My Dads Draft 06

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 6

Non-Sleeping Bedtime

When I got done cleaning dad up I leaned back again. He looked like he was really horny and I knew from what my mom said that it just wasn't fair to leave a man in that condition without at least offering to help him with the problem. Dad had sat back up in the chair and I put both my hands around the base of his monster and pulled down hard to level the beast so it was pointing at my mouth.

"Dad. Your balls are all swollen and your dick is turning purple. I think you need to cum really bad. Can I help you cum? Please?"

"Joey, I'm so horny I don't think I can control myself right now, and you've never done this before. I'm afraid I might hurt you... and... well, I know I'd just have to put my sperm in your mouth, Joey."

He called me Joey again! I pried my eyes off his beautiful manhood and looked up to his face.

"I know that , Dad."

I bent my head forward and used my lips to push back his foreskin so that his bare cockhead could enter my mouth. His cock swelled and kind of had a spasm and a big old glob of pre-cum splashed out on my tongue. Sort of oily and really good tasting. The pebbly texture of his hidden cockhead felt wonderful in my mouth and the taste was unbelievable. I started exploring all over his blunt knob with my tongue. When I reached behind the big old flair the very tip of my tongue found some sorta sticky stuff that dad told me later was called smegma. Well I started dragging that (what I thought was a mess at that time, not knowing that it was one of a mans greatest treasures and that circumcising someone mostly steals that treasure from them). Anyway, I started dragging the smegma out with my tongue tip and was spreading it all over his cockknob and my tongue so I could suck it up and swallow it and leave him nice and clean when suddenly, the taste and flavor and smell and odor just seemed to explode inside of my head.

My muscles all tightened up, my asshole clenched up so tight it seemed to suck itself inside of me, my balls pulled up under my boy shaft so fast they seemed to bounce and I just went crazy. Shooting my wad all over the floor and dad's legs, my body hunching and shuddering with every spasm, my brain just shut down and I went crazy--sucking as hard as I could and breathing with great gasping gulps, afraid to let out even a little bit of air or saliva because I might loose even the tiniest amount of his smell or taste. I was shooting so hard, I think my ass ring popped out of my cockslit.

I sort of collapsed after that cum and dad had to hold me up because if he didn't I'd fall and crack my head open. Then I finally heard his voice.

"Joey. Hey, Joey. Are you OK?"

His dick was still in my mouth so I couldn't answer in words, and I was really dizzy anyway. I just moaned deep in my throat and chest and started sucking on him as good as I could. My senses started coming back and I started really working on him twisting my head around and velvet tonguing him and then going straight back and forth and sucking as hard as I could. I kept mixing this stuff up until I felt him start hunching forward, trying to drive deeper into me. When he hunched forward I'd drive my head forward, trying to get more than just the first three or four inches of his cock into me. Trying to get him to penetrate the hymen at the back of my mouth leading to my throat. I'd already had his balls in there, and now I wanted to feel that big cock in my throat.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get his cockhead to more than batter the back of my throat. It just wouldn't go any further. I started crying and beating my hymen against his cockhead, trying as hard as I could to get him to penetrate me.

Finally, I pulled off and looked up at him, tears streaming down my face in frustration.

"Dad, I'm trying. I really want you inside of me but I just can't break my hymen and get you inside. I need you to help me Daddy. I need you to break my hymen and fuck my throat so I won't be a virgin any more."

"Joey. You're doing fine. Boys don't have hymen's--in their throats, or anywhere else. Only girls have hymen's."

"I know Dad. But it feels like I've got a hymen back there and that it's keeping you from fucking my throat so I won't be a virgin. Please. Please, Daddy. Please help me loose my virginity," I begged.

"Joey. No. I'm sorry, but no. I can't. I might hurt you. I might tear you and make you bleed."

"No you won't, Daddy. I know you won't. But a hymen's supposed to bleed a little bit anyway, isn't it? And if it does, your friend, Dr. Johns, will fix it anyway, won't he?"

"Well, sure, Joey. Dr. Johns is cool, and I know he'd help. But, Joey, I just don't want to hurt you like that."

"But, Daddy. When a man services a woman her first time it hurts her. And she bleeds too. But men always want to "pop a virgin." Most men think that's the best sex ever. Don't you love me, Daddy? Don't you want to take my virginity? Doesn't that excite you? Don't you want to help me? Teach me how to suck, and be fucked?"

"Oh', Joey. Of course I love you. Do your really want me to fuck you? Fuck your throat and shoot my sperm deep inside of you?"

"Please, Daddy. Please. I want you to fuck me as good as you can. I know it's going to hurt. And I know it's going to feel the best that anything could ever feel. Because it will be you fucking me, Dad. You. Fucking me with your beautiful cock. Fucking deep inside of me and pumping me full of your sperm and making me your really and truly son."

Taking me by the wrists, Dad said, "Joey. Oh' Joey. I just can't... I just can't resist my boys virgin throat. I can't resist fucking you, Joey. I'm sorry. I want to--but I just can't."

"Thank you, Daddy. Thank you, Sir."

Putting my hands and forearms down on the tops of his thighs, dad took my head between his huge, strong hands, holding me firmly. He forced me to look up and him and he looked deeply into my eyes. Taking control of me. Taking control of my mind with his eyes just like his hands had control of my body.

"I'm going to fuck you, Joey. I'm going to fuck my cock all the way down your throat. I'm going to fuck you and break your hymen and then fuck your throat like a man fucks a woman. Do you understand, Joey?Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir. Please, Dad."

"Keep your hands up on my thighs. Joey. Keep your hands up there and if it gets too painful, or you just can't take it or if you need to stop or get a breath, you tap me on the thighs and I'll try to stop. Okay? Do you understand, Joey? Tap my thighs if you need to stop, OK?"

"Yes, Sir. I understand. I love you, Dad."

"I love you too, Joey. I love you too. And I want to fuck you now. I need to fuck you, Joey."

I never said another word because Dad pulled my head forward and filled my mouth with his cock. Working my head back and forth over the beginning of his shaft, plowing my mouth and pushing against the opening to my throat, dad worked us both up to a fever heat again.

Dad stood up, pulling me up straight on my knees and started using his hips to fuck my face as he held my head still in his firm grasp. Once I got used to that and got my breathing in time with his thrusts he kept the same steady, even pace but started taking longer strokes, pulling out further and trying to go even deeper. He put one hand behind my head. Pulling me into him as he drove forward, then releasing most of the pressure as he pulled his hips and cock backwards. His other hand was caressing my throat and back gentling me and calming my fears. God, this felt good.

Dad spread his feet a little, bent his knees some and leaned forward over my back, lowering his hips and straightening out my throat a bit so he had a better shot down my throat. He constantly kept the same even gentle thrusting pace going, working my mouth and the entrance like the master cocksman he was, and is. His right hand kept working the muscles of my back, relaxing me and letting me know he was in charge.

As he worked the opening to my throat even more firmly, widening the opening and relaxing those muscles, he reached down and started caressing my butt cheeks, smoothing his hand over them and grasping a whole butt cheek into his hand, squeezing it firmly, one after the other, taking my mind off of what he was doing to my throat opening and relaxing me even more. One of his big, blunt fingers started working on my ass ring, just like his cockhead was working on my throat ring, only his finger slipped into my already partially trained ass much easier than his cock was fitting into my throat.

When he got his finger set good up my ass, he used to effortlessly lift me to my feet, pressing my back and his chest together and straightening my throat the rest of the way. Now he had a straight shot into my deepest center.

I finally got myself set under him, half-way holding myself up and halfway being held up by him. He pulled his finger back to the opening of my anus and carefully pushed his hips forward until his blunt cockhead was completely plugging the hole leading to my throat and glory. He spit down my ass crack and two more of his blunt fingers joined his middle finger at the entrance to my ass. I heard his voice start to rumble across my back.

"Here it comes, Joey. I'm going to pop your cherry and fuck you deep."

Before I could get scared or anything he started pushing his cock and his three fingers forward towards my center at the same time. I gasped and hunched my back upwards into him at the same time and his cockhead pushed through into my throat as his fingers spread my ass ring unbelievably wide as they plunged deeply into my ass. I screamed, which opened up my throat just as he pushed harder, driving eight inches of his cock into my mouth and throat and his fingers even deeper into my ass.

The feeling was totally unbelievable. Unimaginable if it's never been done to you. I was totally possessed by this man. Totally controlled by him and at his mercy. My asshole was spread so wide that even my clenching spasms couldn't move it. His fingers were driving into my guts. My throat hole was so spread that it felt like it was totally tonic, clenching as hard as it could to his cockshaft. I could feel his shaft in my throat. I could feel the flared head of his prick pushing against something deep inside of me. I felt possessed. I felt wonderful.

Dad pulled back. Pulling his cock and his fingers back until my tongue could start licking my stomach juices of his cockhead and his fingers could play with the rim of my wide open ass rim. Without warning, he drove forward again until his fingers were deeply inside of me, his knuckles pushing my outer assring inside of me and his bush was firmly planted against my nose and my lips, his big, low-hanging balls swinging forward to slap me firmly under my chin.

He started fucking me deeply, not really fast, but very firmly. Driving his fingers and cock completely into me with every stroke. Every third or fourth stroke he'd pull back far enough and long enough for him to tease my ass ring with his fingers and to allow me to suck in a quick breath or two. And then he'd stroke me some more. I started to cum. Not in spasms like I usually did but in a slow, continuous stream that slowed when he pulled out and increased as he plunged back into me.

Dad worked on me like this for what seemed like eternity but was probably ten or fifteen minutes before he started to loose control and to fuck me faster and harder.

Suddenly, he pulled his fingers out of my ass and stood up straight as a big fart flapped my ass lips. Taking hold of my head in both hands as he started to slam his crotch into my face as hard as he could, over and over and over again.

"Oh', Joey. Unh. Unh. Unh. Unh. Unh."

"Unnnnnnh. Unh Unh Unh Unh. I'm cummin', Joey. I'm cummin'. I'm shootin' my wad down your throat, Boy!"

His balls were pulled up tight under his grossly swollen shaft now, pounding me in the chin and on my lower lip with every stroke.

He went up on the balls of his feet and clenched my head to the base of his cock with all his strength as I felt his cock start pulsing and pulsing and pulsing. Swelling larger and larger with every pulse and shooting great globs of sticky manjuice that I could feel hitting my insides in hot spurts. I couldn't breath--and I didn't care. I reached up and grabbed one of his rock hard ass cheeks in each hand and tried to pull myself even closer to him as I sucked as hard as I could, trying to get all of him inside of me. He was mine. I was his. We were ours.