"My Dad and Me" part 2

Warnings: If you are underage, or offended by incest, male to male sex, you should not read this article. Otherwise enjoy it.

I woke up around 10 am to a very quite house so I decided to go get breakfast in the kitchen, and to see if dad was home in his room. As I approached my parents door , and peaked in the bed was made and dad not in his bed. Crap now I get that feeling you get when you know your going to get in trouble, and all through my mind I keep thinking "He knows what I did last night!". So I head on down the stairs, still no dad , on to breakfast I go. Well once I finished up a bowl of cereal I headed into the dining room and saw a note left on the table:


Your chores for today are:

Mow the Lawn

Rake the cut grass

Clean the downstairs of the house for your mother

Clean your ROOM!!!

I will be home around 4, to check on your progress, see you then


Great there goes my lazy weekend and I just mowed the lawn 2 days ago, but if I don't mow it I'll get the lecture on responsibility again. So I went upstairs and put on a pair of shorts and my tennis shoes, and rub tanning lotion on all the exposed parts, you know might as well get a tan while I'm at it. The lawn took all of twenty minutes to mow, the raking took forever, by the time I was done with the yard it was 1PM. Cleaning the downstairs was easy I just had to dust a put everything back in its place, loaded the dishwasher and headed upstairs to clean my so called dirty room. My room is immaculate, what is there to clean, nothing. Since I now have about 2 hours till dad get home I decided it was time to play.

In the back of my closet I have a toy chest that I converted into Jeffrey's collectables, so nobody ever went through it. I rooted around and pulled out the dildo I got earlier in the summer got to love mail order with a credit card, so no age check on the order, and I pulled out the tube of KY Jelly. As I was setting my self up and put a towel on my bed, I coated the dildo with lube one less thing to do and locked my door. Now that I felt prepared I screwed my self with my dildo while jacking off. Thinking of dad the whole time and his cut cock, which is very different from my own, dad left me intact and not butchered as he calls it. After getting all worked up I look over at my clock shit 3:30 got to finish and cleaned up, the sensations of my foreskin rubbing over the head of my sensitive cock brings me over the edge as I bite my lip to keep from moaning out loud, never know when dad could walk through the door downstairs. I shoot about six shots on to my chest and just lay there for a moment before I start to wipe myself clean.

After grabbing everything I can to take to the shower, I put my dildo in the shower so I can clean it as I clean up my self, I dry off and wrap the toy in my towel and head to my room to get dressed, and put everything away. I decided might as well do a load of towels (got to get rid of the evidence) and headed downstairs with them and got them started. True to his word dad came in the house right at 4PM only to tell me he was going out with his buddies and would be home later, in his language that meant around 1 am. Dad left and had lunch and decided to take a nap since I would have a long night ahead of me. 11:30 PM my alarm clock goes off I get up brush my teeth and head for the couch to watch a movie and wait for dad to come home.

Around 1:15 am I hear a car pull up and drive away shortly after, I go into the kitchen to get a drink while waiting for dad to come inside. Dad gives me the usual greeting what are you doing up," Dad it's the weekend, and I am watching a movie", this seems to shut him up for a little while till he realized I was watching Caligula on vhs tape. He asked me for a beer and I got it for him aswell as five others, all I did was watch him watch the movie as he kept rubbing his crotch. When the movie was getting good at the scene where all the senators wives where being prostitutes for the day Dad told me he wanted a rum and coke so I made him one on the strong side just how he likes them and got no complaints. He did complain that mom never does those things with him, I just kept my mouth shut. Before the movie was over I could hear him snoring away time to get him to bed.

Just like every weekend before I get him up the stairs in the bathroom to pee this time I wiped him down with a washcloth so I knew he was clean, and headed off to his room. In dads room like always I asked "How do you want to sleep Dad?" Naked like always, so I stripped him down and got him to lay on the bed with the sheets drawn to the foot of the bed. Like clock work out like a light , so I went to my room to get the tube of lube I want a real cock in me tonight!!

I checked dad the way I did the night before and since I got no response I fondled his cock till I got a growing response. Feeling like I was in control I climbed in between his legs and began to suck on dad's cut cock to get it to full mast. Dad's balls where in my mouth for a good while, while I stroked his cock. I wanted his cock to be hard and ready for when I slid my ass down his cock. Since he was where I needed him to be I squirted lube on his cock and worked it all over his shaft, and put a dab right on my hole. My thought was I have a dildo that I use I can take him no problem yeah right. As I straddled his waist and slid down his cock I was not prepared for the rigidness of his cock the dildo I could wiggle around till I got comfortable his cock was solid not flexible so I had to take my dear sweet time. Once I got used to his cock inside me I took my time to ride it up and down and girating my hips to get the full feeling from his cock. The sounds that dad was making where getting me hotter with each moan, and the words he said in his sleep gave me all the encouragement that I needed to keep on riding. After awhile his hands where on my hips I guess he wanted me to go at his pace which I was more than happy to do, with the lingering fear that I am on the verge of getting caught.

Dad's grip got tighter and harder, I knew he had to be getting close. His moans where getting louder in his sleep, that was all it took for me as I shot 6 spurts all on his chest. The contractions in my ass must have sent him over the edge cause as my last shot he started cumming in my ass. Yay my first load in my ass. I rode him for a few more minutes before I let his cock slide from me, I licked my load from dad's chest then wiped off the excess with a washcloth, as well as washed off his cock. Before I was even done with cleaning up dad he was back to snoring and talking in his sleep. So now with the feeling that I'm safe to play again I will just have to plan more which I did.


More to come.

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