My Cousin Jake, part 2

by Caspian Melkor

I absentmindedly stroked my cousin's back as I lay in bed, the soon-to-be thirteen year old boy snuggled up to me under the covers, breathing deeply, his head resting on my chest. His warm naked body felt so good against mine. It was one of those moments that you wish you could preserve forever. But then again, there had been quite a few of those over the past six weeks. Ever since my cousin Jake had introduced me to the world of sexual experimentation one week into my summer-long visit, it had been a whirlwind of nonstop touching, stroking, kissing, sucking, and yes, fucking.

That's where I found myself at this moment, a half hour on from fucking and getting fucked by my stud baby-faced cousin. Jake had really tired himself out this time. For twenty minutes the boy had been sensually sliding his four inch erection in and out of my hole. That's enough to take the mickey out of anyone...and it'd been his third time that night! I smiled as I again relived our last time, when he had practically fallen asleep on top of me after his last earth-shattering orgasm.

Jake knew this was just what I needed. I had been brooding over the past two days after hearing a disheartening bit of news: my 11 year old brother Trevor would be coming to join us at the farm for the last two weeks of my stay. If this wasn’t bad enough, he would be sharing Jake’s room as well, and no doubt be tagging along after us all day long. Now normally, I wouldn’t have much bad to say about Trevor. We got along most of the time, and since we were only two years apart in age, we actually enjoyed hanging out together - at least when our own friends weren’t around. But what by far had annoyed me most about my kid brother over the past year was his eerie ability to pop up whenever I was horny and getting ready to enjoy a private session of masturbation. Most of the time this wasn’t his fault, of course. But Trevor wasn’t stupid. In fact, he was the brightest kid in the fifth grade; a grade in which the subject of sex education had already broached. This in part led me to believe, in my most paranoid moments, that he was occasionally sneaking up on me on purpose, hoping to interrupt my special play time. He hadn’t quite caught me red-handed yet, but had walked in on me fondling myself under the covers a couple of times, whereupon he would stand there with a huge cheesy grin until I yelled him out of the room.

All of this led me to be very discreet with my self-pleasuring, which annoyed me to no end. Not that I would ever parade around naked with an erection in hand, but I did feel my own room should be a safe haven for that kind of activity. But not with that sneak Trevor. My parents didn’t allow us locks on our doors, but they had been very careful about knocking and waiting until I gave them the go ahead to enter, especially in the last year or so. But Trevor thoroughly enjoyed waltzing into my room unannounced, acting surprised that he could possibly interrupt anything important. These assaults on my privacy had caused me to confine myself to the bathroom to feverishly relieve my sexual tension.

As I have said, getting away from this constant intrusion had been the major incentive to visit my cousin over the summer. And over the last six weeks, Jake and I had certainly taken advantage of the privacy afforded to us in ways I hadn’t been expecting. Just when I had managed to get away from Trevor disrupting my sexual exploration at home, he would soon arrive to disrupt my sexual experimentation at the farm!

For his part, Jake hadn't taken the news so badly. In fact, he seemed strangely exuberant for Trevor's arrival. I knew he and Trevor had always gotten along; after all, he was as close to him in age as he was to me. But why didn't he understand that Trevor's presence would seriously cut down on our time to fool around together? I may have had six solid weeks of sex play with my cousin, but I was thirteen years old: I could go for another six months!

Tonight was the last Trevor-free night we would spend together this summer. For his part, Jake seemed to put an extra bit of effort into our sex romp. I appreciated the thought, and certainly enjoyed the result. But I was nonetheless curious why Jake thought that Trevor being around wouldn't stop the two of us from doing our thing. He had basically said so that afternoon, but when I asked him how that was going to be possible, he just smiled maddeningly at me.

“I have my ways, cous.”

“I suppose we could try to ditch him a few times.”

“Yeah, that could work too” he chuckled.

So as I lay in bed enjoying a lengthy afterglow of a great orgasm, I pondered how Jake and I could keep up our activities with Trevor hanging around. Jake's confidence gave me some hope that it was possible, but for the life of me I couldn't figure a way to keep Trevor away for long periods of time. As I continued to muse, Jake began to revive from his post-orgasmic snooze.

“How long have I been out” he yawned as he rolled onto his back next to me.

“'Bout fifteen minutes.”

“That was awesome” he said softly as he reached over and lightly stroked my chest. “But I'll take my nap as a sign that I'm done for tonight. Hope you don't mind.”

“Nah dude, I'm pretty worn out myself, seeing as you plowed me for, like, twenty minutes!” I knew Jake was grinning at that.

I rolled onto my side and Jake promptly spooned me, his soft and sticky penis wonderfully squished in the small of my back. He was quiet for a bit, but when he spoke again, it was in a decidedly more serious tone.

“Will, I need to tell you something, but I don't want you to hate me for it.” He spoke softly in my ear while he lovingly ran his hand from my chest to my belly, but I could hear the note of concern in his voice.

“What could I possibly hate you for, except maybe for saying you'll never suck my dick again” I joked. He made an attempt to laugh, but it seemed to get caught in his throat. I rolled over and faced him, stroking his arm in what I hoped was an encouraging fashion. “You can tell me anything Jake. And I promise I won't hate you for it.” He smiled just a little.

“Thanks man. Part of me doesn't want to tell you this, but another part really wants to share it with you.” He paused, then “It's about Trevor.”

I was expecting a more controversial topic than my brother, and my non-plussed expression must have shown it, so Jake continued. “You must have been wondering why I wasn't as bummed as you about your brother showing up. I mean, if it really meant that we couldn't do sex stuff any more, I'd be really bummed too. But it's not like that.” He hesitated, but I wanted to know where this was going.

“Just spit it out dude.”

“Okay.... I've fooled around with Trevor.”

Again, my utterly blank expression must have been obvious if it at all showed what was going on in my head. “What...what do you mean? Like what we do?”

“Not as much as we've done, no. But some of it.” Even in the dark I could see the nervous expression on his face, his eyes searching mine. I was still trying to process this new information. I was a little angry, but I was thinking mostly about the fact he hadn't told me. I wasn't jealous or anything. Early on he told me about all the other guys he'd done stuff with, and I thought that was kinda hot. But then it hit me. This was my 11 year old kid brother we were talking about. A fifth grader! And he fooled around before me! What the hell!...Well, maybe I was a bit jealous.

I thought for a moment, and decided I would play the role of protective big brother first. “And he wanted to do this. I mean, you didn't force him or anything, right?” I tried to use my most stern tone.

“C'mon Will, you know I wouldn't do that. It just sorta happened. Over spring break a few months ago at the family reunion, when we shared a room.”

“And what exactly did you do?” I admit my curiosity was peaked, and my voice lost its harsh tone.

Jake smiled slightly. “Well, Trevor wasn't experienced like me, so it was kinda innocent stuff really. We were just talking after we'd gone to bed, and I guess he got comfortable with me and he started asking a lot of questions about sex. So I explained a lot of stuff to him. And he got even more comfortable and started asking me personal questions. He wanted to know how big I was and if I touched myself. I don't remember quite how it happened, but it ended with him on my bed feeling my dick. And then he asked when he was going to get big down there. So I had him pull down his underwear and show me, and that led to me feeling him up.”

“He seemed to enjoy that,” Jake snickered, and I couldn't help but smile, “so I kept rubbing him until he had a dry orgasm. It was definitely his first, 'cause he didn't know what hit him. He was shaking like he had a seizure or something.” There was laughter in his voice, and I knew Jake was now thoroughly enjoying telling the story, sensing my anger had passed.

“So of course, after he recovered, he wanted to know all about orgasms, and I told him about cumming and all that, and he really wanted to see me do it. I had just started cumming a couple months before, so I was excited to show him. I lay back and had him jack me off. He wasn't very good at first, but he got there eventually, and I came all over his hand.”

“What'd he think about that” I laughed.

“I think he thought it was kinda cool. He certainly liked my dick, 'cause I had him sucking it by the next day and eating my cum before the week was out.” That stopped me in my tracks.

“Dude, you made my little brother into a cocksucker!?” I was flabbergasted. But far from being upset, I was highly amused, even excited. If nothing else, I now had some information on my brother I could use to my advantage if necessary. But I really wasn't too worried about that now.

“Totally man, but he loves it.” Jake lowered his voice and added slyly, “And I think we could probably convince him to do you too, and maybe join us in other stuff.”

“Fuck man, you're talking about my kid brother!” I said exasperatedly, but not without some nasty thoughts forming in the back of my mind.

“Shhh! Not too loud.” Even though his parent's room was on the other side of the house, we always made an effort to be quiet in bed. Jake looked around nervously, and satisfied I hadn't woken the dead, continued with his counterpoint. “Yeah, so what if he's your brother, I'm your cousin. And besides, your brother is hot.”

“He's my brother!” I whispered strenuously.

“And he's practically your look-alike, and therefore hot as hell” Jake said smartly. That shut me up for a second, and my face felt hot.

“Look Will, we don't have to, but I just figured, I've fooled around with both of you, and I know he would really like to try something with you.”

“What!?” That shocked me a bit.

“He told me how much he wanted to see your dick, but that you're always so careful.” Suddenly I understood Trevor's constant interruptions. “It'd be a lot of fun, and that way we can still do stuff. And of course,” he added with a grin, “you'll have someone to play with back home.”

I thought about that for a moment, and felt my dick, which was already at half-mast, start to inflate even more. I pushed the thought from my mind with some effort. “I don't know Jake, he's my brother. I'm not sure I could do that kind of stuff with him.”

“Yeah, you probably would have said the same thing about your cousin two months ago!” Jake said, this time a note of frustration in his voice. “Look Will, it's just like us. We do it because it feels good. It's that simple. And if you can do it with someone you know and trust, that's the best. Like you and Trevor: I bet you two would be great in bed together, 'cause your brotherly connection lets you feel what the other one needs. We don't have to worry about love and relationships and stuff, 'cause we're family and we already love each other, and when we have sex we're just kind of expanding that love a little.”

I was deep in concentration as I pondered these words. It scared me a little. Jake and I hadn't talked about 'love' before, but now I wondered where our special relationship put us. I had never thought about 'loving' Jake before this summer, even though we knew each other pretty well and had spent a decent amount of time together growing up. But I certainly felt different about him now. I had real feelings for him that went beyond getting off. I loved his scent. I loved being around him, and cuddling with him, and kissing and touching him all over. I loved talking dirty to him when we did it. But at the same time, I didn't want to live with him the rest of my life. Somewhere in my mind I knew that one day, our sexual relationship would probably end. We would always have memories of Jake taking my virginity, but at some point we would need to move on. I loved Jake as a cousin, and yes, even in an intimate way; but not with that kind of love that binds two people together.

Jake was looking at me intently. “I hope I didn't freak you out talking about love, man. It's just how I look at it. I love you Will, but not, you know...”

“Yeah, I know. I love you too. But in a cousin-I-have-sex-with kinda way” I added with a grin.

“Exactly...with no strings attached!' Jake laughed. At that, he leaned forward and kissed me deeply. I returned it with passion. I really did love this kid!

We finally came up for air. Jake spoke first. “So will you at least consider letting Trevor in on our fun?” he pleaded.

“Yeah, I guess. But I don't want anything to ruin our relationship; nothing forced.” I realized that I had essentially given Jake the go-ahead to set a plan.

“Don't worry, we'll just let things happen. This is gonna be so awesome man! You'll see.”

My erection refuted my remaining qualms as I threw the covers over us and hugged Jake tight.

Trevor arrived the following day and seemed genuinely happy to be able to spend the next two weeks with us. I doubt if he thought there would be a chance to fool around with Jake again on this visit; after all, his brother was around all the time. So I felt a little guilty at the thought of tricking him into joining us. Jake wanted to wait a couple days until the weekend, when his parents would be gone all day Sunday at a farmer's co-op convention on the other side of the state.

What had started as pure excitement at the idea of including my cute kid brother in our games had turned into a real challenge. How would we get Trevor to join us? No doubt he wouldn't mind fooling around with Jake, but we weren't sure how he'd respond to me being involved. We couldn't be too forward or pushy and risk scaring him off. And we didn't want it to seem that we were trying to trick or make fun of him. We debated different approaches, from me walking in on them, to Jake flat out telling Trevor the truth.

In the end, Jake thought the whole thing would be easier if we could get Trevor out of his clothes, and the best way to do that was to go for a surprise swim up at the pond. This seemed to make sense to me. Skinny dipping was a valid excuse among boys to shed clothes without shame. And it would make it seem like we were all on a level playing field, as if I was joining them in their little game, instead of us initiating Trevor.

As Sunday arrived, I could barely contain my nervousness. Or was it excitement? I still wasn't sure how I would feel the first time I fondled my brother's penis – if we got that far – but I knew I wanted to get the wait over with. The anticipation was killing me!

I wore a tank top and went commando, so when Jake told Trevor about going exploring in the woods, I was ready. Trevor was psyched about our little trip, but probably not as much as me and Jake. We did actually make an effort to explore a bit, just enough to work up a sweat. I knew this was part of Jake's plan, but I was nonetheless annoyed at how long it was taking to get to the pond. Finally, after about forty minutes or so, we arrived at the pond.

“I don't know about you guys, but I could definitely go for a swim” Jake said as he stripped off his shirt.

“But we didn't bring anything to swim in” responded Trevor, pointing out the obvious.

“Whatever man, skinny dipping is way better anyways.” Before Trevor could respond, Jake kicked off his shoes and shucked his shorts and hurtled into the water. I admired his tight ass bouncing away before I played my part. I turned to Trevor and notice he also seemed mesmerized at the site.

“Don't be a chicken Trev” I sneered. “Last one's a loser.” This statement got Trevor moving, as I knew it would. Who wants to lose to their big brother?

Trevor was pulling off his shirt, but I was way ahead of him, seeing as I had planned my clothing carefully. He was still working on his belt as I scampered into the cool water after Jake. I went out to where Jake was at chest deep level and turned to watch with him as my brother had finally skinned his socks off and was making his way towards us.

~Maybe now is a good time to describe my brother in a bit more detail. He as a couple inches shorter than me, and that was the biggest difference between us. Like Jake had alluded to, and Trevor had been reminded constantly by family and my former teachers, he greatly resembled me in almost every way. He had the same slight but compact build as me, with the same wavy dirty blond hair and lightly tanned, blemish free skin (a gift from our mom that would see us through puberty). Our greatest connection in looks had to be our sparkling green eyes; you know, the kind that make people lose focus when you're talking to them. The only feature besides our height that was noticeable was my hair style, which I had recently let grow out a bit so that my bangs came to right above my eyes. Trevor kept his hair in a stylish crew as I had always done. In short, my brother was a really cute kid; the kind of cuteness that makes mothers smile and 5th grade girls giggle, and that makes sure as hell you don't let him walk down the street by himself!~

Trevor had one hand covering his penis as he waded into the water. I felt my excitement rise as Jake wolf-whistled. I could see Trevor blush from ten feet away. My brother may have wanted to catch a glimpse of my dick, but he was still a shy kid when it came to his own equipment.

“Watcha hiding Trev?” my cousin laughed.

“Shut it” barked Trevor, shooting a scathing look at Jake. Jake just laughed some more.

I hadn't caught a full view of Trevor's cock for a good four or five years, and I was eager to see how he had changed from the adorable little boy I used to take baths with. But that would have to wait a bit longer as he successfully shielded himself from our stares until he was chest deep like us. The water was just clear enough to make out his hand still covering his crotch.

“Took ya long enough!” I taunted, tearing my gaze away from his waist.

“Yeah, well you had a head start!” he piped.

“Enough chit-chat you two” Jake snapped playfully. And with that he took of towards the other end of the medium sized pond. Trevor and I followed at a good pace. We both had swimming lessons under our belt, and while we weren't as good as Jake, we could keep up.

After swimming and frolicking around for a while, we ended up back near our stretch of beach. Jake swam up behind me and attempted a dunk, which I had of course been expecting all along. I wriggled out of his grasp and dove under the water, grabbing at Trevor's legs. Trevor, who had long since given up covering his crotch, used his hands to fight me off. I got a quick underwater glimpse of a soft penis before he darted over to Jake, who showed no mercy and immediately dunked him. After a few more dunks all around, I made my way to the beach.

“I'm done for now guys.”

“Yeah, me too” said Jake.

“You guys are such wusses” called Trevor, evidently happy he outlasted us.

Jake and I settled ourselves a couple feet apart on the small sandy strip. My memories of our previous encounters on this beach almost gave me a boner, but I managed to suppress it with all the butterflies in my stomach. Trevor, however, stayed chest deep in the water.

“Alright, you win Trevor. Now you coming out?” I encouraged. He looked apprehensive, but slowly made his way towards us, once again covering himself, this time with two hands. He looked like he was trying to wrench his gaze from my crotch, but was failing.

“Geez Trev, why so modest?” Jake laughed, indicating his hands.

“Shut up Jake” replied Trevor sulkily, glancing at Jake - or his dick, I couldn't tell.

“C'mon bro, you can work on your tan” I said, patting the spot between Jake and me. I made like I was uninterested and turned over. I heard him pad over to us and lay down on his stomach. Another wolf-whistle from Jake.

“Nice ass kid.”

Jake flipped over and sat up, cupping his penis in his hands, and leaned forward with his head down. I knew he was embarrassed to death to be in this state in front of his older brother. I decided we had gone far enough. I turned over and sat myself right next to my brother and wrapped an arm around him. He adjusted his neck angle and I could tell he was staring at my dick.

“C'mon bro, relax. It's just us. And you've got nothing to be ashamed of.” He kept his head down, but made no attempt to move away from me. Jake lay on his side, watching us. We both knew I was the one who had to do this.

I rubbed Trevor's back consolingly as I reached for one of his arms. “It's okay” I said softly as I gently but forcefully lifted his right arm up and off his penis. His barely resisted, and when I reached around with my left arm, he let me freely move his arm out of the way. Finally, I was staring down at my kid brother's cock for the first time in five years. And like most every other part of him, it reminded me of myself at that age. His ball sack had dropped and hung tantalizingly loose below a swelling circumcised penis. He was completely hairless, and my mouth watered as I stared at his boyish perfection. These few indulgent seconds caused a very natural reaction in my own groin, and Trevor was now looking wide-eyed at my rapidly rising erection. I didn't give him much time to think about it, as I reached between my kid brother's legs and gently cupped his balls. He gave a sharp intake of breath and jerked his head up and stared at me, a puzzled expression on his face.

“It's okay Trev, just relax” I said soothingly. His questioning look soon turned to an open-mouthed vacant expression as I continued to massage his little ball sack. With an arm around his shoulder, I leaned back with him, not letting my searching fingers leave his genitals. I glanced at Jake, who was slowly stroking himself as he stared at the incestuous scene in front of him with a hungry look in his eyes.

I inched my body closer to my sexy little brother. I began to sensually stroke his three inch prepubescent boner with my thumb and two fingers. In this position, my own four and a half inch erection was pulsing against Trevor's thigh. I loved the feel of his baby smooth skin against my rock hard penis.

Trevor's body quivered as I expertly manipulated his little dick. Suddenly, he reached up and grasped my leaking cock. I stared down at him surprised to find his gaze locked onto me with a look of pure lust in his face. This only encouraged me to go faster as I kept masturbating my kid brother. In return, Trevor began to jack me as well, fisting my teen cock with long strokes. I caught Jake in the corner of my eye ferociously masturbating with his mouth hanging open.

This erotic scene couldn't possibly last too long, and within a minute Trevor tensed up, his chest heaving in pleasure. He started to moan in his high pitched prepubescent voice as spasms rocked his body during his dry orgasm. This was too much for me, watching my cute little brother shake in pleasure at my hands. The hoarse groans of a young teen joined the alto squeals of my kid brother as I forcefully ejaculated into Trevor's hand and all over his belly.

We stopped stroking but kept our hands on each other's cocks, gently fondling in the afterglow of two powerful orgasms. Trevor rested his head on the sand, his eyes half closed. Jake inched his way over to us, drenched in cum from his chest to his still pulsing cock. He looked at me with an expression of awe, and it seemed like he wanted to speak, but couldn't. Instead, he ran his fingers through my cum on Trevor's belly and scooped some up and ate it. I laughed softly.

“So is this what you guys have been doing all summer?” Trevor asked weakly. I looked down at him and grinned as he watched Jake with an amused expression as he licked more of my cum from his fingers. I reached over to Jake and scooped up some of his cum. I smiled down at Trevor as I seductively licked my fingers clean.

“You could say that, little bro.”

“So I guess Jake told you what we did?” Trevor asked timidly.

“Definitely, and I think it's awesome.”

“Yeah,” Jake jumped in, “we were kinda hoping you would join us.”

Trevor turned wide-eyed to Jake. “You mean...all the stuff we did?”

“Exactly, little man. Why not? We sorta started already anyways. And I already told Will how good you were at sucking my dick, (Trevor looked at Jake in terror), and...I think you should show him what I mean.” Trevor blushed scarlet but looked over at me and gave a shy smile.

“Only if you're up to it, Trev” I said nervously. Trevor kept smiling.

“Do you want me to do it now?” he asked hurriedly. Jake and I both laughed.

“How did I not know my brother was such a horny kid? But let me recharge my batteries first. Why don't we go for a swim?”

At that, we raced each other back into the water, Trevor and Jake washing away streaks of cum from their mid-sections. This time, we didn't horse around as much, but kind of congregated in a tight not after swimming back and forth across the pond. Jake and I told Trevor about some of the stuff we had done over the past six weeks. He wore a shit-eating grin as we told him about our first time at the pond together, (“You guys kissed!? Ugh!), and was in complete awe as we told him about fucking each other.

“Will you show me!?” Trevor asked excitedly.

“I think Jake and I could manage that” I replied.

“Cool!...But did you guys really kiss?” He scrunched his face in mock disgust, which only made him cuter.

“Yeah dufus, and it's no big deal. It actually feels really good when you're having sex.

“Should we prove it to him Will?” Jake asked with a grin.

“I'm up for it” I said happily. Trevor looked incredulously at us with his mouth open and his nose scrunched up as Jake and I came together. Jake wiped a few wet strands of hair from my forehead. I wrapped the 12 year old boy in my arms and met him with an opened mouth kiss. I always loved doing this with Jake, but the knowledge that my brother was watching us made it all the more exciting. Both Jake and I sported major wood as we continued to passionately embrace. As we ended, we looked over at Trevor, who looked stunned.

“There you go, tangible proof” I said.

“Gross!” he managed to say, though his grin betrayed him.

“Yeah, if it's so gross, than you must not have boner right now!” Jake quipped. I caught on immediately and lunged for Trevor, who was only three feet away. I managed to grab hold of the slippery boy, and after much struggling and wiggling, he was hoisted above the naval-deep water with me trapping his arms and Jake securing his legs. Sure enough, jutting up from his smooth, creamy groin was a penis as stiff as can be. Between catching his breath, Trevor admitted defeat.

“Okay, you got me.”

“Well, not yet” Jake said. He jerked his head to the shore and we carried Trevor until we were knee deep in water. Jake moved along side him, still holding onto his legs. My brother struggled against my grasp as Jake leaned in and planted a wet kiss on his lips. Jake lifted off a few seconds later to reveal a thoroughly surprised Trevor, though he didn't seem all that upset. He certainly wasn't struggling anymore. Jake looked at me and nodded his head, and I lifted my kid brother up towards me as I bent down and gave him a sweet little peck on the lips. I smiled at him and after a moment he returned it. Jake didn't give Trevor a chance to say anything as he dove right back in and started really kissing him now. Jake let go of his legs as I released Trevor from my arms, guiding him to his feet. Jake and Trevor hadn't broken the kiss yet, and once his feet were firmly on the bottom, Trevor leaned in closer to his cousin and started to return the kiss with passion, albeit clumsily. But his awkwardness made it all the more cute.

As the two boys continued to kiss, I came up behind Trevor and wrapped my arms around his waist, where I proceeded to rub his belly, moving my hand slowly downward until I was caressing his rigid erection once again. I crouched down a bit until my leaking boyhood was sliding sensually up and down his crack.

I didn't have many coherent thoughts in my head at that moment, but I do remember thinking how damn sexy this must look! A sweet 11 year old sandwiched between a 12 and 13 year old, one passionately kissing him while the other masturbated the boy while working his dripping cock up and down his ass. This was heaven! And Trevor must have thought so too, because he began to moan into Jake's mouth. I knew he was working his way to orgasm - like I was - when he suddenly broke off his kiss and turned around. Our sparkling green eyes met as we tenderly kissed for a few seconds. Then before I could say anything Trevor got on his knees and grabbed my cock in one hand and started to suck the head.

“Damn Trev, that's awesome.” And it really was. He had barely gotten started and I could already tell he had been trained in sucking dick. He jacked me off as he inserted more and more of my cock into his hot mouth. Before I knew what was happening, my baby brother had his hands on my ass and was deep-throating me! Jake straddled my kneeling brother from behind and rubbed his own straining erection on his cheek. He held the back of Trevor's head and began to gently guide him back and forth along my cock. Jake looked up at me like he had won the lottery. I was in such heat right then I could barely think. I brought one of my hands from the back of my brother's head and used it to get Jake to lean in to me until we were sloppily kissing. I masturbated Jake as we kissed while we both had a hand guiding my brother's blond head back and forth on my dick. Jake's other hand had found its way into my crack and was teasing my pucker. I was being pleasured on all ends and couldn't take it anymore. I just managed to break my kiss with Jake to warn Trevor.

“I'm cumming, Trev.” Jake managed to get his lips back on mine, and my little brother had pulled my dick almost all the way out of his mouth until his was gently sucking on the head. I gasped in pleasure in Jake's mouth as I shot five spurts of warm cream into my brother's waiting mouth. I continued to moan as Trevor milked my cock for the rest of its youthful load. I had said it about a thousand times that summer, but I swear I had never cum that much before in my life!

Jake let me go as Trevor stood up and looked at me with glazed eyes and cum running down his from his mouth. Then he opened his mouth to reveal almost all of my cum, and proceeded to swallow.

“That's so sexy!” Jake whispered as he jacked his cock and rubbed my brother's ass.

I couldn't have agreed more. I grabbed Trevor's sexy little waist and pulled him to me and kissed him deeply, licking and sucking my cum from his mouth. Instead of breaking our embrace, we settled down and started making out, our arms around each other. Neither of us wanted to stop, so we kept going. Jake got behind Trevor again and started kissing his neck and fondling the boy's penis as he guided his throbbing dick up and down my brother's crack. I reached around and took hold of Jake's cock and slid just the head between Trevor's cheeks. As the tip of his penis came in contact with Trevor's pucker Jake exploded, sliming my brother's small ass cheeks with cum, a fair amount sliding down his crack. To my surprise, Trevor moaned loudly as Jake creamed him from behind. Jake hugged him around the waste with one arm and continued to lightly kiss his neck, using his other hand to slide his middle finger up and down Trevor's crack. My brother and I finally broke our kiss. He looked up at me with a completely glazed look. This kid was so sexed up right now!

“Will, please fuck me” he begged, his voice husky.

“Yessss!” Jake hissed as he fingered Trevor's asshole.

“Oh, buddy, I really want to, but we need to get you ready first so I don't hurt you.”

“No Will,” Jake said as his gaze snapped up to me. “We can do it today. We'll just use a lot of lube. I've got plenty back home.”

I looked at him doubtfully. I knew how much Jake wanted this, so his judgment may have been a bit clouded. But I cared too much for Trevor to hurt him in any way, even if I too wanted more than anything to slide my dick up his tight ass. I remembered the pain when Jake first fucked me, and that was after he worked my hole with his fingers to get me ready. It wasn't unbearable, but it was painful at first. Well, at least until we got into it, then I kind of forgot about the pain. I looked down at my brother, who didn't seem to be following all of our conversation.

“Please Will, I know it will hurt some, but I want it so bad!” He certainly looked as if he needed it bad, as he held onto me with an expression that looked as if he would die if he didn't get fucked soon.

“Okay,” I said, and turning to Jake, “But we're gonna take it slow.”

“Yeah, yeah. We won't hurt him” Jake whispered as he ran a finger in Trevor's crack, inducing a shudder of pleasure from the small boy. “This is gonna be so good” he said, almost to himself.

“But first, we need to get you off” I told Trevor. “I don't think you'll last until we get home if we don't.” Jake grinned as he continued to rub Trevor's ass. I immediately got down on my knees and sunk my kid brother's three inch erection into my mouth.

Trevor let out a throaty growl. “Ahhh Will! Oh fuck yeah, suck me!” he yelled. I savored the faint taste of boy as I licked the underside of his warm flesh and passed the satiny head past my lips again. I swallowed Trevor's stiff penis until my nose brushed against his hairless groin. I breathed in my young brother's intoxicating boyish scent as I applied suction to his penis. In thirty seconds I got my intended result.

“I'm cumming Will” Trevor moaned. I immediately removed his saliva-coated penis from my mouth and stood up, hugging him tight against me just as his dry orgasm started to wreak havoc on his slender frame. Our lips met in an open-mouthed kiss as his body continued to shudder. He finally relaxed in my arms and I broke our embrace.

“Good boy Trev.... Now let's get back to the house.”


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