My Dads draft 12

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 12

A Visitation

"Hey Pat. Good to see ya!" My dad said. "Come on in and have some lunch. Joey, this is my Little Brother Patrick. Say `Hi' to him."

"Hi Mr. Patrick," I said sorta shyly (I mean... after all, for God's sakes, I was sitting there naked with ten plus inches of fat cock jammed up my ass meeting a stranger. What the hell do you expect, a tap dance and six chorus's of "Swannee"?)

Pat said, "Hey Big Brother. Sorry to intrude. I didn't know you were up here. Who's this?" with a quirked eyebrow.

"Oh, sorry Pat. Pat, this is my son, Joey. Joey, this is my brother Pat. You can call him `Pat' or `Patrick'. You don't have to call him `Mr.'. After all, he's my --younger-- brother."

"Hi, Patrick. Sorry I goofed up your name."

"Hi, Joey. No problem. Don't sweat the small stuff."

"Hey, Bro. Guess I'll take off. I came up here because Garrick and I needed to have a talk. I don't want to intrude though, looks like you and your new son need some time to get to know each other so we'll just take off."

"Bullshit, Pat. You call Garrick and get him in here. A fifteen year old can always use a hot meal, and you look pretty ragged yourself. You two grab some plates and get some grub in you."

By now it had dawned on me that between the big neck-cloths and the tablecloth, Pat couldn't really see anything but me sitting in my new Dad's lap.

"Thanks, Karl. But I really don't want to intrude on you."

"Don't be a jerk, Pat. You drove all the way up here and can't possibly get back down the mountain before dark and you know you hate to drive after dark, especially on these roads. You and Garrick will NOT be intruding. This is your cabin just as much as it's Joey's and mine."

My ears perked right up. `Joey's and mine?' Dad'd said `Joey's and mine' just like it was the most natural thing in the world. WOW!

You want Garrick up here. He's your son. Who's got more of a right to be here except me and my son?"

He'd done it again. Called me his son like it was the most natural thing in the world. I was so excited I clenched my butthole and damn near pinched my dads dick clean off. He moaned deep in his chest and slapped my buttcheek.

"You guys need a private talk, there's lots of places around here to talk private. Joey and I still have some private talking to do too. No sweat, Little Brother, go get your son, have some lunch and we'll all work things out."

"Thanks, Karl, we really need this time. I owe you big time."

"Bullshit, Pat. Just get your boy and feed yourselves."

Patrick went back outside to get his son and I started to get off my dad's lap.

He stopped me and said, "don't sweat it, Boy, Pat won't mind, I've fucked him often enough up here that he won't get excited... Or maybe he will," he said with an evil grin.

Too late. Patrick and his son, Garrick, entered the room. I just sat there dumbfounded. Garrick was the handsomest, most athletic and smoothly powerful hunk of young manhood I'd ever seen. My breath caught, my dick swelled til' it hurt and my butt started throbbing on the hot pillar it was enclosing. I was sitting on my dads big dick and lusting after the stallion across the room.

His dad pointed and, head down, Garrick lithely glided across the room like a large cat afraid of the whip and sat down across the table from my dad and me. I just sat there with my mouth hanging open and my guts in a turmoil.

Patrick came back and dropped a plate in front of his son and on his side of the table. Then he began putting healthy portions of stew on their plates.

"Can't you even say hello to your uncle?" Patrick said harshly to his son's bowed head.

"Hello, Uncle Karl" Garrick murmured.

Patrick slammed the ladle back into the stewpot and roared at his son, "Dammit you little shit! Can't you even speak civilly to my brother!?"

Jumping out of his seat, Garrick yelled in a breaking voice, "Fuck you, you liar! Don't you act righteous to me!"

Startled, I slammed back into my dads chest.

"Shut up! Both of you." my dad said in a loud, commanding voice. At a more normal level he said, "Sit down."

When neither responded, just stood there staring hotly at each other my father repeated in his commanding voice, "I said, SIT DOWN! NOW! Both of you!"

Reluctantly, never loosing eye contact, they both sat.

"Now, what the hell is this all about?" I heard dangerous rumbling from behind me.

The two of them sat there staring daggers at each other. Muscles tense and on knife edge. Ready to spring to the attack at the slightest intent at movement by the other

"Pat?" Dad said.

He might as well been out at the barn talking to one of the walls.

"PAT!" in that penetrating command tone of his...

Patrick broke eye contact with his son as his head snapped around to his older brother.

"What the hell is going on between you two, Pat?"

Patrick just swelled up and flushed even redder.

"Talk to me Pat. What has happened between you and Garrick?" Dad said in a soft, gentle voice, almost pleading with his brother.

Whatever was going on was hurting my dad and I went on alert. No one, brother or not, was going to hurt my dad without going through me first!

"Pat. Please... What's the matter?"

The air burst out of Dads brother and he collapsed like a sack of old rags. His eyes suddenly looked a million years old and his face dropped into his hands, elbows on the table, like his head was too heavy to hold up.

"Jesus, Karlich. I don't know... I just don't know."

"What happened Lieblick. Vas mine broter? Vas ist?"

With a deep, almost sobbing sigh Patrick explained, "You know that old shed out back of my place?"

"Yeah." Urging his brother on...

I needed a hose clamp for the station wagon and knew I had some in a jar out in the shed. I went to get it and when I walked in...

Garrick jumped up and slammed his fist into the table, rattling the dishes and knocking my water-glass off the table to break on the floor. "MY SHED. YOU SAID IT COULD BE MY PRIVATE PLACE YOU LIAR!" Garrick roared in his 15 year old man voice. "MY PRIVATE PLACE! You said no one was allowed to go out there without asking me first! YOU WENT OUT THERE WITHOUT ASKING. YOU WALKED IN WITHOUT EVEN KNOCKING YOU LYING PRICK!"

"AND CAUGHT YOU SUCKING YOUR BEST FRIENDS COCK YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH! I *OWN* THE FUCKING PLACE. I BOUGHT IT AND PAID FOR IT AND I FUCKING OWN IT!!!" Patrick roared back at his son, coming to his feet with his fists tightly clenched, moving towards the boy who weighed maybe half of what his father massed.

My dad exploded at both of them:




Dads commands dropped both of them to tense seats.


"Patrick. Did you tell Garrick that the shed was his?"

Patrick just sat there and steamed.

"Answer me or I'll whip your ass right here in front of everyone, Pat!"


"Talk so I can hear you dammit! Did you tell Garrick that the shed was his?"


"Did you tell him it was his private place?"

"uh... ummmm..."

"Did you tell him it was his private place!?"


"Did you walk in on him without asking first and without knocking?"

"Yes, dammit! YES! YES! YES!"

"Did you break your word?"

"I OWN the fucking place!"

"Did you break your word?"

"Fuck you! YES! I broke my fucking word."



"First off... don't talk to me in that tone of voice or I'll take you across my knee. You hear me boy?"

"Yes, Sir." Garrick said in a barely subdued voice.

"Were you sucking your buddies cock?"

"It's none of your fucking business!"

In a very... very soft voice my dad said, "You want a lesson in manners boy?"

Tears welling in his eyes Garrick cried out, "Yes. Dammit, YES. You going to publish it?" he said pointing towards me. "I'm a cocksucker. A faggot. You happy now? Any other little kids you want me to tell?"

"OK. You're a cocksucker. Did you lock the door?"


"It's a simple question Garrick. Did you lock the door when you decided to suck your buddies dick?"

"Well, we really didn't..."

"A simple `Yes' or `No' Garrick. Did you or didn't you lock the door?"

"NO! No dammit. I didn't lock the damn door."

"So you got a stiff dick and didn't even think to take even the simplest precautions?"

"What the hell do you know. You straights give me a pain in the ass. You and that boy sitting there like butter wouldn't melt in you mouths. Passing judgement on me because I'm gay and you're in charge of the world."

Dad and I looked at each other. I read what was in his eyes, thought for a couple of seconds, and just nodded.

Dad put his arm around my waist to hold me to him and stood up, turning sideways so I could put my feet on the chair. Then he dropped his hand to my hip to steady me as he drew back, slowly withdrawing his glistening rod from its warm home. When the head flare finally sucked loose from my spread rosebud with a loud slurp I looked towards my new cousin Garrick with a shy grin. "Yes. US straight people sure like passing judgement on you faggots. Wanna fuck my ass? You'll have to ask my straight father. You know. The one with my shit on his dick."

Garrick just sat there with his mouth hanging open. Starring at my rigid little pecker with widespread eyes.

My dad broke in with, "So. Straight guy to faggot, were you stupid, or what?"

Garrick shook his head. "Huh?"

"Why do you think your Dad and I built this cabin up here, Garrick?"

"Uh. I don't know..."

"Because your dad and I get tired of the straight world too, Garrick. Because we need a private place too. A place where we can talk and suck and fuck each other and not be bothered. Was the gate locked at the bottom of the canyon when you guys got here?"


"Did your Dad make sure it was locked again after he drove through it?"


"Were you stupid when you didn't lock the door to your private place?

"Yeah... Yeah I was. Really stupid. All the blood from my brain must have gone straight to my dick."

"Yeah. If it makes you feel any better, I was fourteen and your dad was twelve when your grandfather walked in on me plugging your dads ass. He spanked both of us--for being stupid. NOT for having sex!"

"Granddad caught you guys fucking?"

"Yeah. And if you ask him real nice, in private, maybe he'll show what a good cocksucker he is."

"Grandpa's sucks dick?" a shocked Garrick asked.

"Best I've ever had!"

Patrick broke in, "And when he fucks your ass, you stay fucked. Finest kind."

Garrick looked like he was in shock.

"Pat. Garrick was stupid." My dad said. "But you broke your word. To family. Got so busy you forgot your word again didn't you?

"Yeah, Karl, but look... I..."

"You fucked up again, Pat. You got absentminded. You broke your word, and what's worse you fucked with your son's mind rather than work things out immediately, didn't you."

"Yeah. But..."

"`Yeah but,' your ass, Pat! Did Dad fuck with our minds when he caught us?"

"No. But..."

"Oh. You're going to get butt alright Pat. Bright red butt! What happened to the boy Garrick was with?"

"Uh. He ran off while I was yelling at Garrick."

"You yelled at Garrick for sucking dick?"

"Well. Yeah. See. It was..."

"It was shit, Pat. I don't want to hear it. Go get your board."

"Karl! No! This isn't..."

In a low, dangerous voice my dad said, "I don't want to hear it, Pat. Go get the board. NOW!"

Patrick turned and went out the back door towards the barn.

Garrick and I were frozen, afraid to break the silence and have Dad focus his attention on us. He just stood there staring at the back door and radiating anger. My dick had gone limp and Garrick was very pale, almost white, with tears silently coursing down his cheeks.

Dad finally broke the heavy silence as he turned away from the door and towards his brothers son. "Garrick, I'm really sorry all this has happened to you. You did nothing to bring this much crap down around your ears. You were stupid when you didn't lock the door, but you've done nothing wrong and nothing to be ashamed of. I imagine you feel pretty awful inside right now. Believe me, that will pass. Are you OK?"

Garrick just dropped his head, tears falling to the floor.

Dad walked over to the bedside table and rummaged around in his overnight bag. Walking back over to Garrick, Dad handed him a cellular phone. "If you walk over to the big pine tree behind the parking area, you can look down the mountain and see the lights of the city. The cell phone will reach the city from there."

Garrick looked up with a puzzled frown.

Dad murmured, "Don't you think you should talk to your friend, Garrick? Make sure he's OK and that he knows that no one is going to say anything about what happened."

When Garrick still hesitated, Dad said in a kindly voice, "Go call him, Garrick. He's worried long enough by himself, and all alone." Dad took Garrick's shoulders and pointed him towards the door, gently swatting his ass to propel him outward.

"Yeah. Yeah. I've gotta call Billy," Garrick said as he stumbled towards the door.

Dad watched Garrick walk outside and then took a deep sighing breath.


"What, Daddy?"

"Oh. I'm sorry Joey. It's just that sometimes people love each other so much they end up hurting each other."

"Like my old Daddy hurt me?"

Reaching for me Dad said, "Yeah. Like your father hurt you. Are you OK, Joey? I mean, is all this going on fucking with your head?"

Jumping off the chair and moving into my Dads embrace, I hugged him and said into his belly, "It sort of confuses me, Daddy. And it makes me kind of upset inside. But I don't think it's hurting me. I just don't understand."

"Well, Joey. I think what's going on is that Patrick loves his son so much that he just doesn't know what to do--how to act towards his son." Looking down at me and pulling my eyes up to his by lifting my chin, Dad continued, "If I ever start acting like that I want you to kick my butt!"

With my best, `Little Boy Innocent' look on my face I said, "Yes, sir. But you'll have to crouch down or I won't be able to reach."

With a twinkle in his eye and a big grin on his face My Dad said, "For you boy, I'll get down on my hands and knees so you can reach my butt real easy like."

With my most solemn `Confused Baby Boy' voice I asked, "But Daddy. What do I do if I kick your butt and my foot goes up inside your hole and gets stuck and I can't get it back out?"

Dad started laughing and snatched me up into the air, holding me up high and tickling my ribs at the same time. As peals of uncontrollable laughter came from me, he said, in his most serious voice, "Well, I guess I'd just have to spend the rest of my life walking around with you hanging out of my asshole."

We both broke out in gales of laughter, almost hysterical relief from the tension. Dad let me down he was so weak from laughing and I caught his waist in my legs, clamping myself to him. I reached up and got the tickle bone right under his armpit and he went berserk. He was REALLY ticklish.

Next thing we knew we were in a huge tickle fight. Me dodging his extended forefingers and trying to keep them out of my sides while keeping myself clamped to his waist as he tried to tickle me and keep me out of his tickle bone at the same time.

Garrick came through the door looking panicked, thinking Dad and I were killing each other from all the noise we were making. Dad was jumping around the room trying to get away from the tickling leech attached to his body that was squealing in hysterical laughter. Dad was trying to say, "Don't, don't!" through his much deeper laughter, trying to protect his chest where I was holding onto a handful of chest hair as I drummed his ass with my heels while I attacked his armpit with my other hand as Dad kept trying to attack my ribs at the same time, and if you think this sentence is goofy, you should have seen us if you want to know what goofy looks and sounds like.

Dad finally saw Garrick and stopped me by hugging me to him with my arms trapped under his (so I bit him in the chest, but just a love bite.) Dad reached up and popped me lightly in the back of the head, "NO BITES" he said, returning his hand to cradle my bottom. I just laid my head sideways on Dads chest so I could see Garrick.

"Is your buddy OK, Garrick?" Dad queried.

"Yes, sir. He was real worried, but I told him you said that no one was going to tell his dad and he calmed down right away."

"Good. How are you?"

"Oh. I'm OK."

"Sure you are. Come here, Garrick."

Garrick walked over to us and Dad lifted his arm from my shoulders where he was keeping me restrained and put it around Garrick's strong shoulders. Pulling his nephew to him Dad looked deep into the young man's eyes. After a little bit Dad kissed Garrick on the forehead.

"Well. I guess, with all the confusion, I never got a chance to say, "Hi" to my favorite nephew."

"Uncle Karl. I'm your-only-nephew!"

With a big smile on his face my Dad smiled, "Yeah! Makes it easy to choose, don't it?"

Garrick went to punch Dad in the stomach and almost hit my leg.

I shrank back a little and Dad said, "I guess you two have never been formally introduced. Garrick this is my new son, Joey. Joey, this is your new cousin, Garrick."

Garrick looked at me and nodded.

I sat up and looked at Garrick. He was so beautiful. Just a fuzzy hint of a beard, varicolored hazel eyes, manly chin and jawline, full lush lips and a body to kill for. God, I sprung another hardon up against Dads belly almost instantly and without thinking I reached over and put my arm around Garrick's other shoulder, leaned forward, and kissed him right on the lips. Just a quick peck, but enough to cause his eyes to widen and his body to tense up.

I looked up at my Dad and asked, "Can Garrick be my Big Brother, Daddy?"

"Well Joey... First Cousins are just like brothers I guess. Except that my brother is Garrick's daddy instead of me. But don't you think you're being a bit rude asking me instead of Garrick?"

"OH! I'm sorry, Garrick" I said, looking at him. "I didn't mean anything bad. I know you're upset right now, but I've always wanted a Big Brother and you're really neat. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you."

"Don't worry about it, Garrick," Dad said. "Joey's too smart and fast for himself sometimes, but he's pretty honest, and a darn good judge of character. I'm sure he didn't mean to embarrass you."

"Uh. I guess I was just surprised is all. I've always wanted to have a Little Brother." Shyly, he continued, "That's why I let Billy hang around, he was sorta like a Little Brother."

"Does that mean `Yes'?" I popped off.

Dad swatted my butt and said, "Joey! Mind your manners. You're embarrassing Garrick again. You guys just met. Give him a chance to get to know you first!"

Garrick said, "That's OK, Uncle Karl. We're already cousins, so if Joey want's me to be his Big Brother, I guess I'd kinda like to have him for a Little Brother too."

"O' Goody!" I crowed, swarming off of Daddy and onto Garrick who grabbed me in surprise. Hardon and all!

"My Big Brother!" I said as I put my legs around his narrow waist and my arms around powerful shoulder and neck muscles. "I got me a Big Brother!" and I kissed him real hard on the lips.

I'd just worked my tongue as far as Garrick's teeth when Dad swatted my butt hard. "Joey. Quit acting silly. Maybe Garrick doesn't like being pawed."

From what I felt pushing against me from under Garrick's belt, I knew better and just worked my tongue harder against his teeth.

With a deep breath and sigh Garrick's mouth came open and our kiss went from brotherly to hot passion in about an adolescent millionth of a second. Garrick's hands lifted to me and began to strongly caress my back and butt as I strained up against him and our tongues and lips tried to meld us into one person.

Dad just stood quietly and watched the bond of brotherhood develop--and complete itself.

Finally replete and satisfied with my new brothers love for me, we broke off our kiss and I laid my head down on his muscley shoulder.

"Well son," my dad said to Garrick, "looks to me like you're stuck with a new Little Brother."

"Yes, Sir. I think so too."

"OK. Let me say this up front. Joey is trying to figure things out and he needs us older guys to guide him from time to time. If you think he needs a punch or a swat sometime, you're the Big Brother, do what you think is necessary. Just one warning, you really hurt him, break something, bruise him or make him bleed or something like that and you'd better have a REAL good explanation for what you did, and why you did it!"

"Oh! I'd never hit Joey, Uncle Karl!"

"Then he'll walk all over you, boy. You guys want to be brothers, fine. No problem by me. But sometime's brothers scuffle, your Dad and I always have. Doesn't mean you don't love each other. Just happens sometimes."

"Well, I'll think about it, Uncle Karl."

"OK. Can't ask for any more than that. But one other thing. Joey is a horny little prick. He's gonna be after you to suck your dick and have you fuck him up the ass..."


"Hush Joey, I'm not the one putting a hickey on his neck right now. Or did that just magically appear from nowhere?"

I my most Upper-Class Don't You Know tones I said, "Why Father Dearest. How would I know about such things?"

"See what I mean, Garrick? You've really got your arms full now, and I don't just mean holding onto him like you are. What I was trying to say before I was so RUDELY interrupted..."

"Hump" from me.

"...What I was trying to say was that if you two decide to fuck and suck, or jack each other off or whatever, that's OK with me. It's just brother stuff and all it means to me is that you guys are horny and trust each other and love each other enough to help each other out. And if you guys choose to let me know what you're doing it just means that you love me and trust me too."

Reaching over with an arm and a leg I hooked Dad over closer to Garrick and me. I hugged them as close as I could and buried my head in between where their chests came together. Dad and Garrick twined their arms around me and each other and we all just stood there holding each other as I began to cry.

"What's the matter, Joey," Garrick asked in a concerned voice.

"Think you're the only person who's been hurt or lonely, Garrick?" Dad asked quietly.

They just held onto me and let me cry it out, occasionally one of their arms would move to caress me and then take a new grip, holding me in their loving embrace.