by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author


Chapter 7

Shower Time

Much later, Dad sat up and pulled me up from where I lay on the floor, still gently nursing on the now softened cock that I had never let leave my mouth, even when I passed out from lack of oxygen. He lifted me into his arms and cradled me like the weak baby I felt like. He looked at my face in the dim light inside the cabin. The sun had gone down while we slept, but the moon was shining brightly through the window in the clear air.

Wiping my face with his fingers, Dad looked down into my face. "Oh', Joey. I gave you a bloody nose, Boy. You bled more than any virgin I ever heard of," he said with a gentle chuckle.

"Come on, Boy. We've gotta get cleaned up."

"Oh' yech," he laughed as he stood up, still holding me in one arm as he reached down into his crotch with the other. "Look at this, Joey," he said as he stepped into the moonlight.

I looked down and dad's cock looked black, even in the bright moon light.

He laughed at the look on my face and said, "that's your virgin blood all over your daddy's cock and pubes, Boy. No wonder you were so slick. Your nose bled all over us, Joey. Come'on, Boy, let's get cleaned up."

Dad reached under my legs and lifted me back up. I didn't try to resist but just curled my head up in the crook of his shoulder. Dad walked over to the back door that I hadn't been through yet and told me to open it up. I reached down and unlatched the door and dad walked through it with me still in his arms. I looked around and we were in a area that was closed in by the hill behind the shack and some really beautiful trees that seemed to be glowing in the moonlight. Dad took me over to a little three-sided shed built into the hillside and over the top of a small gully.

Dad looked down at my bloody face and asked me if I could stand up alright by myself.

"I think so, Dad. I just feel a little dizzy."

"OK. I'll lean you up against the wall here and show you one of the main reasons why we built on this piece of the property."

Dad carefully put me on my feet and made sure I could stand up OK. And I could. But I was sure glad the wall was there. I felt kind of spaced out and really good all over, way better than being stoned. I was going to have to figure out how to get my step-father to fuck my throat like that some more. Fer' sure!

While I was thinking about how good it felt to get my throat man-fucked--and working on springing another boner-- Dad went to the back side of the room and pulled a couple of long wooden levers out from the wall and water started falling on the floor. I looked up and saw a 2-gallon iron bucket with a bunch of holes punched in the bottom suspended from the rafters. Water was pouring out of the holes in the bucket and flowing down into the gully through the half-inch spaces between the floorboards. Hey! It was like a shower!

"You ready to get cleaned up, Boy?"

I didn't like the idea of a cold shower, but, what the heck, maybe it'd wake me up. "Sure, Dad. Whatever you say."

He came over to me and put his arm over my shoulder, across my back, and under my arm--about half-way supporting me while he walked me over under the falling water.

HEY! The water was really warm and felt GREAT! I turned my head and looked up at my stepdad with a surprised look on my face. "DAD!?"

He smiled at me. "There's a hot spring on the side of the mountain. We piped water from there and the creek into here. You can control the temperature with those levers. Now let's get you cleaned up."

For the next 45 minutes or so Dad carefully and thoroughly washed and caressed my whole body. I was his to do with as he desired. He washed my hair and put cream rinse on it, slathered down my whole body with Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap, something I'd never heard of before but that smelled wonderful and made me tingle all over. He carefully washed and completely felt every part and crevice of my body, even running his fingers into my ears and mouth and anus. I was completely open and trusting, opening up to his every unspoken request.

I was feeling kind of lazy-warm and a little bit sleepy. I reached over and picked up the bottle of Dr. Bronner's and started to wash him, wanting to return the favor and make him feel good too. I couldn't reach up high enough to wash his hair easily, so Dad reached over with his foot and hooked a short bench over to where he could sit on it comfortably. I washed his hair, being sure to use the cream rinse. While the rinse was working I washed his face and neck, feeling the incipient beard and thinking that maybe dad would teach me how to shave him sometime. While I was waiting for the cream rinse, I used my tongue to clean out dad's ears very, very thoroughly. I was afraid that maybe I was taking too long, but dad never even hinted that I should stop or hurry up.

I leaned Dad back into the water stream to rinse his hair and face and to warm him back up. Then I started washing his torso. When Dad lifted his arms for me to wash under there the smell was almost overpowering and I had to use my mouth and tongue to pre-wash both armpits, making sure to keep his big titties sucked up hard as I moved back and forth from one pleasure pit to the other and back again.

I washed down Dad's chest and abdomen, amazed that he was tighter and more ridged that any of the guys in gym at Jr. High. I used my tongue again to make sure that dad's navel was spotlessly clean (he's got a really neat innie) and lapped the hair until it was all pointed the right direction. I worked my way down and used my mouth and lips and tongue to clean all of my blood off of dads wiry pubic hair, deep-throating his relaxed cock just a few times to make sure all the blood was off of it too.

Dad leaned forward along the bench and lay, face-down so that I could wash his back. I sat on the small of his back (I didn't weigh enough to make him uncomfortable at all) so that I could scrub his muscular back. As he got really slick with the soap I started sliding around and ended up washing him with my crotch and butt--which felt REALLY good but seemed to tickle him a little and I could feel him trying to not chuckle. I slipped down over his butt and almost fell off the bench, but that gave me the idea to slither the whole front of my body all over his back just like a smooth washrag. A couple of times my stiff weenie sort of accidentally caught in his butt crack. The third time, I was sort of low and he said, "You get that thing in the wrong place, Boy, and I'm going to whip your nuts til' they bleed." But he couldn't keep from laughing at the same time.

I slid back down over his butt and pried his buttcheeks apart, "Oh! Did hurt him'es wittle poopie hole?" I was amazed at how attracted I was to this, supposedly repugnant, part of his body.

"Oh. Poor little poopie hole," I said. "Let me kiss him'es and make him's all more better." I leaned forward and pecked a little kiss, right on his pooched up pucker. The next thing I knew, the flavor went straight to my brain and I was kissing and tonguing and sucking at his hole like I was dying of starvation and his butthole was the only food for miles.

Dad finally came up off of the bench in one smooth move saying, "Damn, Boy. A little more of that and I'll be fucking my cum onto that redwood bench." He moved over under the hot shower and started to rinse himself off (having Mother Nature as a hot water heater has definite advantages!) a process I jumped up to help him with, which involved me trying to deep-throat his once again rigid rod. He gently slapped my face away from his dick and said, "Oh, no you don't, greedy guts! Keep that up and I'll piss down your throat!"

"Oooh. Promises, promises!" I teased.

He reached over and swatted my wet butt a good, hard smack. Somehow, being wet made the stinging slap feel really good. Wow! I bent over and wiggled my tight little butt at him. "What's the matter? Daddy can't resist a little sucky-poo or spanking his little boys fanny?"

Dad grabbed for me and I tried to get away. Our smooth-wet-slickery bodies got tangled up and we slipped on the wet floor. Dad twisted in mid-air to keep from falling on me and clutched me to his chest.

"You little shit," he laughed into my ear. He half way let go of me and started tickling me. I tried to tickle him back, but couldn't stop laughing long enough to be very effective. I finally just put my arms up around his neck and kissed him as hard as I could.

"I love you, Daddy."

"Yeah. I sorta like you too, Boy. Now let's finish getting cleaned up and get to bed. He moved over out of the water and I grabbed the soap and started lathering up his legs. He reached up and grabbed hold of the rafters to make it easy for me to lift his legs. When I started to wash his feet, he looked down at me and said, "No, Boy. Use your mouth."

I put the bottle down and started licking his feet all over and sucking his toes. Damn this was exciting. Dad had some really good ideas. I was starting to get really crazy again, sucking on his toes. Getting really horny again. Trying to hunch the bottoms of his big feet while I sucked his toes. Horny. Horny, horny, HORNY!

Dad held his weight up with his arms and reached up with the foot I'd already finished and took hold of my dangling nut sac between his big and second toes. When he got the web of the sac worked all the way between his toes, he pulled down to my nuts and then clenched his toes really hard and pulled down on my whole nut sac. I grabbed the foot I was working on for support and pulled it to me, trapping my stiff dick between my soft belly and the rough bottom of his foot, hunching his foot and jerking on my balls which made them feel better and made my dick quiver. Dad pulled down even harder on my balls and pushed on my tummy and dick with the other foot. I fell backwards on the soapy-slick floor.

"Ooooowooh. Oooh, my balls. My BALLS! PULL `EM. PULL `EM DAD. OOOOh. Yessss!" Hunching against his foot and thrashing around on the slick floor and begging Dad to work my balls even harder, and grind his foot into my dick harder, I started shooting wad after wad of cum onto his rough foot and my soft tummy skin.

When I finally finished shooting and shuddering, Dad released my balls and let go of the rafters, reaching down to help me up. "Come'on, Boy. Let's rinse you off."

As dad was rinsing me off, he used his hand to rub my butthole and I involuntarily pushed back onto his fingers. Dad kind of looked down at me a shook his head.

"I figured you'd be about wiped out by now, Boy. But I guess we'd better finish what we started earlier. What do you think, Joey?"

I wasn't sure what my step-dad was talking about, but I wanted to do whatever he wanted me to do so I said, "Sure, Dad. Whatever you think best."

"OK, Joey. I guess we'd best clean you out first."

I thought I was pretty clean already, but figured, `what the hell!'

Dad walked over to where the water levers were and said, "Come here, Joey," as he uncoiled a piece of half-inch hose from the wall.

Dad reached up into a recess in the wall that was over my head and pulled out a long pink thing and showed it to me.

"Do you know what this is, Joey?"

I looked at it carefully. It looked like a piece of pink rubber about seven inches long. It looked like some round balls had been put together leaving a bulge about every inch, and there was a big hole at one end and a smaller hole at the other end. It kinda looked like a really weird dick.

"No, Sir. What is it?"

"This is called a dildo, Joey. And I need to stick it up inside your butt, so turn around and bend over a little bit."

"That's right, Joey. You can put your hands on your knees so that you can relax like that. Now just stay still while I get ready."

I looked over my shoulder as my step-dad used some liquid soap to lubricate the dildo that he said he was going to stick up my ass. I wasn't too sure about this, but I had a feeling that if Dad said he was going to stick that thing up my ass, well then, my ass had just better get ready to get stuck.

Dad stepped towards me and said, "OK, Joey, we've played with your ass a little, but this is going to feel different. It's going to spread you out some, and probably tingle some from the peppermint. But mostly, it's going to go into you a lot further than anything else has. I want you to just hold still and let it slide in there. You hear me, Boy?"

"Yes, Sir. I hear you."

Dad used his fingers to spread some of the Dr. Bronner's around my anus and then he put the end of the dildo with the small hole against my ring and moved it around to center it up.

"We could take this real slow," he said in a gruff voice, "but I don't much feel like it." And he suddenly punched that thing about 2" up my ass.

It surprised me and I jumped forward, squirting the dildo out of my ass, onto the floor.

Dad reached over and grabbed me by my hair and slapped my face and head a couple of times.

"Dammit, Boy. I told you to hold still! You still can't do what you're told too, can you?"

"Yes, Sir. Yes I can, Sir," I cried.

"The fuck you can you little shit! And you're lying to me too!"

He pulled me over to the bench and jerked me by the hair over his lap. He held me down by my hair and started to really wallop my wet ass. It was all so sudden, I was crying and it really hurt. But it really felt good too, and was making my dick stiff again. I could feel Dads big palm hitting me and stinging my ass and making it burn. God, it was great!

Dad jerked on my hair to pull me up, almost pulling my hair out, and then jerked me down between his legs with my back facing him and clamped me in place with his massive thighs. He pulled my thrashing legs down with his left arm and started to spank me right in my crack. Smack, smack, smack. I couldn't move and he was pounding me right on my asshole. Over and over and over until I thought I'd explode from being embarrassed, and hurting and all the blood rushing to my head from being upside down and squeezed and spanked all at the same time.

Dad finally stopped and looked my butthole over carefully. Then he laid three slow, extra hard wallops directly on the entrance to my ass. He dropped me on the floor and walked away from me and out of the bath house, staring out into the forest.

After a bit, with him out there and me still laying huddled on the floor and softly crying, afraid to even touch my ass, I heard him murmur to himself. "Damn'it. I don't know if he's even worth the effort." Hearing that made me feel like a failure. It made me feel sick to my stomach.

Dad turned around and just looked at me for a while.

"Do you think you can do what you are told to do this time?"

"Yes, Sir. Whatever you say, I'll do, Dad."

"OK. One more chance. But don't you dare fuck up again or we'll pack up and go home and you can just go your own way. I won't have a son and you won't have a father, and that's just the way it'll be. Do you understand me, Boy?"

"Yes, Sir. I understand. Please, I'll do what you tell me to do, Sir."

"OK. Now get back over there and assume the position again. And DON'T YOU DARE MOVE!"

"Yes, SIR!" I jumped up and rushed over to where he wanted me and assumed the position he wanted me in and resolved myself to not move even if he stuck a red-hot rattlesnake up my ass.

Dad walked over and picked up the dildo and rinsed it off under the shower. He put some more soap on the dildo and walked behind me. I kept my eyes on the floor and concentrated on opening up my burning asshole and on not moving, no matter what. Dad felt around my ass some and said, "Well, at least it's warmed up again." Then he put the dildo up against my ass again, centered it in my ring and one second later, jammed the whole thing up inside of me. The rings rippling at my clenching ass ring and the tip forcing its way in until it felt like it was pushing against my stomach

I "woff'd" softly and my back arched a little, but other than that, I didn't move at all. Dad just stood there, holding the dildo in place for a while. Finally, he started to move the dildo around a little bit, opening me up some to make it more comfortable.

"Dammit, Joey, I wanted this to be fun for you--and for me too. But you've managed to piss me off again and take the fun out of this. Why do you always have to fuck everything up, Boy? Do you enjoy being a prick?"

"No, Sir. Please, I'm sorry, Sir. I didn't mean to move, Sir. It just surprised me is all. I didn't mean to disappoint you, Dad." I started crying. "Please don't hate me. Please don't hate me, Sir. I don't mean to be a bad boy, Sir. Please, Sir. I just want to be your boy, Sir. And for you to be my Dad. Please don't hate me, Sir."

"Oh, Joey. I don't hate you. And I probably shouldn't have gotten mad at you. But I want you to be my boy so bad that when you disappoint me I get a little crazy."

"Daddy, I love being your boy. And I don't mind when you have to spank me. And I really love it when you show me stuff, like how to be a good boy, and how to be a man and have sex and stuff. I love it when you warm my ass up and force your dick down my throat and cum all over me and in my mouth. I love it when you're strong with me and when you love me. But, Please, Please don't hate me."

My step-father leaned forward and tilted my head up and lightly kissed my lips. "I don't hate you, Joey. I could never hate my good boy. I might get angry at you, I might have to discipline you but that doesn't mean I hate you, Joey. Now. Let's change the subject. You want to have some fun with this?" he said as he moved the dildo in and out of me a little bit.

"Yeah, Dad. It feels good when you move that around in me. Why'd you put that thing up inside me anyway?"

Dad bent down and picked up the hose and I noticed that there was a gentle stream of the warm water coming out of the hose. "Well, I've cleaned your outside, Joey, and now I'm going to clean your insides. This is what's called an enema," he said as he pushed the end of the hose firmly up inside of the dildo.

I could feel the warm water start coming out of the end of the dildo. Flowing inside of me and filling me up.

"This is how this game works, Joey. I get to put as much water inside of you as I want, and if you let even one drop escape, I get to spank you really good and then fill you back up. Those rules sound OK to you, Joey?"

I could feel the water putting pressure on my insides. It was pushing on something in my groin and between that and the sting and heat in my butt I was getting a stiffie again. "Yes, Sir. That sounds OK to me, Sir. Except... Well... Except that..."

"Except what, Joey," my step-dad said in a rough voice.

"Except that I think that if you have to spank me, you should leave the dildo inside of me, Sir."

"Hummm. You know, that's sounds like a pretty good idea, Joey. OK. We'll do it that way. If you waste any water, I'll spank you with the dildo up inside your ass. But I warn you, Joey. If you loose any water you'll disappoint me and I'll spank you really hard. You've already got at least one more spanking coming this evening and I'm not sure you could handle two more spankings tonight, so you'd better not loose any of this water, Joey! You'd better not loose any at all!"

By now, I was starting to feel pretty full and Dad was massaging my stomach to loosen it up.

"Stand up straight, Joey. I want to watch your tummy swell up."

"Yes, Sir." I stood up and could feel the dildo move around and push against something inside me as I brought my feet together.

Dad moved to my side and I looked down. We both watched as my normally flat stomach bulged out as the water filled me up and built up pressure inside of me. I swelled and swelled and it felt like I might explode. Just as I was about to give up and open my clenched ass, Dad reached over and turned the water off.

"OK, I'm going to pull the dildo out now, Joey. Remember, you better keep your asshole clenched. You loose one drop and you get a spanking and we start over."

"Yes, Sir. I won't waste any water, Sir."

Dad reached back and slowly pulled the dildo out of me. A bit at a time. Sometimes he'd stop and move the dildo back and forth so the ripples could massage my asshole. It felt great, moving my insides around and letting me feel parts of me I'd never felt before.

When the dildo finally came all the way out, Dad washed it off and put it away. Then he turned all the water off, put up the soap and shampoo and put the bench back where it belonged. All that time I was trying desperately to adjust to the pressure inside of me and to keep all the water safely contained. He started for the house and said, "Com'on, Joey. Let's go back inside."

I tried to keep up with him, but all I could do was waddle. Dad held the door open and waited for me. As I got near the door he laughed and said, "You walk like a penguin, Joey. My fat little penguin."

We went inside and Dad told me to go over by the toilet and stand at attention. I did and Dad went over and got a towel and started to dry himself off. When he was done, he used the same damp towel to dry my hair and then the rest of me. He caressed my stomach, fascinated with how he'd made it bulge out. Then he made me spread my legs and bend over so he could dry my legs and butt. He took his time and I was so afraid that I was going to loose some of the water. He finally finished and told me to stand at attention again. That was almost a relief except that my stomach was starting to cramp. Ripples crossing my gut every time there'd be a cramp.

Dad took the dust cover off of the bed and turned down the covers and then went over and started cleaning up the kitchen. The whole time the cramps and pain were getting worse and more frequent, trying to force at least some of the water past my ass ring. Dad finally came back and inspected my ass very carefully.

He told me to stand at attention again and ran his hands around and around my bulging tummy, enjoying the tense drumhead he'd made and the ripples the muscles would make every time I cramped. As he continued to rub my belly with one hand he reached down with the other and took my cock and balls completely into his fist. And then he started clenching his fist tighter and tighter, pulsing it in time with my cramps. I moaned deeply in my chest and pushed my groin harder into his tightening fist. He finally let go and stroked my shaft a few times and rubbed my balls `for good luck.'

"OK. Good so far, Joey. You can sit down now, but don't you dare let any water out until I tell you that you can."

"Yes, Sir," I said, sitting down. As soon as my butt touched the toilet seat my guts thought they had permission to take a shit and the cramps immediately got ten times worse. Dad just stood there, watching the ripples move across my stomach and the tears beading up in my eyes. Dad started to slowly and carefully describe how this was relaxing my insides and mixing up all the shit with the water so that it would all come out. Then he started describing how staying clenched so long would wear out my ass muscles so that I could relax and open up my asshole. Then...

"Damn'it. I've got to take a humongous piss."

I started to get up from the toilet but Dad stepped forward and put his hand on my head.

"That's OK, Joey. You can just stay there." Dad took hold of his big tubesteak hanging in front of my face and pulled back the foreskin to expose the piss slit. He grunted and started his hot piss down between my legs, spraying my dick and balls and lower abdomen, soaking my pubes in his pungent piss water. The sound and feeling were making it almost impossible for me to hold the water inside. I reached up with one hand and held on to dad's hip. My face begging him for relief.

"OK, Joey. You can let it go now."

My asshole opened in relief and a mixture of water and dissolved shit and turds started flowing out of me in a solid stream rippling and flowing against my ass walls, the larger turds stretching my asshole even wider as they bumped against my tender flesh and shot through without even slowing down. Between the piss hitting my dick and my asshole and my guts emptying, it felt like one long, continuous orgasm. My Dad knew exactly how to make me feel exquisitely good.

The whole time I'd been staring at my dad's cock, the piss shooting out of it to bathe my groin. I couldn't take it any more. I had to know what it was like. I grabbed my dad's cock in front of where he was holding it and stuffed the end of the still pissing organ in my mouth, sucking and swallowing all of his piss I could, the excess flowing down my neck and across my torso. Dad let go of his cock and put his hands on his hips, smiling down at me and watching me go through the most tremendous feelings I'd ever had, releasing his bladder to maximum flow and my control. I didn't even notice when my cock started shooting boy cum all over my dad's legs, my asshole clenching and spurting water with every shot.

When the last of the water had drooled out of my ass and I'd sucked the last of the piss out of my step-fathers dick and my dick was hanging down towards the bottom of the toilet. Dad stepped back and pulled his piss pipe out of my mouth.

"OK, Joey. Go on out to the shower and clean yourself up and then come on in to bed."

"Yes Sir." I got up and staggered out to the shower.