"My Dad and Me" part 3

Warnings: If you are underage, or offended by incest, male to male sex, you should not read this article. Otherwise enjoy it.

Ok a few months have passed, and it was getting close to my birthday yay if only I knew then what I knew now. Dad was still oblivious to what was going on every other weekend when I would have my way with him in his drunken stupors. Only thing is I was about to get a bomb drop from my mother. In fact we had a family meeting where mom decided it was time to tell me the truth. You see my mom's weekend trips where not her cheating on my father but going to the hospital for cancer treatments. The bombshell was her saying that she should have been honest with me but she wanted me to have the normal life, basically being dumb to the whole situation. Well the whole talk was about how the cancer was spreading and she was going to go home to Nana's in New York for a more aggressive treatment, shock to me cause I never even knew that mom was sick. Mom wanted me to be the strong one for dad since dad and I where to stay home like nothing was wrong.

So a week before my birthday my mother took me out for an early celebration just the two of us, and told me during dinner that she was leaving in the morning. I was to keep the house clean and to take care of things like she was home. Not a problem at all I already do this crap on the weekends. Mom was so optimistic and she said she would call before she came home so I would know and could make sure dad was there. Then mom left and I knew I would see her later in the month.

Here it is my 16th birthday and my dad invited over his drinking buddies. Needless to say I knew all of them and I knew that they all would have something for me, got to love it when your parents friends are single they tend to give a little more. So the day turned out to be very profitable grand total in cash and checks from everyone was about $400, not bad for a birthday since all I ever asked for was money. Everyone at the party was drunk and heading out it was 3 am dad was trying to get them to stay but they all had rides or cabs taking them home. Once the house was empty I had to get dad off the couch and up the stairs same routine as all the other times. I stripped him to nothing not even going to ask, because I already knew and it made it easier for me to get what I wanted anyway.

This time though I wanted it to be different, I wanted him to find some sort of evidence that he was having some sort of sex in his sleep. I didn't care if he thought he was having a wet dream or if he was jerking of in his sleep I just wanted him to find cum on him. That decided I strip off my clothes and start sucking on his balls letting my hands play with his nipples. What was I thinking I didn't even wait for him to start snoring like always, oh well I have to take my chances, besides if you woke up receiving a blow job would you be upset. After getting the response I wanted being his dick getting hard I proceeded to work his shaft. Swirling my tongue around the head licking up and down the shaft. Getting the occasional moan from dad just made me work it harder. All I knew at that time was he must really be enjoying what ever is going on in his head, because his hands where in the air like he was holding someone and he was kissing the air.

As this went on and I was bobbing my head up and down on his dick his moans were becoming more urgent and forceful. Then all to soon his body tensed, and I pulled my mouth off dad's dick. I stroked his cock roughly to get him to cum and cum he did. Seven full shots on his chest streaking across his nipple, along his abs and pooling in his belly button. I took his left hand and rubbed in his cum, then put his cum coated hand on his dick just to make it look like he did it to his self. As I left the room I took another look at dad and went to my room to finish myself off. I was so horny it only took a few stroke having that image of dad in my mind. I just let the cum spray all over my chest as I came down from the feeling, only to clean myself up and go to sleep.

The next morning be it that it was only about 4 hours later as I got up at 9 to find dad still sleeping, but in the fetal position how cute. I proceeded down to the kitchen to make a light breakfast for the two of us. I knew dad was up when I heard the shower running upstairs. See dad never closes the door all the way so you can tell when he is in there. Ten minutes later he is still in there so I go upstairs thinking to tell him that food is on the table, as I approach the door I hear him moaning and I know that moan. I got hard instantly listening and knowing what my father is doing in the shower. I heard the final grunt and went back to the kitchen to give him time to get dressed and come downstairs. After we ate dad talked to me about getting my license and taking me for lessons so I could get it, then the biggie he wanted me to also get the license so I could be his driver when he got drunk. Which I agreed to, hell if I played my cards right I could have some fun in the car too.

More to come soon.

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