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by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

My Dads


[Authors note: If you get lost, or don't understand something, a brief casting memorandum and glossary is provided as Chapter 00. jh]


As a special treat for my twelfth birthday party, Jock, my best friend, got to spend the night with me. Jock's parents were pretty poor. My father said that his dad was, "Just another dumb, big-dicked, over-sexed Czech who didn't know when to quit making babies." (Jock had eleven brothers and sisters and I was an only child). My father was really rich. I mean, we couldn't spend it as fast as the interest came in. And my mother was even richer than my father. That didn't make a lot of difference to Jock and me though.

Sometimes, when my parents thought I had an after school project, I'd go home with Jock for a while. There was always something neat happening at Jock's house. If Jock's mom was baking, there'd be bowls and spoons to lick clean--or maybe some fresh cookies to "test." Or maybe she'd be breast feeding the newest baby and I'd get an eyeful of her exposed breast. Jock didn't even seem to notice, but I was amazed!

The best thing though was if Jock's dad would come home while I was there. When he got home all the kids would come charging to him, from the big teenaged boys to the baby. He'd pick everyone up and give them a big kiss--right on the lips. He would even pick me up and kiss me too. I could never figure out if he even knew I wasn't one of his. But it sure felt good to be picked up in the strong muscular arms of that big, hairy man and to have my lips kissed. My parents rarely even touched me, and even then it was usually just a polite handshake or a pat on the head or something like that.

Before my parents found out how poor Jock's family was, I got to spend the night over at his house a few times. Jock and I were both 11 years old and spending the night together was pretty exciting, and proved that we were `best buddies'.

We were going to spend the night in his treehouse in the back yard one night. Before we went to bed, Jock's mom made us take a bath with two of his younger brothers. While we were playing around in the big iron bathtub Jock's dad came in and stood in front of the commode. I was sitting at that end of the tub and watched him pull down his zipper and flip out a monstrous huge peter and start whizzing. I'd never seen anything so amazing in my life. I didn't even know that grown men had penises that big or that they had hair all over the place like that.

"Who's this, Jock?" he said.

"Oh, sorry, Dad. Dad, this is Joey, my best friend. Joey, this is my dad."

Still peeing, he asked me, "Pleased to meet you, Joey. Are you having a good time?"

Still staring at his crotch, I had to clear my throat before I could talk. "Yes, sir, Mr. Clzinik. I'm having a really good time."

Pulling down on his big thing and shaking himself off and putting his penis back in his pants, Joey's dad said, "Good. You boys keep out of trouble tonight, you hear?"

"Yes, sir," we both replied at the same time as he left the bathroom.

Jock's mom had a snack for us, milk and fresh made cookies, and then we went out to the treehouse. I had my overnight bag (Gucchi, of course) out there already and started to get into my pajamas.

"Awww. You're not going to wear those things are you? We're supposed to be roughing it."

"I always wear pajamas to bed."

"Well, I don't," he said, standing there in his little boy jockey briefs in the bright moonlight.

"Well, I do!"

"You're just a scaredy-cat!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am NOT!"

"Joey's scared to sleep without his jammies, Joey's scared to sleep without his jammies."

"Am NOT!"

"Prove it."

"OK" I said, and started to take off my pajamas.

When I got down to my undies, Jock looked right at me and said, "Scaredy-cat" and slipped out of his underpants and stood there in the middle of the treehouse buck naked.


"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?"


"Well then. Take off your underpants scaredy-cat."

"Am not!" I said as I took off my underbritches.

"You're just scared because you have such a little pee-pee."


The next thing I knew we were chasing each other all over the back yard playing tag and tripping each other and wrestling and laughing a lot. Running naked in the cool air and being wild felt just great. I'd just caught Jock and pulled him to the ground and we were a little ball of wrestling savages...

"I thought I told you two to go to bed?"

Uh, oh. It was Jocks dad, standing there in his boxer shorts with his fists on his hips. His massive chest shadowed by hair in the moonlight.

"Uh... Dad... Uh..."

"'Uh dad' my ass. Get over here Jock!"

"Yes, sir" Jock said as he jumped up and went over to his dad.

"Grab your ankles!"

"Yes, sir." Jock turned sideways to his dad and bent over, grabbing his ankles in both hands. His taut butt was shining bright white in the light from the moon.

His dad reached down and held Jock up with one hand on his nearest shoulder. WACK! The other hand landed smartly on Jock's exposed butt.

"Joey, Get over here!"

I swallowed a big lump in my throat and said, "Yes, sir." Never, ever, in my whole life had an adult yelled at me, much less hit me. I got up and walked over to Jock's dad.

"Jock, move out of the way. Joey--assume the position."

"Yes, sir" I said as I bent over and grabbed my ankles.

His big warm hand grasped my shoulder and the next thing I knew a large hand was caressing my exposed, shiny white butt. The hand let go and suddenly my butt came alive!!!

Jock's dad used an arm each to scoop us up to ride his hips. Our legs automatically laced around his waist and our arms went up around his neck. I felt the soft, smooth hair on his torso and under his arms press into my entire front. My little dick immediately went stiff and poked him in the side. Without me even thinking my legs clenched tighter on his waist and my hips hunched forward.

My left leg was gripping Mr. Clzinik's front, the calf covering the front of Mr. Clzinik's boxer shorts. Jock's leg was on top of mine and kept pushing my leg deeper in between his dad's legs. I could feel Jock's leg on top of mine--and what felt like another boys leg underneath my leg. It kept rolling back and forth under my leg as Mr. Clzinik walked back towards the treehouse. My little penis got even harder as I realized that I was rubbing against Mr. Clzinik's man organ--which seemed to be getting larger and firmer as we moved across the large lawn. I tried to pull my leg back, but Jock just gripped harder and grinned at me. I was flushing hot red with the embarrassment of touching this big burly man like this--and with a new feeling that I didn't understand, but the sting in my butt and the feel of Jock's dads big thing under my leg made me feel really ALIVE!

Jock's dad walked us over to the treehouse. He was holding me up with his big hand wrapped around my little butt that he'd just got done heating up. He gave Jock a big kiss on the lips and with one hand between his legs, lifted him up to the door of the treehouse. Jock scrambled inside.

"Get in bed, Jock!"

"Yes, sir!" and I heard Jock moving to the old blankets we'd used to make our camp-out bed.

"You be a good boy tonight, you hear me!"

"Yes, sir."

Jock's dad gave me a big kiss, much longer that the one he gave Jock. He even put his tongue in my mouth and let me taste it and suck on it a little bit while he used the hand that had been holding Jock to steady me as he moved his other hand until his palm covered my butt and his fingers were wrapped over my rigid little dick and tight little bag.

Jock's dad pulled his lips back and looked right at me. "Some day, you're going to make someone really happy, boy." Then he used the hand in my crotch to lift me up to the door of the treehouse like I didn't weigh anything at all. I scrambled over to Jock, who was holding the covers up for me.

We'd just barely gotten covered up when something blocked the light from the doorway.

"Jock. You keep your older brothers away from Joey tonight, you hear."

"Yes, sir."

"OK. Good night, boys. Sleep tight."

"Good night, dad." "Good night Mr. Clzinik."

Jock and I cuddled up together facing each other, arms and legs interlaced and our stiff little dicks nestled down together. After a little bit I asked Jock, "What did he mean by that?"

"About what?"

"About your brothers."

"Aw, nothing. How does your butt feel," he asked as he reached over my side to feel my butt.

I could tell he didn't want to talk about his brothers, so I dropped the subject. "OK. How does yours feel?" I asked, reaching forward to feel his butt also.

"A little warm!"

"Mine too," and we both giggled. We cuddled a little closer and fell asleep. Legs entwined and one hand covering the red handprint on each others hot fanny.

Shortly after that night my parents found out how poor Jock's family was and I wasn't allowed to spend the night any more and they tried to get me to find a new best friend.

Anyhow, I started to tell you about the night of my twelfth birthday party when Jock and I finally got to spend the whole night together again. My new Dad told me to tell you all about this stuff, so I guess I'd better get on with it.