My Dads draft 22

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 22


"I need to talk to you, Greg." He said as he put his hands in Greg's armpits. He started lifting and Greg put his hands up on Garrick's shoulders. Garrick lifted Greg up as he straightened up, both boys arms corded with muscular effort. Garrick lifted Greg up to head height and then held him to his chest with an arm around his chest and one around his waist. Greg kept his hands on Garrick's shoulders.

Without a word Garrick turned and walked over to one of the padded pool chairs. Bending over again he sat Greg down on the canvas cushion and then stood back up. He didn't seem to notice that Greg's wet body had soaked his clean clothes. Or, for that matter, that he was wearing clothes and that Greg was stone naked.

"Greg... Uhhh..." Garrick said, flushing.

Uncomfortable with looking down at Greg, Garrick went down on one knee, resting his arm on the seat cushion where Greg's stumps didn't even reach the edge. Greg's face had become a mask. A mask of a young man mortally hurt.

"Greg. Please listen to me. You don't have to say anything. You don't even have to forgive me. But I need to apologize. I've been trying to figure out why I've never touched you, and I can't. I just don't know. You've been my friend ever since fourth grade when you moved here. You've always helped me with my homework and kept me from failing my way out of school. Without you I'd probably still be in Mrs. Falls fourth grade class. She'd never have let me into the fifth grade if you hadn't helped me with my spelling."

"You've always been there when I needed you. Ready to help any way you could. And I've never helped you with anything. I've never even touched you." Garrick had tears in his eyes and his voice was choking up.

"I'm sorry, Greg. I've never asked you how you were, or asked you to go to the burger joint with me, or if you needed help with anything. I've never even asked you how it felt to have to live in that fucking chair." Tears were streaming down Garrick's cheeks now. I'd gotten out of the pool and nabbed a couple of towels from the outside linen cabinet. I handed one to Greg and backed off to dry myself. Greg covered his nakedness and held the towel to his chest with one arm. Holding onto himself and just staring at Garrick.

"You're the only friend I've got who never left me. Who has always been there, and who has always cared. Listened to my problems and helped me figure things out. And I don't even know where your house is. I've never asked, or gone visiting. I've used you, Greg, and I don't have any excuse. I just didn't think. I'm an idiot. And an asshole, Greg."

With great racking sobs Garrick buried his face in his arm and continued, "I never meant to hurt you, Greg. I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry... Please forgive me. I'm sorry, Greg..."

Compassionately, Greg put his hand on Garrick's head.

Garrick's crying broke loose entirely, not being held back at all. He threw his arms around Greg's waist and buried his tear-wet, slobbery face in Greg's bare midsection. Rivulets of tears ran down Greg's rippled stomach into the towel that had fallen down to his groin-line. Garrick sobbed, "I'm sorry... I'm sorry..." over and over as Greg held him and rocked him back and forth. Garrick's sobs finally eased in exhaustion and mental catharsis. Greg lifted Garrick's head and looked deep into his eyes.

"There's nothing to forgive, Garrick. You were the best friend you knew how to be."

"I was a jerk."

"Yes, you were a jerk--and an asshole. But you're also the best friend I've ever had. The best friend you knew how to be. My asshole, jerk, friend."

"I was afraid of you, Greg."

"Afraid? Of me?" an astonished Greg said.

"You were always so good-looking. So handsome. So well-built. I was afraid that if I touched you, I wouldn't be able to stop. And then you'd hate me for wanting to touch you like that."

"Like what, Garrick?"

"Like... Like... all over, Greg. You know. Embarrassing places. I used to masturbate, thinking about what you looked like. What you would feel like. That hard, solid body of yours. I was... I am embarrassed, Greg. But I can't lie to you any more. I can't hide from you any more. Not if it means I'm going to hurt you. I never wanted to hurt you, Greg. I tried to keep from hurting you, and hurt you worse than anything else I could have done. I'm so sorry, Greg." And, in a small little voice, he continued, "I love you, Greg. I have for years and years. I'll understand if you don't want to be near me ever again. But I've got to tell you the truth, Greg. Please don't tell anyone else... I love you. Ever since I knew what love is, I've loved you."

Greg just sat there, looking down into Garrick's eyes as his entire world reordered itself around him.

Finally, as quietly and inevitably as a swooping hawk, Greg leaned forward and lightly, ever so lightly--kissed Garrick on the lips. The gentle kiss of brotherhood quickly escalated into one of those soul destroying, mind bending, body warping kisses that Greg had damn near killed me with earlier. I saw where that was going and hurried to push a couple of the thick sunbathing pads next to the totally involved young men. I was just barely in time. The pads were still moving when Greg, with Garrick under him, came off of the lounge and hit the deck. The pads kept one or maybe both of them them from getting broken.

Garrick was frantically trying to get his shirt off. I grabbed the collar of the flannel shirt and pulled it down over his back and arms, ripping off the last two buttons as I jerked the shirt off his body. Garrick's arms encircled Greg as I struggled to unfasten Garrick's shorts and pull them off of him. Two hard poles kept getting in the way as they fenced with each other trying to get closer to the others body.

I finally managed to pull the shorts loose from the thrashing bodies, falling back on my can in the process. Greg rolled up on top of Garrick and continued to suck the breath from his face as their hard bodies thrust and slammed against each other. Raging cocks and flashing assholes were the order of the day from where I sat rubbing my bruised fanny.

Garrick's legs lifted up and forward. Greg's arms automatically swept out and held them up next to them as his hands locked behind Garrick's neck, their faces crushed together. Without thinking I reached forward and took Greg's rigid rod in my hand, guiding it to it's obvious target. Both boys became petrified, absolutely stiff and unmoving at the first contact of Greg's fluid dripping cockhead and Garrick's tight pucker. I watched, entranced, as the weight of Greg's body forced Garrick's tight opening to spread wider and wider until, suddenly, the shaft sunk out of sight and both boys howled. The eruption of motion and body heat drove me back from the thrashing bodies. Coupling with a frenzy born of suppressed lust. I couldn't tell if Garrick was fucking Greg with his ass or if Greg was fucking Garrick with his dick. They were rolling around like a Japanese Dharma doll in a sea storm and humping like a couple of terminally horny mink on amphetamines.

Greg's hips were moving two or three times faster than anyone with legs could possibly manage, pounding Garrick like a jackhammer gone wild. Garrick strained to keep up with Greg in his thrusting, moving Greg's lower torso with his hands to line up the powerful thrusts as he wished. I was dazed. Totally sucked into the wanton scene in front of me. Garrick began to ejaculate streams of clotted white sperm between their pounding bodies and I didn't even notice when two of my fingers began probing my own ass in time with Garrick's emissions.

Greg's back arched and his head came back until his shoulder length hair reached the middle of his back. His hips snapped forward to seal against Garrick's wide-spread butt and he began to grunt as he laid down his maiden tribute deep inside his buddy. Fixated on Greg's powerful coupling, sperm erupted from my loins unassisted by anything other than my erotic link to the two lovers before me and my own fingers crammed into my ass.

Greg put his hands on Garrick's shoulders and reared up to the full extension of his arms, driving his cock completely up inside of Garrick, causing him to whine as virgin territory I hadn't been long enough to reach was breached. As Greg flexed his still erupting organ and dug even deeper, he demanded, his voice getting louder and louder--"Am I too fragile to touch? Am I too straight for you? Huh? Answer me dammit! Are you afraid I'll break if you touch me? Am I too good to touch? AM I TOO FUCKING GOOD TO LOVE, YOU SON-OF-BITCH!"

A raging stallion, Greg dominated Garrick who was too enervated to answer beyond using his ass and gut muscles to try and suck Greg in even deeper. His hands clenched Greg's ass, pulling on him with all his strength. Greg finally slid down from his perch, falling behind Garrick's used ass, Garrick's legs falling to the sides as he lay there moaning. Greg began to punch him in the stomach, demanding to know why Garrick had hurt him so.

Moving alongside of them, I pulled on Garrick's leg, rolling him onto his belly and then pushing him up onto Greg's short lap. Tears pouring from my eyes, I grabbed Greg's hand and opened it. Taking his wrist, I forced his palm down against Garrick's exposed ass. Over and over I did this until Greg began to spank Garrick on his own. I yelled into Greg's face, "Punish him! Punish him for hurting you. Punish him for being a fool. Punish him for not caring enough to risk his pride. Punish him, Greg. Harder. Harder!"

Harder and harder Greg slapped Garrick's ass. First one cheek and then the other and then both, using both hands until they started to turn pink. Garrick passively taking the beating, crying and asking to be forgiven as a lifetime of suppressed rage boiled out of Greg and he swung harder and harder at the now flaming red target in front of him.

Garrick began to howl in real pain, throwing his legs around and swiveling his hips to try and avoid the worst of the pain being inflicted on his now tender behind, but refusing to move off of Greg's lap. Greg raged, thundering forth his anger as he began to pound on Garrick's ass with both fists together. Crying and raging and pounding, pounding, pounding as his mind reached for the ultimate release of insanity. Not just about Garrick, but at everyone who'd hurt him in the past as well.

Coming from behind Greg I wrapped my arms as far around his arms and chest as I could reach, trying to restrain his almost mindless destruction of Garrick's behind. I put my head next to his and cried into his ear, "We love you, Greg. You're OK, we love you. We love you, Greg. It's OK. The pain is gone now, isn't it? You're clean inside. Garrick took all your pain away, didn't he? Is he forgiven now, Greg? Will you forgive him now? He loves you, Greg. He loves you so much that he let you spank him until all your pain came out, and he still loves you, Greg, and so do I. You're OK, Greg, we love you."

Greg came out of his rage and looked down at the flaming mess he'd made of Garrick's ass. He fell over sideways, taking me with him as he covered his face with his hands, crying and saying, "Oh, no..." over and over.

Garrick turned to face us and put his arms around us, hugging us both at the same time. Kissing Greg's face over and over he begged Greg not to cry. Telling him that everything was OK. That he loved to be spanked by someone he loved. That Greg had trusted him enough to let his anger out so completely made Garrick feel wonderful, made him feel like he had at least begun to make amends for his stupidity.

As Greg calmed down, both Garrick and I hugged and kissed and fondled him and each other. Things were way serious as Greg held Garrick and me face to face in a deep soul kiss. When he finally released us, I told Garrick to pick Greg up and to follow me. Garrick did as I bid him without asking questions for once.

I led them off parallel to the pool, Greg and Garrick kissing and feeling each other up as they walked. When we got down by the deep end of the pool I suddenly turned and gave them a shove. Both boys yelled as they headed for the water. I stood there having a laughing fit as they surfaced, gasping for air. The next thing I knew a hand grabbed each of my ankles and I was headed for the water too. Imagine, if you will, three lusty young boys, full of the sap of life and the wonder of discovering each other disporting themselves wantonly in the sun warmed water of a private pool. What did we do? We had fun. What were the details? Imagine the most fun you could have in a similar situation. We did that, and more. Oh, we didn't have sex. We played with each other, touching when and where we wished. None of us holding back or letting false modesty get in the way. Just... Having fun. Being together. Being comfortable and horny/lustful/playful.

Garrick had a little gut cramp and I had him lay over the edge of the pool. His butt looked pretty red and sore, and a small stream of white cum was seeping from his anus.

"Just looks a little used back here Garrick," I sagaciously pronounced. "You're seeping some of Greg's cum so you probably just need to go to the bathroom. Why don't you do that and put some ice on your butt when you're done. Then you can call Greg's mom and ask her if he can spend the night, and your Dad said you had to make dinner so you better get started on that. Greg and I'll shower off in the cabana and then join you inside. OK?"

"Sounds good to me. But you've got to do the dishes if I make dinner!"

"OK. Just don't use all the pots and make a mess like last time or you'll have to help!"

"Cool. Greg, you want to spend the night?"


"Well, you can sleep in the pool if you want to, but Joey and I will be in bed upstairs." Garrick turned so he could look over his shoulder at Greg. "I'm not pushing, Greg. But if you'd like to, I'd really like it if you'd sleep over with me. Joey'll probably force us to let him join us..."

"Damn Right!" I shouted.

"Hush, boy! ...see what I mean? Anyway, he's kind of fun if you bop him once in a while. Real cuddly like, ya' know."

"Why, That's sweet, Garrick." I said, and kissed him right on the butthole (licking up all of Greg's sperm I could sneak in the process).

Garrick heaved himself out of the pool and stripped the water off his body with his hands. "I'll see you guys inside later." I heard Garrick's hidden message that Greg and I could have some privacy, and my look to him said, `Thank you.' Greg and I watched Garrick's beautiful body as he grabbed a towel and disappeared into the house.

After a moment of respectful silence, I turned to Greg and asked, "You want to swim some more, or would you rather get cleaned up for dinner?"

"I'm pretty tired, Joey. Would you mind if I just got cleaned up?"

Suddenly concerned, I asked, "Shit, I didn't even think. Are you OK, Greg?"

"Hey, hey. No big deal, Joey. I mean, I just lost my virginity and played water tag for an hour. What do you expect?"

"I expect you're pretty wore out." I grinned at him, and then jumped out of the pool. "I'll get your chair."

I pushed the wheelchair to the edge of the pool, and even remembered to lock the wheels. I started to help Greg out of the pool when he lifted himself out of the pool and up and into the wheelchair in one flowing move that would have made an Olympic gymnast jealous. Man! This guy was a damn near perfect athlete.

I unlocked the wheels of the wheelchair. "Just relax Greg. I'll be your chauffeur." I wheeled Greg across the big cement and brick patio and into the lattice and grapevine covered cabana. I left him sitting in the middle of the big changing area and started one of the showers against the far wall. Once I had the temperature set right Greg joined me under the shower and I started to wash him down with a bar of Italian soap.

While I was washing him, Greg tried to question me about the relationship between Garrick and me. I finally had to let him know what the rules were that my dad taught me.

"Look Greg, I know you're probably a little confused right now, and that you and Garrick are special to each other. I think that's really neat. But if you have questions about Garrick and me, you'll have to wait until we're with Garrick. I DON'T talk about private stuff behind people's backs. OK?"

Greg just looked at me. Finally he pulled me into his arms and said, "Ya know, Joey. For a little kid you're pretty smart."

I pulled one of his hands free and slapped the bar of soap into it. "Yeah! And I'm pretty dirty too. It's your turn. You wash me!"

Greg just laughed and scooted forward in the seat of his chair and started washing me. About like a spinster Aunt would.

Exasperated, I took the soap from his hands and put it on the chair between his legs. Taking one of his hands in each of mine, I bent the middle finger of his right hand up from the palm and slid the finger up my bung, planting his palm firmly against my butt cheeks. I clamped his other hand to my groin, completely covering my erect cock and dangling balls. "Don't fiddle-fart around, Greg. You and Garrick have me hornier than a three-balled goat and I'm in no mood to be teased. Either wash me right or I'll wash myself. I washed your dick and balls and ass and I expect you to return the favor. Got it?"

"Got it, little buddy. I didn't mean to tease you. Honest."

"Oh, I know you didn't, Greg. But you're pussy-footing around because you don't know the rules yet, and you're probably afraid of fucking up. Well, if you fuck up, me or Garrick... or Uncle Patrick or my dad will tell you quick enough. Ain't no big deal. You try to stick your arm up my ass and I'll tell you, "No". It's nothing to worry about, I just don't want your arm up my ass. Doesn't mean you shouldn't try again if you really want to do that. If you ask real nice I might get into it. Now shut up and wash me."

Greg's hands slowly went back to work. Inquisitive. Exploring. Cleaning me with a LOT more care and intrest than before. Feeling my body and discovering what I felt like. Where all my boy parts were and what it felt like to feel another boy without restraint or embarrassment.