My Dads draft ch. 3

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 3

A Boys Confusion

As I come back to dizzy, spacey awareness - vision slowly returning as the blood pounds in my ears, Jock is holding me up by clamping his arms over mine where they pass through his armpits. The rigidity leaves my body as I suddenly slump across Jocks shoulders. As I become aware of Jock's warm boy smell my tongue seeks forth from where my head lays across his strong shoulder, tasting the flesh of his neck. Lips kissing the velvet smooth water and saliva slickened skin of his neck. Teeth nibbling, raising goose bumps and slivering off water released skin cells, taste wondering my mouth as thought follows taste to wonder blue at the pink hard brownness of the tissues smooth coating of my mouth and tongue seeking more, more, nape of neck tongue lapping up stiff hairs of blond smelling explosion of Jock, Oh Jock, Oh JOCK!

Jock gave me this. Himself. Me. I am overwhelmed. I am myself. I am Jock. I want to be Jock. I want Jock to have, I want to give to Jock what he has given to me. Myself. Him. Us. Wonderful feeling of being touched and touching and feeling and being felt and... and... and EVERYTHING.

I slumped to my knees. My hands sliding from his shoulders, through his armpits and down his youthfully masculinely shaped torso. My tongue and mouth carefully working their way down his spine, tasting and feeling of each fine downy boyhair and flat curved warm bit of skin and muscle oozing explosive taste into my mouth. Lips kissing and caressing the sudden rising curve of white boy buttocks. Child cleft of young man leading tongue to ever richer tastes. Deeper, muskier. Boy tastes melding to young man tastes the deeper I probe with tongue and lips into the private recesses of his valley of masculine delight. Not thinking, reacting, needing, wanting... MORE.

Sudden contact with his hidden mouth. The mouth that releases instead of taking in. White flesh and pink ring seldom seen by the sun. My tongue feeling convoluted flesh, wondering in the rich man taste of this boy who was me, who I wanted, needed to please. Tongue seeking, asking entrance. Lips kissing and seeking to be kissed. Jocks hand coming from above, pushing against my forehead.

"No, Joey. No! You don't have to do that, Joey. I love the feeling and I thank you but you don't have to do that."

Jock. Protecting me again. Making me feel an even stronger need of him. My tongue thrusting forward into him as my lips kiss his parting, opening pink flower, his hips lifting and thrusting backwards involuntarily. My tongue drilling deeper, lips sucking, kissing, thrusting in and out, rolling and twisting Jock out of control. Hips thrusting back further as hand at back of my head grinds my face ever deeper into the depths of his anal delights. Pushing my own face ever deeper, forcing my tongue deep inside him, kissing and licking his tight lips, tasting his clean boy flesh that tasted of his youthfulness and of Jock.

When I would get short of breath I would release my liplock and withdraw my nose from so deep in Jock's crack. Licking the cleft, kissing and sucking at the firm, full globes, teasing the tiny patch of hair in the small of his back then diving back for another taste of his glorious behind that would reach out to my tongue as it approached.

Each excursion explored more and more territory. The hard dimpled sides of his clenching, roiling buttocks, the top of his boy cleft where it deltaed up across the tops of his smoothly blended back and butt muscles, down under dank places, forcing his legs apart with my face and head to reach more of the rich tastes in the creases between his legs. Suddenly finding loose crinkly skin. Filling my mouth with a special texture and excitement. Turning my face upwards and forward until his heat loosened dangling sac dropped its heavy load of developing boy balls into my hot mouth. Jock bending his knees outward, lowering his groin to my straining face giving me greater access to him and dropping his testicles deeper into my suctioning mouth. My tongue laved and played with the sac. Marveling in the rolling and smooth movement of his gonads. Jock trusted me totally with his most vulnerable body parts. I bit down firmly and pulled down until his sack was tightly stretched from his groin and his balls formed a distended knot pulled solidly against the backs of my teeth. My tongue explored the hot stretched skin and the firm marbles so blatantly exposed to my tongue. The three or four hairs just erupting from the bottom of his otherwise smooth sac jabbed and drug across my tongue.

Jock moaned even more deeply and reached down with both hands, holding my head in place and my mouth closed as he straightened his knees, pulling his sac ever tighter. Then dropping his groin to rub it in my face only to try and stand upright again--stretching his sac even tighter. He was becoming frenetic with the feelings, finally stepping over my body to turn around, bend over and crush his groin and balls even harder into my face as his hands, now reaching behind him, forced my face ever closer to him. Jock stuck his thumbs into the hinges of my jaw, forcing my mouth to open as he drug my face backwards to his ass yet again.

"Oh. Joey! Eat my ass. Eat my hot ass. Ohhh YES! Put your tongue all the way up there." He bent over even further and forced my face even closer to him. I ground my face back and forth, working his ass for all was worth, raising my hands from the floor up through the Vee of his legs. Supporting myself with my forearms as they grew from his groin and Vee'd across his tight abdominal ridges. "Aggggh! Ohhh! Oh Joey. EAT MEEEE!!!" Collapsing with his back against the wall, his asshole flaring open and then suddenly clenching, Jock was having a fit, and my back was starting to really hurt.

Pulling myself forward out of his crack with the limber strength of my arms pressing against his abdomen, I rose to my knees and turned to face Jock. Suddenly confronted by a single eye staring at me, a tear dripping from it's beautiful vertical slit, without a thought I moved forward, mouth opening as I engulfed the proffered taste treat, my lips brushing the foreskin the last little bit backwards to totally expose the rigidly flared head to the mercy of my teeth, tongue and mouth.

Jock arched strongly forward as the deep wet warmth of my mouth engulped him. Engulped, as in taking in his presence with total acceptance and deep longing. Clasping his buttocks and back with my arms, forcing my face to meet his meat as his hips drove himself ever deeper into us. The total rigidity of his grossly distended rod driving the widely flared cockhead against the back of my mouth, forcibly spreading my glottis to accept the rapidly following shaft as the nose and its ever seeking eye plowed ever deeper into my virgin throat sheath.

Gag reflex as the wide flare invades me. Eflux from my stomach burning up around Jocks probing blond shillelagh. Swallowing the acid and tumescent pikeshaft as the drumheads of Jocks tautly stretched ass drove the stake forward through the thick mucus the cells of my throat were poring forth to protect themselves. Lubricating Jocks driving piston with fantastic slickness as he ensconced himself as deeply within me as possible.

Joined. Linked. SHAFTED! ENSHEATHED! INVAGINATED!!! Words. How am I to describe my intussusception of Jock? Wonder? Glory? No words I have can describe the thoughts of the thoughtless beingness of our joining. Nothing existed at that time but the taste/smell lambence/firmness hard/soft warm/burning shaft that joined Jock and I into what must have been one set of feelings that we shared. Moving, stroking, sucking, blowing, driving, engulfing. Nerves linking and exchanging sensations. Jock sucking my throat with his rod as my sheath drove into his center, forcing the base of his rod into his anus, fucking his ass with my throat as his cock fucked my heart with the rigidly flared head at the end of his lengthy swollen fuck stick.

Hanging, Swinging, Bouncing balls pounding my chin and throat as Jock totally lost control and became a wild man. Lunging and pounding at my pursed sucking oral orifice. Slamming my head to his groin each time his back muscles arched his hips forward in yet another spastic hunch. Over and over from every possible angle he drove into me as I jerked his hips forward and slammed my face into him with each of his thrusts.

Suddenly tight ball of balls pounding my lower lip. Two fingers of each of my hands driving through his anal ring into his ass. Butt clenching. Huge swelling of already overswollen penis. Heat. So hot. Me. Him. Shaft burning my throat. Desperate clutching of my head to groin by both of us as his balls exploded, engorged cockhead doubling in circumference locking it deep in my throat as the large piss slit widened and poured forth Jock's essence into me. Jock screaming, howling. Making me part of him forever. Hot salty fluid burning its way into my soul.

Four... Five.... Six huge globs of thick, densely white fluid erupt into me. I suck and swallow as deeply as possible. Trying hopelessly to keep this immense outpouring inside of me. A last, long drawn out heavy stream pours into me from his final reservoir, filling me, flowing up his shaft, filling my mouth with his male taste and flowing from my nose down my face. Tears from my eyes joining the water and saliva and cum that glued us together as my entire body shuddered with a tremendous internal orgasm.

Jock collapsed on me and I lowered him to the warm, wet floor as gently as I could. Holding him and nursing his still tumescent penis with my mouth as a soft cloud of warm steam covered us in a loving embrace.


While Jock lay there recovering, I carefully washed his entire body one last time. It was so wonderful the way he not only let me touch him anywhere I wanted to, but seemed to expect it. He even complained when I didn't wash his butthole good enough, making me take my time and wash the whole crack of his butt very thoroughly. I was still running my hands all over Jock's butt, amazed at how his tight little boy ass felt, when he got up and pulled me under the shower spray to rinse off.

Starting from my neck and working down, Jock washed me very carefully and, making sure to touch every part of me, continued to work down my body. The instant Jock touched my dick I started to cum, blasting my first juice halfway across the entire shower area. Jock dropped to his knees and wrapped his mouth around my spewing hard-on, soap and all. His hands pulled my butt cheeks apart and one of his soap slick fingers slid up into my ass. Without even thinking I squatted down to take Jock's finger up inside of me as far as possible and started hunching my dick into his face. Between Jock sucking on me and his finger wiggling around inside of me, I came like I'd never cum before. Squatted down on his finger, holding his face against my nearly hairless groin with both hands on the back of his head, I squirmed down on his finger and bucked up against his face with a wild, overriding need to get every bit of sensation I could out of what was happening. Jock kept egging me on with his mouth and finger until I was panting for breath. Trembling all over, exhausted, dazed and standing only because Jock was helping to hold me up.

Jock finally took his finger out of my ass and slid up my body, holding onto me the whole way. He kissed me, and stuck his tongue into my mouth. A funny taste filled my mouth and I suddenly realized that Jock was putting my own cum into my mouth from his mouth. I grabbed the back of his head again and crushed our lips together, sucking on his tongue as hard as I could and sticking my tongue into his mouth to wipe up every bit of my cum I could find.

Jock eventually leaned back and started laughing. "What's so funny?" I asked.

"Well," he said, "am I to take it that you like doing this sort of thing?"

I stared at him in amazement, and then suddenly started laughing too. "Yeah. I guess you could say that. It's only the most wonderful thing I've ever done."

"Ya think so, huh?"

"Yeah." Blushing, and looking down at the floor in embarrassment, I also said, almost inaudibly, "Ya know what else?"

Squeezing me with a big hug, Jock said, "No? What else?"

Shy. Afraid but determined, I lifted my head and looked Jock straight in the eye. "I wish that you were really, truely my brother. That I could have a brother like you." Suddenly overcome with embarrassment again, I dropped my head, tears forming in my eyes from the emotions I was feeling.

Jock moved in close and took me in his arms. Pushing my head up with his chin he managed to get his lips on mine and gave me a sweet kiss on the full-blown blossom of my ripe, red lips. Breaking away from my lips Jock took me by the hand and led me naked out of the bathroom and into my big bedroom. Still holding my hand like I was a little boy, Jock walked over to my big bed and pulled back the covers enough so that he could stack both pillows down in the middle of the bed.

Without saying a word Jock crawled up on the bed and pulled me up after him. He laid me down on top of the pillows so that my butt was sticking up in the air and then he got behind me and spread my legs and got in between them.

I reared up and looked over my shoulder at Jock as he arranged my legs to his satisfaction, his stiff pecker pointing this way and that as he moved around. "What'cha doin', Jock?"

"I'm going to make you my brother," he said, pushing down on my back. "Now lay back down and just relax."

I did like Jock told me too and laid down, wiggling around a little until I was comfortable. Jock ran his hands up and down my legs and across my butt and asked me if I was comfortable and I told him I was. He spanked my butt lightly with one hand and told me to just lay there and let him do all the work and I told him I would.

Jock started running his hands all over my legs and butt and my dick got so hard I thought it was going to punch a hole in the pillow. Jock was running his hands all over the fronts and backs of my legs and all over my butt, touching me wherever he wanted too. When his hands went down inside the crack of my butt I jumped but Jock just gave my butt another light swat and told me to relax or he was going to give me a real spanking.

He started running his hands all up and down the crack of my ass pausing every once in awhile to finger my butthole. I was moaning like crazy but every time I'd start to wiggle around Jock would spank my ass, a little harder each time. My dick was tingling it was so hard and I was about to start hunching the pillow when Jock spread the cheeks of my ass with both hands and put his mouth on my asshole. I hunched forward, driving my cock into the pillow and squeezing Jocks face out of my buttcrack. Jock slapped my ass with both hands pretty hard and told me to hold still. Then he pulled my cheeks apart and put his face back in there.

I really, really tried to hold still but Jock started kissing and licking my tender little virgin bud and I couldn't control myself. Every time I'd start moving Jock would spank my ass and then put his face back between my legs, licking me from the small of my back all the way down to my balls, which he loved sucking on almost as much as the rosy bud just above them. By now Jock was spanking my ass pretty hard, but it just felt good and made me even hornier and more excited. I could feel the heat radiating from my buttcheeks and Jock commented several times on how much he liked having his face between two hot grapefruit halves.

My butthole was pulsing with the movement of Jock's tongue across it. Jock caught my rosebud pulsing outward and stuck his tongue up inside me as my hole sucked back. I couldn't take it. I hunched hard into the pillow I was laying on and started cumming all over me and the pillow. Jock just grabbed my hips and pulled back on them and managed to keep his tongue inside of me while I exploded all over the pillowcase.

I came so hard that even after the cum quit leaping out of my cock I was trembling all over. Jock just kept sucking and licking softly at my rosebud, that was now blossoming open for him so that he could run his tongue up in there while his hands roamed all over my butt and legs, calming me down. Jocks hands started rubbing further and further up my back until he had to take his face out of my ass so he could massage the rest of the way up my back to calm my quivering muscles. As Jocks hands moved further up my back his warm lips placed soft kisses all up my spine and on the sensitive spots of my back until he was kissing the back of my neck and rubbing my sides with his gentle hands.

It felt so wonderful and relaxing to have Jocks warm body laying on top of me that I hardly noticed when his nearly hairless loins shifted on my buttocks and the tip of his cock nudged against the tender roseblossom that his lips had left such a short time ago. Jock shifted forward on my back and I knew I was going to loose my virginity, that Jock was going to stick his cock up inside of me and fuck me f or the very first time. I sighed deeply in pleasure and spread my legs even further and lifted my butt up to Jock so that he could get inside of me as easily as possible. Giving my virginity to Jock was the most wonderful thing I could think of.

Jock hugged me and took the flesh on the upside of my neck in his teeth and licked the trapped flesh as I felt the knob of his throbbing boy-cock spread my hole open and move firmly inside me. I hunched forward and started cumming again. As Jock followed me forward, I suddenly reversed directions and lifted my ass up into him, driving his slender boyhood completely, deeply inside of me. Jock bit into the side of my neck, hard, and arched his back, driving his cock into me as powerfully as he could. I spread my legs even further and lifted my exposed, no longer virgin hole up as high as I could for Jock. There was never any pain, only exquisite pleasure He kept worrying my neck with his teeth and his powerfully athletic body started fucking my ass with all the eagerness of a young boy who is exploring the wonderful new feelings his body is capable of producing. Jock had me prepared so well that I never did feel any discomfort or pain and did my best to help Jock fuck me.

Sadly, neither of us had much endurance at that age and Jock was soon screaming through the teeth he had clenched on my neck and was trying to fill my ass with his boiling hot cum. I didn't stop cumming the entire time Jock fucked me and feeling his cum splatter all over inside me just made me cum even harder, my clenching ass doing its best to strip every drop of cum out of Jock. Jock finally collapsed on my back, licking and nuzzling against where he'd bitten me and across my neck and back, telling me over and over what a wonderful fuck I was and that now I was really and truly his brother and no one had better try to come between us. I just lay there, shaking out the last of my orgasm from my muscles and loving the feeling of Jock inside of me and laying on my back as I listened to the most beautiful words I'd ever heard.

We dozed off for a little while but I woke up when I felt Jock moving off of my back. I tried to protest and make Jock stay on top of me, but he just rolled me off of the pillows onto the bed. Jock fluffed up the pillows and laid down on top of the still wet cum I'd soaked into the top pillow. He smiled at the feeling of my slime against his sensitive cock and spread his legs wide. Reaching over to touch my face, Jock said, "Now it's your turn, brother. Get on my back and make me YOUR brother, Joey."

I held Jocks hand to my face and leaned over and kissed his lips. "Your really and truly brother? So that we can be really and truly brothers?"

Jock slipped his tongue into my mouth and tasted me, and let me taste of him. "Yes, Brother. Really and truly, forever and ever --Brothers."

I put my hand behind Jock's head and deep tongue kissed him as good as I could, both of us getting lost in the taste and feel and smell of each other. My hand wandered down Jocks back until it was rubbing over his peachy ass. I pulled back and grinned at Jock. "Man. I can't believe that I'm going to lose my virginity tonight and get to fuck your ass. It's so perfect. Just seeing your ass in the showers at school always gave me a hardon, heck, seeing your ass in your bluejeans gives me a hard-on, and now I get to fuck it! I never dreamed..."

Jock grinned back at me. "Yeah, Brother. Now quit talkung and get up there and fuck my ass and put your cum inside of me so we can be brothers."

Eagerly, I got up behind Jock. I tried to be as careful and patient as he was, but I just couldn't seem to slow down. I rubbed his legs and ass but soon was looking at his asshole in-between his spread buttcheeks. Jocks butt was so small and tight that when he spread his legs his asshole was exposed. I rubbed my hands all over Jock's ass and just stared at his whole hole. I was going to do Jock the same way he did me.

Warm. Fuzzy-soft-smooth. Thick-slick-pillowy. Taste of skin. Taste of boy. Taste of Jock with traces of shower soap and something yummy that made my tongue get hard and caused my dick to ache. The taste and feel of something wonderful as my tongue penetrated Jock's rosebud and he moaned and fluttered uncontrollably against my tongue. My hands causing white lines on his asscheeks as I tried to hold him down in place to take what he had coming to him. Feeling the base of his cock swelling to ultimate hardness under my chin as my tongue darted in and out of him in eager delight. Jock thrashing around in uncontrollable reaction as I squeezed the blood out of his ass and into his dick in a effort to hold him in place.

Jock started begging me to fuck him, to fuck his ass. I reared up behind him, cock rampant, eyes flashing and my tongue licking my lips to gather in the last taste of Jock. I started spanking Jock's ass and demanding that he hold absolutely still. And I continued to spank him, eagerly and with great energy until he had his legs spread as wide as he could get them, with his ass cocked up in the air to provide me with the maximum target. I slapped his ass one last time, extra hard, and told him not to move or he wouldn't get any dick. Jock just lay there tense as a board, whining in the back of his throat.

I leaned forward, putting my hands alongside Jock, rising up over him in a smooth catenary arch broken only by the leaky pizzle that jutted directly towards Jocks pulsating asshole. I moved down and forward until I just barely made contact with Jock's body with just the tip of the end of the nose of my cock just barely touching him.

Yes! Yes! This was IT! This was the magic of life. This was what being male was all about. I was in control and I was all powerful. Jock's asshole was reaching out for me. Doing everything it could to touch me, to grasp me, to entice me into entering and resolving all the questions of life as we know it in this universe. I was all powerful. By moving back and allowing Jock only the faintest of touch, the slightest of contact I soon had him trembling uncontrollably as the sound of his whining filled the room.

When Jock learned that he must remain absolutely still, when he could reach backwards no further, I relented and moved forward, the head of my cock entering him with only enough resistance to explode my head in a kaleidoscope of color and heat. I was exploding. I was filing the universe. I was blasted out of my mind and totally out of touch with reality--except that I was reality. I was--the contact between me and Jock was--bright flashing darkness..................

I came back from... someplace. Braced on my hands and toes. Arched over Jock's sweaty body. My drooling cock aching towards Jock's presentation to me. I looked down between us and saw a strand of my essence linking me to the site where I had paid my maiden tribute. But it was only the first installment on what I intended to be a quite lengthy payment plan. Unrequited, I sank down onto Jock's back with a whine that heterodyned with his, sinking my cock into him until all fifteen of my pubic hairs were firmly plastered around his pulsing sheath. I wrapped my arms under his and spread my legs to hold him in a lovers embrace. My cock was on fire! I burned all over and could feel my asshole trying to suck air to cool me off. Jock clamped down on me and I moaned and bit into his neck as I ground my stiffness into him. He clenched even harder and it felt like he was trying to suck the skin off my dick as I gave him a series of short humping jabs.

Hands on my ass. Big hands. I had Jock's arms pinned over his head! Who? Daddy!? "Father!?!" SHIT! He was grabbing both of us--hurting!

Drunk. I could smell the booze as I tried to break away from Jock and stop those hands. Those lecherous, nasty hands that were groping all over me and Jock. I tried to kick him away but he whacked my ass--HARD!

"You boys are going to fuck--I'm going to get some too. I'm going to fuck me some boy ass. NOW HOLD STILL!"

Jock and I started fighting him with everything we had but he was drunk and a lot bigger than us. He started punching us and demanding that we hold still for his cock or he was going to throw us out the window for being faggots. Tears were filling my eyes so that I couldn't see and I was fighting him with everything I had when I heard my aluminum baseball bat ring out, loud and clear.

The bat rang again and my father fell off of us to the floor. I grabbed Jock and pulled him off the far side of the bed.

My mother had my bat in both hands and was beating my father with it. He staggered half-way to his feet and she chased him out the door and down the hallway to the staircase, bat raised and swinging for him.

Jock held me and I held him, more in shock that anything else. I couldn't come to grips with what had happened, it just kept running around and around in my head as we stood there and held eachother. Jock and I were just starting to calm down and think again when, maybe twenty minutes later, my mother came back into the room. She came over to us and asked if we were okay and we said we were. She insisted on checking us over and, other than a couple of sore spots, could find no dammage. My mother hadn't seen me naked in years and I was embarrassed, but Jock didn't seem to notice that he was naked in front of my mother at all so I didn't say anything. I guess that, being from a big family, being naked in front of other people wasn't that big a deal to him.

Mother said that she though we were okay but that we should tell her if we had any problems. Then she put us back into bed, still naked, and tucked us in.

"You boys try to get some sleep now."


"Yes, Darling?"

"What about Father?"

She took a deep breath and gritted her teeth. "Don't you worry about him. I've thrown him out of our house and I'll see to it that he NEVER comes back."