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My Brothers Taste (chapter three)

The following friday after school, one of my “regular suck off buddies” gives me a slap on the ass and says “come to my place after seven tonight – my parents will be gone”. I reply with “sure thing buddy”

When I arrive, he opens the door in just his tightly whites and a muscle shirt, he says “hey there boy, follow me to my room”. When in his room, he says “strip – and get on your knees in front of me”. He takes off his shirt, and I admire his hunky seventeen year old jock body. When naked I kneel in front of him, he says “pull down my undies, and get to work”. In the middle of his blow-job he says “so how many times did your bro fuck you last weekend?” I stop sucking his cock and in a shocked voice say “what you talking about?!”. He says “oh don't deny it - I stopped by one nite to see if you were available, but saw thru the window that you were busy”. I replied with “oh ya - like eight times”. He says “well that would explain why you were sore on monday - so how does it feel now?” I say “it feels ok”. He says good, cause now I want to fuck it, so get into position on the bed” I say “sure thing buddy” and lay stomach down on the bed. He lubes up his cock and my butt-hole. Gets into position, and slowly starts penetrating me. I let out a moan, he says “take it boy”. His cock isn't as big as my bro, so it feels less painful. He fucks me for a good ten minutes, but not as rough as my bro did. He moans heavy while saying “oh ya, nice tight hole boy, I going to breed you” and within seconds I feel his dick pulsing inside me as spurts flow into me. He lays on top of me for a few minutes. Then I hear the doorbell ring. I say “who could that be?” he says “I told my friend to come over, so just stay there. He gets up and goes to answer the door. Within a minute he returns with another guy. As the other guy is stripping, he asks “so - how is it?” My buddy replies with “nice and tight”. I see that the other guy is already semi-hard. He lubes up his cock, jerks it a little until it gets hard. Then he get into position on top of me and inserts his hard cock into my young butt-hole. We both moan as he says “oh yes, that is a nice tight boy hole – thanks for sharing”. My buddy says “sure – no problem friend”. He fucks me in a nice steady even pace, so it feels even less painful than all the fucks before it, I am almost even thankful, but still am moaning away in pain/pleasure. After about eight minutes of fucking the guy says “can I breed him?” my buddy says “he is just a boy – so of course you can”. The guys moans “great – cause here it comes!” I feel the dick pulse inside me as spurts shoot into my boy butt. The guy lays on top of me for a minute, then gets up and gets dressed. I say “hey guys, I need to get home before my parents wonder/worry. My buddy says “ya sure, no problem – see you around”. I get off the bed, get dressed, and see myself out.

So now fast forward about six months. I still am getting cum from my bro (about once a week he has me suck him off until he cums in my mouth, and about twice a month he fucks my ass until he breeds me). I also have a couple “regular” buddies who have me suck them off about twice a month, and fuck me about once a month. So it usually works out to me getting fucked once a week, and giving head about twice a week.

One night a “buddy” came over to study. After about an hour of studying, he says “I'm thirsty – what you have to drink?” I say “my bro and I share a mini frig/freeze - it's in his room, and he isn't home, so just go help yourself”. The replies “cool – thanks”, when he comes back with a soda, he says “ what is with those off color ice cubes – they look kind of yellowish white – do you have a hard water problem here?” I just laugh and say “not water – that's my brothers frozen cum”. He replies with “oh, um ya, whatever” I say “I'm going to get something to drink – will be right back”. When I return I open my mouth to show him one of my brother's frozen cum cubes on my tongue. He says “well that is kind of kinky – how about mixing it with mine?” I reply with “sure – I'll give you a blow-job while this melts in my mouth – whip it out”. As I am sucking him, he says “that is a weird sensation of the cool with the warm and wet all at the same time”. Within a few minutes he says “man that is just too much – I can't hold back any longer – here it comes!” and he shoots off his cum into my mouth. The two flavors mix to a very pleasant taste. Then we just casually go back to our studying.

About a week later, a different boy approached me at school and says “hey, I hear that you like that special taste – want some of mine to compare?” I say “sure – meet me out back after class, and I'll suck you off”. When I meet him latter, I could see that he was kind of nervous. I say “just relax, and let me take over – I guarantee that you will like it”. Within five minutes he is moaning heavy as he is shooting his cum into my mouth. Then he just puts his cock back into his pants and walks away.

Now I'm not going to say that his cum really tasted that different, but I was still glad to get it.

So now fast forward another six months (I'm 16 and my bro is 20). One day my bro says to me “a college buddy of mine, who has his own place, is hosting a cards game nite for his friends, and he wants to know if you will serve us snacks and beverages while we play cards, he will pay you ten dollars per hour cash”. I reply with “ya sure, why not, sounds easy enough”. He replies with “great – I'll take you there next saturday”.

When we arrive there early, my brother's friend gives me instructions on how to mix drinks, and what to serve as snacks. Then he hands he a bag while saying “here is your uniform, go change before the rest of the guys get here”. I step into the bedroom to change, when I take the contents out of the bag, it is nothing more than: a black jockstrap, a neck collar, with ankle and wrist cuffs. I think to myself, ok whatever it takes to get paid. So I remove my clothes and put on the uniform. Then the doorbells rings, so I go to great the guests. I open the door to six more hunky college guys. I say “welcome to card games nite, there is a table and chairs set up, I will be your server for the evening, so anything you want, just tell me and I will bring it to you”. As the eight guys take a place around the table, and get ready to start playing cards, I serve the first round of drinks and snacks. Then I just stand to the side and wait for the next order. They are all drinking and eating at different paces, so it is easy to serve all eight of them with whatever they want. If there is anything left in their drinks, even if it is just one small swallow, I finish it off, before I make them a new one. They all seem to be enjoying themselves, and I think I catch a few of them checking out my body as I am serving them drinks and snacks. It is a couple hours into the evening, when one of the guys wins a really big hand. The host of the party says to me “you should get under the table, and suck that guy off, as a special reward to him winning so big”. I say “sure – sounds fair”. So I get under the table, open his zipper, take out his cock, put it in my mouth, and begin sucking. They all just continue playing cards like nothing special is happening. Within five minutes, he cums in my mouth, I swallow. Then I put his cock back in his pants, zip him up, and get out from underneath the table. I casually stand back to the side and wait for the next order.

About another hour has passed of serving drinks and snacks, when a different guy wins a really big hand. The host of the party says “come here boy, and give this guy a special reward”. So I get under the table and suck him off, while they continue playing cards. After he comes in my mouth, I put his cock back in his pants, get out from underneath the table, and casually stand to the side to wait for the next order. About another hour has passed of serving drinks and snacks, when I start to feel a little dizzy and light-headed. I don't think too much about it, and continue serving drinks and snacks for about another half hour. By then I am really starting to feel not so well and am getting tipsy. I discretely whisper to the host that I am not feeling so good, and am going to go to the bedroom to lie down. He whispers back, sure no problem, we can serve ourselves for the rest of the nite. I must have fallen asleep or passed out, cause the next thing I can remember is someone laying on top of me with his hard cock up my tight boy butt. I tried to resist but couldn't because I was: blindfolded, gagged, and tied down to the bed, on my stomach with my arms and legs spread out as far as they would go. I could not even talk, just moan. The guy just used me for a hole, as he fucked me deep long hard rough. A few minutes later, he moans as I feel his cock pulse inside me and spurts of cum flow into me. Then he gets up, gets dressed, and leaves the room. I doze back off to sleep. A while later I am waken up by cheers. A minute later someone enters the room and says “I won a big hand, so now it is my turn”. I hear him get undressed, then feel lube being applied to my teen butt hole. He gets on top, and penetrates me with his hard cock. I let out a moan, he says “nice tight boy butt” and fucks away. About five minutes later of hard fucking, he unloads his cum inside me, gets up, gets dressed, and leaves the room. I drift off back to sleep. The next fucking comes from my brother. I recognize the feel of his cock inside me, and hear his distinctive moans. I drift in and out of sleep for the rest of the night while getting fucked by others. When I wake up in the morning, I am no longer restrained in anyway, and am completely naked. I go to the bathroom to take a shower. When done showering and drying myself with a towel, the guy host of last nites party enters the bathroom. He doesn't even say a word, just bends me over and lubes up my butt hole. Then he penetrates me with his already pree-lubed hard cock. I let out a moan of pain/pleasure. A few minutes later my naked brother enters the bathroom saying “oh, there you guys are”. He stands in front of me, lifts up his cock, so I open my mouth, he inserts it, I start sucking. After a few more minutes of getting fucked from both sides, the host says “oh ya, I'm cumming!”. After he catches his breath, he says “that was a great way to start the day, and thanks for the fun time last nite, you guys can see yourself out when you are ready, and I left eighty dollars for you boy (as he gives me a slap on the ass) on the table by the front door”. Then he just leaves the room. I finish giving my brother the blow-job. He cums in my mouth, I taste and swallow. I think to myself that is a great taste to start the day. As we are getting dressed I say “hey bro, I really don't remember all the details of last nite – how much fun was really had?” He replies “oh a great time was had by all, you eventually got fucked by all eight of us – so lets go home now”.

To be continued.

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