it went.

He heard the door open and close and Lucas call out he was home. Mikey jumped up, grabbed his headphones, turned on iTunes, and started playing the first song he could find. Lucas passed his open bedroom door, glanced at Mikey, who was trying hard to make no eye contact, and kept going to his own room. As soon as Lucas’ door closed, Mikey got up and closed his too.


“Guess who got lucky this afternoon?”

Colton had dropped by as he often did. He only lived a few blocks over and passed Mikey’s house on the way home from most parts of town. Colton went through girlfriends quickly. There were many theories among his friends ranging from he pushed too hard for sex with them to Colton was gay, but the facts were clear: In just the first 2 months of the school year, Colton was on his fifth girlfriend.

Bold statements about sex were a Colton staple that Mikey had learned to endure. He never challenged anything Colton said even when it was unmistakably a lie. But today, he wasn’t interested in the latest fiction from his best friend.

“Tell me tomorrow, Colt, I’m not in the mood.”

“Oh yeah…” Colton’s eyes widened. “Today is Lucas’ birthday. How did the whole wishful thinking go?”

“Just drop it.”

“You called me last night and asked for names of girls who might blow your brother. I want to know what happened. Was it Cindy? I bet it was Cindy.”

“Drop it.”

Colton began pacing the room in excitement. He named all sorts of girls. Mikey said nothing.

“You know, Mikey. You should have just asked a guy to do it. I bet Kirby would do it for you. He’s a good cocksucker.”

“How do you know that?” Mikey had found a subject he did want to talk about.

“I’ve just heard,” Colton dismissed the whole matter. “So, who did it?”

“Let it go.”

“Okay, you’ve answered one question. Someone did it. No who…”

“Would you just shut up and let it go!” Mikey wasn’t much for talking, but was rarely driven to speak harshly or angrily. Colton let the strong emotion hang in the air for a while.

“It was you,” Colton’s voice was just above a whisper. “You did it. Oh my, God. You did it. My mind is breaking. You did it.”

Mikey sat there not sure what he could say to stop Colton from pursuing more discussion. Luckily, his phone rang. The ring tone was some alternative band that Mikey had never heard of, but his girlfriend Maya had insisted he download. “Hi, Maya.” Mikey was staring right at Colton who has a slight suppressed grin. “No, Colt’s over, but we he was just leaving.” Mikey’s stare explained the rest and Colton slipped out of Mikey’s bedroom, closed the door behind him, and turned right to head down the stairs.


Colton slipped out of Mikey’s bedroom, closed the door behind him, and turned right to head down the stairs. Then he stopped. He turned around on the top step and looked at his best friend’s closed door. He could just hear faint dialogue from Mikey as he talked – well, listened – to his girlfriend.

Colton gingerly walked past the room and tapped lightly on the closed door on the right down the hall from Lucas’ room.


Opening the seventh grader’s door, Colton found Lucas reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, his go to book when he was emotionally confused. Lucas was stunned to see Colton. Since his blowjob, his sexual internal dialogue was across the map. Learning he was sucked by Mikey had sent him into previously supressed conversations. He had jacked off to the memory wishing he had let Wyatt keep the video evidence. He had nothing but a few family photos of Mikey with his shirt off that were old. They were hardly wank fodder with their mom or other family in the shot.

Lucas had pulled up his small collection of digital porn. Most of it was shirtless poses by famous actors and Abercrombie models. He had a few naked photos of Daniel Radcliffe from Equus. He tried to create mental images, but surprisingly found each scenario of sexual interaction with Mikey became one of Lucas and Colton. And now Colton was standing here.

“Happy birthday, Puke-ass.” This was Colton’s endearing nickname for the only little brother he liked of his friends.

“Fuck you, Dolton.” It wasn’t as good, but Lucas hadn’t found a better rhyme.

“Get any nice present?”

“A few.” Lucas pointed at the pile of books, DVDs, videogames, and some clothing piled on his desk.

“Heard you got to use your magic wand, too.”

“What are you blabbering about?”

“I just heard that you got your wand waxed by an anonymous wizard.” Colton found Harry Potter dull as anything and therefore always brought it up to mock Lucas.

“Who did you hear that from?” Lucas was nervous. He didn’t care if the whole world learned he got sucked for his birthday. Well, maybe not his mom. But he didn’t want Mikey to be in trouble.

“Let’s just say that I know people.” Colton walked into the room, closing the door behind him, and dropped onto Lucas’ bed. “Was it nice?”

Lucas said nothing. Colton was here for a reason and he wasn’t going to play games.

“What do you want, Colton?”

Colton took several breaths. He was far more nervous than his usual bravado.

“Okay, Puke. I bet you’d like a repeat of last night, right? Who wouldn’t? What do you say we each help out the other. You suck me. I suck you.”

Lucas wasn’t believing it. This was like his imagination this afternoon. How could it be real? The loquacious young teen managed to respond with only, “Wha-?”

Colton laughed. He had a deep, full laugh that his friends loved. “So that’s how we shut you up? Okay Lucas. It’s simple. You suck me. I’ll suck you. Mutually beneficial. Right here. Right now. Deal?”

Colton stuck out his hand and Lucas found himself shaking it. Colton’s big mitts held Lucas’ small one tight. Colton looked over his small prey. Lucas was in a “Dumbledore Lives!” t-shirt and a pair of shorts. He was also barefoot.

Lucas didn’t like his hand being held so firmly, but used it to try and stare down his older prey. Colton was of just above average height, but in very athletic shape. He was wearing a Duke sweatshirt over a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Colton had short brown hair, brown eyes, and handsome features.

The stare-down lasted seconds, but felt like minutes. Just before he let go, Colton smiled broadly and said, “Go lock your door.”

Curious what it was like to give rather than receive, Lucas was comfortable sucking first. Plus, he was eager to see what another dick looked like in the flesh. He only had his small one to go by and assumed that Colton, with his big hands and feet, was large. Maybe as large as he imagined Mikey was who was several inches taller than Colton and wore these monster-long shoes.

Colton had pulled off his sweatshirt and t-shirt revealing his nicely formed chest. Lucas remembered that Colton had a sort-of six-pack over the summer, but it seemed to have lost definition. Colt had hair under his arms, running a treasure trail from his belly-button, and a little bit on his chest. Lucas was hair-deficient and was jealous. The 13-year-old unbuttoned the 15-year-old’s jeans and helped him pull them off. The boxers underneath were tented and Lucas yanked them down.

He was pleased to find a nice big dick. In reality, it was a perfectly average cock, but Lucas had no real comparison and his own penis was hardly a good model. Lucas shed his own shirt.

“Watch the teeth. Watch the braces.” Although Colton would have loved to take his time, he was expected at home soon and was so horny he couldn’t be patient.

The internet can only teach so much, but Lucas was always a quick study. He listened to Colton’s breathing and watched his body language to determine what worked and what didn’t. He knew his little mouth and lack of experience meant he shouldn’t try and deep-throat Colton. Plus, few people really did that in the handful of the videos he had seen online.

Lucas began by focusing on Colton’s dickhead. He licked and sucked and rubbed and made his tongue work overtime just on the head. Colton was beside himself. He was sensitive there and Lucas was driving him crazy. He ordered, then asked, then begged Lucas to swallow him, but the young teen resisted for the longest time. The pre-cum was a surprising treat that Lucas immediately decided he loved. He also saw it as a signal.

Lucas began to swallow Colton’s cock. He gagged several times, even on just a few inches, but got better with each try. Colton, who was now sensitive of the time, implored Lucas to go faster and hurry. Lucas ignored him. Fuck Colton for rushing this experience. He knew he was hitting the mark with Colton by the grunts and squeals out of the older boy.

In an older teen, Colton would have held out. But Colton had no control over himself and, without warning, shot hard. Lucas had been back to sucking the head of his cock. The ejaculation startled him and caused him to drop his brother’s best friend’s dick. Colton grabbed his cock, rubbed it, and aimed his continued spray all over the skinny hairless boy’s face and chest. Lucas was not amused, but did nothing to resist. Colton shot a heavy load normally, but he knew this was particularly big and Lucas was drenched in semen.

His last drop out, Colton pulled on his clothes as quickly as possibly.

“Hey!” Lucas shouted at him. “Now it’s my turn,”

“Gotta go. Another time.” Colton unlocked the door and raced out of the house in record time.

Lucas dropped back onto his bed, sitting on the edge as he felt another boy’s cum drip down his nose and chin. He didn’t mind it so much. Especially if it had been Mikey’s. Colton was a dickweed, Lucas realized. He always knew that, but had still found him hot. Not Rupert Grint or Tom Felton hot, but still quality. Lucas stared off into space mentally readying himself for the shower and wishing Wyatt’s cameras were still in the room.


Mikey reached for the bathroom after a really refreshing shit. Just as he began to open the door, he was sure he saw the image of Colton bolting down the stairs. What would Colton still be doing here? He had left when Mikey got the call from Maya.

Lucas’ bedroom door was just about directly opposite the bathroom door. His little brother’s door was half open and Mikey went up to see if Lucas could explain. Lucas was sitting on his bed with his shirt off staring off into nowhere. Mikey thought he looked kind of hot. Then he looked closer.

The 13-year-old’s face and chest were dripping a familiar cloudy colored liquid. He was coated in the stuff.

That is cum, Mikey confirmed for himself.

That is Colton’s cum all over my brother.

To be continued

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