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Chapter 2- School is Out!

  I am so excited! School is finally out. I was is my car getting ready to start it when I suddenly got a text message from my friend, Shay. "R u goin to the bonfire after skool?" It read. I thought about it for a moment. I knew my dad had something great planned for me, something that was going to be so great there was no way I could miss it. I flipped my cell phone open and texted him saying that I had other plans. Don't get me wrong, I did want to go to the bonfire with my friends, but missing a night with my dad was like torture. I started my car and I backed out of my parking space, and exited the parking lot. I took the usually route home and finally found myself at home, seeing my dad packing stuff in to the SUV.

  "What are you packing up for?" I asked my dad as I got out of my car. "Our camping trip!" He said, with his handsome grin and beautiful brown eyes looking me straight in the face. I could look in to my dad's eyes forever. "Sweet! Where are we going!?" I replied in excitement, with a huge smile on my face. "A secret place that only I know about, we'll be all alone for three days." He said, with a smug satisfied look on his face, slowly sliding his finger on the short goatee on his chin. "Sounds like fun, I can't wait, when are we leaving?" I asked. "In about fifteen minutes, get inside and grab your stuff, Sean." He commanded. "Alright, it won't take long." I replied jogging into the house.

  I ran upstairs to my room and looked around for stuff I might need. I grabbed my back pack and grabbed the basics. Three complete sets of cloths, consisting of three shorts, three t-shirts, some socks, some underwear, and a baseball cap. My dad already had everything else packed. I also stuffed my sandals, and swimming trunks in there just in case. I threw the backpack over my shoulders and walked down the stairs. I saw my dad exit the front door with his own duffel bag full of stuff in it. I gazed at his bulging hair calves as he exited, almost tripping over myself on the way down the stairs. I exited through the front door, down the driveway, and tossed my backpack in to the back of the SUV.

"All set?" He asked, standing outside of the car near the drivers door, grabbing at his bulge, rearranging it for the ride.
"You bet." I said, grinning, and I ran over and got in the passenger seat, as he went in tot he drivers seat. We shut the doors, and took off.

  The ride was fairly long. We drove on the highway for a good two hours and took a series of back roads until we made it to the end of the line. We had to lug our gear down a very steep hill. The work was so strenuous that we took off our shirts and tucked them into our pockets. I gazed at my dad's powerful back as it flexed from the weight the heavy gear put on him. I was also very stressed out, as beads of sweat trickled down the center of my six back and came to a halt at my belly button.

  We made it to the camping site, it was awesome. There was a small clearing right on the side of a magnificent lake. On the other side of the lack was a large cliff that was about 50 feet high than I could see myself jumping off of into the water below. The water was clean and had a blue shimmer to it as it was so still you could see the crystal clear reelection of the sky above.

"Are you up for a swim after we get camp set up?" My dad asked, once again repositioning his balls in his pants which turned me on every time I saw it.

"You bet your ass I do!" I said, smiling.

   We set up the tent first, and then we got wood for a campfire which was quite easy. We were next to the lake and there was a lot of old dead sticks and twigs on the shoreline. My favorite part of the campsite was the fact that the tent opened directly in to the fire. We had a huge canopy tent that we could stand up in, sort of, and it was built to cover six people, but it would just be me and my dad in there, we'd need the room though, trust me. I walked over to the tent to put my stuff in it, and when I walked in I noticed something that excited me. No sleeping bags, just two queen size comforters, one on the bottom to protect us from the tarp like bottom of the tent, and antother too keep out bodies warm during our "fun time."

"Finally we are done!" I said in excitement, running over to him. "Yep, he said." Whilst looking into the lake. He cupped the back of his head with both of his hands and gave himself a good stretch. His back was so hot, each muscle bulging out as he stretched his joints. He undid his belt and his pants fell to the ground, no underwear. He turned around, "Come on!" He said, smiling. My eyes shifted from his face to his half erect cut dick swaying slowly in the wind, his scrotum fully retracted, swaying with his dick as well. I ripped m shoes and sock off my feet, and tossed my shorts and underwear in the tent and ran over to him, starting to get a boner. Noticing my dick begin to swell he said "Don't get to excited, lets have some fun in the water!" He said, and he leaned towards me and gave me a ligh kiss on the lips. I smiled and said "Dad, if you don't want me tog et excited before we enter the water then try not to kiss me til we get there!" He grinned and patted me on the shoulder. He took my hand and we walked in the water.

  We walked in until the water was up our nipples and we couldn't resist any more. With his muscular arms reaching out towards me, he yanked me towards him. I wrapped my arms around him and grasped his ass. We started to French kiss as always we got control of my mouth, but being submissive was my thing. Eventually his lands lowered down to my eyes and he began to prod with my asshole. "Oh hell yeah!" I thought. I could tell from that second on that this was going to be a fun weekend. My dad never fucked me up the ass, and this was going to be his 'present' for me. I broke the clutch between our  mouths and I began rubbing my lips against his cleanly shaved face, and I moved over to his hot broad chin. I moved over from his chin back of to his lips and we started kissing again.  We both had full erections now, his was jabbing in to my stomach which made me even more horny.

  "Let's go back to the camp." He whispered in my ear. We made our way to the shore each walking sideways and kissing the whole way there. I grabbed the towel he say on  a log and began to dry him with it. I started at his big feet, and made my way to his small ankles that transitioned to his huge hot calves. He flexed them as I dry them, I kissed them to show him how much I liked them. I made my way to his big hair thighs. I dried each one off well, and reached around with the towel and dried his ass. Now I was at his dick, now half erect. Dropping down, there wasn't enough blood to keep it high and proud in the air. "Don't blow me." He said. "We are going to do something a little different." I skipped that area entirely to increase the suspension. I dryed his slightly hairy six pack, and moved up to his ribs, and then his huge well made pecks. I reached his broad shoulders and washed them, starting to kiss his neck as I made my way up. I was finally up at his head, and we started to kiss briefly.

  "Good job!" He said, with his huge hands reached around my shoulders. Our foreheads tapping, we smiled at each other. "You dry yourself off real quick, and get in the tent, kay?" He said,  letting go of me. "Alright, sexy." I said. He grinned, and took off into the tent. I quickly dried off with the towel and made my way in to the tent. He was laying down with a bottle of lube.

  He put a big squirt of it on his hands and started to massage his dick, it got hard almost instantly, stimulated by the sight of me, obviously. The sight of my dad's dick always hardened me like a rock in five seconds, so I didn't need any physical stimulation. I lied next to him. "What are we going to do?" I asked, while groping his dick. "I am going to fuck you up the ass!" he said. He sat up and told me to get on all fours.

  I did as he commanded and me began to massage my ass again with his finger, and he poked his finger in there. He did it again, and then he used two fingers. It felt amazing, He squeezed his fourth finger in. I was starting to get full. "Damn you are tight, son. Haven't you ever had a man fuck you before." He said, smiling. "No, you're the only man in my life, and I want you to be the first to fuck me in the ass." I said, grinning turning around looking at him. "Well you arre going to need to be able to fit my thumb in there too to be able to take my cock." He said, gouging his thumb in my ass too, it stung a little, but the pleasure overpowered the pain.

  He squirted another blob of lube on his dick, and on my crack. He stood on his knees and began to slide his dick up and down my crack. He instructed me to loosen my asshole as if I were going crap. I did as he commanded, and I felt his head enter my ass. "Shit you are tight." He said. "Well a couple sessions with you and I'll be big enough to let and elephant fuck me dad!" I said. He had a good laugh, pleased as to how much I looked up to him and his dick. He pushed his dick in a little more, he hi my g-spot and I almost came right then and there. "How far in are you?" I asked. "Oh, about 1/3 the way in." He answered. I wanted him to go in faster. I scooted myself backwards and his whole dick slid in my ass and it felt incredible. "Wow you are eager for my cock aren't you?" He said. I replied with a soft sigh and he began thrusting. Slow at first, but he gradually picked up pace.

  Man his dick was a mammoth. It was so hard too, I could feel the head of his cock sliding up and down my ass more than anything, because he had a longer scrotum than average his balls were constantly slapping up against mine. The family jewels slapping together. My dad must have been experience in this because he kept on hitting my g-spot, it was amazing.

  He started to breath louder and louder and I could tell he was going to cum in a minute or so. I was feeling myself getting closer and closer too. "Shit you are so tight I am going to come soon!" He cried, sighing during every other word he said. "Me too!" I replied. He began to thrust hard and harder. He grabbed my ass and pushed my cheeks together which felt amazing. His dick was going  so fast you could light a fire. "Oh I am cumming!" he cried. With one final thrust he rammed his cock in my ass as far as it would go, and it felt like he added another foot to it because it went it REALLY far. His dick began to throb in my ass, and it pumped up and down as his seed made it's way up. Finally I felt his warm seed enter my ass. It kept on filling me up to the point where I thought I was going to shit myself. He started to thrust again, I felt his semen dripping down my gooch , and down my balls an on tot he blanket beneath us. I felt a feeling like no other feeling in my entire life. My entire ass contracted and squeezed super tight. My prostate started to pump and I saw my load squirt all over the blanket. I never came that much. My dad skipped his cock out of my ass, and I rolled over, still cumming from my cock. My cum was squirting all over and I thought it would never end.

"Damn!" He said. "There is no doubt you are my kid. Nobody but a son of mine can cum like that!" He said, smiling, dropping down for a kiss. We kissed and cuddled for a long time, until the sun set.

Later than night we went skinny dipping again, and let's just say that giving an underwater blow job to my dad underwater is as sexy as it sounds. Ever since that day, my father and I have had lot more anal sex, and he even lets me dominate sometimes, but I am typically the submissive one, and I couldn't love it any more than I do now.

When we returned home from our trip we had a lot more fun, and bought a couple sex toys, and he got me a special butt plug that would help me stretch my ass out to tolerate his dick a little more so we could last longer.

On a Saturday night my dad walked in to the room while I was playing on my Xbox 360. "Hey Sean, I have a friend even bigger than me coming over on Tuesday, alright?"

Smiling at him I said, "You bet that hot ass of yours."

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