My Dads draft 17

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 17

Breeding Little Brother

My last shred of self-control flamed away with Garrick's motion. I bit into the web of muscle connecting Garrick's shoulder and neck to hold him in place as my knees spread his legs further apart and forward across the edges of the bench. Spastic, uncontrollable arms crushing his ribcage with my stallions grip as my hands clenched on his protruding pectoral muscles and my back muscles turned into sculpted cords, lifting my belly off of his back and forcing my entire weight and strength to focus through my dimpled butt cheeks down through my loins.

The first motion of my cockhead forced the collection of sex slime from inside my foreskin into Garrick's entryway. Like a Caterpillar tread, my foreskin rolled forward with my engorged helmet, easing the friction of entry past the first ring to almost zero, the now exposed eye and nose of my blind mouse encountering the first sensation of the rippled velvet lining of Garrick's inner anal tube. Garrick's natural moisture and my copious sex slime coated the resisting walls as the widening flare erupted into the narrow passage, forcing it to spread ever wider as more and more of my turtle head came into contact with the heated inner flesh. By the time I made contact with the second, inner ring my cockhead was in total contact with the velvet caress of the half-conquered shit-tube. The feeling of Garrick's soft tissues flowing over the sensitized tissues of my ramrod was exquisite. My mind was so focused on my sex organ that each tiny movement forward, each tiny sensation, each tiny bit of progress took as long as I willed it too. Each contact of Garrick's flesh to one of my nerve endings lasted forever, only to disappear instantly into overwhelming feeling as the next minute contact was made. Pressing hard against the virginal inner ring I spread Garrick open before me and took his maidenhead without pausing. As the last of my flared corona passed the inner gateway into Garrick's churning guts I ran out of loose foreskin and my lunging shaft began to drag its tensioned covering deeper into the violated hole. Friction and the forward motion of my shaft sucked Garrick's outer skin inside of his own asshole along with my penetrating rod. In less than a second from the beginning of my penetration hunch the curving motion of my loins slammed my invisibly haired groin into the spread and tightly skinned platform surrounding my skewered target.

I held on for all I was worth as Garrick bucked and moaned from the shock of my sudden attack. The arching of his back tore my teeth loose from their grip but my arms slid forward across his chest and I locked my hands behind his neck, holding him in a full nelson as my teeth sought a new hold on the spread latisimuss muscle in his back. Every time he moved, every time he attempted to escape, I punished him with my cock. Withdrawing several inches and driving it, HARD. Slamming it into his guts until he submitted to my mastery. Quivering under me as a mare under a stallion. Mine to service. Mine to breed as I chose.

Only his body's shock at my abrupt penetration allowed me to control his muscular body. I held him with his head forced under his chest, our weight and my wrestling grip forcing him into position. Forced to view his own limp organs and my balls hanging from his ass. His legs straddled the bench, widely spread to hold both of us up from where his toes gripped cracks between the shower floorboards. My feet rode his calves, holding him in a crouch that stole even more of his strength.

As he submitted to me, I slowly and carefully withdrew from him within the tightly stretched cockskin covering my throbbing pleasure pestle. Gently working my way back into the overheated tissues. Stroking his inner flesh and waking up the special sexual sensations all men's inner nerves are capable of if trained properly. Any sign of resistance on his part brought instant retribution as I slam fucked his ass, forcing more pressure down on his strained knees and biting even harder into his side as I tossed my head and growled. Garrick quickly learned not to resist.

Within minutes I was riding Garrick's sweat slicked back and ass with the full strokes of a breeding male set on impregnating his mate. Garrick's entire attitude and demeanor had become that of a female being bred, working his ass and abdominal muscles to increase the pleasure of copulating for both of us and to bring closer the final moments of ecstasy.

I couldn't take any more. Sweat poured from my body to slicken our union even more as my instinctive hunching lurched my body back and forth, racking Garrick's body with full-length strokes of my enraged four inch rod. Blood filled my mouth from Garrick's side as he began a deep voiced screaming. Waves of ecstatic pleasure were washing over Garrick as he experienced the confusion of a deep-seated visceral orgasm for the first time in his life. The clenching of his guts threatened to rip the skin off of my pounding cock until I locked forward onto him, a huge fart ripping from my ass as streams of superheated sperm lashed Garrick's guts without mercy. As he felt the hot juice impregnating him Garrick moved up on his toes and spread backward to me. Opening himself totally to me and my generative fluids. I clung to this brute of a male as we both collapsed to the bench, my balls drawn totally up inside my body as sperm leaked from around my deeply implanted manhood.


I came out of my daze with Garrick passed out underneath me, still widely spread across the shower bench. Slowly and carefully I lifted myself off of Garrick's back and slid my deflated organ from his bruised and weeping hole. Inspecting him for damage, I saw that there was no blood (except from his side) and that nature would heal him in a day or so. Leaving him spread wide open, I unfastened the rope and moved the warm shower water so that it splashed on his back and butt. With infinite care I washed our sex juices off of my loving brothers ass and legs, moving his legs back onto the bench into a more comfortable position in the process.

Gently, ever so gently--filled with a sense of wonder at having this magnificent body under my caressing, cleansing hands--I stroked and explored the supine form exposed for my edification and delight. In my sexual afterglow I was as totally entranced by the glory of our budding relationship as I was of his glorious body.

Awakening, Garrick rolled to his back and pulled me down on top of him, our bodies fitting comfortably together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Lips brushed lips. Tongues explored eyes and noses and ears and jawlines. My smooth cheek delighted in brushing against the soft stubble that proved Garrick's manhood. Garrick's hands wandered over my body, exploring as much as caressing.

"Well, I guess that resolves any questions about whether you're a wimp or not!"

Pushing against Garrick's chest with both hands, I reared up, sitting on his belly with his half-hard cock in the crack of my ass as I grabbed hold of his man paps. Twisting both tits between my deceptively strong thumbs and forefingers, I clenched my teeth and spat in his face, "Wimp? Wimp! You still think I'm a wimp you little pussy!"

Folding forward and raising his knees Garrick clenched his forearms to his chest in an attempt to protect himself. "Aoooww".

Twisting even harder, I demanded, "Put your arms down!" Harder, "Down! Now! That's better. Do as you're told or I rip them off your chest you little sissy."

Arms out to his sides, Garrick plead, "Easy, Joey. You're hurting me."

"Admit that I'm a better stud than you'll ever be or I'll really give you something to whine about pussy-boy!"

"Pussy-boy?" And with that Garrick reached up with his legs and grabbed me, flipping me down on my back as he reversed our holds and came up on top of me. With my legs scissored around his waist I struggled to regain my grip on his swollen paps. Fighting me off with ease, Garrick pinned me to the bench, completely covering my body with his looming form. "Now who's the pussy boy, pussy boy?"

Struggling to get loose, and struggling to not break out laughing, I demanded that he release me and described all sorts of mayhem I was going to perpetrate on his wet, warm form if he didn't do as I demanded immediately.

Grinning down at me, Garrick said, "You don't seem to be in much of a position to do much of anything except be nice right now, Little Brother."

"I ain't your Little Brother!" I said hotly.

The grin dropping from his face, a note of seriousness entered Garrick's voice. "I'm sorry, Joey. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I was trying to tell you that you weren't a wimp. You're about as studly as they come once you get your motor running. I just thought... That is... Well, I thought we were going to be brothers?"

"You ARE my Big Brother, you lummox. I just worked myself half to death fucking your brains out and pumping the biggest load of cum into you I've ever shot to make you my Big Brother. Seems to me like you're the one who hasn't held up his end of the bargin, Big Brother."

Looking confused, Garrick let out a questioning sound that didn't even make it to "Huh?".

"Listen carefully my dumb, mentally slow Big Brother. I'll try to say this in words of one syllable so you can understand: Me get on top. Me put dick in hole. Me make fuck-fuck in hole. Now you mine! Me not your's. You no fuck-fuck! Understand?"

"Joey, are you trying to tell me you want me to fuck you in the ass?"

"Taaa-da! The light blinks on! My brilliant elder brother gets a clue!--Would you like me to draw you a picture of where things go?" I said with bright sarcasm, dangerously teasing the beast inside my teenaged brother.

Garrick just laid silently on top of me, his head next to mine on the bench. After a while, as much as he tried to hide it, I could feel him crying. With wisdom beyond my years, I didn't say anything. I just held on--and let myself be held. An entirely new feeling of wonder entered me as this brash, strong, self-reliant young male buried his face in the crux of my shoulder and allowed himself to cry freely. Sobs began wracking his body as his warm tears glued us together. One hand behind his back and one arm across the back of his head, I held Garrick to me and rocked him as best I was able. Shushing him and saying over and over, "It's OK, it's OK." My teasing completely forgotten, my brother needed me!

Leaning up on his elbows, Garrick looked at me from a range of a couple of inches, staring into my face, searching for something. Trying to talk through the waning tears, the frog in his throat and a nose full of snot produced noise, but no intelligible words.

"Blow your nose stupid!" So he did, making a mess all over his face. Using a handful of my wet long blonde hair I wiped his face like he was a little boy with a runny nose.

"Don't do that, Joey. You're messing up your hair!"

"Oh! Like we're not in the shower and my hair can't be washed? Shut up stupid, and blow your nose!"

Holding his nose in my hair and pressing each nostril in turn, back and forth, I cleaned Garrick's nose as he blew it clear. Taking a fresh hank of hair in hand I cleaned the last of the mess from his face and asked, "Now, what were you trying to say?"

Garrick tried to explain to me as he put his thoughts in order for himself, realizing for the first time what his feelings really were, what it felt like to be very popular, envied by the other boys and girls in school for his personality, his body, his athletic ability (Quarterback of the football team, star player on the baseball team, Captain of the wrestling team, high scorer on the basketball team, State Champion swimmer, State Champion on high rings and side horse (tied on parallel bars), and, most important to him, being considered for a Black Belt by his Aikido Sensei at 15 years old), scholastic achievement (vice-President of the Honor Society, Highest Honors in the National Math Achievement Tests, Grand-champion - State Spelling Bee, 4.0 average, and, hardest to deal with of all, noted and envied (by the boys) for his huge cock. Garrick was trying to put into words what it was like to be considered a freak. To have girls (and some boys) drawn to him in adolescent exploration only to have them freak out when confronted by his erect organ.

Billy was the first person to let sex go beyond the first view of Garrick's monster appendage, and all he was willing to do was touch it and let Garrick suck his dick for the privilege.

Every word was filled with pain and self-loathing. All those bitches (female and male alike) had managed to convince this wonderful teenager that he was some sort of freak. A thrill to be experienced for a quick view of "his thing" and then dropped like a bad joke.

Anger surged in my narrow chest. Rage at the thoughtless assholes that would hurt someone like this and even more rage at Garrick for believing them! The whole thing infuriated me. Grabbing a handful of his hair in each hand I began slamming my forehead into his, screaming into his face, "Shut up. Shut up. You're not a Freak, you're not a freak. You're my brother and you're not a freak. Fuck those assholes. They don't know shit. They don't know you. Fuck Them. FUCK THEM!"

Grabbing my head in both of his hands to keep me from hurting myself (or himself) any more, Garrick switched from self-pity to concern for me. "Don't do this to yourself, Joey. It's OK. I know I'm a freak and it's OK. I was just feeling sorry for myself. I'm OK now. I promise"

Speaking with the voice of a wise 40 year old, I lectured Garrick, "You--are--not -- a--freeeeek! You're a wonderful person with a wonderful big cock. Your asshole turd-eating `friends' are the freaks. Social freaks who don't have any better sense than to tease someone better than they are and to try and drag him down to their level. Don't you ever let me hear you call yourself a freak again or I'll beat the fuck out of you!"

A smile flitting across his face, Garrick laughed at me, more in pain than humor, "YOU're going to beat the fuck out of ME?" as he looked down at my body, less than half the size of his, pinned beneath him.

"You didn't think I could fuck you either, you prick!" And with that I put my palms against his chest and the soles of my feet against his hips and, with all the strength of my anger, pushed him up and off of me and sent him sprawling on the water slick and warmed floor.

Without pause Garrick's trained wrestling reflexes reached up and snagged my ankle and dragged me down on the floor with him. In a raging fury I attacked him with everything I had, not very scientific, but serious as a dead frog. Unhappily, Garrick was a scientific fighter, easily evading my punches and grabs as we rolled together on the floor. His laughter at my futile attacks enraged me beyond reason, primal instincts leading me to drive straight for his throat. That only amused him even more and he began changing his simple parries into tickle attacks to my sides and tummy. He soon had me in hysterics. My anger battling with my fury at being so ticklish and my near total inability to avoid his probing hands. Garrick finally fucked up and let me get in just a bit too close. I got a mouthful of his armpit hair and tore it loose with a jerking twist of my head. Screaming in pain, Garrick grabbed for his armpit, allowing me to escape.

As I scrambled away on my hands and knees Garrick's big hand swung out in an wide arc and connected with my butt in a stinging slap that knocked me down on my side. A split second later a wired-for-action teenager pounced on top of me, pining me to the floor in a `Tee' with an arm behind my head, and an arm between my legs and up my back and his chest holding me to the floor. I tried to tickle him, but he just looked at me and said, "Thanks... I love you, Little Brother." And then he kissed me.