My Dads Draft 02

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 2

Getting to Know About You

While they were dressing, Jock stopped and looked at Joey's slightly red butt. "You liked it when I spanked your butt, didn't you, Joey."

I thought for a little bit, remembering what it felt like when Jock touched my butt. "Yeah. It felt pretty neat. I like it when you touch me back there."

"Did you like it when my dad walloped your butt?"

"Yeah. It gave me a hardon. And then, when he picked us up and carried us I thought I was going to cum all over his side. That felt really neat."

"Yeah. My dad's a real hunk, isn't he!"

"Fer sure, dude. He can spank me any time he wants."

"I bet he'd like to spank your butt good. He told me he really liked you and that you could spend the night anytime. I think he wants another shot at your butt."

"You think so?"

"Yeah. If you get to stay over again, we'll do something wrong and maybe my dad will take us out to the woodshed."

"Your dad takes you guys out to the woodshed? That sounds like an old story."

"Naw. It's true. He keeps some straps and paddles out there to use on us, but he likes to use his hand best. Last week my mom caught Jephtha, my 17 year old brother. You remember him, don't ya?"

"Yeah. He's the big blond guy, right?"

"All my brothers are big blond guys, Joey! But you're right, he's the biggest and blondest of all of us except Josh, who's his twin. Anyhow, mom caught Jephtha fucking Jenny and she was really angry."

"Wow. `Joke' was fucking your nine year old sister."

"Yeah, she loves big dick in her pussy. But mom thinks that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Anyway, mom told dad to do something about it, so dad took Jep out to the wood shed and made the rest of us boys come along. Dad lectured us on not getting caught, especially by mom. Then he told Jephtha he'd been stupid to do it where mom could catch him and that he had a lesson coming. Jephtha tried to talk his way out of it, but dad just said he was going to have to stir up Jephtha's blood circulation a little bit so he could think better."

"Boy, I'd have been scared."

"Well, yeah. But dad has a way of getting the most out of a lickin'. We don't like it, but when it happens, it can be pretty exciting. This time he really worked Jephtha over. Dad say's that if you warm a boy's butt up it makes his brain work better."

"What did your dad do?"

"Well, dad's rigged up a tall sawhorse that he screwed down to the floor. He bent Jephtha over the sawhorse at the waist and tied his arms to a hook in the wall. Then he went behind Jephtha and pulled his legs out to the sides and tied his ankles to hooks in the floor. My dad likes to stretch your muscles out real good so you really feel a spanking. Then my dad says, `now for a little protection.' Then he slipped one of those Chinese finger trap things over the end of Jephtha's dick and used a bungie cord to pull his dick to the wall in front of him. Then dad tied a leather shoestring around Jephtha's balls and used another bungie cord to pull them down to another hook in the floor under the sawhorse."

"Didn't that really hurt."

"Naw. Actually, it feels pretty good if you're careful not to jerk on anything."

"Does you're dad do that to you?"

"No. He just does it to the older boys. Says he doesn't want to stunt the growth of us younger boys. But sometimes I do it to myself when I'm jacking off."

"Do you think..."

"Yeah. We can try it if you get to come over again. My buddy Seth and I used to tie our balls down like that at the same time and then fuck each other. That felt really good. Especially when you tried to cum and couldn't.

"It's too bad Seth had to move away. I'll bet you miss him."

"Yeah. He was a good pal. But you're an even better buddy. I just wish the three of us could be together. Seth would really like you."

"Well, I'm kind of glad we're buddies anyway. What happened to Joke then?"

"Dad used a leather strap to work his butt over. He started out slow and easy to get Jephtha set up--and then really worked him over. Man, was his ass red. Then dad took a cane and crisscrossed Jephtha's back and the backs of his thighs. Dad said that was to make sure Jephtha didn't forget for the next few days. Then dad told us that he wanted Jephtha fucked steady for the next two hours and that we weren't to untie anything until the two hours was over. We asked Dad where he was going and he said that he was going to take Jenny out to the barn and talk to her about what happened."

"Did he talk to her?"

"I don't know. But she sat in front of the TV for the rest of the evening with a silly grin on her face. I think dad fucked her silly."

"Wow. Was Jephtha OK?"

"Sure. After we went to bed, he made us fuck him for most of the night, `to keep his mind off the pain' he said."

A few minutes later we were headed back up the hill on our bikes to an eventful evening with my parents. We got home just in time to sit down for dinner. The cook made some French mess for dinner, but Jock liked it, so I guess it was okay. Cook had also make a cake for my birthday, but they brought it out without any candles. Some birthday party.

As soon as dinner was over I excused Jock and me and took him to the wing of my grandfathers house that I lived in. I showed Jock the first floor, all the way from the atrium/aviary at the entrance to the indoor swimming pool in the glass conservatory at the far end.

"You mean all of this is your's?" Joey asked with amazement in his voice.

"Well, it's not really mine. It's just that no one but me ever comes in this wing of the house except me and the cleaning staff, and they're only here while I'm at school."

"Wow. I share my bedroom with six brothers."

"Yeah. And they're all fucking you."

"Not Jeremy. He's only eight. But I'm fucking and sucking all of them."

"You suck Jeremy's little weenie?"

"Yeah. He loves it. And it's funny to watch his face when he's having the dry cums," Jock said with a laugh in his voice.

"Woo wee. I wish I had a brother."

We walked in silence to the far end of the hallway. I stopped to open a door in the wall and Jock put his hand on my arm, stopping me.

Jock looked into my eyes. "Joey."


"Joey. I could be your brother. I mean... If you wanted me to be."


"I mean... Well, we really like each other, and you're all alone, and... well... we could! Be brothers I mean."

I guess I was having a stupid attack or something. "But how could we do that, Jock?"

"Well, parents make brothers by putting sperm inside of each other don't they?"

"Well... yeah."

"OK. Then if we put sperm inside of each other, we'll be brothers, right."


"Look dummy. Do you want to be brothers?"

"Yeah! I said I did, didn't I."

"No. You said you wished you had a brother. You didn't say you wanted me to be your brother."

"Uh. Jock?"

"Yeah, Joey?"

"Jock. Would you be my brother?"

Jock just looked at me and then gave me a big hug. "Come on stupid. Let's go to your bedroom. Where is it?"

I opened the door I was still hanging onto and a light came on inside. Jock looked inside and then looked at me. "You live in a closet with a light in the ceiling?"

I laughed at Jock and said, "Now who's being the dummy? Come on."

We walked into the "closet" and I closed the door. I looked at Jock and asked, "Do you like magic?"

With a puzzled look on his face, Jock just nodded his head yes. I reached over to the wall and moved a switch. The whole "closet" started moving.

"Wow!" Joey punched me in the arm. "You have an elevator going to your bedroom?"

"Well, we converted part of the attic into a special room for me, and four floors is a lot of stairs."


The elevator rumbled a bit and then stopped. The door slid open and jock and me walked out into the great open space that was my bedroom. The walls were eight feet high like in a regular room, but the ceiling followed the rafters of the roof up so everything looked even bigger. The floors were all polished hardwood with rugs scattered here and there. There was a basketball hoop on one end-wall with painted lines on the floor for a half-court. There were also sockets in the floor to hold net poles for either badminton or volleyball. At the other end of the big room was my bed and study desk. In-between were various games and stuff, including several pinball machines and a good sized wrestling mat that I used to practice my martial arts twice a week.

Jock looked around and then turned to me, "Jeeze, Joey! How can you get along with only a half-court basketball layout? Doesn't it cramp your style?"

I was suddenly embarrassed, knowing that Jock and his whole family lived in a space less than half the size of my bedroom. I tried to change the subject to avoid being even more embarrassed. "Let's take a shower and then we can goof around late cuz it's a weekend. OK?"

"Sure. Can we take a shower together?"

"Yeah. It's a big shower."

We walked through an opening in the wall behind my big four-poster bed onto a white ceramic tile world. The whole width of the attic and about twenty feet deep was bathroom. All white ceramic tile with black fixtures and gold plated metal parts. The dormer windows at each side and the big circular stained glass window at the end provided plenty of light for the hanging and potted plants that were all over the bathroom.

Jock just stopped in shock. "This is like... like WAY too much!"

"Yeah, but it's fun. Come on over here."

I led Jock to some white ceramic benches under one of the dormer windows.

This is where we get undressed. Put your dirty clothes in that chute there and they'll fall down stairs and the staff will clean them tonight and they'll be in the dumbwaiter in the morning.

"Wow. That's cool."

We started to strip off our clothes. Jock pulled his pants down and sat on the bench to take his shoes off. Suddenly he got a surprised look on his face. I smiled. "The benches and floor have heaters in them to keep them warm. Wouldn't want our tushies or feet to get cold, would we?"

"This is too much, man."

"Just enjoy it, Jock. My parents are too busy to give me love, so they give me stuff instead."

"Yeah. Well, it's still pretty amazing."

"I guess I just don't pay much attention to it. It's old stuff to me. Besides, the way your family loves you is pretty amazing to me!"

We walked across the room. I stopped halfway across and pointed to the black and gold commode. "You gotta take a shit, sir?" I said in my best English butler accent.

Jock turned to me with his nose in the air and said in his best refined voice, "No, my boy. But your Lord and Master desires to take a wicked piss."

I put my arm across my middle and bowed, holding my other arm out pointing to the floor length black and gold urinal. "Yes, my Lord. This way, my Lord. If it pleases your Lordship, sir."

Jock flicked his arm to me in his haughtiest manner. "Lead the way, Jenkins, I wouldn't want to get lost with a full bladder."

Still bowing and scraping I escorted Jock to the urinal. "Here we are, sir. May I hold your tool for you, my Lord? I wouldn't want you to over exert yourself, my Lord."

"Please do, Jenkins. I'm ever so exhausted this evening."

"Yes, my Lord. Of course, my Lord" This was fun. I was going to get to hold onto Jock's dick while he pissed. I'd always been fascinated by other boys pissing. Wondering what it was like for them. I dropped to my knees alongside Jock and gently held his penis in my fingers, aiming it into the urinal.

"Jenkins, you fool. You don't expect me to urinate on the porcelain do you? How many times do I have to tell you that it's too nice to mark up with urine. Squat in the urinal, you fool. Protect the porcelain with your body you useless turd!"

Jock wanted to piss on me. I'd never thought of that before, but I snapped an instant hardon just thinking of it. "Yes, my Lord. I'm so sorry, my Lord. I keep forgetting, my Lord. Please don't beat me, my Lord."

"Forget once again you dog and I'll have the blacksmith up from the stables to take a pair of horse reins to your back."

"Yes, my Lord. I'm sorry, my Lord. I'm the dust beneath your feet, my Lord." I bent forward and kissed the tops of his bare feet.

Jock kicked at me and commanded me into the urinal.

With my feet at either side of the floor opening I crouched in the urinal with my back against the cold ceramic. I was now aiming Jocks pisser at myself instead of into the urinal.

Jock looked down at me and said, "You don't have to do this, Joey."

"Please, my Lord. Don't give your worthless servant another thought, my Lord."

Jock smiled at me and a stream of hot liquid gold splashed against my chest. I couldn't believe how great it felt. I played the stream back and forth all over myself. When the hot fluid hit my cock and balls I thought I was going to cum immediately. Just then, Jock started to run dry. The last few spurts of boy piss splashing over me at random. When he was done the last drop sparkled in the evening sunlight, shining with a deep glow. "May I remove the last drop for you my Lord?" I asked.

"Of course you idiot! Wouldn't want to get it on the floor now would we."

I surprised Jock--and myself--by leaning forward and licking the last drop off the piss slit of his cock into my mouth. A very strange, but not bad, taste flooded my mouth. I took Jocks cockhead into my mouth and stripped down the last of his piss into my mouth, shaking his weiner while I sucked make sure I got it all.

Jock reached down and patted my head. "That's a good boy, Jenkins. Let's take a shower now and perhaps I'll let you wipe my ass later."

I began bowing and scraping again as I got up from the urinal, dripping all over the floor. "Yes, my Lord. O' Master, you are soooo good to me. This way, Master. Over here, my Lord."

I led Jock over to the far wall where a large gold panel was set into the wall. I adjusted the pointer on a blue-to-red scale with a big knob and then pushed a lever up. Temperature regulated water immediately began to pour out of five shower heads arranged in the corner of the bathroom. The water rolling across the sloped floor to a gutter running around the walls.

"Steam, my Lord?" I asked as I moved up another lever and steam started flooding the area from four vents set into the wall around the shower area.

"Wow!!" said Jock. His mouth hanging open. "I hardly ever get a hot shower at home. Warm is the best we can hope for with all the people and only a 30 gallon hot water heater!"

While he was entranced by all the hot water I took my dick in my hand and started to relieve the pressure in my bladder, the stream arching across the space between Jock and me.

"What the..." Jock said as he turned around. "YOU FAGGOT!" he laughed and ran away. I chased him all over the bathroom, pissing all over everything as I ran. We were laughing and ducking and diving until Jock slipped on the wet floor and slid against the wall. I emptied the last of my bladder all over him. Jock snagged my ankle and pulled me down and we wrestled around, spreading our urine all over each other, tickling and groping each other with abandon. We were finally exhausted and just lay there holding onto each other and looking into each others eyes.

Jock finally broke the spell. He got up and reached down for my hand. "Come on, Joey, we'd better get cleaned up before the hot water runs out."

"There's a pair of big commercial heaters downstairs, Jock. The hot water never runs out," I said as he pulled me to my feet. We walked, hand-in-hand, over to the shower area. Twisting and turning under the warm water spray that came from all directions we rinsed off the urine coating our bodies.

"Is there a mop somewhere, Joey. Probably ought to clean up some of our mess."

"No problem, Jock." I reached into an open alcove under the water controls and pulled out a 3/4" black water hose. A third lever on the control panel allowed a heavy stream of warm water to pour forth from the end of the hose. I used my thumb over the end of the hose to make a spray and hosed down the floor, washing our mess into the gutters surrounding the room. The walls, floors and ceiling were all tile, so nothing could get hurt as long as I didn't hit the plants too hard. It only took a couple of minutes to wash down the whole bathroom.

Jock wanted to help and the next thing we knew there was a major water fight going on with Jock and me spraying each other, the walls, the ceiling, the plants, the windows and just generally having a wonderful time.

We finally tired of that and I put the hose away. Jock was under the shower and I joined him.

"Boy. All this water and the steam feels really great. I feel so relaxed." Jock said as he turned back and forth in the water spray, clouds of steam billowing around him from the water and the steam vents.

I moved over to the side where there was a recess in the wall. "Come on over here Jock."

Jock walked over to me, a quizzical look on his face. I stuck my hand into the recess and depressed the plunger inside which filled my hand with a special hypo-allergenic organic soap. I put some in my other hand and spread the soap over Jocks shoulders. "You just stand there and relax, Jock. Let me take care of you, okay?" I said as I started working the soap over his smooth and muscular back.

"Sure. This feels great, Joey. I'll do you when you're done. OK?"

"Yeah. That would be great."

Jock turned around and leaned forward, putting his hands up on the wall. I spread and worked the soap all over his back and then back up his sides. I wallowed my fists around in his armpits to clean them out. I ended up playing with the small patch of light colored hair sprouting from his pits. They fascinated me. So fine and soft. I continued to manipulate the hairs for a while and then continued up, washing Jock's arms. When I got to the top of his arms I used both hands to gently pull down Jock's left arm. He leaned against the wall and just let his left arm go limp, his right arm now bent against the wall over his head.

My concentration was focused on the arm in my hands. It was like a magical thing. I'd never been allowed to touch another person like this before. Jock had given me total control over his arm. I could do anything with it I could imagine. I used both hands to encircle his slender, but muscular, arm. Working up and down and around and around. Feeling the flow of smooth muscle under the velvet soft skin. Watching and feeling how the joints worked. So magical. So wonderful. While working on Jock's forearm, I became entranced by the flow and tension of the tendons and muscle bundles. I could push on a spot in his arm and make a finger move. Another spot and a different finger would move.

The wrist had a special quality all its own. By time I started to work on Jock's hand I was totally entranced. Working my fingers between his. Entwining digits flowing smoothly back and forth, touching like I'd never touched before.

I finally worked slowly back up his arm, across his shoulder and began the same process on Jock's other arm--strong-soft deltoid; smooth bulgy biceps; flat hard triceps; knobby elbow; complex forearm and flexible wrist; the wonder of Jock's right hand, smaller than mine with the complexity and flexibility that man could never build. I held Jock's fingers in my mouth, a slight taste of mint and vegetable flavored Jock amazing my mouth. The tactile feel of his fingers against my tongue bringing my sense of wonderment to full bloom as I slowly worked my way back up his arm.

Ever so gently I let Jock's arm down to dangle as loosely as his other arm. The side of Jock's face and chest were pressed against the wet tiles, holding his now limp and half-asleep body up. I moved behind him as I started to more thoroughly work the soap into his smooth bony hard-soft muscular back. Jock started to sag and I moved forward a little bit, using my hips against his butt to help hold him up. My crotch pushed against the pneumatic globes of his buttocks. My little patch of almost pubic hair indenting the soft skin, my soft penis pressed into the crack of his ass by the weight and tension of my heat relaxed testicle sac. I was too relaxed and involved in cleaning and massaging Jock for it to be overtly sexual, but it felt wonderful.

I hope I'm not boring you with all this, but this was the awakening of my sensual self. My parents hadn't really touched me since I was able to dress myself and, of course, the servants never touched me at all. I'm really trying to share with you the absolutely magical feelings of a young man becoming aware of sensation, of touch, of the special warmth created when two people touch each other. I felt so good that time just didn't matter. It's not that it didn't exist--it just didn't matter. Please slow down with me--and share my growth into a sensual being. Someone aware of the magic of touch. Someone wanting to know the complete range of FEELING.

As Jock lay slumped against the wall, totally enjoying the steam heated wet air, my cleansing massage, and the love and caring that I was lavishing on him, I continued to work my way, inch by inch down his torso. Working down the diagonal lines from his spine down the muscle and rib lines to his sides, using palms in full contact. Brushing and rotating in alternation to clean and massage. Using fingertips to loosen and separate, to gently dig deep into the muscle bundles. Using thumbs in circular motions to work the surface tissues and to ply the deep tissues back and forth, working them against each other and the underlying bone and organ tissues. I didn't have a clue at that age of what I was doing, but instinct/luck had me making most of the right moves.

Working my hands to his sides, stroking down to his hips, back to the center and up the dual lines lying alongside his bony spine. Back across his back to his sides, stroking up to his armpits, glorying in the feel of one of his most private parts, the feel of him, his body warmth and being trapped in one of his natural vaults. Hands and arms working forward, cleaning his pecs, working up his shoulders and up the heavy muscles to the back of his neck. The full Nelson bringing our bodies into full slippery warm contact. Nuzzling the wet hair at the back of his head. My mouth going frenetic, laving his flesh, the back of his neck, up the groove to his ears, nursing on his lobes, tongue exploring the convolutions of his seashell shaped ears, mouth engulfing the entire ear shell as tongue seeks entrance to the vagina leading to his innermost brain and self.

Jock straining weakly into and against me, turning to aid my probing, seeking, thrusting, engulfing need. Our lips meeting in tentative contact brushing accidental contact of two young boys wanting, needing - they know not what. Lightning feelings as the mucosal membranes touch and set loose primal needs of human male lust. My penis becoming instantly erect, no--my body becoming instantly erect from the flush of oral heat. Clutching Jock to me, his complacent body molding to me with the soft-firm tension of relaxed young male flesh. Deep moans from deep in Jocks chest meeting the probing of my tongue into his mouth. Moisture from the steam and overspray washing the soap from our bodies leaving a natural lubricating film of water and body oils as I strained to become one with Jocks body, thrusting him to the warm tiles as I sought to merge with him as one person as our breath merges our bodies as the contact of skin to skin merges our minds becoming one confused need for completion.

I shudder as my nervous system overloads, my testicles contract involuntarily as my watery sperm pours forth into the cleft of Jock's finely molded buttocks. Powerfully clasping myself to Jock who was straining back against me. Up on my toes, every muscle rigid, blood pressure skyrocketing as I blacked out, still ejaculating and straining against my buddy, my lover, myself.