My Dads draft 16

by Jon Hold

Copyright ©2015 by the Author

Chapter 16

Oh Yeah!, or ?, or ., or ...

Darting out from under Garrick, and gigging him in the ribs as I moved quickly away, I teased, "...until next time!"

"You little shit!" Garrick said in a gruff voice, doing his best to not laugh.

"You telling me I can't touch your dick?"

"I'd like to, just to keep you in your place, but Big Pete's telling me to shut my mouth except to tell you that you can touch him anytime you have the urge."

"You call your dick `Big Pete'?" I said with `Big Grin' on my face.

Garrick kind of blushed a little and looked down and said, "Well, Yeah. It's kind of a nick-name you know."

I walked over to Garrick and gently lifted the heavy organ until his single eye could see me through the dime-sized opening in his hood. "Thanks, Big Pete!" I used my other hand to stroke the hood back and put a big sloppy kiss right on the broadest part of Big Pete's head. "You and me buddy. We'll talk more about this some time when Garrick's asleep. But right now I've got to wash your transportation or my Dad will think Garrick and I have been kidnapped." Putting Big Pete down, I took Garrick's warm hand and we moved through the thickening steam to where I had the bench set up.

As I was arranging Garrick how I wanted him on the wide bench, with a twinkle in his eyes he asked me, "Transportation? Is that all I am? Just transportation for Big Pete?"

"Hey, Big Brother," I said, shrugging. "We all do what we gotta do."

Garrick just moaned and shook his head.

More seriously, I put my hand on Garrick's back and asked, "You comfortable, Garrick?"

"More comfortable than I've ever been, Little Brother. Thanks! I mean it, Joey. Thanks a lot."

"You just relax, Garrick. Please. I want this to be really special for you. Let me bathe you. Please?"

"No. You got it backwards. Joey. I should ask. Would you please wash me, Joey? Please?"

"You bet'cha, Big Brother. You just lay there and I'll get you really, really clean and make you feel good too."

Looking up, I saw something I'd forgotten. "Damn. I forgot the rope, Garrick. Can I stand on you for just a second?"

"Sure, Joey. You don't weigh all that much. What are you going to do with the rope. You're not going to tie me up, are you?" he asked, kind of uncertain.

I stepped up on the bench and then up on Garrick's tight buns. Planting a foot on each cheek of his ass I stretched up until I could get hold of the nylon cord hanging from a nail in one of the rafters. I climbed back down and started pulling on the rope.

"No. I'm not going to tie you up. Well, unless you want me to?" I said with hope in my voice (What's the difference between a Nun and a prostitute in a bathtub? The Nuns got hope in her soul!).

"NO! NOT! No way, José."

"Humm. My names Joey, not José, but we'll work on that later.... Now pay attention! This rope goes over to that pulley..." I said, pointing to the pulley over the levers that controlled the flow of water on the far wall, "... and goes over to the shower bucket so we can move it where we want it." And I demonstrated by reeling in the rope, pulling the bucket back over to the far wall.

Garrick twisted his upper torso up so that he could see were the bucket was suspended from the ceiling from a length of 1-1/2" rubber fire hose. It was also pretty easy to see how the rope tied to the bucket through the pulley moved it back and forth. A pretty ingenious low-tech solution.

By now I had the water temperature adjusted to a relaxing warmth. "Lay back down now, Garrick. I'm going to start now." Playing out and reeling in the rope, I moved the heavy downpour from Garrick's feet, up his legs and over his proud butt and past his narrow waist to his Vee shaped back and over his head. Up and down. Over and over. Watching Garrick relax more and more as the gently pounding rain warmed his body as it swirled the steam vapor in it's downward flight. Carefully timing the breath-stopping passage over his head, I slowed his breathing rate slower, and slower. Between the day's events, our sexual exercises, the warmth, the sound/smell of steam and falling water and my careful ministrations, Garrick soon slipped off to sleep.

Walking back over to the bench, I slipped the rope into a wedge shaped block under the end of the bench that held it in place, the shower water falling to the floor behind the bench. Picking up the bottle of Dr. Bronner's liquid Peppermint soap, I began to wash Garrick's back with my bare hands in the slickery lather. Spreading and working the warming liquid soap into and over his skin, I massaged the surface muscles as well as his magnificent skin. Flat, shoulders and deltoids and powerful neck. Back to the flat scapular area, carefully working down each side of the spine. Across the lower back and up the sides to the warm hairy armpits, careful to keep firm pressure to avoid tickling, and back down to the flat flanks and up across the mounded buttcheeks. Down the left leg, a hand on each side of the tight thigh, full with massive cords and plates of muscle. Carefully cleaning the knee to remove the scented wax secreted there. Working the calves with fingers, palms and thumbs, rolling the tissue to relieve the tension caused by constantly carrying the solid upper frame. Down across ankle to work on the strong heel and tender sole until I was focused on cleaning and massaging each perfectly formed toe with it's neatly clipped nail.

Back up the leg, working just as carefully and taking even more time to completely explore this unbelievably perfect athletic body that was so completely open to my every inquiry. Across the butt to do the right leg. Old six inch scar on inside of thigh that I carefully massaged and examined before kissing it and passing on. Focused on my work. The back part of my mind alive with the wonder of my task. The wonder of this human body. The wonder of being so totally trusted. The wonder of life itself.

Returning to butt to continue with even deeper massage. Quite naturally swinging my leg across Garrick to sit across his thighs, my knees on the bench to gain leverage as I worked the large muscles of his butt like a great mass of stiff bread dough. Scooting up bit by bit as I progressed to the small of the back, loins and lower back. Sitting butt to butt, the fine hairs of his butt and the longer, stiffer hairs in his dark cleft stimulating my loose hanging and hairless penis and testicles with magic touches as I moved. Sitting in the saddle of his lower back as I delved deeply into the structures of his broad back and shoulders. Sliding off to the side to more thoroughly cleanse the hairy and cleanly boy/man-scented armpits and to do his powerful left arm. Entranced by the fineness and strength of his fingers capped so perfectly with manicured nail tips. Returning the arm to his side to continue across shoulders and thick wrestlers neck to service the right arm, hand and fingers. Returning to the neck that fascinated me so much and down the spine. Completely and thoroughly cleaning and exploring the deep hairy cleft and its hidden rosebud. Fingertips finally brushing across the back of the hairy ballsack... and away.

Releasing the rope to move the soft streams of falling water to the middle of his back. Heavy flow washing away dirt and soap as the rebounding spray began to more slowly rinse the rest of the recumbent body. My hands helping to wash away the soap and dirt until the skin was soap-free. Pulling the water back, and looking, gasping as I looked at pure masculine beauty.

Picking up the bottle of Dr. Bronner's Liquid Peppermint Soap, I began the process again... and again... and again...

Laying on Garrick's back, slathering soap all over his body with my body, I heard his voice quietly rumble through his chest, into my chest, up my spine and into my middle ears.

"Mmmmm. Why do you make me feel so good?"

A bit spacey myself, I rumbled right back at him, only two octaves higher, "Because we love us?"

"Hummm? Could be!"

"Uh Huh. For really and truly!"

"How did you and Uncle Karl get so close so fast?"

After thinking a bit, I ventured, "Well, when he and my mom got married I was pretty sure she didn't love me any more. My natural sire had walked off and left me without a second thought, and I was pretty sure Mom was about to do the same.

"I was pretty angry and feeling hurt deep down inside, so I acted like a little prick and caused as much trouble as I could so I'd get any kind of attention at all. Dad brought me up here to talk to me about what was going on. I don't think I'd fooled him very much. He ended up having to paddle my ass `to get my attention,' as he calls it. Once he got my ass warmed up good, ALL the emotions just sorta came pouring out. My head kinda turned around inside itself and I realized that I'd been hiding, even from myself, how much my father, even though he'd never been much of a Dad, leaving hurt me--and... well..."

"Go ahead, Joey. I'm your brother, aren't I. You can tell me. I won't tell anyone else."

"Oh, I trust you, Garrick. It's just... Well, it's just that it's kind of embarrassing, you know?"

"Joey. You're laying naked on top of me with your dick stuck in the crack of my ass. How embarrassed can you be?"

I laughed a little and hunched my dick through the slick soap that was all that separated my dickhead from Garrick. "Yeah. I guess you're right. Well... What I figured out was that I wanted, I needed a strong man in my life to talk to. To answer my questions about the feelings I was having. Sorta someone who could understand me and guide me and who could be the boss sometimes so I wouldn't have to make the decisions and be responsible all the time. Ever since I was a little kid, my parents hardly had anything to do with me. And my father certainly never had a `man-to-man' talk with me. Until he wanted to fuck my butt, he hardly even knew I was alive.

"So all of a sudden, I've got this big, burly guy that really impressed me with his own macho self (which sorta scared me too) walloping my ass and I just sort of fell apart when I realized that I wanted him to wallop me even harder because it felt so much better than the pain coming out from inside, and because the pain coming out felt so good. Guess I got sorta confused.

"When he stopped spanking me and just held on to me, all I could feel was love and admiration for my new step-dad. That and being really, REALLY horny. Next thing I knew, even though I didn't say anything out loud, he was telling me it was OK for me to feel the way I did, both the pain and the wanting to have sex with guys. The pain because as he held me, he was crying too. For what hurt me inside and because he cared--about ME. The sex thing by letting me suck his cock, no... he enjoyed having me suck his cock, he participated, told me how great it was, how great I was, and how OK it was and how much he liked what I was doing.

"Then I made him even crazier, and he fucked me with that huge cock of his and played with my body, but only because I teased and asked him to make love to me. By enjoying what we were doing he told me I wasn't a bad person and that the sex I preferred was not a bad thing."

"So that's how you and Uncle Karl got going huh?"

"Well, that's how it started."

"What was the real thing that got you so close together?"

"We made each other Father and Son."


"We just did."

"Joey, I though you trusted me?" Garrick said in a sort of hurt sounding voice.

"Well..., you know how a father usually makes a son?"

"Yeah. I know all about the birds and the goats. A bit late for you though, wasn't it?"

"Not the way we figured it out. What we did was Dad took me to bed and inseminated me."

"He fucked his sperm up into your guts to make you his?"

"Yeah. And then I fucked Dad and made him mine too."

"You fucked Uncle Karl?"


"Big, macho, studly, cock-swinging, pussy-fucking, straight-arrow Uncle Karl?"

"That's him! That's my Dad!", I said, pride leaking all over the floor.

After being quiet for a while, obviously thinking things over, Garrick shifted under me a little bit, spreading his legs in the process so that my legs fell down between his. Really soft and unsure sounding, "Joey. I want you to fuck me."

"In the ass?" I said with considerable surprise.

"That's the usual place."

It was my turn to think things over. Here was this amazing hunk of a guy asking me to fuck him. I just couldn't believe a near perfect teenage athlete stud like Garrick would want me to fuck him.

"Garrick, you're a virgin, aren't you?"

"No. I'm not. I lost my virginity when you sucked me off earlier."

I just had to wise-crack, "Your virginity ain't lost, Garrick, I've got it right here in my tummy!"

"Very smart , wise ass. Now, are you going to fuck me?"

"Garrick, I don't think you're a bottom man. You're an natural stud, Garrick. I don't think that you'll ever actually want anyone to fuck you."

Garrick was silent for a few minutes and then, with a firm voice, "Listen, Joey... Little Brother. I've been mad horny crazy since I was twelve, wanting to fuck anything except my fist. Even then everyone was scared of my dick-of-death. I'm good looking, not vain, but I know I look good. I'm good looking, have a good personality and people want to be my friend almost automatically. Lots of people, girls and boys wanted to play sex games with me. But as soon as they saw Big Pete, well, that was the end of that! The first person I had any luck with at all was Billy, and all he was willing to do was jack me off if I sucked his dick. And I didn't even get his dick in my mouth before my Dad walked in and started raising hell."

"I'm sorry, Garrick. That really sucks.... I mean..."

"I know what you meant, Joey. And thanks. But think about this--no one, and I mean no body at all, has ever tried to give ME sexual pleasure. No one except you! Others were scared of Big Pete, or wanted to touch Big Pete, or wanted me to use my mouth or hands on them and not do anything back. You are the only person who has EVER tried to give ME pleasure. Oh, sure, you were impressed by Big Pete..."

"Damn right...!"

"...but you were making love to ME. You were trying to make ME feel good and trying to take care of ME. Not Big Pete. ME!" Starting to cry, Garrick continued, "And you want to be MY brother. Do you know what that feels like, Joey? To have someone want me for ME? Not about Big Pete. Not about popular High-School stud jock. Not about help with homework or anything else. You just want ME to be your brother, just because I'm me."

Scooching up a little, I held Garrick's chest tightly in my thin arms. "Please don't cry, Garrick," tears pouring down my face I went on, "Please don't cry."

"It's okay, Joey. They're good tears. Now make me your brother. Put your dick inside of me and make me your brother! You were the first to suck my dick, and I want you to be the first one to fuck my ass. More important, I want us to be brothers. And if that means getting you to fuck me to get your sperm inside me, well... so much the better!" Garrick had begun working his hips, trapping my erection between his muscular nether cheeks. He managed to both stroke my hardon and roll it back and forth at the same time. The combination of his warm smooth skin, the stiff-soft hairs in his crack, the slick soap and his eager motion was making me loose control rapidly.

"No, Garrick. Don't do that! I don't want to hurt you."

"Did it hurt you when you swallowed Big Pete?"

"Not really."

"Not really?"

"No. Not really. It felt good a lot more than it ever hurt me."

"Oh. So you don't want me to feel good?"

"No, Garrick! I just don't want to hurt you."

"Un Huh. I understand now. You think I'm a wimp that can't take any discomfort."

"That's stupid, Garrick. You're no wimp. You're the most studly guy I've ever met."

"So I'm supposed to be your studly Big Brother and you're supposed to be my sissy Little Brother? Got news for you, Joey. I AIN'T gunna have no sissy for a Little Brother! You're going to be my studly Little Brother, or you ain't gunna be my brother at all! Now either show me what a stud you can be, or get off me and I'll finish washing myself--without a brother!"

By now Garrick had moved my dickhead inside of the ring of hair surrounding the entrance to his anus, my loose foreskin pressed against the portal. My rod was so engorged with blood that the swollen base actually hurt, the split tail of my cock root pushing up on the lips of my anus making it look like the lust swollen lips of my mouth. The constant throbbing in my groin was forcing a constant flow of thick, viscid pre-cum out of my fevered cockhead. My whole body quivered with the instinctual drive to lunge forward and submit to the mating frenzy that was threatening to overwhelm me at any moment.

Almost crying, I begged through my lust blurred vision, "Please, Garrick. Please. I don't want to hurt you. Please don't make me..."

"Who else can I trust, Joey?..." and he rotated his hips up and back, spreading his portal even more and forcing the nose of my marbleized pestle to push inside of him.