My Dads Draft 01

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 1

In the Beginning...

I'd whined and made life miserable for my parents until they finally agreed to let me invite Jock over for my birthday. We already had permission from Jock's parents, so right after school we rode our bikes to my house. I had a new 15-speed, titanium frame racing bike and Jock had his brothers old balloon tire Schwinn, so getting home was slower than usual. It was a long way to pedal that old clunker and by the time we got to the private road leading up the hill to my house Jock was pretty sweaty and tired. Once I keyed in the code and we got through the electric gate we rested for a few minutes.

"Wow! Am I ever pooped! That's hard work."

"Yeah. Do you want to cool off?"

"If we rest here in the shade for a little bit, I'll cool off okay."

"Nah. Come on, I'll show you something special." I pushed through some bushes and started pedaling down a little path that led off to the left from the entrance road and around the base of the hill the house was built on. Jock just shrugged and followed me. A couple of minutes later I stopped in an overgrown area.

"We'll put our bikes under these bushes so no one will see them, Jock."

"OK. Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise. Come on, it's just a little ways through here." I pushed some bushes apart and led Jock to my secret place.

"This is were I come when I just have to be by myself. Nobody else knows it's here, so you've got to keep it a secret."

"Hey! You know you can trust me, Joey."

"I know, I just wanted you to know this is a secret."

About a hundred yards through the big trees and thick undergrowth, there was a clearing. Soft, lush green grass spotted with colorful flowers covered the ground that gradually sloped down to an old stone dam and pond. A little stream burbled down a small waterfall at the far side of the pond of crystal clear water. A low mound of rock was between us and the pond and just off to one side of the dam. I lead Jock around the rockpile.

"Hey! There's a door here."

"Yeah! It's my secret place. Here's where I keep the key." I lifted up a rock and showed Jock where I hid the big skeleton key. I unlocked the big brass lock in the oak door that sat in a massive wood frame at about a 20 angle in the "rockpile". Once the lock was undone I twisted the ring latch and pulled up on the door. Since I found this place I'd cleaned up and lubricated the counterbalance that my great-grandfather had built into the door so, even though the door was over six inches of dark brass bound oak, it lifted easily. A set of steps led down into the ground.

"Go ahead Jock, I've got to lock the door."

"Wow! This is totally awesome. Are there bugs in there."

"Naw. Go ahead."

Jock went down the steps and I followed him. Once we were far enough down for the door to close I used the rope to pull the door down and slid one of the three iron bolts in to keep the door down. It got very, very dark.

"Oooooo. mmmmmm."


"Aw, I was just kidding with you. Stay still and I'll make some light. I squeezed by Jock in the narrow passage (OK, so it wasn't all that narrow. But rubbing is fun too.). I took an old-fashioned wooden kitchen match from the alcove at the bottom of the stairs and lit the kerosene lamp I kept there.

"Man, look at this place. This is wild."

"Yeah. After I found this I cleaned it up and brought down those little tables and a bunch of big pillows and some fabric my mom will never use and fixed it up. The rest of this stuff, my books and all just kinda collects."

"This is bitchin'. You could scream for a week and nobody'd ever hear you."

"Would you want them too?"

Kind of shyly, Jock said, "Not if it was you making me scream, Joey."

"What if it was your dad down here whomping the both of us?"

"Would you like that, Joey?"

I'd been just joking around, but his question made me stop and think for a minute. "Do you think he'd come out here with us?"

"Sure. He's told me a couple of times that he thinks you've got a really nice butt. He thinks you need a man like him to straighten you out."

"What do you mean by that, Jock!?"

"Aw. He just thinks you're a little bit spoiled. I think he want's to stick his dick up your ass too."


"He thinks you're special, Joey. Sometimes people fuck each other when they like each other. Didn't you know that?"

"Does your dad fuck you in the ass, Jock."

"Yeah. If I've been really good or get a good report card he and I will go somewhere. Just the two of us and I'll get special attention because I've been good. Last time we went to Disneyland, but one of my older brothers got to go too."

"Which one?"

"Jimmy. The 15 year-old. He got a good report card too, so dad took the both of us. We had a great time."

"Did he fuck you?"

"Yeah. We stayed at the Disney Hotel. After a long day on the rides, Dad said he wanted to do a little riding of his own."

"Where was Jimmy?"

"In bed right next to me. Getting his ass plowed."

"Wow. Both of you?"

"Sure. We fuck together all the time. Jimmy says I've got the best butt in the family."

"Did Jimmy fuck you too?"

"Well what do you think I was doing while dad was fucking Jimmy. Just sitting there?"

"You mean Jimmy was fucking you while your dad was fucking him?"

"Well, not that time. Actually we were sucking each other while dad was fucking Jimmy. I like watching my dad fuck somebody like that. You get to see his cock moving back and forth and the way his balls bounce around is really funny. We all played around with each other and as a special treat, dad let both of us fuck him at the same time."

"You both stuck your cocks in his ass at the same time? That would be too big. You're just making this up to make me crazy, Jock."

"Bullshit. You don't know nothin', Joey. I've seen my brother Josh fuck my dad and his cock is bigger around than yours, mine AND Jimmy's put together. It's really long and big headed too."

"You're making me crazy Jock. Let's hurry up and get in the pond or my parents will wonder where we are."

We both stripped naked, our hardons bouncing around as we got out of our pants. Jock tried to grab my dick, but I ducked away, grabbed some towels and ran up the stairs. Jock followed me up the stairs and, while I was opening the door, kind of rubbed my ass.

"You know, Joey. My dad's right. You've got a really nice butt."

I pushed the door open and ran up the last stairs. "Come on, stupid. You're just horny."

We ran up the last stairs and across the meadow. I threw the towels onto a big granite bolder that hung over the water and jumped into the cool water, Jock just a second behind me. We played around in just plain high spirits for a while. Jumping and diving and slithering along each other. We felt each others hardons and rubbed them against each other at every opportunity. Not really sexual, just because it was fun and it felt good.

As we started to slow down, Jock dog-paddled past me. I just sort of rolled over onto his back, hooking my arms loosely over his shoulders. Jock kept on swimming, towing me along on his back. The velvet smooth and slick skin of his back and my chest sliding easily with the motion. My erect penis moved up and down like the contact arm of an electric trolley, following the crease between Jock's buttocks as they spread and closed, clenched and unclenched as he swam with frog kicks. It felt so comfortable that I just sighed and laid quietly on his back, passively letting him carry me across the pond. Enjoying the good feelings flowing across and through my body. I felt safe and protected by my friend. Jock was the only guy I had ever trusted like this in my whole life.

Emotion overcame me in my relaxation and the warm salt tears flowed across my face and joined the sheet of cool water flowing between Jock and me. Not in pain, or from hurt. Just the gentle release of pent up emotion and good feeling.

Jock reached the rocks and sand under the small water fall and hung onto one of the rocks, slowly frog kicking to keep both of our heads above water. His motion had trapped my penis between his buttocks where it rubbed softly back and forth in the crack of Jocks ass, catching once in a while on the smooth rim of Jocks tight pucker.

Jock scooched himself forward onto a patch of sand, rotating to face me at the same time. He saw the tears on my face. "What's the matter, Joey? What's the matter, pal? Why are you crying?"

"I'm sorry, Jock. I just feel so good. So safe with you taking care of me like this. Nobody ever protects me like you do." (Nobody at school picked on me, because they knew that stocky little Jock would beat the crap out of them.)

Jock didn't say anything. He just reached up with both hands to the sides of my head and stared into my eyes. After what seemed to be an eternity, Jock gently pulled my head down to him. Our lips just barely brushed. Then brushed again. I could feel the blood rushing into my lips, swelling them up and making them burn with heat.

I sighed deeply and slumped even closer to Jock, remembering how his dad had once kissed me. The warmth of the sun on my back and the warmth of my buddy Jock soaking into my front as I made full contact with his lips. My first real kiss. Jocks arms went up behind my head and his lips parted, allowing my tongue to automatically come forth, seeking the warmth and moisture of his mouth like his dad had shown me.

I moaned deeply into Jocks mouth as our tongues began to explore each other and Jocks hands and arms began to explore my neck and back, pressing me even closer to him as he strained his crotch up into my lower belly. Pushing his sex into me with great passion and longing.

As Jock arched into me, his legs came up over my lower buttocks and twined over my thighs causing the head of my inflamed rod to push into the vestibule of his anus as our tongues frantically dueled and we clutched to each other as though our lives depended on not being separated. In that instant my hips snapped forward forcing the first inch of my cockhead into Jocks anus as a huge stream of orgasm locked my body into spastic tetany. I exploded. My mind burst into a kaleidoscope of color. The rush of blood in my ears deafening me to my crying moan. My balls clenched so tight they hurt and my inner sacks emptied themselves in one long volley after another, laying down my maiden tribute to another man in great gouts of nearly clear treasure within the portal to Jocks innermost self.

Jock held me to him, holding me in place and clutching at my cock knob with his anus as I thrashed around in uncontrolled reaction to this wondrous happening. Jock held me and protected me from the rocks. Accepting my explosion and abuse of his body with warm concern and caring. He told me later that he felt like no one had ever needed him so much before and that he loved protecting me and accepting me into his body as I bit deeply into the back of his neck and pumped my cum into his gateway.

I finally collapsed on top of Jock. Trembling and quivering all over. Great gouts of tears bursting forth as sobbing moans racked my body. Jock just held onto me and gentled me with his stroking hands.

"Awesome feeling, huh, Joey! You've never cum with another guy before, have you."

I had trouble talking, the sobs still coming from my now painful chest. "Oh, Jock. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to abuse you."

"Hey, hey, hey, buddy. You can abuse me like that anytime you want. That was great!"


"Yeah, man. Why do you think guys like to fuck so much. Just for the exercise?"


"Sure. Uh.... Boy! Guys sure get stupid once they've shot their rocks," grinned Jock as he squirmed out from under me and stood up. He reached down to me and said, "Come on, Joey. We'd better get cleaned up and get going or we're going to be late for dinner."

I took Jocks hand and he helped me up. We moved up to the waterfall and used it like a shower. Handfuls of sand worked just as good as soap to clean our young bodies.

Bending over in the water spray with his open butt pointed at me Jock grinned at me over his shoulder. "Come on buddy. You made the mess back there. You clean it up!"

I took one look and stepped over to him. I hooked my left arm around his waist and under his belly to hold him in place. Facing his rear, I used my right hand to explore and clean his butt. As I was working the slime out of his butt hole, my finger sort of slipped inside of him. I started exploring, feeling the velvet warm walls and the different rings of muscle and the radiant spaces. Jock pushed back onto my finger and I felt his dick snap into erection and hit my forearm under his belly.

I was finger fucking Jock pretty good when he said, "Joey, we've got to stop this now or we'll be late and your parents will have a fit. We can finish this later tonight."

Jock was making sense, but I really didn't want to stop. He reached between my legs and grabbed my balls which sort of distracted my attention from his butt. He twisted away from me and, still holding onto my balls to control me, he swatted my ass three or four times, turning it lightly pink, and then ran away and jumped into the water, swimming rapidly for the other side of the pond.

I jumped into the water after him, very aware of the pleasant sting in my butt. I'd almost caught him when he scrambled up the shore panting and laughing as he ran into the meadow. I dashed out of the water after him and chased him, dodging back and forth across the soft grass and flowers of the brightly color spotted green meadow. Two young nature boys flitting in the sparkling sunshine with the butterflies. He finally cut too close to me and I snagged him, both of us tumbling to the carpet of grass. Laughing and giggling and tickling and wrestling until we were exhausted and just lay there on the grass and flowers on our backs in the sun. Touching each other and glorying in our aliveness. God, what a beautiful day!

We finally got up and, retrieving the towels, went back into my secret place to get dressed.