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My Brothers Taste (chapter two)

Fast forward nine months from where I left off in my first story (so I'm now 14yrs old, and ninth grade in school). I was still giving the occasional blow-jobs to my older brother, along with some schoolmates and neighborhood boys. My brother is now of legal age (18) and in his first year of college. We are about ½ way thru the current school year. I was in my room doing homework, when I hear my brother come home and tell Mom that he is bringing a schoolmate to his room to study. About an hour latter, my brother comes into my room and says “my buddy and I have been talking, and to make a long story short, I told him that you suck cock and swallow cum, he is horny and would like a blow-job, but doesn't want you to see him to know who he is, so I told him that you would service him blindfolded”. I say “ya, sure... I can do that” (but secretively I'm thinking, wow a cock I've never had before – yummy). My brother says “good, let's get ready then”. My bro then blindfolds me with his sleeping mask, turns my head, and says “ok now, don't move, I'll bring him in”. I hear him leave the room, then a few seconds latter I hear someone enter the room, and soon I feel a cock-head touch my lips, so I open my mouth and the cock goes in. I begin sucking on the mystery cock the best I can, and I hear a voice moan. About five minutes later, I hear sudden heavy breathing with deep moaning. Then I feel the cock in my mouth begin to pulse, and squirt after squirt after squirt of cum being shot into my mouth. I taste and swallow the mystery cum. The cock is withdrawn from my mouth, and I hear someone leave the room. Then I feel someone remove the blindfold, and see my brother who says “that was good, we will let you know when you can do it again” I say “sure, no problem... anytime” My brother then leaves my room, and I go back to studying.

So anyway, a few more months have now passed. My brother and I recently had birthdays (our birth-dates are about a month apart), so I'm now 15 and he is 19yrs old. One day my bro says to me “I have a special birthday gift to give you, but I had to wait until you were old enough to get it, and I have to give it to you in private, so I'll do so sometime this weekend when the parents are away. I get home late that friday nite from playing basketball at a friends house. The parents are already gone. I am entering the shower as my bro is leaving it, and he says “come to my room when you are done”. When I'm done showering, I go to his room with a towel wrapped around my mid-section. He is naked and says “drop the towel, come closer, turn around, bend over, and show me that ass”. I do so, and he says “looks ready”. Then he gets one of his frozen cum-cubes out of his mini frig/freezer, and shoves it up my butt-hole. All I say is “oohh”. He says “while we are waiting a few minutes for my cum-cube to thaw, get busy on sucking my dick to get it hard” I immediately do as told. A few minutes latter he says “now that my dick is hard, go lay stomach down on the bed and spread your legs”. I say “ok bro, but when am I getting my birthday present?” He says “in about a minute”. After I lay into position, he opens a bottle of lube and puts some of the liquid on his dick and on my butt hole. Then he lays on top of me, reaches in-between us, grabs his dick, aims it to my butt-hole and starts pushing it in. I moan loudly, he says “just relax”and pushes his big thick 8.5 inch long hard dick even further inside my small tight teen butt-hole. I moan more, he pushes in deeper, I moan more he pushes in deeper, I moan more he pushes in deeper, I moan more he pushes in deeper, I moan more he pushes in deeper, I moan more he pushes in deeper. Then I feel his pubic hair touching my butt and he says “you now have all of your birthday present... how do you like it?” I say “it hurts, must not be the right size” he says “that's too bad, no exchanges – one size fits all”. Then he just lays motionless on top of me for a couple minutes, with his dick in my ass. I just lay there also motionless (partly because his heaver body weight has me pinned down, and partly because I'm trying to relax like he told me to). I think I do feel a slight adjustment in the size taking place, and it doesn't hurt as much. Then my bro pulls his dick almost all the way out of my ass, and then shoves it all the way back in. Then pulls it out, then shoves it back in, then pulls it out then shoves it back in, then pulls it out then shoves it back in. He repeats this process over and over and over and over again for about five minutes while I just moan and bite down on a pillow. My brother's frozen cum-cube has melted inside my butt and was providing some much needed (also appreciated) lube. Soon he is breathing heavy and moaning also. Then he says “oh ya bro, here comes your extra present!” I feel his dick pulse inside me and warm thick creamy liquid squirt inside my butt. He then lays on top of me for a minute, then gets off of me as his dick pops out of my ass. He then kneels by my head, with his dick close to my face. I see his dick is all slimy with his cum and my butt juices. He says “well don't just look at it... lick it off” I don't move, so he grabs my hair to lift up my head closer to his dick and says “I said to lick it off!” I reluctantly stick out my tongue, and start licking clean his dick (has a very different taste to it). When I finish cleaning his dick with my tongue, he says “happy birthday bro... you are no longer a virgin!”

I then go back to my room and just collapse on my bed, feeling exhausted.

The next morning I am rudely waken up early by my bro who is roughly turning me so I am laying on my stomach, and is man-handling my ass. He is putting lube on my butt-hole and his already hard cock. I say “hey, what you doing?” He says “getting you ready for another size fitting” I say “really, so soon... I'm still sore from the first one, last nite” He says “yes, it's best to do it right away to re-calibrate you to the size, before you re-tighten...(little pause) and because it is the first weekend after your birthday, so you are going to get many special gifts from me all weekend long”. With that, he gets on top of me, aims his cock to my butt-hole and starts pushing it in. I let out a loud (almost screaming) “oh man that hurts”. He shoves/stuffs his dirty jockstrap in my mouth, and just keeps penetrating me in small forward thrusts. Within seconds I feel his pubic hair pressed tight against my butt. He lets out a moan “oh ya, that's tight!” Then he gets into this out in, out in, out in... thrusting rhythm. He has his fore-arms on my upper-back, with his hands on my shoulders, holding me down while he is rough fucking me. I really can't do anything but lay there and take the assault being given to my butt-hole. A few minutes later he is moaning “oh ya, that feels good” as he continues fucking my ass. A few minutes later he is breathing real heavy and says “oh ya bro, here comes your gift” I feel his dick pulse inside me and squirts of cum being pumped into my insides. Then he gets off of me, moves around to kneel by my face, grabs my hair to guide my mouth near his slimy dick, pulls his dirty jockstrap out of my mouth, and says “lick my dick clean” I do as instructed. He then lets go of my hair and I flop down onto the bed. He says “that was a good size adjustment, see you later today”.

About five hours later, I just got done eating sandwiches for lunch. My brother comes into the room and says “looks like I'm just in time for your dessert. He comes over to me, takes his dick out and says “suck on it bro to get it hard” I do so for a few minutes, then he pulls me up, opens and pulls down my shorts, turns me around, pushes me so I'm bent over the table. Then he smears some mayonnaise on my butt-hole and his hard cock, takes aim and starts to penetrate my butt with his cock. I let out a moan saying “already, why so soon?” he replies with “cause I decide when it's time for your size adjustment” and he begins to fuck me right then and there, in the kitchen. About five minutes into the fuck he says “oh ya, now that felt like a good size adjustment” Then he withdraws his dick from my ass, pulls me up, spins me around, pushes me down to my knees, and says “finish it off”. I take his cock in my mouth (tastes like mayonnaise cum and butt) and start sucking. Within a minute he says “oh ya bro, here comes your dessert” and squirts his cum into my mouth. Then he withdraws and says “taste and swallow it boy” then as he is walking away says “see you latter”.

So latter than evening, my bro and I are watching TV in the living room. My bro looks at me and says “it's time for an adjustment, go get the lube from my bedroom”. I don't move or reply, he says “or I can fuck you dry”. That got my attention, so I jumped up and said “hold on, I'll get it and be right back”. When I return he already has his shorts removed. He says “suck it some”, I get into position and begin sucking his cock. A few minutes later he says “ok, I'm ready, get naked, and get on all fours in front of me”. I do so while he is lubing up his cock, when I'm in ready position he applies some lube to my ass-hole. Then he kneels behind me, aims his big hard cock to my butt-hole and begins to slide it in. I moan “still don't think it's a right fit” he replies with “it will eventually get there” and proceeds to fuck me. My bro is holding on to my hips while he is fucking me and watching TV. Seams like the TV is distracting him and he fucks me for a lot longer than ever before. I'm not quite sure, but I thought I saw for a few seconds a face peering thru the window watching us. Finally, my bro says “here comes your special gift” and I feel his cum flood my insides. Then he gets up and says “great, now I can go to my girlfriend's house and not have to pressure her for sex”. I lay on the floor for a few more hours watching TV, then I go to bed.

It is in the middle of the night (about 3am) when I am roughly woken up. I am quickly blindfolded, rolled onto my back, and get my hands tied to the bed-frame above my head. Then I feel my legs being lifted up and spread apart, a pillow put under my lower back, and my ankles tied to the headboard above my head. I say “hey – what's going on here” I hear my brother's voice say “I brought this guy home from the bar with me, I told him that you are getting your butt-hole trained for the first time this weekend, and he offered to help”. Then I feel someone kneel by my upper chest, and a cock-head touch my lips. I hear a mystery voice say “open up and suck on it”. I don't open my mouth immediately, so my face is slapped. The mystery voice says “I said to suck on it”, so I open my mouth, I feel a dick slide in and I begin sucking on it. The voice says “hey, this boy is good at sucking cock. I hear my brother say “yes I know... even gives head better than my girlfriend”. Then I feel lube being applied to my butt-hole and a finger slides in which is wiggled around inside me some, then withdrawn. I feel more lube being applied to my butt-hole and two fingers slide in which are wiggled around inside me some, then withdrawn. Then I feel more lube being applied and three finger slide inside my butt-hole, the fingers are wiggled around inside me some which causes me to moan. My bro says “it's ready back here... are you ready guy?” The mysterious voice says “ya, your bro got my dick nice and hard... so yes I'm ready” I feel the two bodies exchange positions on the bed. Then a feel a cock-head touch my anus, slow steady forward pressure is applied until my spinster gives way and the dick slides inside my ass. I'm just about to let out a big load moan, when a butt is pushed into my face, and my bro says “rim it”. A couple minute later my bro lifts his ass off my face and then shoves his dick in my mouth. A couple minutes latter my bro says “let's switch guy”. Both dicks are taken out of my two holes, the guys switch positions, my bro's dick is shoved up my ass, and an ass sits on my face. My bro fucks away at my ass, deep long hard rough and with no mercy. A couple minutes later the ass is lifted off my face and a dick is put in my mouth. A couple minutes latter the mystery voice says “lets' switch guy”. This tag-team effort of using both my holes is repeated over and over and over again for about thirty minutes. I hear real heavy breathing some moaning and the mystery man says “oh ya boy, I'm cumming” many squirts of jizz flow into my mouth, I taste and swallow the mystery cum. I feel a body get off the bed. Then my bro says “hey guy, I'm getting close here, where should I deposit my cum, in his ass or mouth?” The guy says “well that's a tough question... I say mouth – better if you make him taste it” My bro says “yes that does sound better”, and with that my bro withdraws his cock from my ass, repositions himself on the bed, touches his dick-head to my lips and says”open wide cause here it comes”. Many squirts of cum pump into my mouth, I taste and swallow. The man says “that was hot... glad I could help you train him... but I have to get home” My bro says “sure, no problem, see you around”. The pillow is removed from underneath my lower back, my ankles are untied from the bed-frame, and my legs flop down to the bed. My bro says “so how was that for a training session?” I say “well you are the boss... so you tell me” He replies with “good point... see you in the morning” as I hear him leave the room. Within minutes I am sleeping.

The next morning I am rudely waken up by my brother. He grabs my arm and says “come on, lets go... it's time for your morning shower”. He leads/pulls almost drags me to the bathroom. Then he says “lay down, face up, in the shower tub” He stands over me, and starts to piss all over me. He aims his warm yellow stream to hit almost every spot of my body, some even gets in my hair and in my mouth (tastes kind of earthy and very salty). When he is done pissing on me, he says “now kneel”. He turns around, bends over, reaches behind himself, and pulls his butt cheeks apart, and says “rim it” (tastes kind of musky funky and slightly salty). A few minutes later, he straightens up, turns around, touches his cock-head to my lips and says “suck it some to get it hard”. A few minutes later he says “now stand up” He lifts his arm, grabs me behind the head, shoves my face into his pitt and says “lick it” (tastes kind of musky and slightly salty). About a minute later he says “turn around, and bend over”. I feel lube being applied to my butt-hole, then feel his hard cock-head pushing against my rectum. With some force it begins to slide inside me. I moan, he says “just take it” He fucks me with a slow steady out in rhythm. About five minutes later he says “here comes your morning gift” his dick pulses and I feel squirts of cum being pumped inside me. Then he pulls out, turns around and turns on the water. He hands me the soap and says “now wash me”. After he is satisfied with my cleaning him, he steps out of the shower and dries himself off. Then as he is leaving the room, he says “see you latter today”.

So now it is around noon (lunch time), I'm in the kitchen making sandwiches. My brother comes in and does the same thing to me as he did yesterday (fucks me using mayonnaise as lube, and deposits his cum in my mouth).

So now it is about seven hours latter, my brother says “time for a fuck, before the parents get home”. He grabs my arm, and leads me into the parents bedroom. I say “here... really?” he says “yes, really, here, now pick what position” I get naked and lay stomach down (doesn't seem to hurt as much this way) on the bed. He takes off his shorts, jerks his cock some till it gets hard and lubes it up, then lubes my butt-hole. He then gets into position and drives home my present. My butt is so sore from all the first time fucking this weekend that it brings tears to my eyes. I try to relax, and my brother fucks away. I wish he would be more gentle, but he must think he is fucking his girlfriend and does it hard. Finally he moans “here comes your special present” and pumps his cum inside me. Then he gets up, gives my ass a few slaps and says “now that is a good birthday boy”. Just as I am finishing getting dressed, I hear the parents car pull into the driveway, so I quickly go into the living room and start reading the newspaper. The parents come into the house and say “hi boys... how was the weekend?” By brother says “it was good... right bro?” I say “ya, it was a good special birthday weekend... I'm going to my room to study some before going to bed... see you all in the morning”. My family replies with “goodnight birthday boy!”.

The next day at school, one of my “regular suck off buddies” notices the pain on my face as I sit down. He says “are you alright?” I say “well... it was the first weekend after my 15th birthday... and my older brother gave me special gifts all weekend long”. He gets a devilish grin on his face and says “oh... I know what that means!”

To be continued...

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