My Cousin Jake, part 1

by Caspian Melkor

The following is a work of fiction.

Last summer I went to my uncle’s farm for the summer, partly to work, and partly to just get away from my annoying kid brother, who was eleven at the time. I was thirteen, so you might think a farm in the middle of nowhere wouldn’t seem very exciting to a young teenage boy, but I was grateful for the privacy and alone time that I took full advantage of. At home, I shared a bedroom with my brother Trevor. That hadn’t been too much of a problem until I started to hit puberty early in my twelfth year. All these changes were happening, and all I wanted at that time was some privacy to explore my growing body and sexual nature. But Trevor was always in the way, so my few moments alone were usually spent in the bathroom, either at the mirror or in the shower, where I would finally get a couple seconds to explore. I did find someone to talk to in my friend Justin, who had started puberty about the same time as I did. But at that time, we were both way to shy to share anything much with each other, besides the typical banter between preteen boys about things they knew nearly nothing of.

Puberty had made a lot of progress on my young body in only a year’s time. I had some steady growth taking place, but hadn’t hit a big growth spurt yet. I stood at about 5’6, but my shoulders hadn’t begun to broaden any, so I was still relatively small; still a boy by appearance. But though I still looked like I could pass for 11 or 12, there were some parts of me that looked like puberty had made a difference. I had started to develop a lot more muscle, and proudly boasted real washboard abs, which I had also worked hard on. My shoe size had changed quite a bit, and I was now up to a size 9. But the two biggest signs of progress are what you might have expected; my voice had just begun to change, and my stuff had changed a lot. My balls were now hanging down from an (I thought) impressive cut penis, that now stood out from my washboard tummy at a proud five inches. Of course, my growing genitals had been the focus of my attention for about 8 months at that point, and that is what I most looked forward to at the farm. Trevor was a constant threat to my experimentation. I had discovered the joy of masturbation at 12 ½, but there was no way I was going to let my prying brother in on my secret. I had no idea how he would respond at that time.

So it was with great enthusiasm that I agreed to go to my uncle’s farm during the summer of the following year. There would be some work to do, but a lot of time just to hang out, which didn’t bother me. I was only going to stay for about 2 months, but I had no idea about the transforming events that would take place during my stay.

My first week was uneventful enough. The ground rules had been laid out, and it looked like my stay would be easier than I thought. All I had to do was get up early for breakfast, do a few chores around the house during the week, and help in the hay fields in the late afternoon during my last month. So for the first month of my stay, my uncle encouraged me to explore around. The more I talked to him, the more I thought my parents had sent me here as a favor.

The farm was huge, so there was plenty of space to explore. It was perfect for a suburban kid like myself. Every few miles there was another farm and family, but these farms weren’t like the huge industrial ones you see on TV. There was plenty of forest and streams to have fun in.

I didn’t anticipate hanging out with any other kids, besides my cousin Jake, since the farms were so far apart. Jake was a rambunctious 12 year old, stronger than me because of his work in the fields. He loved to wrestle whenever he got the chance, usually with as few articles of clothing as possible. In fact, Jake liked to keep the clothing to a minimum at all times. He usually just wore jeans or overalls around the farm, usually without a shirt. I was a bit jealous of him, because if I had washboard abs, Jake was the chiseled sculpture of a perfectly formed boy.

During my stay, I shared a bedroom with Jake, and it became apparent within a few days that he was very sexually aware; or in other words, super horny. Whenever we wrestled, Jake would get a boner, and sported it proudly. I caught him looking at me getting dressed a couple times, and at night we would lie awake and sometimes talk about sex stuff. He had a lot of questions. Although he was only a year younger and as physically developed as me (he slept naked, and wasn’t afraid to let me know it), he seemed to know next to nothing about sex and girls. Of course, I didn’t have any real experiences with girls either, but I acted like I did, and the info from sex ed. came in handy. He did seem to know plenty about how to pleasure himself though, and what felt good for boys to do, and even shared a few things I had never heard of. Jake also told me how great blowjobs felt, but I didn’t press him because I figured he was just lying. Sometimes I thought he was trying to manipulate the conversation, but I was too naïve to get the hint. In some ways, he was way ahead of me.

During my first week, I masturbated whenever I got the chance, but always alone. I knew Jake did it every night before he went to bed, and I got the feeling that he wouldn’t have minded me joining him, but he never asked me outright. I think he was letting me get settled. Some nights when I was really horny, I almost wished he would ask me, but was too afraid to initiate it. I was so naïve that I didn’t know how he would respond. Jake was all boy, but he liked to have fun and kid around, so I was torn on what to do. I also argued with myself about whether it was ‘gay’ to fool around. I liked girls, but at that age, I was so horny I didn’t really have a preference. My fantasies involved girls, boys, and commonly, both. But there were no girls around for miles, and I would be way too shy to initiate anything with them for a couple years. But one night Jake solved all my problems.

We had had a hard day of chores, and went to bed early. Of course once we got to our room, Jake wanted to wrestle. Jake’s erection was evident early on, and I hadn’t whacked off all day, so my dick raged inside my boxers as well. I could tell Jake was really horny by the way he wrestled, and after a couple of rounds, Jake stripped out of his boxers. I figured he was going to bed, so I turned away to my cot to get it turned down. But before I could, Jake wrapped his strong arms around my chest, trapping my arms, and yanked me down onto his queen-sized bed. I yelped and struggled to get away, but his grip was too strong. I felt his erection pressed onto my shirtless back, and immediately my own penis responded. We were both giggling uncontrollably, but I was also very aroused.

After a moment Jake flipped me onto my back in one motion and pulled off my boxers. To be fair, I didn’t really try to stop that last part, but it was nonetheless shocking how fast I found myself completely naked on Jake’s bed, with this Greek god of a boy standing over me, the moonlight shining off of his sculpted physique. All of a sudden, I felt this wave of lust come over me, so powerful that I just lay there looking up at my now very desirable cousin. He had this funny grin plastered on his face. But my gaze was drawn down by the impressive pulsing cock only 2 feet away from me.

‘I guess I win’, he pronounced.

‘You haven’t pinned me yet’ I responded.

His smile got bigger as he got on top of me. Shivers went down my spine as our skin made contact. Jake sat on my legs, our erections almost touching. His face had a look of pure lust as he reached out and grasped my erect cock. I let out a gasp as he gently put our penises together and slowly started to masturbate us. After only a couple of intense minutes of this new sexual experience, I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I told Jake I was going to blow, but he said that was okay. I relaxed as Jake continued to massage my cock, sliding it together with his warm, pulsing member. My breathing got heavier, my heart felt like it was going to beat its way out of my chest. Then I got all stiff, my virgin penis swelling in anticipation, the only sound two boys softly moaning in ecstasy. All of a sudden I felt warm liquid slide down my penis, and I knew Jake was coming. That was enough to send me over the edge, and I started to squirt warm cum into his welcoming hands. He kept massaging us till I felt I couldn’t take any more, and then he dropped onto his back next to me, our chests heaving in unison, the smells of boys and sex wafting over us.

It was a little bit awkward after our experience, and we didn’t say anything as we went to the bathroom to clean up. After that, we just went to bed in silence, the sex exploration completely wiping us out, on top of our tiring day. As I woke up the next morning, Jake had already gone to the fields to get some early work done. After a quick breakfast, I headed out to find him. He was in one of the distant areas of the farm, out of sight of the buildings. As I rounded a group of pines I found him working with some old bales of hay near the forest. He had his shirt off and was wearing cut-offs, and was working up quite the sweat. Suddenly I found myself warmer than the heat of the day could explain, especially in my crotch. My penis started to swell quickly, so I bent it up behind the waist of my jeans; the old trick every boy knows. But with that one touch of my dick, I started to get really horny. I new Jake wouldn’t mind, but I was still unsure of everything after last night.

As he saw me approaching, Jake came to greet me. After a few verbal jabs about sleeping in while he was working, he turned serious. ‘Listen Will, I hope I didn’t scare you off last night. I just sorta lost control. I understand if you don’t want to do stuff no more.’

‘Actually, I kind’a liked it,’ I said quietly.

‘Really! I was worried that I mighta freaked you out.’ As I shook my head, that cute wicked grin returned to Jake’s face. ‘So maybe we can do more stuff then?’ he asked.

‘Totally, like, whatever you want’ I said breathlessly.

‘You know, you’re the only guy my age around here to play with, so I’m super horny all the time’.

‘Yeah, like I couldn’t tell that’ I joked. We just stood there grinning at each other for a while, and my body began to ache for some touching. So out of the blue, I asked him, ‘So, how about now?’ A huge smile spread across his boyish face.

‘Sure! Let’s go to the pond so I can cool off first.’

We both raced across the field to the tree line, where about 50 feet in there was a small pond that Jake loved to swim in. We probably could have done anything there in the field and not be seen, but we weren’t that brave yet. As we got to the waters edge, we stripped off our clothes. Jake was in first, and he completely submerged himself. I was already clean and ready to go, so I went up to my waist and waited for him, my dick jutting out proudly from my flat tummy. Jake bobbed up and came over to me slowly. This was still a new experience for both of us, so we were a little bit nervous. Without a word I reached over and grabbed his erection, and he quickly returned the favor. Both of us inhaled sharply as our boyhoods were gently massaged. Jake kept hold of me and led me to the shallows, only about knee deep. ‘I wanna try something. You’re gonna love it.’ I nodded. I was so horny that I really didn’t care what Jake did, so long as it felt awesome. And what he did next was the greatest sensation I had ever experienced.

Jake got down on his knees in the water as he continued to pump my dick. As it dawned on me what my cousin was about to do, my heart began to race and my penis began to pulse. Slowly, cautiously, Jake took my stiff penis into his warm mouth. ‘Oh man Jake! Oh fuuuck!’, I murmured. I had never used that word before, but it just seem to fit the moment. I couldn’t believe it. I had fantasized about blow jobs ever since I knew about them, but never imagined my hot, naked 12-year-old cousin kneeling in front of me sucking my penis. Words cannot describe how hot I felt as I watched my cousin’s head bob slowly up and down my stiff shaft. It was almost too much. I threw my head back and moaned loudly. My body shuddered as Jake began to work his hot mouth over the entire length, gently applying suction, his tongue roving over the sensitive underside. I was amazed that Jake was able to fit all of me into his mouth, and it crossed my mind that he actually knew what he was doing, something I would have to ask him about later. But there was no time for that now. My body and brain were registering sensations the likes of which I didn’t know existed. At that wild age, I had no control over my orgasms, and within a couple of minutes, I was ready to explode. My hands caressed the back of Jake’s head as he bobbed over me.

‘Dude, I gotta cum!’ I moaned down to him. He responded with a deep groan as he grabbed onto but butt cheeks, but didn’t stop sucking. After a few more seconds, I warned him again. By then I couldn’t help myself. ‘Dude, I’m cumming. Ahhhh fuck yeah Jake!’ My hips started to buck into his face as I started violently shooting warm jets of cum into my cousin’s mouth and down his throat. It was the most powerful thing I had ever experienced.

As my spasms started to subside, I felt more drained than after a long day’s work bailing hay. Jake continued to suckle on my semi-hard cock, almost like he was trying to get every last drop of my cum. Mixed feelings of interest and disgust at this act flooded my mind, but they were soon replaced with the overpowering physical sensitivity my dick was feeling. I gently removed my cousin’s face from my crotch. He stood up licking his lips. I marveled that he could actually be savoring my cum!

‘Dude, you taste pretty good!’

‘Exactly how much cum have you tasted?’ I replied, half laughing, half stunned.

‘Hah! Ask no questions and I’ll tell you no lies. But between you and me,’ Jake whispered conspiratorially as he wiggled his eyebrows seductively, ‘lets call it more than five and less than ten.’

‘Woah, so you did know what you were doing!’ I laughed. ‘And I taste the best? I’ll take that as an honor!’

Jake flashed me his cute grin. ‘Well, don’t take too much credit for it. It’s not like you had much to do with it anyway. In my experience, the younger the guy, the sweeter the cum. Or should I say less bitter. And you’re the youngest boy I’ve sucked off.’

It was the matter of fact way in which he said ‘sucked off’ that really made our little experimentation sink in. I was no longer some innocent little boy. I had a blow job! My insides jumped with what could only be described as a mix of euphoria and a new sense of daring. At that moment I knew that I would return the favor to Jake; that I too would suck him off. But I still had some questions about his other experiences.

‘So who are all these other guys you’ve sucked off?’ My excitement must have been apparent, because Jake snickered and grinned at me.

‘A guy never tells.’ At the look of frustration on my face at that statement, Jake let out a guffaw. ‘Man, you really want to know, huh? Shoot, I don’t care. I’ll tell ya. But after I cum; I’ve been waiting long enough.’

I felt a little guilty at this. It was my questions that were holding him up. But my guilt was replaced by something akin to affection for Jake. Affection for showing me the ropes; for being patient with me; for introducing me to the world of oral sex. And looking at his naked, wet, chiseled body glittering in the sunlight; strands of dirty blond plastered to his cute face, made me want to return that favor right then and there! I moved up to him and knelt down, my knees hitting the sandy bottom of the shallows. Jake immediately comprehending what I was doing.

His voice was soft, almost tender. ‘You know you don’t have to do that for me if you don’t want to.’

‘I want to Jake’ I said lustfully, not tearing my eyes away from the throbbing erection in front of me. ‘I want to suck you and taste your cum’ I said as I looked up into his eyes.

He smiled down at me, and with the tone of a teacher patiently instructing a young child, he said ‘Okay. Wrap your lips around your teeth. Just start with the head, and take in a little bit at a time. And suck like you would on a lollipop.’

That was all the encouragement I needed. I refocused my attention onto what I thought of now as his beautiful cock. I placed my hands on Jake’s bum, as I leaned forward until the head of his penis was resting, or should I say pulsing, against my lips, almost as if begging to gain entry. I gently kissed the tip. It was so warm! My next kiss was open mouthed, as I took into my mouth just the top half of the head. I went a little further until the whole head of Jake’s penis was firmly in my mouth.

Thoughts raced through my head, foremost among them being that I actually had another boy’s penis in my mouth! For the last year or so, this kind of behavior was sequestered in my daydreams; I confess I never really thought I would actually do it. But now that it was happening, and it was so much hotter than my fantasies, I faintly pondered all the time I had wasted when there had been a perfectly willing and sexy cousin to share these things with. But it didn’t matter anymore; my dreams were coming true and I had another boy’s penis in my mouth. This thought snapped me out of my reverie, and back to the task at hand.

I moved from gently kissing the head to sliding another inch into my mouth. Jake’s penis seemed a lot bigger in my mouth than outside of it. It was pulsing and warm and filled up my mouth nicely. Soon I ventured another inch. I had about three quarters of his penis in my mouth now, and it was all I could do to keep from gagging. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fit all of it in today, so I contented myself with 3 inches of boy-meat and began to gently suck whilst sliding it back till just the head was in my mouth, and forward again, practically forcing the tip of his penis into my throat.

I knew as a beginner I must have been clumsy in my approach, but Jake was nonetheless moaning loudly as I sucked up and down the length of his gorgeous cock. In between his moans, Jake was giving quiet encouragement to me, his voice growing steadily huskier. I took this as good sign.

I remember this whole event in great detail. But I really had only been sucking for a few minutes before a felt Jake’s ass tighten up. I knew what this meant from a year’s worth of masturbation: Jake was getting ready to cum. Good thing too, as my mouth was already getting sore. Sucking a boy off was harder work than it looked. Jake let out an what I read as a significant moan, and my eyes darted upwards, meeting his, while I continued to bob up and down on his dick. He looked down at me with an expression of pure lust, his blue eyes on fire. This must have been what set him off, catching my eye as I hungrily sucked his dick.

‘I’m cumming Will.’ I was way too horny to think twice about eating his cum, so I lodged his penis as far into my mouth as I could, and waited for the eruption. And erupt it did. His penis swelled even larger as hot squirts hit the back of my mouth with a force that surprised me. I pulled back a little bit, which resulted in the rest of his ejaculation washing over my tongue. As much as I would come to appreciate my cousin’s flavor, the first time you taste a teenage boy’s cum can be a bit overpowering. I stifled a gag and tried to swallow some of the pungent fluid, but a healthy amount seeped out of my mouth and down my chin. If I had only known then how much more bitter cum is from a more mature guy, I would no doubt have appreciated the comparably sweet taste of my cousin’s jizz!

As the flow of creamy ejaculate slowed to a leak, I gently removed Jake’s wilting cock from my mouth. Now that the deed was done, I still didn’t want to leave my place right next to his penis. I felt attached to his boyhood in some way, like I was invested in its future happiness. I laughed at myself for such a silly thought as I tore myself away from Jake’s pride and joy. As I stood up, I noticed that Jake didn’t seem to sure on his feet. I reached out an arm to support him as his knees began to give out.

‘Dude,’ he chuckled feebly, ‘I’ve never cum that much in my life. Thanks. You were awesome for your first time.’ I blushed at his praise as we walked the few feet back to the shore, my arm supporting his shoulders. As we reached the sandy expanse, Jake flopped down and stretched out. I lay down next to him, watching him intently. I loved the look of his sexy body laying there begging to be touched. Yup, I was horny again.

We relaxed on the sand for a while. I started absentmindedly stroking my own penis again while Jake lay basking in the sun with an arm shielding his eyes, for all I knew asleep.

‘Dude, your ready to go again?!’ Clearly he was not asleep. He looked over at me with an amused expression on his face.

‘Sorry man, thinking about sucking you off got me excited again.’

‘Don’t be sorry Will. It can happen to anyone’, he joked. ‘Dude, look at your face! My cum is still dripping down your chin.’ I had almost forgotten about that. I guess my own saliva and a little bit of sweat had prevented it from drying yet. Jake reached over and swiped some of his fluids off my chin with his index finger. He made a great show of sexily sucking any cum from his finger. I laughed at his antics, which only seemed to encourage him.

‘Mmmmm, that’s so good. No one makes it like me! But I can’t let any of it go to waste!’ Jake leaned over with his tongue hanging out comically and attempted to lick my face. I backed away in mock disgust, laughing all the while. Very soon the game turned into a grappling match, which I was sure to lose to this adonis of a boy. As if scripted, moments later Jake sat straddling my chest and pinning my arms, looking down on me with a look of pure triumph. It reminded me forcefully of the previous night. This thought must have occurred to both of us, as along with my erection jutting up behind him, Jake too sported wood, his erection straining against my tummy.

‘And now to finish the job!’ Jake declared triumphantly. He leaned down and try as I might to turn my head away, began to lick his drying cum from my chin. I squinted my eyes as if in displeasure, though in truth I was beginning to enjoy the boy on top of me happily lapping away at my face.

Jake became less enthusiastic and comical as his licking made its way up to my mouth. He gently licked my lips a couple times. I had known for a while where this was heading, so I had opened my eyes and was looking straight at him, as if I could see if he was thinking along similar lines. Jake too was gazing into my eyes as he came down for another swipe of his tongue. Only this time, his tongue wasn’t out. He leaned down slowly with a slightly open mouth. I knew what he was going to do. I hadn’t really given much thought in my fantasies to kissing another boy, but at this moment in time I knew there was nothing else I’d rather be doing.

Jake’s body leaned into mine as our lips met. We were both frozen for a couple seconds, each of us not daring to make the next move. But I knew this was what I wanted right now. I didn’t know what it might mean and I didn’t care. My arms came to life as I reached up and caressed Jake’s sculpted back and shoulders, encouraging him to go further. At that moment, both of us opened our mouths wider, and we began to kiss in earnest, our bodies becoming more entangled as we rolled onto our sides, expressing a passion and energy that only inexperienced teenage boys can realize.

Our lips parted for an instant as I rolled on top of my cousin, whereupon our ferocious Frenching resumed as I ground my rock hard penis into his. This proved to be way too much for me, and I started to squirt cum onto Jake’s stomach and genitals. I moaned through our kissing as the powerful orgasm wracked my young body. I slowed our embrace as once again my energy seemed to drain from my body along with my semen. Jake gently rolled me onto my back. He lay along side and tenderly kissed me as I came down from my orgasmic high. As my thumping heart began to slow, he started butterfly kissing my face and neck, all the while caressing my hair, neck and chest. I am constantly amazed how such a strong and powerful boy could be such a tender lover. I was in paradise as Jake ministered to me. As he withdrew his soft touch, I opened my eyes to find Jake’s smiling face looking down on me.

‘Good to have you back, cous.’

‘Yeah’ I sighed. ‘That was good’.

‘Glad you enjoyed it. I liked it too.’

We were both quiet for a few minutes, the sun high in the sky beating down on our naked bodies. I decided to ask what was on my mind.

‘So Jake, who are these five to ten guys you’ve sucked off’ I asked casually.

‘Oh, most of them were just young farmhands during harvest. We get new ones every year, you see, and I’ve been blowing at least one of ‘em every year since I was nine. Ooh, last year, I had three that were into me at the same time. Now that was fun!’

'Whoa dude. How old were they!'

'Well the only ones I fool around with are pretty young, like in their twenties. The oldest guy I ever did was thirty, I think. And the youngest was sixteen. He was my favorite because he like to suck me off too, and other things.'

'What'd ya mean, other things?

'Well...a lot of the guys have fucked me, but he's the only one that let me fuck him' he said simply.

'WHAT!? You've fucked a guy...and been fucked?' Jake was looking at me with hesitation now, not sure if I would approve of his previous carnal adventures. Little did he know how glad I was to learn this. 'That's awesome. You're gonna teach me, right?' I could barely believe I was saying this to my cousin, but it just felt right after the last hour of heaven. Jake's face brightened at this.

'That'd be totally cool. But only if you want' he added hurriedly.

'Jake, we just got done sucking each other's dicks and making out. Why would you think I wouldn't want to do more?'

'Cool. We'll do it soon. But we should build up so I don't hurt you. The first time can be painful.' This brought me back down to earth a bit, but I was still looking forward to our future sex play.

'But for now,' Jake continued, 'I need to unload my load real quick and get back to work. You did two, so I need to match you' Jake said with a grin.

'Now that's something I can do for you right now!'

'That's what I like to hear, but make it quick. We must have been out here for more than an hour.'

'Aye, Aye Captain.' I nestled myself between Jake's leg and brought my face up close to his semi-hard cock. The first blow job I gave was such a whirlwind. I was gonna take it all in this time and savor the experience, even if I did have to make him cum quickly.

I nuzzled my nose into his soft ball sac and breathed deep: My cousin's sex smell was becoming intoxicating to me. My fascination with his balls didn't end there, as I lapped at the loose hanging sac and gently sucked each testicle into my mouth. Before traveling upward I went a little lower a licked just below his sac. Thoughts of what we would soon be doing to each other in that region flooded my mind, and I so wanted to explore that area right then and there. But I had a job to do – no pun intended – and Jake needed to cum, so I focused myself and licked my way up to the prize: a throbbing four inch preteen boner. This time around I was more conscious of my actions, and I used one hand to masturbate Jake while I gently tugged at his balls with the other. This seemed to have the desired effect, as Jake was soon moaning loudly in between saying my name and a few choice swear words. After about five minutes of sucking and jacking, I had my reward.

'Ah fuck Will, I'm cumming.' I decided I wanted to see my cousin squirt this time around, so I withdrew his pulsing cock from my mouth and stroked him a couple times before his penis swelled in my hand and forcefully shot out five jets of creamy white stuff. As the drizzle of cum stopped, Jake sighed contentedly and folded his hands behind his head and grinned up at me. I returned the grin, but there was still a job to finish in my opinion: Jake's tummy was covered in cum, and I knew that its rightful home was inside my belly. I licked Jake's cum off my hand and went to town on his belly. Jake giggled as my tongue probed everywhere there appeared a drop of precious fluids. Just as I was noticing that his cum tasted a bit different than before, I remembered that my own load of spunk was mixed with his. I smiled at the thought of eating my own cum as I gobbled down the remnants. One last lick and suck on Jake's soft penis and I was finished.

'Is it any good mixed together' Jake asked playfully.

'Mmmm, find out for yourself. I think there's a little bit left.' I laid on Jake and kissed him open mouthed, letting him savor my cummy saliva. He broke our kiss after a moment.

'Definitely good mixed!'

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