Warnings: If you are underage, or offended by incest, male to male sex, you should not read this article. Otherwise enjoy it.

"My Dad and Me"

Growing up as a teenager in my house was interesting. I knew I was gay since I was little and finally decided to act on my desires when I was 15. See I'm average and cute thanks to my Italian mother and Irish dad, I stand at 5'6" and have an average body I'm in that in between stage of being not chubby but not toned at the same time but I am getting there. With hazel eyes and reddish brown hair. My father on the other hand is 6' with an athletic build, with average looks green eyes and brown hair.

Well on with the point, see my father gets really horny every time he gets drunk and my mother wants nothing to do with him and generally locks herself in there room, or calls her girlfriends and goes out for the night basically leaving me and dad alone till the next morning. Now my mom and dad are both 16 years older than me so they both look younger than what they are. On this particular Friday night mom went away for a girls weekend to the city leaving me to watch the house and dad. Yay my mind was reeling in the possibilities. Around 2:30 am dad came home drunk as a skunk and could barely walk, so I told him I would help him up the stairs.

On the way up he complains he has to pee so get him to the bathroom and undo his pants for him and had to help him stand there while he relieved hisself. So I figured what the hell and took his shirt off him and got his pants off while in the bathroom, and proceeded to get him to his room. I asked dad how did he want to sleep he slurred out naked so I pulled his boxers off said I'd be back with a wash cloth to get him cleaned up with. When I returned with the wash cloth he was out so I proceeded to just wipe down his dick, which I later measured and it was 7-1/4" by 5"round, and left the room I wanted to wait at least 15 minutes for him to be asleep.

Once I finally worked up the nerve I went back in to his room and called out dad a couple times no response only some light snoring. My hands lightly caressed his thighs and nipples that gave me response he was now getting aroused and lightly moaning. All I could do was stare at his dick and let my hunger take over, as I gripped his dick and lifted it I slowly licked the head and shaft. I've seen porn before so I figured mimick what they do and the rest should come along. Slowly I worked each of dads balls into my mouth and let them roll around till they where sopping wet with my saliva. Checking to see if he was still asleep I took his cock into my mouth and started to give my first blowjob. I must have been doing a good job cause dads hands wrapped around the back of my head and he was moaning my moms name, I only wish it was mine though.

As time progressed into his blowjob I could feel him tensing up so I started sucking as hard as I could. Dad I thought was awake at this point cause now he was thrusting into my mouth. Now in my mind I was starting to panic saying over and over "he's awake I'm dead", that's when I realized dad was cumming in my mouth. He must have shot 7 times into my mouth and I swallowed every drop not wanting to waste a single drop. As his body relaxed from his orgasm his hands sled off my head and he resumed his snoring. Since I still had the washcloth in the room I wiped dads cock clean to get rid of the evidence and cover my tracks. See I knew I was in the clear when he started talking nonsense in his sleep which he does when he's drunk. Now with my new confidence lets see how far I can go tomorrow night.

Comments are welcome, as this is my true life history being put down for all to know.