My Dads draft 11

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 11

I slowly became aware of uh... uh... uh... slow... uh... uh... uh... steady... uh... uh... uh... constant... uuu... breath sucked in... hhh... breath forced out... uuu... in... hhh... out. Over and over. I dimly saw the clock on the wall. It was over an hour since I had passed out and my hot and sweaty Dad was breathing for me. Forcing the air out as he plunged eleven inches of rigid cock deeply into my guts and pushing on my diaphragm. Sucking air into me as he pulled back, creating a suction in my chest like the bilge pump of an old sailing ship until his now totally distend and flared cockhead caught on my inner anal muscles and lifted my ass and back from the bed, filling my lungs with air. I was totally passive, even letting him breathe for me.

Over two more hours we laid there. Him slowly and steadily pumping my guts with his engorged weapon and me stroking his body with my soft hands and the inner flesh of my body. Slowly, ever so slowly raising his body heat until I was awash in a sea of sweat and it felt like his skin was burning me everywhere it touched me, especially in my ass. My tongue licking the sweat from his chest which now lay over my head. The sweat from his body keeping me from dehydrating and filling me with the taste of him.

I began to work with him. Forcing my ass back and forth on his rod. Making him speed up to keep pace with me. Pulling on his hairy chest and underarms and biting him with my small, perfect teeth.

Breaking his trance, his mesmeric, self-induced rhythm. Causing him to react as a man instead of as a fucking machine.

Harder and harder, faster and faster he plunged. Driving us across the bed until our heads were forced against the headboard, banging it and us into the wall harder and harder as he went wild fucking my ass.

Up on his knees with me clenched to his chest he pounded my ass in a frenzy of mindless need. Fucking me like the slut of his dreams. Fucking me with a ten inch cock that had swollen to eleven inches of abused man-meat like he'd never been able to fuck anyone before. I accepted his frenetic stud motion until his pubic bone bounced off of the flesh padding my pelvic rim and his cockhead reached its ultimate depth. Never before had he been able to fuck like this and he went crazy.

It was his turn to go spastic. His arms were crushing my chest as his abdominal muscles pulled his loins into the final masculine arch. Pubic hair cutting my flesh as his organ swelled one last time. So large that I could feel my inner flesh pulling apart again in my effort to accommodate him.

The first long hot streamer of his orgasm shot from his clenched asshole through his burning piss tube, his low-hanging balls clenched up solid to each side of the wide base of his manly pillar as his prostate poured forth the essence of his manhood, of his fatherhood... deep into my body.

I felt in my chest the impact of the solid stream of his cum as it dashed against the wall of my intestine, burning me with his inner heat. Over and over he shot, screaming each time in basso profundo ecstasy.

He finally slumped over me in exhaustion. Gasping for breath and quivering with release of tension.

I just lay there, holding him and feeling the last throbbing contractions of his groin and cock as he drained the final drops of his sperm into my accepting sheath.

"Boy! Joey, my Son, I have NEVER been fucked like that. You are something else."

"What else, Daddy?" I said in my best little-boy voice.

Hunching into me he said, "Start that again you little shit and I'll fuck you again right now!"

"Fat chance. I just drained you old man."

"Old man!?"

"Yeah!..."; "My old man..."; "My daddy."


"You are my Daddy now, aren't you? You're my Dad now aren't you?" I said with a truly worried tone. "You've fucked me with love now, haven't you? You said that would make you my Daddy. You're my Dad now... aren't you?"

He lifted up on his elbows and looked down at me. Just looked at me.

A lifetime later he softly, softly said, "Yes. I'll be your Dad..."

"I am your Dad now."

I clutched my arms around his neck and burrowed my face into his broad shoulder. "You're really and truly my Dad now?"

"Yes. I'm really and truly your Dad now. But if you don't let me up I'm going to have an accident. I had to pee when we started this and I'm about to explode!"

I held on tighter and said, "So?"

"So I'm not joking, Joey. I've really got to go bad."

I lifted my butt up to hold his still semi-rigid penis more completely. "So go ahead," I said. "There's no reason for you to go out in the cold. Piss in me."

"You want me to piss in you?"

"You gonna tell me you have never thought about pissing inside of someone before?"

"No. It's always been one of my favorite fantasies. But are you sure you want to do this?"

"Piss, Daddy. Let your piss flow. Fill me up with your piss water, Dad. Make my belly swell again"

He looked at me even closer, and then leaned his head down and softly kissed my lips. I felt his groin relax and the rumble of liquid tumbling through my assrings. My gut started to fill with is warm yellow liquid. This was going to be the best enema ever.

As he continued to piss, Dad rolled to his side, rolling me the opposite direction until we lay spoon fashion, back to chest, ass to groin, dick to fill. He pumped back and forth several times to allow his cock to unwind from the two counter-turns while continuing his flow. I nestled my head on his firm biceps, feeling the steady flow filling me and distending my tummy.

As the last of the flow entered me, Dad dozed off as the relieved pressure relaxed him. I lay there awake for a while, thinking through the days events and feeling my tightly distended tummy with my free hand. Seemed to me like that if I did what my Dad told me to do everything seemed to work out pretty good. With that thought in mind I clenched my ass a couple of times to make sure his cock would stay in me and fell asleep myself... with a smile on my face.


I woke up with the morning sun just barely lighting the cabin. My abdomen was still swollen and I had to piss like a racehorse. Dad had a morning piss hard-on and his upper arm across my chest. Trying to get loose woke him up.

"Ummmph. Whatsa madda?" he mumbled.

"Sorry for waking you up, Dad. But I gotta take a pee really bad." My stomach gurgled and I added, "And I think I've gotta go potty too."

"Gotta go potty? You mean you have to take a shit?"

"Yeah! I've got to take a shit, Dad. Now let me up."

"And you have to take a piss?"

"Yeah! I've got to take a honking big piss. Come on, Dad, let me up."

"Seems like I had to take a honking big piss last night when someone started fucking with me...?"

"Come on, Dad. I'm about to pee the bed. You just pee'd in my butt."

"What about this?" he asked as he punched his morning hard-on into my gut.

I felt the pee try to escape as he filled me even fuller. I groaned and begged, "Let me go empty myself and I'll come back and fuck your brains out for the rest of the day."

"Hummm," he thought. "No. No, I think I'd rather have the fuck I've got now that the promise of a fuck later." And he took a stroke up my ass, forcing a spurt of pee out of me.

"Dad! You're making me pee the bed!"

"No problem." He reach over me and pinched the head of my dick between his thumb and forefinger and started to lay some serious meat to my ass. Giving me a serious fucking, each stroke forcing out some more piss to swell and burn my shaft.

"Dad, that's burning me. Please let me go pee."

"Seems like you need a lesson in respecting other people's need to pee, Boy."

"Dad! gummmph...." His other hand came up from underneath and covered my mouth, his upper finger just barely letting me breathe.

He commenced fucking my ass with the intent of a man seeking to breed--no excuses! I'm the man and I'm breeding NOW!

The hard and fast action in my gut drove the plunger shaped cockhead through the liquid inside me making it flow back and forth and around in the most extraordinary manner, driving me crazy and making my ass clench and work in a frenzy.

In less than five minutes he was pumping another massive load into my abused ass chute. His final pounding thrusts brought me over the edge and I started cumming and pissing at the same time. It felt like everything was going backwards into my balls. I franticly tried to jerk myself loose and to pull his hand off my cockhead.

He took his hand off my mouth and reached down and squeezed my balls really hard. The sharp, deep pain made me quit cumming immediately and drove my hips back into his loins.

"Uh huh. You're learning now!" and he started pissing in me again.

"Ahhhh. That feels really good!"

I couldn't believe it! I was so full I couldn't hold it and he was pissing another big load into my ass! God! What an amazing feeling. I could feel my skin pulling absolutely tight and stretching as he pissed and pissed and pissed.

Still pissing, he swiveled over to sit on the edge of the bed. Spreading his legs slightly he began bouncing me in his lap. Fucking me, pissing in me and jacking off my raging hard-on at the same time.

Screaming on the top of my lungs I started cumming. Shooting wads of half cum and half piss all over the room. Dad tried to stop the flow by crushing my cock in his fist but I shot even through that pressure.

Laughing fit to beat the band (or my ass) he stood up and rushed me outside, finally releasing my dick to open the back door.

He ran out to the shower area, each step driving his fuck stick up my ass again and making me cum with each step-thrust. When we got to the slatted floor he pulled me off his pillar and quickly turned me sideways as the piss-cum-shit exploded from my guts as piss and cum continued to spurt forth from my bright red dick.

He was laughing so hard he fell down on the shower floor. Holding his gut and tears streaming from his eyes. Angry as hell, I started to piss all over him.

Suddenly, he reached up and grabbed my ass, clamping it shut with his massive paw. His other arm pushed him up until his mouth engulfed my cock and balls, his suction seemed to pull the piss from my bladder and the cum from my backed up balls with high vacuum. He drove three fingers into my loosened ass and spread them open allowing the piss-cum-shit mixture to flow from my ass until I was empty.

When I finally quit flowing fore and aft he stood up and cradled my body next to him. Reaching over to the wall he started the shower flowing and gently, ever so gently began washing the mess off of both of us.


Dad and I spent the rest of the morning naked. Working together cleaning up the weeds around the place and extending the sprinkler system that kept the foliage on the property thick and lush and that doubled as a fire barrier. We were never more than a couple of feet apart, both of us constantly reaffirming our new relationship with pat ass and touch dick. Once, for no apparent reason, Dad (I could call him "Dad" now! Being able to call him that felt so good I was light-headed. Sometimes I'd just say, "Dad" just to be saying it. Guess I was kind of goofy with the new relationship meaning so much to me and all). Anyway, Dad just picked me up from the work I was doing and hugged me tightly to his hairy chest. He held my totally passive tight little body like that for a while and then just put me back down without saying anything at all. A couple of times he showed me how to do something or how to do it more safely. I felt so cared for and protected I thought I might explode.

Just before lunch-time he sat on an old stump in the shade of a young tree and watched me finish up what I was doing. When I was done I walked over to him and just quietly sat in his lap with my hot back against his sweaty chest. One of my legs was hooked over his thigh and the other was between his legs with the friction of his pubic patch against my butthole holding me in place. He handed me a canteen half-full of warm water and dropped his arm down across my tummy and between my legs, his hand curving naturally around my heat relaxed penis and balls.

We just sat like that for a while as we took sips of warm water and surveyed the work we'd done that morning. Relaxed, proud of our work and comfortable with each other.

After a while, Dad reached his hand up to my hip and said, "See how good if feels to do productive work? To be a man with a man's responsibility and self-respect?"

I thought about that a bit and lifted my dangling leg up over his other thigh and just sat back a bit more firmly into the crux of his shoulder, snuggling into him.

Dad took a deep breath and let it out, wrapping his arms around me and dropping his chin to my shoulder.


Time. Peace. Respect between a father and a son growing in fertile soil, budding out and flowering into love.


Dad lifted his head and kissed my cheek. "My Son. My boy."

I turned my head and said, "Love you, Dad."

"Yeah. Me too, you... But I'm hungry and I've gotta pee."

"Hey. No Problem!" I turned further and kissed his lips, slipping him some tongue and a wad of thick boy-spit at the same time.

"There's your lunch..." I reached down between my widespread legs and got hold of his heavy hanging dong and lifted it up to pissing position, "so take a piss..."

I could feel him jouncing me as he laughed. Then he spread his feet apart, which automatically spread my legs even further and forced my butt more tightly to his hairy mound as he started to relieve himself.

What an amazing sensation as I felt the flow through my tailbone and spread anus. As I looked down it seemed like I suddenly had a man-sized cock instead of my boy-weiner. I could feel the heavy flow passing through my new cock and through the tube in my hands. My own weiner was out of sight and out of the way, rigid up against my stomach. What a piss I was taking!

As the last of the flow came, I milked down the last of the liquid from my new cock and expertly flipped the last drop off just like I'd been doing it from a cock that big for years. Then I lifted the piss tube up and bent over to make sure the last dribble was taken care of with my mouth.

I straightened up and looked over my shoulder at my Dad. "Bet'cha you can't do any better yourself!"

"Nope. That was just about perfect." He stood us up and, dropping his arm around my shoulder said, "Come on. Let's go make lunch."

About half-way back to the cabin his hand slid down across my back and he worked his big index finger up my butt as my cheeks worked back and forth as we walked. I just put my arm around his waist and tucked my head up under his armpit. The rest of his hand completely covered both cheeks of my tight little glutes.

When we got back to the cabin Dad had me suck his finger clean before he started preparing our late lunch. By now it was after 2pm and I was really hungry, my teenage metabolism having gotten a hell of a workout in the past 24 hours. I kept pestering Dad, touching him and groping his cock, balls and ass, until he finally swatted my ass and told me to set the table. I happily skipped around the kitchen and dining area, washing down the table and setting up for lunch. I turned on a nice classical music station on the radio and called to Dad, "Ready any time you are Dad."

Dad finished cooking and carried the pot over to the table and set it on the hot-pad. Looking at the table he asked, "How come only one place setting? Aren't you hungry?"

"Yeah, Dad. Just sit down and I'll show you."

He looked puzzled, but sat down like I'd asked. I reached over to the table and picked up one of the large linen squares I'd put there earlier. Stepping behind my dad I carefully tied it around his neck.

"There. That'll keep the mess down to a minimum." I walked over and tied the other square around my own neck.

"Now that we're properly dressed for luncheon, I'll get you in the mood," and I dipped under the table and came up between his legs, swallowing his dangling cock to the root in one long sucking gulp. I could feel the blood rushing into the tissues with his instant response to his cock being docked and I backed off just barely in time to keep from being trapped on his swollen organ again. I worked my mouth around and around his flaring head, heavily coating it with phlegm and spit. I pulled off and stood up facing the table, bent over part way at the waist. My right hand pulled his now rigid cock down to the entrance of my boy hole as my left hand grabbed the table edge to steady me. I had to raise up on my toes to line things up and as I moved back onto him my opening anus leaked oily melted liquid from the half-stick of butter I'd stuck up inside myself while I was setting the table.

Dad grabbed me by the hips and moaned as I worked my way back until I was sitting in his lap, his cock firmly lodged inside me and holding me in place as I put my legs on top of his. My legs were sticking straight out because his thighs were so much longer than mine, just like a little boy sitting in his daddies lap.

I wiggled myself into a more firm position and leaned back against my Daddy's chest. Looking up to him, I said in a little boy's voice, "Will you feed me now, Daddy?"

He looked down at me for a few seconds then took my jaw in his big paw and kissed me softly on my swollen lips. "Yes, Son. Daddy will feed his little boy now....... from both ends!"

We both laughed and he hugged me to him with both of his big arms.

"God, boy. You are so special to me. I couldn't love you more if you were my natural son!"

"Does that mean I'm your un-natural son?" I said with both humor and sadness in my voice.

He stared deep into my eyes for several minutes, then sighed and said, "No. It doesn't. It means that I really wish you were my natural born son. And that I am so very, very happy that we have chosen each other to love and care for and to be father and son. --I love you boy. I love you because you are you, because you are mine, and because you love me so much."

I turned and buried my face in the cloth covering his chest and began to sob.

"Go ahead and let it out boy. Let the pain go." And he just held me to him, slowly rocking me and stroking my soft hair.

When I was cried out, he dipped his neck-cloth into his drinking water and washed my face, letting me blow my nose into the napkin just like a small child. Once I was looking and feeling a bit more chipper, he turned me around straight again and scooted us up closer to the table, bouncing me up and down on his still rampant cock.

"Ohh, Daddy. Are you going to give me a pony ride?"

"No." He said in a gruff voice, "I'm going to feed you so you have plenty of energy and then I'm going to give you a stallion ride you won't forget for a week!"

I gayly laughed (or is that, I laughed, gayly? Humm?), "You think so, huh?" And I bounced on him a few times.

Hunching up into me with each word he said, "You... bet... you're... sweet... ass... little... boy!!!"

"Uhooo. Feed me! Feed ME!" I crowed.

Laughing, hugging and kissing, dad began to feed the both of us the wonderful stew he'd put together.

About half-way through lunch the front door suddenly opened. I turned and all I could do was just stare at the blond giant standing in the doorway.

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