My Dads draft 23

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 23

The Boys & Pizza & Stuff

From Ch. 22:

Greg's hands slowly went back to work. Inquisitive. Exploring. Cleaning me with a LOT more care and intrest than before. Feeling my body and discovering what I felt like. Where all my boy parts were and what it felt like to feel another boy without restraint or embarrassment.

"See there, Greg. You CAN touch me and the world didn't even stop spinning."

Greg laughed and, holding my dick in one hand, swatted my wet, soapy ass with the other.

"Ummm, that felt good. Do it again, Greg."

Greg just laughed and held on to my hard dick.

"Please Greg. Please spank my butt. You and Garrick got me really worked up and I need you to spank my butt."

"That's crazy!"

"No it's not, Greg. Sometimes I like to have my butt spanked. It makes me feel good all over. My Dad and Garrick spank me all the time. Sometimes to punish me but mostly just to make us feel good. Please, Greg. Please spank me. I really need it."

Tentatively, with a look of concern and a bit of confusion on his face, Greg gently slapped my ass. "Like that?" he asked.

"No, Greg. Harder. Like you did before. Like you meant it and you wanted to get my attention. Like you really wanted to touch me."

Harder than before, Greg spanked me again.

"Harder, Greg. That's good, but a little harder."

Greg landed a pretty good one on me. I could feel the sting this time.

"Yeah, like that. Go ahead, Greg, spank my butt. Warm me up good" I pulled on the hand holding my dick and slid one of the fingers up my ass from the front. Greg got the idea really quick and had me in a bowling ball grip, thumb hooking my dick and a finger driven up my clenching asshole, in no time at all. As he got into fingerfucking me and spanking my ass at the same time. I put my arms around his chest with my face up against the muscles working in his chest and straddled one of his legs. As he really got into working my ass over I began hunching against his short legs, letting him know how much he was pleasuring me. He started experimenting, using different surfaces of his hand against different parts of my ass and using different combinations of hard and soft swats to test my reactions.

My butt finally had about enough of that so I crawled up onto Greg, my arms around his neck and my body plastered to his with my legs over the padded arms of his wheelchair. His hands explored my back and the heated cheeks of my ass as our lips met and he practiced his magic talent for kissing on me.

"You okay, Joey?"

"Yeah! That was great. You have a real talent for spanking. Garrick and our dads need to watch you working my ass over and take notes!" His hands were groping and squeezing both cheeks of my ass with real interest so I asked, "Feels really good, doesn't it!"

"Yeah," he said. "Your butt's really hot!"

We just looked at each other, then burst out laughing at his stupid, if unmeant, pun. He stuck a finger back up my spread out butt and asked, "How was my finger fucking?"

I moaned as the finger went in and then answered him, "Pretty good. You could use some practice, uhhh, but you've got the right idea."

That lead to him practicing his fingerfucking on me for a while. I just laid my head down on his comfortably muscle padded shoulder and gave him feedback with slight movements of my butt and body and a series of meaningful moans. He was wonderfully responsive and understanding. As he used different fingers to explore my swollen, useta be asshole (now boy-cunt), my sexual need grew and grew. I lifted my head and looked into his eyes, begging. His lips came forward and he instigated another one of his soul destroying kisses. I just gave up and fell into it.

Before he could make me pass out again I moved my inflamed rosebud over the nose of his erect manhood. He tried to pull away from me but I just held on tighter and pushed down over the broad, foreskin covered cockhead under my butt. Quickly, he learned how responsive I was to his kissing, using my asslips to do to his cock what his lips and tongue were doing to my mouth. He became more and more inflamed with lust the further down his pole I slid, his hands fluttering from place to place on my body, not knowing what to do, or how to do it. He just knew that he wanted to do IT! Finally he just grabbed my hips and pushed my silken sheath completely over his rampant organ.

I could feel him completely up inside my eagerly clutching channel, his cock and tongue in complete control of my body, my mind drifting in a sea of sensation. Twisting and turning and plunging myself on the hot fuckstick in my guts as I tried to suck his tongue completely out of his mouth. Squeezing and grasping with both sets of lips as my guts and mouth roiled in passion. Cock and tongue plunging into me as I plunged onto them. Raping me, raping my mind, raping my ability to resist, forcing me to want more and more and ever more. Deeper, harder, softer, teasing my butt-rings, teasing my prostate with his swollen corona, poking it with the broad nose of his inflamed and eager cock. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" I cried in desperate need.

Greg, the big stud, took control of me. Driving me to frantic heights of carnal need and into valleys of sensuous stupor. Virgin minus one practicing on me. Using me to explore technique and method. Feeling with his hands how his cock moved in my gut. Probing with his fingers to see how his tongue worked in my throat. Exploring with his sensitive cockhead to discover how my insides were put together, to discover what felt good -- and what felt great. Exploring, pushing, pulling, probing, touching, grasping, tweaking, slapping and spanking and fucking me until his cock swelled up and erupted inside of me with great gouts of soul pleasing heat. His mouth sucking the breath from my lungs as I spun off into bliss.

I came back from la-la land sitting on Greg's lap in the warm sun. He'd turned me around with his cock still up my ass and was just patiently holding me in his arms while I napped away the aftereffects of his fantastic union with my body and mind. I leaned my head back and looked up at Greg. He leaned down and kissed me.

While Greg and I were osculating I reached down along side of Greg and found the straps to his seatbelt. Letting out the adjustable strap to its maximum, I snapped the seatbelt around our waists and snugged us up tight. Greg broke of the kiss and asked, "Ughh?"

"Greg. I want to know what it's like for you to have to be in this chair. Can I stay in it with you for a while?"

"You're just looking for an excuse to keep my dick up your ass." Greg joked.

"Well... Yeah! That's a definite benefit. But I really want to know what it's like for you in this chair, Greg. Please? I'm not going to be able to understand if you don't give me a chance."

Greg kissed me again and said, "You know, for a little kid, you're pretty fucking amazing."

"Yeah! And I'm a good fuck too, huh!"

Well, my smart mouth lead to another tickle attack and by the time Greg was done torturing me his dick was rock hard again and my fuckchute was feeling all stretched out again and I could feel his cockhead thumping my spine underneath my heart. I fell back against Greg's smooth chest, panting for air. "You're so much fun Greg. I love being with you. You hungry?"

"Yeah. How about you?"

"Starving. Let's go see what Garrick's doing about dinner. Maybe you can give me another load of cum for dessert." Greg reached down to push us towards the house but I slapped his hands away. "Unh-uh. I'll push us. I want to know what it's like."

"You've always got to know, don't you, Joey!" As I propelled us past our wet clothes and towels, Greg asked, "Shouldn't we cover up before we go into the house Joey?"

"Naw. It's too warm for clothes. Besides, Garrick would think we were trying to hide something if we covered up."

"Well, you're the one with the dick up his ass."

"Yeah. And you're the one with his dick up my ass, so we're even."

We started laughing, and the harder I pushed on the wheels the more my guts worked on the pillar sticking up inside of my roiling guts. We were both enjoying the feeling and I was thinking about taking the long way around as we bumped over the threshold into the livingroom. I lost momentum and Greg had to help me get the rear wheels over the threshold. It was a lot harder to move that wheelchair around than you'd think from watching Greg. As we rolled into the livingroom, Garrick came out of the kitchen with silverware and placemats in his hands and called from the dining-room, "Hey guys, I was just getting ready to call you in. Greg's mom said it was OK for him to spend the night and dinner's about ready."

He put the place settings on the dining-room table and walked over to us, dick swinging between his thighs with every step. He put his hands on the armrests and leaned down to kiss me. Then Garrick moved his head and kissed Greg. His hand reached down, so I spread my legs to give him access. His hand groped around a bit and investigated the shaft leading up into my bottom. He broke lip contact with Greg and murmured, "I see that you've found out what a slut my Little Brother is."

"Look who's talking! I'm just a normal, healthy little boy with a perfectly normal interest in life."

"Yeah! And I'm just taking him for a ride!" Greg defended me.

"Ooow, shit! The little twerp's disgusting sense of humor is contagious. Taking him for a ride indeed!"

"Hey! You guys are the perverts. I'm just an innocent little kid!"

We all laughed and Garrick returned to kissing Greg and feeling us up with his free hand. I milked down Garrick's dangling dick and tested his ass to see if he was too sore to continue our fun this evening. He seemed to be OK. In fact, he squatted down a bit to give me better access to his puffy netherlips. When it seemed like Garrick and Greg were getting a bit too involved I punched Garrick in the stomach and complained, "Hey! What's for dinner? I'm hungry!"

Garrick `oof'ed' and stood back up. "Dick you little twerp. Now shut up and suck." and he stuffed his dickhead into my mouth. That sounded like a good idea, so I started sucking.

"Actually," Garrick said in his best phony Italian accent, "I'm a make a da Italiana cuisine for a my boys." The doorbell rang and Garrick continued, "...and I think I just finished cooking." He batted my head away from his dick and walked over to one of the dining-room chairs that had his towel hanging over the back of it. "You guys set the table and I'll go get dinner."

Garrick walked off to the front door, wrapping the towel around his waist and Greg and I wheeled into the dining-room and started laying out two place settings, side by side. I heard voices coming towards us from the entryway and scooted us up to the table. Greg came into the dining-room followed by another High School aged kid carrying a couple of pizza boxes and a six-pack of Coke.

"I forgot my wallet," Garrick said as he walked over to the sideboard and picked up his wallet and got out some money to pay for the pizza's and Coke.

"Hi, Corky," Greg said kind of shyly. Garrick and the pizza boy were on the far side of the table so the tablecloth hid everything but our chests from them.

The pizza boy put the food on the table and said, "Hey, Greg. What are you doing here?"

"We hired him to be our butler. What did you think, dork? That we'd actually invite a cripple to have dinner with us?" Garrick said with his hair bristling.

The pizza boy blushed and said, "I didn't mean anything like that."

"The fuck you didn't, asshole." Garrick stormed.

"Hey! Lighten up Garrick. Corky didn't mean anything like that. He was just asking."

I was scooping out this new guy. Man, was he BUILT or what? Really short, probably not much taller than me, but his shoulders looked like they were as wide as he was tall and his biceps looked like they were bigger around than his waist. The guy was blond haired and brown eyed and pure stud!

"Hey. I'm sorry guys. I didn't mean to sound rude, it's just that I've never really seen Greg out and about except at school."

"Well, you can plan on seeing him around more, starting now!" Garrick said harshly.

"Shut up, Garrick. You're the one being an asshole!" I said. "Sorry, Corky. Sometimes Garrick thinks with his balls instead of his brain."

"Who's the kid?" Corky asked.

Garrick just stood there red-faced so Greg did the introductions, "This is Joey, Garrick's bro..., I mean cousin. Joey, this is Corky Swenson from our High School. He's the State Pommel Horse Champion."

Corky just blushed and I said, "A gymnast, that's why he looks like such a stud, huh."

Corky blushed even redder and Greg bopped me up the side of my head, "Don't pay him any mind, Corky. He hasn't been civilized yet. I'm showing him how my wheelchair works, so he thinks he's something special."

Shyly, Corky asked, "Greg, can I ask you a question please?"

"Sure. What is it, Corky?"

"Sometime, could I talk to you about your chair. I've been wanting to, but I didn't know how to ask without sounding like a jerk."

A little defensively, Greg asked, "Why do you want to know about my chair Corky?"

"My favorite cousin from back East was in a car wreck and now he's in a wheelchair too. I want to know what it's like so I'll know how to talk to him."

"I'll tell you what, Corky. You decide when, and I'll loan my spare chair to you, and show you how to work it. You've already got the upper body strength, so you shouldn't have much trouble. We'll strap your legs together and you can spend a week in the chair. That will give you the idea of what it's like. But you have to promise to do the whole week in the chair, and not cheat."

"You'd do that for me? Really?"

"If you promise not to cheat for a whole week."

"I promise. Can we start next weekend?"

"If you want. You may change your mind the first time you have to find a bathroom you can use though."

"No way, Greg. I promised. Besides, my cousin is really important to me. I'll do anything if I can help him. Hey! I've got to run, I've got pizza's in the car getting cold. I'll see you at school, Greg, Garrick. See ya', Joey."

"You won't be able to drive without a special car either Corky. Think it over. I'll see you at school."

Corky waved as he went out towards the front door, and then we heard the front door close as he left. I looked back and forth at Greg and Garrick. "You guys going to have another fight, or can we eat. I'm hungry."

Garrick bustled around, putting out plates and pizza's and opening up Cokes for all of us. I undid the seatbelt so Greg and I could move around easier and we finished setting the table. In a few minutes all three of us were stuffing pizza into our faces. We ate, and talked, played touchy-feelie with each other and drank Coke. I had one Coke, Garrick had two and Greg drank three, explaining that he had to drink lots of fluids or his kidney's caused him trouble. Between us we pretty much demolished the two pizzas, just leaving a few crusts behind to feed the birds with.

Afterwards we sat there finishing off our Cokes and talking about boy stuff. Garrick and I told Greg about how we became brothers, and what our ritual was, and how much we enjoyed being together, whether we were having sex or not, but preferably having sex. I tried to tell Greg how much I enjoyed having sex with Garrick -- and him, and Garrick tried to describe what a good cocksucker and buttfuck I was. Greg allowed as how I was a damn good fuck, and that Garrick had a pretty good ass himself. I told Greg that Garrick was mostly a topman and Garrick told me to shut up, Greg could have a piece of his ass anytime he wanted to use it for fucking.

Greg finally broke up our bull session, "Sorry to break this up guys, but I've got to go take a piss. That Coke is going straight through me."

I started to get up off of Greg's dick but Garrick put his hand on my shoulder and stopped me. "Go ahead, Greg. Take a piss."


"Piss up Joey's butt, Greg. He likes it, and you'll enjoy it as well."

"You mean, piss up his ass?"

I said, "Sure. That way you won't have to get on and off the toilet again." I settled back against Greg and relaxed my butthole. "Go ahead Greg. Fill me up."

"I don't think I can."

"Sure you can. You just need a little motivation." and Garrick started slowly pouring water from the pitcher into his empty glass.

Five seconds later I felt a warm burst of liquid inside my gut. "Ummm. That feels good, Greg. Watch my belly fill up. As Greg pee'd, all three of us watched my belly swell as his bladder emptied.

Greg finally spurted the last dregs of his urine into me and said, "Wow! That was something else. You OK, Joey?"

"Yeah. Feels good. All warm and full inside."

Garrick pushed his chair back from the table and waggled his erect dick at me. "Come on and sit on this and I'll finish filling you up." he offered.

I tightened up my ass and slid down to put my feet on the ground, stripping the last of Greg's yellow gold out of his pisstube as I carefully pulled myself off of Greg's crank. Garrick reached over and touched the raw meat looking organ where it lay on Greg's thigh. While I backed into Garrick's lap. Garrick scooted up to the edge of the chair and spread his legs. Greg reached over and helped guide Garrick up into my butt channel. Greg continued to hold onto Garrick as he felt Garrick's piss load start pouring into me.

I just stood there bent over with Garrick pissing up my ass while Greg kissed him. I don't think they even noticed when I disconnected myself and headed for the bathroom. After a pleasurable twenty minutes emptying myself and cleaning up, I went out back through the Recreation room and dragged a couple of the big sunning mats into the family room and arranged them on the floor. A couple of trips upstairs provided me with enough materials to cover the mats with soft quilts and a big one to cover us up with. A big pile of pillows and our bed was ready. I rummaged around in Greg's room and found our favorite porn video and loaded it into the video machine in the family room and put the remote control on top of the pillows. I checked the small refrigerator to make sure there were plenty of Cokes and snacks and to make sure that Garrick's Dad had put the six-pack of beer in there like he told me he would as a special treat for Garrick.

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