My Dads draft 22

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 21

Garrick in Deep Do-Do

Without a word, Garrick got up and holding his nose where I'd bloodied it and his chest, where a bruise was already spreading, and headed up the stairs to his room. I watched him go and then wiped my face and blew the snot out of my nose. Not until I was done did I notice that I was using Greg's underpants and they were full of snot. I went into the kitchen and washed them out in the sink, and washed my face at the same time. I took the underpants out back by the pool and draped them over a pool chair to dry and then went back out front to get the wheelchair.

Once I got the chair inside, I got in it and wheeled myself down the hallway. It wasn't as easy as Greg made it look. I heard the toilet flush just as I got to the bathroom. I waited a while and then started to wonder if Greg was going to come out or not. Thinking he might be in trouble, I knocked on the door and asked if he was OK. I couldn't understand the response through the door, so I opened it. Greg looked OK, but he was still sitting on the pot.

"You done yet?"


"Need some help getting your pants back on?" Greg just flushed red and turned his head away. I got out of the wheelchair and walked over to Greg.

"What's the matter, Greg?" I asked.

He just kind of mumbled, so I asked again, "Come on, Greg. What's the matter. You can either sit there all day, or you can tell me what the problem is and I'll see if I can help you."

Tears in his eyes, and shame in his voice, he turned his head away and said, "I can't wipe myself. There's nothing to hold onto, and I can't wipe myself without falling off the toilet."

Trying to keep my voice light and bright, I said, "Hey. I may be a little kid, but that doesn't sound like much of a problem to me. Here, turn around like this," and I helped him swivel sideways on the toilet seat until he was facing the sink and could hold it with both hands.

Putting my hand on the small of his back I asked him to lean forward to get his crack to clear the seat. Then I got some toilet paper and started to wipe him. "This ain't nothin' new. Sometimes Garrick and I play `Master and Slave' and he makes me watch him while he shits and then makes me wipe him real good. If I'm lucky, he doesn't shit in my hand."

Looking over his shoulder at me, Greg said, "You're kidding!"

Laughing, I said, "Well, he's never actually shit in my hand, but he came close one time."

While Greg was thinking that over I got a plastic can of `Wet Wipes' and cleaned him up real good. With the last one I pushed up inside his butthole with my finger to get any lingering traces.

Greg went up in the air and said, "HEY!"

"What's the matter," I said in my most innocent voice, wiggling my finger up inside him, "...never been cleaned up properly?"

"No... Uh... No one's ever touched me there before."

"Does it feel good, Greg?" I asked as I wiggled my finger some more and pushed it back and forth a few times.

Laughing, he clamped his butt cheeks and said, "It feels weird!"

Pulling out and making a last wipe, I threw the tissue into the toilet. "What now?" I asked.

"Would you get me my pants please?"

I bent down and got his pants.

"Where's my underpants?" he asked?

"They got dirty so I washed them and they're still wet."

"No problem." He said, and took the shorts from me.

Trying to pull his shorts on and balance on the toilet seat at the same time wasn't working too good, so I took the shorts from him and told him to lift up. He grabbed the sides of the toilet seat and levered himself up. I slid the pants on, and made sure his dick was tucked away safely before I zipped them up. Felt real nice, even if it did embarrass Greg.

"What now?" I asked.

"Just bring my chair over here and lock the wheels please."

I brought the chair over by the toilet and Greg told me how to lock the wheels. Walking on his hands like the best gymnast you've ever seen, Greg swung himself into the chair and buckled himself in. I jumped into his lap again.

"I did all the work, so I get to ride!" I demanded.

You could hear Greg relax as he laughed and threw his powerful arms around me in the strongest hug I'd ever had. It felt wonderful.

Greg kissed the side of my neck and said, "Thanks, Joey, you're a real pal."

I turned around inside of his hug and, arching my eyebrow, said, "For a kid?"

He laughed again and said, "Yeah. For a little kid."

I reached up and took the sides of his face in my hands and kissed him on the lips."

In about two seconds the kiss flared out of control as Greg's passion overwhelmed him. I went passive and kissed him back as good as I could, sucking on his tongue and rubbing my butt back and forth on the hydraulic ram that was trying to lift me off his lap. I felt totally overpowered by his physical strength and masculine forcefulness. The lust smell rising from his suddenly heated body inflamed the membranes of my nose and mouth. Every breath was like taking a hit of amyl nitrate, making my head spin even more than just being with him like this. I was about to pass out when Greg stopped and pulled back.

"Oh SHIT. I'm sorry, Joey. I'm sorry. I don't know what happened. I just lost control and went crazy. Are you OK? Oh, Joey, are you OK?"

"Wow!" I said, panting and looking/feeling dazed. "That was some kiss! Dad and Garrick kiss me lots, but they've never kissed me that good. Whew! You better take me outside for some fresh air. I still feel dizzy." I said, fanning my face with my hand.

Greg wheeled us around and back down the hallway. When we got to the living room I pointed out back and he took us out through the open patio door. I jumped off his lap and went over to his underpants and felt them. "They're still wet, Greg. You'll have to wait for them to dry."

"That's OK. I don't need to wear them. I'll just carry them with me. Thanks for washing them." He put his hand out, and waited. Finally, he said, "Can I have my underpants, Joey? I need to go home."

"Why do you need to leave already?"

"Don't you think I've caused enough trouble already? Making a fool of myself about having to go to the bathroom--and then kissing you like that."

"Well, you can kiss me like that ANYTIME. Just make sure you've got an oxygen mask handy! If you want your panties, you'll have to come and get them from me."

Greg rolled over to me and I jumped back. He came at me a little quicker and I darted away. In no time he was chasing me all over the enclosed patio, trying to capture his underpants. I cut alongside of him and he grabbed for me, overbalancing the wheelchair. The next thing I knew he and the wheelchair fell in the pool. All I could think of was that he was strapped into that damn chair. I dove into the pool after him.

He and the chair were lying on the bottom in the six-foot deep water. I swam down to him to loosen the seat belt. When I got near, he grabbed me. All I could think of was what I'd heard about drowning people grabbing others and drowning them too. I was starting to really panic when Greg shot out of the chair and headed for the surface with me tucked under one arm.

We broke the surface and he said, "HA! Got'cha!"

I hit him on the shoulder and yelled, "Dammit, Greg. You scared the hell out of me."

He laughed. "What's the matter? Afraid I'd get my underpants back?"

In my best `bright little boy' voice I said, "Hey! I've got an idea!"

"Yeah, what's that?" Greg asked.

"Let's go swimming!"

Greg laughed and pushed me away. "You're crazy, man. Just plain crazy!"

I splashed a double handful of pool water into his face and swam away as fast as I could. With a roar and a single dolphin leap, Greg was on top of me. Chasing and splashing and tickling, we played. Greg trying to drown me and me trying to get away and get in an attack whenever I could.

I finally held up my hands and yelled, "Time! Time Out!"

Greg stopped and watched me warily. I ducked under water as I folded up, only to break surface a second later with a tennis shoe in my hand. I threw it up on the patio and ducked back underwater to pull off the other one. Socks, T-shirt, shorts and underpants followed, landing with various sorts of splats on the concrete and brick patio. On my last dive I swam over to Greg and gently slid my hands down his sides, under the waistband of his shorts, and then shucked his shorts down off his slim, smooth hips. I surfaced and threw his shorts overhand to land near my clothes.

I used my hands to turn myself to face Greg. His hands were out to his sides, sweeping slowly to keep him in place. I put my hands on his shoulders and looked directly into his eyes. "Feels lot's better, Huh!"

"I don't think we should be out here naked, Joey. Someone might see us."

"If they do, they're trespassing! We swim out here naked all the time. I don't even know where my swimming trunks are. Just enjoy feeling good, Greg. Come-on, let's swim." And with that I let go and dove down in front of Greg, sliding my back down across his frontside, our slick skin contact more a caress than anything else.

Greg followed me to the bottom of the pool. He was beautiful in the water. He swam like a dolphin. Undulating his body for propulsion and twisting and turning as quickly and smoothly as an otter. He was totally un-handicapped in the water, moving as quickly and effortlessly as any water mammal. I was entranced by his grace and power as he flowed with the water. And that's what he did. He didn't really swim, he flowed with the water.

He brushed against me several times as he swam by in his cavorting. He came by once again and I hooked his shoulders with my hands. He shot off like a sea lion, taking me for the ride of my life. Every time we came to the surface I would either joyfully laugh or squeal in delight. We were both enjoying our freedom and youthful energy to the limits. Enjoying the motion of the water and the feeling of our bodies against each others in the flow stream.

My hands finally tired and I let go, sliding my arms down around his chest and down his torso as I slid off of him, feeling the slick smoothness of his powerful body as it glissaded through my arms. The only resistance to his motion was when my arms passed over his pubic patch, and that was just a slightly rough feeling of the smooth blond hair stimulating my flesh.

Greg circled back around and came up under my back, hooking my armpits in his arms. The water pressure held me to his front as he undulated us away. Even though my shoulders were lower than his in this position, his longer torso put the top of his pubes against the bottom of my butt. Water suction and pressure kept my back in contact with his torso. The feeling of the warm water, his warm body, his pubes scrubbing my butt and the top of my thighs, and of his penis appearing and disappearing between my legs sent me into a relaxed erogenous never-never land, my dick cutting the surface of the water as it pretended to be the periscope of a fancy submarine.

I rolled over in Greg's arms and kissed him on the lips. No big deal, just saying `Thank-You' in a relaxed, easy way. I laid my head on his water-washed chest as the soothing motions of his body continued to propel us slowly across and around the pool. My erection enjoyed itself as it felt the muscular action of Greg's tight abdomen and Greg's now erect organ seemed to be enjoying itself whenever it managed to poke my butt. Like a Navy LSD birthing her landing boats, Greg's arms released me and I slid off of him into the deep end of the pool.

I came up sputtering and jumped on Greg's shoulders, dunking him. This led to a series of games we invented that consisted largely of feeling each other up. Greg would come up under me, putting his head between my legs and then shooting to the surface where he'd send me flying. I'd hook my legs under his arms and across his back or chest and tow him around the pool. He'd come up behind me and, with one arm across my chest and one hand in my crotch, burst up to the surface and launch me way up into the air. Then I'd grab hold of his butt or his stumps legs and make like a tugboat pushing a raft of barges. Sometimes I'd `slip' and get a handful of his big balls or dick. Once my fingers `accidentally' poked into his butthole, so I just used that connection to push him. He didn't seem to mind a lot. He launched me into the air with a finger up my butthole a few times as well.

We finally tired, or at least I did. I think Greg could have gone without resting for days. I called to him, "Hey, Greg."

"What?" He answered. That was the first time we'd talked to each other in over an hour.

"We'd better get your wheelchair out of the water before it rusts away."

"It's made out of carbon fiber and stainless steel, so the water won't bother it. But we probably ought to get it up where it can dry off anyway."

We got the wheelchair to the shallow end of the pool without too much trouble, but it proved more difficult to lift it out of the pool. (I wasn't bright enough to get out of the pool and take it from Greg.) Suddenly, the weight of the chair was taken from our hands and we both fell back in the pool as we were unbalanced. I looked up and saw Garrick setting the wheelchair down. He was dressed in clean shorts and flannel shirt and looked like he'd just gotten out of the shower, all fresh and clean and wet-haired. He stepped over to the side of the pool and reached down to Greg.