My Cousin Jake, part 3

by Caspian Melkor

The walk back to the house was a quiet one; just three wet boys with tented shorts. It seemed to pass in a haze, each of us no doubt occupied with incredibly horny thoughts about what was soon to take place. I caught Trevor's eyes a couple of times, and he just grinned at me. It seemed that our relationship had changed in a matter of minutes. We were no longer just brothers, but now sexual partners as well. I thought about that on the way back to the house. I knew this wasn't going to be a one-time deal; that when we got back home this new relationship would continue to grow. I would get to be there for Trevor when he experienced his first ejaculation; we would push our exploration to higher levels and find new ways to pleasure each other; and maybe we would even share our first experience with a girl. But most importantly, I was soon going to take my little brother's virginity! All these thoughts and more flooded my head as we finally made our way into the empty farmhouse and up to Jake's room. The moment we got in we shed our clothes again.

“Okay, let's take a shower first and get Trev ready for this” Jake said. Since Jake had done this with me, I knew this served the two-fold purpose of cleaning Trevor and loosening him up at the same time.

It was a tad bit crowded, but we all jumped in the shower together and got warm and soaped up. Trevor kept squeezing my soapy cock whenever he got the chance, but before anything got out of hand, Jake had Trevor bend over. Jake was all business at the moment. I knew he wanted to get to the good part. My kid brother reached for his toes as instructed and Jake began massaging his soaped-up fingers over Trevor's hole. Trevor moaned in pleasure as was stimulated over and over again in a new and interesting place. Within a few minutes Jake had his index finger sliding smoothly and easily in and out of Trevor's hole. Jake looked up at me with raised eyebrows. I was thinking the same thing: It shouldn't be this easy to penetrate a newbie.

“Trevor, have you ever fingered yourself before?” I asked.

“Yeah”, he responded somewhat strained, his face at his ankles. “I like to stick my fingers up there sometime. Is that okay?” Jake and I just grinned at each other.

“Oh yeah, that's fine” Jake chuckled. “Now I can go a little faster.” And with that he inserted finger number two into my baby brother's behind. Trevor let out a long groaning kind of sound, but he didn't sound in too much pain, so Jake continued. He slid his index and middle fingers slowly in and out, turning them this way and that, stretching Trevor's hole out to accommodate the bigger invasion to come. I stood over the bent 11 year old and rubbed his shoulders, my rock hard penis resting on his shoulder. Jake kept at it for a while, and soon Trevor began to relax. His groans turned to moans of pleasure. One particularly load gasp made me look up at Jake, who was smiling broadly.

“Hey, there's time for that later loser. Just finish the job.” I playfully slapped Jake on the arm.

“Ha ha, sorry. I guess I got caught up in everything. Just a few more minutes should do it.”

With that Jake refocused on Trevor's butt and started to really pound him with two fingers. Trevor gasped each time Jake rammed his fingers in. I thought Jake might be going too fast when Trevor reached up his small hand and grasped onto my cock and started stroking. I took a step back and he raised himself to eye level with my meat and sunk the hot flesh into his mouth, sucking for all he was worth. At this point I knew he was more than ready, but I paused to enjoy the situation. I made sure to take a mental snapshot of the scene: my cute little brother desperately sucking on my stiff cock while our cousin finger-fucked him from behind. But alas, I had to put an end to this glorious scene if I wanted to get to the best part....that and I was gonna cum quick if this didn't stop!

“Jake, I think we're ready, don't you?”

“Most definitely man. I'll finish up”. Jake worked his way down to an index finger and eventually withdrew that, leaving a small gaping hole just waiting to be entered. I pulled my sucking brother off my dick and had him stand up.

“You ready buddy?!” I asked, looking into his eyes. He had that glazed over look I had seen just an hour before, and I knew he would be short on words. He just nodded his little blond head and hugged me. I hadn't expected that, but looking back, it was a really sweet moment between us; Trevor completely trusting me and offering his body to me and Jake. I picked him up and carried him out of the shower, where we all proceeded to do a quick dry with some towels. I then led Trevor by the hand to the bed. I had him lay on his back while Jake got his KY out of the bedside drawer.

“Okay Trevor, just relax. We're gonna take it slow, but it's still gonna hurt at first.” Trevor just nodded. Now that we got down to business, he looked a little bit nervous. I figured we should start before either of us backed out, so when Jake handed me the lube, I was ready to move in. Jake got on the opposite side of Trevor from me and lifted up his left leg, exposing his virgin rosebud. I quickly lubed up a few fingers on my right hand and squirted some lube on Trevor. I then held up his right leg fully exposing him and putting him at our mercy. I took a deep breath. I was about to finger my brother so I could fuck him and take his virginity! This thought just boggled my mind, so I didn't waste too much time contemplating it. I locked eyes with my cute kid brother as I slid my slippery middle finger over his wet asshole and caressed it. Trevor let out a moan of pleasure and tossed his head back against the pillow. He was so sensitive at that point that the slightest touch drove him crazy. His euphoric state would allow him to get through some of the pain that I knew would later ensue.

I added pressure and slipped my finger in to the first knuckle. Another moan from Trevor. Jake had worked him over enough that it had been pretty easy going so far. I figured it was safe and plunged the rest of my middle finger deep inside him.

“Ahh yeah Will”, Trevor groaned, his voice unstable and husky. “It feels so good! Keep going!” He spoke with a sense of urgency, as if anyone could have stopped me now anyways. I started to gently finger-fuck his tight little bottom, sliding my finger in and out. I glanced at Jake and could tell he was already really hot; my cousin was slowly stroking his lubed-up straining erection as he held Trevor's leg in the air. He had that look on his face of supreme wild pleasure, the look I had come to associate with some wild stuff.

After a couple minutes of my middle finger, I worked in my index as well. Trevor began to groan in earnest as he squirmed on the bed. He milked my fingers with his ass, clamping down as I fully penetrated him. His wriggling little body and moans coupled with Jake's heavy breathing started getting me going too. I rubbed my leaking five inches against the back of Trevor's leg I was holding up leaving streaks of pre-cum. The room was getting hot!

“It's time, dude” Jake said with some effort. “Fuck him.” He said it so matter-of-factly that I looked up at him. He just nodded reassuringly. We both knew it was time to do the deed. Jake grabbed both of Trevor's legs as I got into position. I had done this dozens of times with Jake, but somehow I knew this was going to be completely different. I looked down at my baby brother covered in sweat, chest heaving. I caught his eyes.

“You ready Trev?” I asked, my voice husky with lust.

“Fuck me now” he said steadily, his eyes ablaze. It was more a command then a request. Who was I to deny him? I took a deep breath, inched closer and grabbed hold of my meat. I caressed his loose little ball sack with the throbbing head, then traced down his perineum to the sweet spot. I guided the tip of my penis against his pucker and could feel the heat emanate from inside his body. With the slightest pressure the tip started to enter him.

At this point I so wanted to plow him right away, but I knew the end-result of that kind of trauma, and it wasn't pretty, nor would it have been enjoyable for Trevor. I had to use all my restraint and training that Jake had instilled in me over the summer to patiently and slowly deflower the little boy lying helplessly in front of me. It would make the inevitable release all the better.

So with a steady hand I guided the tip of my pulsing teenage cock ever so gently inside my brother. Little by little I worked it in until pop!, the head of my dick was inside my eleven year old brother's bum. Trevor's small body was tense from the pain caused by the head of my cock stretching his hole. To go any further he would have to relax.

“You okay buddy? I'm gonna take it slow, but you need to relax.”

“Yeah” Trevor responded, his voice weak. “Keep going. I can take it.” True to his word, I felt his body relax a bit. Trevor reached up and wrapped his fingers around Jake's four-incher, winning a moan of pleasure from our cousin. He was definitely still in the game! I had to appreciate his bravery. Having a cock inside you for the first time takes some getting used to, but he was taking it like a champ.

Meanwhile, I was using all of my self-control to not blow my load right then and there! After a few deep breaths, I slowly pulled out nearly all the way and pushed back in to where I had been plus another inch. Trevor let out a yelp.

“Damn! Sorry Trev!” Having two fingers in you is not the same as a five inch boner. My kid brother was finding that out the hard way.

“S'okay” he said with some difficulty.

I tried again, pulling out and this time slowly and sensually sliding my rod back in. After repeating this process a number of times in the space of about 5 minutes, I was about half way in. I rested for a few moments, my cock half embedded up Trevor's ass. The toughest part for him was over. Now that he was used to the thickness, it was just a matter of bottoming out inside him.

I checked out his condition before proceeding. His eyes were closed and he wore a grimace that actually kind of made him look cute. I smiled as I slowly withdrew from his tight bottom, his muscles clamping down on me like he didn't want me to leave that warm place. Of course, I was back and buried three quarters inside him before he knew it.

Fortunately, things seemed to be getting slightly easier for him, judging by the fact that he hadn't yelled out in pain for a while. I decided it was now or never. I was beginning to lose my self-control, and I deeply needed to bottom out in him. After all, I still needed to get to the real fucking! I pulled back until just the head of my dick was inside him.

“Okay Trev, relax for me buddy” I cooed to him. I felt him try and he loosened up a bit. That was my cue: without warning I steadily drove my five inch erection deep inside my little brother's ass. Trevor cried out in pain as I grunted with pleasure as I felt my balls slap against his upturned bum. I leaned in to him and stifled his groans with a mouth to mouth kiss. Jake caressed Trevor's hair as he forced his hand to continue to masturbate him.

Trevor continued to whimper feebly as I kept my engorged penis lodged inside him, stretching him to the maximum. As he begin to calm down and the pain eased, I pulled nearly all the way out and this time slowly sunk back in. Again Trevor whimpered in pain, though he seemed more in control of it now. I continued this long in-and-out motion until the whimpering stopped and his head was to one side with his mouth lolled open. It was obvious the pleasure was overtaking the pain, and I knew I had the green light to fuck him hard.

I started thrusting more forcefully and quickly, bottoming out each time, my balls slapping obscenely against his ass. The room was filled with the sounds of adolescent sex, and my husky grunting was soon joined by Trevor's higher pitched sighs and moans. He had fought through the pain and now my baby brother was being rewarded with previously unimagined pleasure. Jake was now sucking off Trevor, slurping the pre-teen cock with gusto, while I continued to slam my 13 year old cock deep inside him.

Trevor squealed in ecstasy as orgasm rocked his young body. His orgasmic spasms held and massaged my cock deep inside him. It almost took me over the edge, but I held off. I wanted to cum inside him as I fucked him with deep and long strokes. Jake pulled off of Trevor's sensitive penis and began to pound his own cock hard and fast.

“Tell me when, cous.” I knew what he meant, and I just nodded in response.

I pummeled my brother as he lay there motionless, his eyes closed, his hairless body glistening with sweat. I knew I couldn't keep it up long. A minute after he orgasmed, Trevor opened his eyes and looked up at me as I continued to fuck him hard. Our eyes met and it hit me like lightning: I had just taken my adorable little brother's virginity, and now I was about to cum deep inside him. I was done.

“I'm cumming!”

Jake was a step ahead of me, and as I plunged one last time deep inside Trevor, he was squirting his hot cream all over Trevor's tight tummy and dick and balls. As I watched this overpowering scene in front of me, I forcefully shot six or seven jets of cum deep in to my brother's insides. Within moments I collapsed on top of Trevor, my boner still lodged deeply inside him.

It had been the high of a lifetime, and a thoroughly exhausting one at that. At first we didn't even bother cleaning up after our romp: we just lazed around, drifting in and out of well-deserved afternoon naps. One of my own brief dreams of Jake fucking me was so realistic I swore I could hear him grunting as he pushed into me, only to find at my waking that the sounds were more than a dream. I turned over, half awake, to see him spooning and humping my brother. Trevor seemed half in dream land himself as Jake slid his cock up his recently virgin hole. By the look on Jake's face I couldn't tell if he was about to fall asleep or was overcome with lust. I don't think I'm going out on a limb to suggest the latter. In any case, he certainly seemed to be enjoying his first fuck with Trevor, so I left him to it and rolled over, falling back to sleep with the noises of boy sex all around me.

The next time I woke up, it wasn't to the sound of sex, but to the changing shadows of the late afternoon sun. We must have been out for a couple hours at least; It sure was a relief my aunt and uncle weren't home.

Jake and Trevor were still spooning, though noticeably asleep. I took the opportunity take a long look at the two of them. They were both so beautiful, but so different at the same time. Not so different that you couldn't imagine they were related, but there was plenty of contrast. Looking at my cousin lying there brought just one word to my mind: sexy. He may still have been 12, but puberty had definitely begun to work its magic. His legs, arms and chest were well developed, all showing the signs of the hard work he was so accustomed to. He was obviously more mature sexually than most 12 year olds, with his loose sack and good sized cock already producing sweet cream. All in all, his body could be mistaken for a short 14 or 15 year old. But his face gave him away every time. That smooth, clean, unblemished face, and the lack of any established patches of body hair, were dead giveaways for a younger boy that had yet to go through some of the more unpleasant aspects of adolescence. That smooth face, framed by his sun-streaked blond hair, made Jake out to be quite the cutey. That is until you saw him without a shirt. Then he was just sexy.

I already described my kid brother, but the more I looked at him the cuter he became. Next to Jake the contrast between the beginnings of puberty and preteen innocence was tangible. Trevor was smaller, less developed, and paler than Jake, none of which detracted from his absolute cuteness. If Jake was the hot young teen that would floor most of you, Trevor was the perfect specimen of prepubescent boyhood that the rest of you would salivate over. Jake was the one you want to have sex with, Trevor was the one you want to sleep with. If you're reading this, you should know the difference.

Well anyways, much like while writing this, I got lost in my thoughts laying there watching my brother and cousin sleep. But though my thoughts might have been drifting, my young penis was standing at attention with all the boy-gazing I was doing.

The naughty thought of molesting my kid brother while he slept turned me on so much I couldn't resist. I brought my face in close to his soft penis and breathed in deeply. Ohh, that intoxicating mixture of young boy sweat, boy spunk, and that indescribable mystery scent found on prepubescent boys. It's enough to make any of you cream your pants. It was enough to make me lean in and lick Trevor's sweet little ball sack. He squirmed slightly in his sleep as I bathed his entire sack with my tongue, gently taking each grape-sized testicle into my mouth.

It's odd how life can change so much in so little time, isn't it? If someone had told me two months prior that I would literally be licking my brother's balls before the summer was out, I would have freaked. But now I couldn't get enough of his delicate flavor as I licked my way up to his beautiful penis. It wasn't as flaccid as before, but it still wasn't hard. He must have been deeply asleep!

I suckled on the two inch morsel for a couple of minutes, steadily applying more suction as blood quickly engorged the soft tube. Soon I was sucking on a fleshy three inch spike, pulsing with pleasure. I was astounded that Trevor was still asleep, but he showed no signs of waking yet. But no sooner had I thought this and his hands intertwined with my hair.

“It feels so good Will. Don't stop.” he said softly. I moaned in response and kept up the stimulation. Within twenty seconds he was trembling in orgasm, the sexiest little mewling sounds coming from his mouth. I gave one last lick and scooched up next to him. He gave me the cutest shy little smile as I snuggled against his soft, warm body. As our lips met, my mind couldn't help but drift again: this next year was going to be awesome!

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