My Brothers Taste

Disclaimer: This is just a story that may or may not have actually happened. If you are not of legal age, or forbidden to read and/or have possession of this nature because of your location – then don't.

I need to provide a little history here first to set up this story, so you can understand how I got there.

When I was in sixth grade (about 11years old), I started to “fool around” with my schoolmates. You know the typical curious boy stuff (you show me yours and I'll show you mine). Well that eventually progressed to jerking off together, which eventually progressed to jerking each other off, which eventually progressed to sucking each other off (or at least I sucked them off). Nobody could cum yet at that age (so it was just a “dry” cum), but I still enjoyed sucking on their dicks, and licking/sucking on their hairless nut sack. So now fast forward to sightly more than a year latter (it was near the end of seventh grade). I was sucking off one of my “regulars” (my favorite friend who had the biggest dick of them all), when he started to moan, breath-heavy and quiver/shake. I figured he was about ready to “dry” cum, but boy was I in for a surprise. He says “oh ya... I'm cumming” and his dick started to shoot off spurt after spurt after spurt after spurt of this thick creamy warm (kind of slimy) substance in my mouth. Caught me by surprise, cause I really wasn't expecting it, cause I never got it before. It tasted way different than anything I had ever tasted before (was kind of funky bitter salty, yet also had a sweet side). I kind of swished it around in my mouth the best I could (to get a better idea of the taste, but still really couldn't figure it out), and then swallowed it, cause I didn't want to interrupt the blow-job. After he caught his breath, and his dick went soft in my mouth, he pulled it out and said “thanks again, that was great”. I replied with “it sure was... and come back any time you want another one”. A few days latter, he must have told some boys that I give “good head” and swallow cum, who must have told other boys, who must have told other boys. Because soon my list of “regulars” grew, and I was sucking off almost all the neighborhood boys and many more schoolmates (but believe me – that I didn't mind, cause now I was really starting to get the boy cum). So now fast forward about another year (I was in eighth grade, and 13yrs old). I'm not sure if one of my “regulars” told my brother that I suck cock and swallow cum, or if it was just the “regular progression of things” (cause my brother and I had to share a bathroom, so sometimes we saw each other naked). My brother was four yrs older than me (about 17yrs old), and was growing up to be a hot stud/jock (he was attractive with a trim but somewhat muscular body, that showed off a very nice “treasure-trail”). And thus, begins my story …

It was a friday nite, the parents were out to a movie, and my brother was in the bathroom (getting ready to “go out”). I was horny cause I hadn't “gotten any” in a few days, so figured I would just jerk off. I was “zoned out” in my own fantasy world, while I was jerking off and smelling my brother's used/worn/dirty jockstrap (that I “borrowed” from his dirty clothes pile). When all of a sudden my brother comes barging/charging into my room, almost yelling “hey, have you seen my jock...(break/cutoff & pause) oh, I see (another pause)– perhaps you need the real thing”. He comes over to me, dropped his towel, shoves his naked crotch in my face and says “smell and lick this”. I put my nose deep into his pubic hair and took a big inhale. His smell/odor was almost intoxicating (way better than his jockstrap). Then I got busy on licking his nut sack (more hair than on any other boy I ever had, and tasting kind of salty, but still oh so good). Then suddenly and without warning I take his dick into my mouth and start sucking on it. He says “wow bro, what are you doing?” I say “just relax and enjoy it”. He replies with “well um... ok”. I give him one of my “specialty” blow-jobs, and within six minutes he is breathing heavy, and moaning “oh ya... I'm cumming!” and starts shooting off squirt after squirt after squirt after squirt of his cum in my mouth. As his dick is going soft, he pulls it out of my mouth. I swish his cum around in my mouth to get a really good taste (was more “manly” than any of the other boys I ever had), and swallow it. He had this kind of embarrassed look on his face and says “ um.. thanks bro”, then turns and starts leaving the room. I say “sure, no problem bro... come back anytime”. And I continue with my jerking off.

That whole following week, either I was imagining things or my brother was kind of avoiding me. So that next weekend, it was very late on a saturday nite. The parents were already asleep, when I hear my brother coming home. I am wearing only his jockstrap, and meet him by his bedroom door. I say as seductively as I can “hey, you want a blow-job?” He says “no, I'm good... just got done fucking my girlfriend”. I reply with “, no problem... maybe some other time”. He doesn't reply and just closes his bedroom door behind him. I take the hint and just go to bed, feeling frustrated. So during the whole following week, when I can definitely tell that my brother is avoiding me; I feel left-out and frustrated. Late that saturday nite, the parents are already asleep, and I am just reading in my bedroom (with the door open), when I hear my brother coming home (from his date). He kind of nervously walks into my room, and says “hey bro, can we have a talk?” I say “sure, what's on your mind?” He say “um.. well... you know that “thing” that happened between us two weeks ago... has got me kind of wierded-out”. I say “it's ok really”. He says “ well... you see... the thing is... is that I'm straight, and you know that right?” I reply with “ ya sure, it's no problem, I know that, and don't worry about it, I'm not going to tell anyone, it's just our little secret”. He says “ok, good... but now, the thing is... is that I'm kind of horny and frustrated cause my girlfriend didn't put-out... and I feel kind of weird asking this... but... can I have a blow-job?” I say “sure, no problem, get naked and get your crotch over to my face”. I catch a glimpse of a smile on his face as he is stripping. Within a minute, his semi-hard cock is dangling within an inch of my mouth (which I open wide and eagerly take his cock in). I give him my specialty blow-job, and within seven minutes, he is breathing heavy and says “oh god... that feels so good... oh ya bro... I'm cumming” and he is squirting off spurt after spurt after spurt after spurt of his cum into my mouth. As his dick goes soft, he pulls it out of my mouth. I swish his cum around in my mouth to get a really good taste (a little sweeter and saltier than last time), and swallow it. As he is gathering up his clothes and leaving my room, he says “um...thanks bro...I can go to sleep now feeling relieved and satisfied”. I reply with “sure, no problem bro... come back anytime you want another one”. Then I turn off the light, and go to bed, feeling relieved and satisfied.

It has been almost two weeks since my bro came to me to get “relieved” (his girlfriend must have put-out last week). I don't want to bother or beg him for “it”, cause I don't want to ruin the chance of future “contributions”. Sunday morning I was in the shower, when my bro comes into the bathroom, he slides the shower door open just enough to stick his hard cock inside. I take the hint and immediately get busy with sucking him off. About five minutes later I hear him start to moan, and he shoots his cum into my mouth. Then he withdraws and leaves the room without even saying a word. His cum tasted kind of bitter (maybe it was stored in his sack for too long), I swallow it, and continue with my shower.

On the following wednesday morning, the parents told us that they were going to be gone for the weekend. On thursday my brother's girlfriend told him that she was going to be gone for the weekend. On friday morning my brother told me that he and I were going to have some fun together when we were alone this weekend. So that evening when my brother called me to come into his bedroom, I thought to myself that I hope the fun starts now. When I entered his room, I saw him sitting naked on the corner of his bed, with his legs spread, with his cock and balls hanging down freely. He said “want some?” I just nodded my head “yes”, quickly got into position and started sucking him off. About six minutes later he is moaning heavily and says “oh ya bro, get ready... here it comes”. He shoots off a big load of cum into my mouth, then pulls his dick out. He says “wait... don't swallow it yet, but you can swish it around in your mouth to get a good taste”. He reached behind himself, and puts in front of my face an ice-cube tray. He says “spit it out into one of the wells”. I get a look of confusion and dissatisfaction on my face. He says “just do it” so reluctantly I spit his cum into one of the wells of the ice-cube tray. He says “here is the deal... you will suck me off once more tonight, then three or four more times each day this weekend, and after you have tasted it, will spit my cum into the ice-cube tray”. I have a puzzled look on my face and just say “but why”. He says “ after we get this tray filled... when you have a “dry” week... you can take one of my frozen cum-cubes to suck on... so that way you still can get cum when nobody offers it to you. I say “hey... that sounds like a good deal!” He puts the tray into his mini frig/freezer and says “come back latter tonight before bedtime” I reply with “sure thing bro” and leave the room. We continue with “the deal” throughout the weekend. Sunday nite before bedtime I see that there is only five (of the twelve)wells of the ice-cube tray full of my brother's cum. I say to my brother “this may take awhile to finish filling the tray” He says “ya, maybe I'll let you suck me off a few times a week... but you know that I still have to allow most of it for my girlfriend”. I say “ya, I know... I will take what I can get, just to continue with the deal”. It took five more weeks to completely fill the ice-cube tray with my brother's cum. The following week was “dry” for me. So I sneaked into my brother's bedroom and took one of his frozen cum-cubes, and put it in my mouth. It melted slowly, while I got the great taste of cum to fill my mouth for about five minutes. The “deal” was so well worth it!

About six months later, my bro had just finished showering and says “hey bro – come into my room, as he was walking past my room. When I get there he is standing naked with a semi hard-on and drying his hair with the towel. He says “I want to try something that I saw on a porno movie, and my girl friend won't do it. I say “what is it?” He says “I want my asshole to be licked/sucked”. I say “I have never done that before, I guess I'll try it” He replies with “here it is, now get busy on it” as he turns around spreads his legs and bends over. I move closer, kneel behind him, put my nose near his butt hole and take a little sniff, it smells ok. So I stick out my tongue and kind of reluctantly touch it to his anus and lick, then pull it back into my mouth and touch it to the roof of my mouth, tastes ok. He says “oh, that felt good, keep going” so I put my tongue back on his anus and start licking over and over and over and over again, he just moans. I can't really describe the taste or feel, and I'm not really sure why, but I feel my cock starting to grow/get hard. So I put forth my best new effort of licking his hole, kind of trying to stick/shove my tongue inside it, and also kind of sucking on it, while he moans even more. A few minutes later he says “wow, that was great, felt great, and got my dick really hard”, then he straightens up turns around grabs the back of my head, and in one quick motion shoves his cock all the way in my mouth till his pubes are pressed tight against my face and his cock goes down my throat. I kind of gag and choke on it, but he obviously doesn't care and just holds it there. Then while firmly holding my head, he pulls his cock almost all the way out, then quickly thrusts all the way back in. Then pulls his cock almost all the way out of my mouth, then quickly thrusts all the way back in so his cock goes down my throat. He repeats this motion over and over and over and over again for a few minutes. Then he moans really heavy while firmly holding my head and his cock down my throat, his body starts to twitch his cock starts to pulse, and I feel warm liquid squirting into and flowing down my throat. His dick goes soft as he pulls it out, lets go of my head and says “ok bro... now get out” I think to myself as I am leaving, well that was kind of rude.

To be continued....

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