My Dads draft 24

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 24

Loving Brothers

At last!

Ch. 23: When I finally got done the both of them washed me up really thoroughly. Then I set up a breakfast-in-bed table and put a couple of cans of beer and a bowl of pretzels on it. I took the table over and sat it down next to my brothers.

"Hey! Were'd you get the beer, Twerp?" Garrick asked suspiciously.

"Your Dad got it for me. As a special treat for you this weekend. He got you a whole six-pack. You don't mind sharing it with Greg do ya?"

Reaching over and getting a can, Garrick popped the top and handed it to Greg. "Hell no. But you stick to Coke's, shrimp." Garrick grabbed the other can for himself.

Greg gave Garrick kind of a dirty/inquisitive look, and Garrick explained. "The kid has no resistance at all. Half a can of beer and he's out like a light for at least twelve hours. And then he spends the next two days moaning and groaning."

"Regrettably true," I sighed.

They both laughed and saluted me with their cans before taking a big swig of their beer. I dragged the clean-up stuff back to the bathroom, dumped the water, rinsed out the bucket and went running naked down the hallway with an armload of dirty towels and washcloths for the laundry. I ran back to the bathroom and took a quick shower. After drying off (mostly anyway), I went out to see what the guys were up to. They were watching something on the TV and playing with each others hard dicks. I ran across the room past the TV set and jumped into the air, launching myself into the bed, aiming dead center between the two lovers.

They fended me off, separating quickly to give me a landing spot and trying to protect the last of their beers.

"Hey. What'cha doing guys?" I blithely asked, turning myself around to get comfortable in between them. I looked up at the TV and saw that they were watching. It was one of Uncle Patrick's films. The one where the High School Coach disciplines his whole swimming team, pulling down their speedo's to paddle their tight bottoms with a ping-pong paddle until each of them shoots a wad against his leg. Which was kinda weird, the whole class had been swimming nude earlier in the film.

I looked back at Garrick. Garrick looked at Greg. Both of them looked at me. "Uh-oh," I said in a really small voice. I started to scramble away, but Garrick grabbed my arm.

"Hang on Little Brother. I think I've got an idea."

"Why is it I don't think I'm going to like this," I needlessly asked no-one in particular.

I looked up at the movie. It was showing the part where the Coaches arm had gotten tired so he had the Team Captain spanking the underclassmen and getting them to shoot all over the curly blond hairs on his legs. The guy was pure stud and I'd had the hots for him ever since the first time I saw the movie. He looked just like Greg, only with legs, only Greg looked even better.

Garrick said, "Greg's interested, and I think he need's a lesson in spanking. Don't you Joey?..."


"I thought you'd agree. And since you've got the only butt in the house that isn't red, why don't you volunteer your sweet, tender young cheeks to the cause, Joey."

"Oh, I'd like to, Garrick, but..."

"Thanks, Joey. I knew you'd like to help Greg out with his lessons." Garrick turned sideways to the TV and pulled me over his lap.

"Now let's not get hasty Garrick. I was just going to..."

Garrick stuffed a linen napkin in my mouth and told me that if I spit it out he'd tie it in place with a piece of barbed wire. I didn't think he had any barbed wire, but I wasn't taking any chances. Garrick can be very erratic, especially just after he's had his butt paddled.

Garrick talked Greg into position with his legs in between Garrick's spread thighs and with me laying in both of their laps at the same time. I could tell that Greg's body shape was going to have some unique advantages -- or disadvantages, depending on your position in the spanking parade.

Garrick began to explain the `Theory of Spanking: According to Garrick' to Greg, using my exposed butt to demonstrate on and to have his pupil practice on. First, he gave a lesson in anatomy, showing all the really sensitive places in a young boy's behind, including a rather extensive lecture and lab on the interior of the boy pussy, both of them using their fingers at the same time to pull me open so they could see better.

That was followed immediately by a demonstration of the basic methods of using the hand on the various surfaces of a tight boy butt. Considerable detail was given on the different sorts of strokes as well as the use of various surfaces of the hand. No little attention was given on the use of spit as a friction altering substance, especially the use of tacky, half-dry spit to both increase friction and sting. Comprehensive attention was given to various portions of my gluteal anatomy on methods of increasing circulation and color with especial emphasis on bringing blood to both high temperature and even distribution.

Greg had trouble spanking me at first, but Garrick rolled me up on my side and had Greg feel my stiff dick. That pretty much gave him the idea that the reason I wasn't trying to get away wasn't because I was afraid of Garrick. After that, Greg got into spanking me just as much as Garrick was.

Garrick explained the theory of the use of tawse, rod, strap, paddle and whip, there being no toys present to demonstrate with (tell me I don't plan ahead! There were toys. But I had them hidden!). He demonstrated the various patterns and methods of striking with the different tools, and Greg dutifully repeated the lessons, doing them over and over until he got them right.

As a final lesson, Garrick showed Greg, in detail, how to prepare a young boys bottom for fucking. By time they got done, I was ready for some serious fucking, and I got it, both boys taking turns fucking me turn and turn about, and over, and around and on my belly and on my back and on my side and on my shoulders and suspended from the other guys arms and being bounced from lap to lap, one stroke each at a time. We ended up with me on my back between the two of them laying on their sides. My legs were over their hips and they were taking turns plunge fucking me and swatting my butt to keep it tight.

We all came up tight-balled at the same time. Both boys tried to enter me at the same time and somehow I accommodated them, their cocks spreading me wide as they plunged together into my rectum, ejaculating with unified throbs that drove me over the edge into an ecstatic nirvana that I doubt any Zen monk will ever experience. As I exploded, my brothers were lip-locked over my head as they crushed their cocks and balls together in the closest act of brotherhood men can experience, cumming together inside of the same vagina, mixing their sperm for eternity in the ultimate attempt to achieve their destiny. The lovers lifted my mouth to theirs. They brought my mind into rhythm with theirs. We synchronized our bodies into `body', so totally together as to be one. Unity. Us. We. A trinity of One. Brothers, joined, forever, eternal, unfinished yet complete.

The G & G team detumesced and finally withdrew from my still eletric boypussy. Between them, they carried me into the shower. Greg walking on his stumps in front of someone else for the first time in his life since he was four years old and tried to walk to his father, who ran out of the room, and out of Greg's life.

I love you, Greg. Forever and forever. For what you have given me, and even more for what you have trusted me with. I love you, Brother.