All of the regular rules apply here. If you don't want to read about a fictional incest story between a father and his son, then I suggest not reading this. If you are not legally supposed to be reading this then don't read it, or read at your own risk. If you don't like gay incest then what the fuck are you doing here? I think that covers it.

Note: This is my first gay story ever so enjoy!

Chapter One- The Discovery

     "I can't get this out of my head!" I thought as I was driving my car to school. Before I left my idiot father forgot to shut the door while he was taking his shower, normally I would have been able to block anything out that I saw, but what I saw was farm from ordinary. I saw my dad in the shower jacking off,   while his entire fist was up his ass, through the reflection in the mirror.  I have never been so happy in my life, I have waited since I was 12 to see something like that from him. As much as I wanted to stay and watch, maybe even waltz in and suck him off, I couldn't risk him seeing me. I left the house on my way to the car. I got in, started it, and start off to school.

  You are probably wondering what my dad looks like. Well for starters I am 16, and he is 40. He divorced my mom a long time ago when I was still a baby and he was given full custody. He is about 6'3" and has a broad muscular build. He weights about 185 pounds and it is mostly muscle. He goes to the gym a lot but he doesn't have super defined muscles, but you can clearly see them bulging out of his body. He has huge forearms which turn me on so much, and he has a broad square jawline with a goatee and small/medium length sideburns. He always had a light 5 'o clock shadow and a medium length crew cut. I always wondered why he never married again, but damn my dad was hot.

  As for me, I am 16 years old. My name is Sean. I go to St. Johns High School, in Longview, Washington. I am just as tall as my dad if not taller, but not nearly as muscular. We look very similar except he is older and he has a lot more meat on his bones. This doesn't mean I am a scrawny geek, I am in track and I lift weights at the Gym a lot. Oh, did I mention that I am bi? Girls get my horny but not as well as guys.

  I looked up to my dad a lot. I want to be just like him. He is wise, smart, strong, and really fuckin' hot. Deep down I always wished he was gay. It would answer why he divorced my mom, and why he never remarried. Seriously, my dad can get anyone he wants if he wanted them. Especially after I saw him masturbating, with his man meat, he can get anyone.

  All day at school I was recalling what I saw before I left to school. I had to jack off. I never did it before but I signed out to go to the bathroom and I jacked off in there just to sustain myself for when I get home. I would recall what I saw in my mind time after time. His muscles flexing whilst he grabbed his cock, his balls flopping around, his hand slowly moving up and down that shaft, and his left hand rammed up his ass. He had to be at least bi, it was then that I concluded that I would have to investigate more before I can determine his sexuality. I prayed that he would be at least bisexual and willing to let me suck his dick.

  Finally the bell rang, I was free! I drove home as soon as I could. I skipped going to the Gym so I could catch my dad before he got home from work. He works at the hospital here, so it is recommended that all employees shower when they get home to prevent the spread of disease. I would spy on him while she showered and see what he did. I played it all out in my mind. In the movie "Signs," Mel Gibson uses a knife to look under a door. He puts it in at a 90 degree angle and moves it around to se around instead of just seeing feet and ankles, I can see up higher, I can see my dad's cock. I might be able to see the mirror on the reflection of the knife and see directly into the shower!!!
  I pulled int the driveway, my dads car was already there! "FUCK!" I muttered in disappointment. I got out of the car, to my pleasure when I walked in the front door I head the bathroom door slam shut and the shower turn on! I ran into the kitchen and grabbed out cutting knife. I paced over to the door making sure that I didn't make a sound.

  I peeked under the door to make sure he wasn't facing directly at the door by looking at the direction his feet were pointing. He wasn't looking towards the door, he was facing towards the toilet. He was at a right angle towards me, I could see his cock perfectly! I positioned the knife under the door and looked carefully at it's reflection. I tried to scope out his dick, but I couldn't see it, he disappeared! "Where did he go!" I thought. The door was clicked while he unlocked it. I was fucked. He knew I was looking at him, and I didn't know what he was going to do.

  The door swung open inward and he slid out and and looked down at me. "Uhm, what are you doing son?" He asked me. I was holding a knife in my right hand, and I was laying on the floor near the slit under the door. I couldn't come up with an excuse to save myself. I didn't say a thing. "Sean, go to your room I'll be there in a minute." He said. My heart raced, I was so fucked. He knew I was bi now, and what was he going to think of me for spying on him naked? I decided I was fucked enough as it is and I may as well should tell him how I felt. I am a linguistic person, I have a way with words. I walked to my room and sat on my bed.

  The door creaked open as my dad walked in. He was in his robe. "Dad, I am going to be honest with you so fire away." I told him before he said a word, signaling him to ask as many questions as he wished, I wasn't going to lie.

"Sean what were you doing there?" He asked while sitting next to me on the bed, I started getting hard.

"I was spying on you, wanted to see more of you, I was curious to see if you were gay or bi." I answered.

"And why do you think I am bi?" He asked me in a shocked voice.

"Simple really, you are as hot as hell, have a godsend package, and I saw you fisting yourself." I said back in a coaxing kind of voice to let him know I liked it.

"Are you gay son..?" He asked.

"Nope, I am bi, and you are the only guy that really turns me on. Is that honest enough for yah? I get turned on by mainly girls but you are so damn hot, Dad." I said. I wasn't going to lie, this was the only way this would go somewhere. I want him badly. I was fully hard but my boner was noticeable because it followed down my leg rather than jut straight out.

"Well thanks for that.." He said, smiling while fiddling with his facial hair. "I didn't know you were that attracted to me, but I am not going to be mad at you."

"Why?" I asked in astonishment.

"Well, son, I am a bisexual too. You probably got it from your old man." He said, laughing. I laughed back.

"Well dad, I am sorry I had to do what I did, I just wanted to be sure. Besides I always wanted to see you naked, and when I finally did I had to see more. And don't call yourself old, you are as sexy as hell." I said, trying to get back on the subject. I wasn't as sorry as I sounded, I just wanted to get my prize. I could see his bulge through his thick robe, sadly the rode was not too revealing.

"Son, I am not mad at you. When I was your age I tried spying on my dad because I wanted to see him too. But when he caught me he kicked me out and never talked to me again." He told me. He obviously got over this event in his life because he was able to tell it to me like he didn't care.

"Well did you want to suck your dad's cock too?" I asked, my heart racing, I flexed my cock muscle to sustain myself. I was 90% sure he would let me suck him. He was in briefs when he caught me and they weren't on him anymore because I heard his balls slap when he walked in the door.

While smiling my dad said "Son, where are you going with this?" He put his arm over my shoulder and looked right at me. "Dad, I think we both know." "You can suck me whenever the fuck you want to, son!" He said laughing. "Now get on he floor!"

  I did as he told me. I got on the floor and stood on my knees while waiting for him to untie his robe. I was so fucking happy. I was going to get to see my dads entire dick, and have it in my mouth!  "Are you going to take my robe off or what?" My dad asked after about 5 seconds of silence. "Oh hell yeah!" I yelled. He spread his thick legs apart with his package still hidden beneath the log robe. I slowly crawled up sliding my face over his crotch area and up resting on his abs. I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed is hot ass, and then moved up and untied the robe. I pulled the laces towards me and his genitals were finally exposing.

   He was semi-hard and holy shit he was huge. Just in the state he was in he was six inches long! And really thick! His balls were also gigantic. I cupped them with my hand and they filled up my whole palm. He left out a sigh. I couldn't wait any longer, I had to suck that thing dry. I didn't even want to jack myself off, I just wanted to suck his DRY.

  I immediately took his dick in my mouth. It was warm and tasted so fucking good. He had a manly musk to his genitals that turned me on even more. I was now super mega horny and I had to have my thirst for his jizz quenched. I felt his cock begin to pulsate. It was swelling even bigger. At first I was able to get the whole thing in my mouth by trying to swallow it as it reached the back of my throat, but now it was getting too hard to do so I had to pull it out and jack it and lick it for a bit.

  I pulled it out of my dick and my jaw dropped. He had the biggest cock ever. "Nine and a half inches." He said smiling. "How big is yours?" He asked grinning, damn he had a nice smile. "You'll see tomorrow when we suck each other off at the same time." I said smiling looking into his deep brown eyes with lust. "Oh damn son, I look forward to that!" He said. I spat on my hand and started to jack n his huge dick. It took a lot of effort to go all the way up and all the way down with one hand so I had to use both. "Fuck that feels good!" He sighed.

  I jacked him for about three minutes and he told me to start sucking him again, so I did. Was able to get a little over half of his man meat inside of my mouth. I stopped sucking and pulled his dick out of my mouth and started to suck on his balls. I couldn't fit both in my mouth at the same time, which made him laugh, and made me even hornier. "My balls are about ready to burst son." He said. "Why don't you finish up and we can have some fun later tonight?"

  It was then that I noticed that I was about to com too. I guess the fact that I was so horny and the friction of my dick against my boxers was enough stimulation to get me off. I took his dick in my mouth and he started to breath deeper. I started sucking faster and he started to sigh. "Oh fuck.. Oh fuck son. Get ready I am going to cum." He yelled, grabbing my head and helping me suck him faster. My grabbed his balls and lightly squeezed them. "Ah! Oh fuck!" he yelled. "I am going to cum!" He pushed it in one final time and I back out a little so his load wouldn't shoot right down my throat. I wanted to taste my dad's semen. I felt his balls tighten in my hands and I released them and his cock started to throb. Before I knew it I felt his warm seed enter my mouth. It was incredible. I didn't want to swallow it, I wanted to let it soak in. I started to jack the base of his dick as he came in my mouth. Shot after shot of cum came into my mouth. Finally he pulled his dick out of my mouth and said "You going to swallow or what?"

  I looked right into his eyes with lust and swallowed it. It was too much to get in one gulp so I had to swallow it three or four times. "Wow you really like my seed don't you son?" He said smiling rubbing my shoulder. "Like father like son." I told him, he smiled and had a good laugh at it. It looked at his dick. It was wilted now but still long and thick and I liked up the extra cum that was dripping from the tip. And gave him a good cleaning with my tongue.

  "Son, later tonight let's have a bit more fun, bu don't think I'll go easy on you. This was your first time with me, so I gave you a break, next time we go by my rules. By the way son, you give one hell of a blow job." My dad said looking right into my eyes, scanning my soul. He laid down on my bed on his back. I got up and laid next to him, leaning towards him. We started to kiss. Light at first, the we started to entangle our tongues. The feeling of his facial hair against my face was incredible, I got even more horny. I felt my orgasm coming, and I grabbed down at my dad's dick at felt him around and I shot my load right in my pants. We made out of a little while longer and we got up.

"Kay son, I'll see you at 9:00 okay? You're lucky it is Friday because we are going to have a wild night." My dad said, while holding my face in his hands. I removed his hands from my face and I bent down and I kissed his still exposed cock.

"Dad, I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Is this a good place to stop?

Email me at with feed back and suggestions for the next chapter! I can only wish that this wasn't fiction and it really did happen to me.

(FYI- I based this 100% on me and my dad, except my dad doesn't know I am bi, but I know his is bi because of the gay porn I found on his laptop. I also did see my dad waking it in real life with his fist in his ass, and his dick is huge. He could have fit three of his hands on that behemoth.