My Dads draft 26

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 26

Sweet? Thirteen


My thirteenth birthday was coming up in two weeks and Dad and Moms first anniversary was about the same time. My report card was all A's except for two A+'s. Mom was ecstatic and Dad was so proud of me he let me fuck him and order him around four nights running. He lost a bid on a big job one of those days and I took him across my knees and paddled his bottom until really, really good and then I used my fist and forearm up his ass to drive him around my rooms and make him bawl like a lost calf. The next night I invented a game where I made him get down on all fours, backed up to him and stuffed both his nuts up my ass one at a time. Once they were past my inner rings my anus shut down on his long sack and, side by side, his nuts were way too big to come back out. I made him follow me around, crouched down and walking backwards, for the rest of the evening, including a nice long walk outside. Both of us completely nude except where his balls were covered by my ass. He wore boots and shoes all the time, so he was a real tenderfoot and I made no effort to pick soft ground as I clambered over big boulders and across low lying limbs and through thick brush. Every time he made any noise I took a green peach switch I'd twisted off a tree to his ass and legs. He learned to be quiet real quick. On the fifth night he said he had a special treat for me. Then he proceeded to spank my ass until I was half delirious and then he fucked me until I WAS delirious.

Anyhow, what I started to say before my balls took over was that Mom and Dad were so happy with me they told me I could have whatever I wanted for my birthday. I remembered that Jock had told me a couple of days before that his Dad was being sent to Bermuda to do a special job for his boss and had finagled it so he could take Jock with him. I told them that if it was OK with Mr. Clzinik I'd like to go on vacation with him and Jock. They asked me how long I would be gone and I told them that Jock had said about two or three weeks.

After talking about it Mom and Dad said that if it was okay with Mr. Clzinik it was okay with them, and that way they could take a vacation themselves to celebrate their anniversary. Then they got kind of bashful and told me they were trying to start a Little Brother or sister for me. I jumped on them, hugging and kissing both of them. I could hardly talk I was so excited. I got serious and lectured my mother, telling her that I was going to be the Big Brother and that the new baby would be my special responsibility. She got all teary-eyed and hugged me close to her, telling my Dad, "You've made such a difference in our boy!"

I told her to quit being so mushy and that when she had the baby Dad and I were going to have to test her milk production for quality and quantity! She started laughing and said, "You're just as bad a tit-man as your Dad. He's already insisted on testing my milk. As long as there's plenty for the baby, you two are welcome to what's left. You never ate enough when you were a baby and I had to use a pump thing to get rid of the extra milk because it hurt so bad." Dad and I winked at each other and high fived in satisfaction.

I jumped up and ran to call Jock. Mr. Clzinik, Jock, me and my Mom and Dad talked everything over on the phone and Mr. Clzinik said there'd be no problem with me going with them, especially since my parents were buying me an airline ticket for part of my birthday present. Dad warned Mr. Clzinik that I could be a bit of a discipline problem. Mr. Clzinik said that he had nine boys and that he knew how to keep them in line. Dad told him to treat me like one of his (I sprang an instant boner when Dad said that!) and to whack my butt when and if necessary. Mr. Clzinik said he didn't think it would be necessary, but that he would tan my hide if I needed it. I started figuring out ways to incite Mr. Clzinik and Dad stared right at me as he told Mr. Clzinik that he had permission to whale the tar out of me if I got stupid.

The next few days were mass confusion as we all prepared to leave on our various trips. My Mom had a fit when she found out all I'd packed to take with me was some games, one change of clothes, and four bikini swim suits. She immediately started packing about fifteen suitcases for me to take with me. I was getting desperate when Dad showed up, picked one suitcase and put the stuff I'd picked in it and told my mom she could fill up the rest of that one suitcase and no more. Mom was exasperated, but she settled down and selected a good variety of dress-up and casual clothes for me to take. She also slipped in my grandfathers bible (for good luck) and $1,000 in travelers checks (telling me to have fun, but to be responsible in handling the money), my ID cards and my special credit card--for emergencies.

Dad took me aside later that evening and talked to me about the prevalence of disease in the tropics, safe sex, and the need to think before I acted. Then he handed me a box of rubbers and four hundred dollar bills. He also gave me one of his cards with his office number on it and told me to call them if I needed any more money that they had been told to wire me whatever I requested but that I would have to account for it to him. He then told me he loved me and gave me a tender/rough farewell fuck that I'll be a long time forgetting. When I tried for seconds he told me, "No, the rest of my sperm is for your new baby brother. You're cut off starting now until we're sure your mom is pregnant." Then he asked me if I wanted to deposit some of my sperm in his ass to help him make a boy baby. I did my best for my new baby brother, making four deposits (one in his mouth and three in his butt) before he had to leave to rejoin my mom.

The next day was Friday, the last day of school before summer vacation, my birthday, and the day before we were all leaving on our trips. School was fun. We goofed off all day and played tricks on the teachers. In gym class we ganged up on our gym teacher (a 24 year old hunk) and dragged him into our shower, stripped him naked and gang washed him. He was laughing so hard he could hardly resist us but ended up wrestling all over the shower room floor with 23 wet and soap slippery boys. Most of us had at least half-hardons and Mr. Polox let us all see and surreptitiously feel his large, vein covered manhood. Some of the guys acted like they'd never seen a man's hardon before, but they were eager to participate! Things finally broke up and Mr. Polox told us all to get dressed and to have a good summer.

Jock and I waited until the other guys left and then, grinning at each other, we stripped our clothes back off. The door to Mr. Polox's office was open a little bit (so he could hear us when he was in his office) and Jock and I slipped into the office. We could hear a shower running in the teachers shower room and headed that way. We stepped over a little curb into a short tiled hallway. It was only about two steps to an open doorway to the left that lead into a shower room with six shower heads and Mr. Polox. He turned and saw us standing there staring at him.

"What are you boys doing here? I thought I told you to get dressed and head for home?"

Jock just stood there staring so I responded, "We came to apologize Mr. Polox. We set you up for that shower party and we wanted to make sure you knew that we didn't mean anything mean by it, and... uh.... ... Well..."

"We want to make it up to you, Mr. Polox," Jock said as he grabbed a stack of towels and walked into the shower room. He started laying out towels on the wet part of the floor. Very no-nonsense and matter-of-factly Jock continued, "To show you that we're sorry Joey and I are going to wash you real good to get off any mess you got on you in our shower. But you've got to lay down here because you're too tall for us to wash while you're standing up. Joey, you go lock the office door from the inside to make sure the janitor doesn't interrupt and when you come back turn on some of the other showerheads with just hot water so the steam will help sweat some of the mess out of Mr. Polox's skin." Jock stepped over the towels to take Mr. Polox's hand and lead him to the towels and I looked at the heavy organs hanging between his thighs before I turned to hurry and lock the door so I could get back to the shower room and Mr. Polox's body.

When I got back Jock had Mr. Polox over by the towels, but was have trouble getting him to lay down. Mr. Polox saw me come in and start turning on the other showerheads.

"Look, boys. I appreciate the thought, but I don't think this is such a good idea."

"Mr. Polox." I said, "All year long you've done special stuff for us boys, teaching us stuff we normally wouldn't get until high school and arranging special outings and stuff. So what's wrong with us doing something special for you?"


"No `Well...' Mr. Polox," butted in Jock, "just lay down and let us treat you special for a change."

"Yeah. Well, that would be a change for sure!" He grinned and then shrugged his shoulders and sighed, "Oh, what the hell." as he laid down on the towels face down with his hands on top of each other under his head.

I was turning on the last showerhead and the room was steaming and warming up nicely. Jock walked over to the wall and retrieved a couple of bars of soap (the teachers had actual bars of nice smelling soap instead of the medical smelling liquid soap from dispensers that us boys had to use), handing one to me as we headed back to Mr. Polox.

Jock moved over to Mr. Polox's left side and I took the right. We started by slathering down Mr. Polox's broad and smoothly muscled back and then worked down his arms, gently pulling his hands from under his head, until his upper back parts were covered with a slick coating of soap and we were each holding one of his hands. Setting the bars of soap aside we began to mirror each other as we carefully massaged and washed his fingers--hands--and wrists. Taking our time and focusing on him like he was the center of the entire universe.

When we were done with his hands and wrists Jock put Mr. Polox's hand in his groin, covering his hairless pubes and organs. I followed suit, covering my dick and balls and the new sprigs of downy boy hair with his soft and warm palm, using my groin to hold his forearm at a slight angle as I began to lave the corded muscles leading to his elbow.

Mr. Polox just lay there holding his breath as Jock and I began working up his forearms, the motion moving his hands back and forth over our hairless or almost hairless groins. Finally, he took a deep breath and let it out with a deep sigh and just let go. Relaxing completely and letting us do our thing as his palms firmly encompassed our now rigid flesh.

As we reached his upper arms both Jock and I moved his hands out of our crotches and sat the ridges between our balls and buttholes down on his forearms. We used the slick soap and our hands to work the deep muscles of his big arms (both of Jocks hands didn't reach half-way around the muscles of his upper arm, and mine just barely did) and, using firm pressure so we didn't tickle, carefully and thoroughly cleaned his armpits and the heavy mass of fine hair we found there. The look and feel of his armpits made me very horny and I had to force myself to not bury my face into the hairy cup his arm and body usually guarded.

We moved up until we were sitting on Mr. Polox's upper arms which spread our legs like we were sitting on someone else's thighs, our buttholes kissing and sucking at the tight skin. We washed and massaged our way up across the deltoids, shoulders and deeply grooved upper back until we were both working on Mr. Polox's massively thick and strong neck, heavily corded by many hours of wrestling practice and weight lifting. I left Jock to work in the neck as I got up and went to get the shampoo and cream rinse that Mr. Polox had left on the rack next to where he was taking a shower when we came in.

As youngsters can, I sat on my butt with my legs folded alongside me and with Mr. Polox's head between my spread legs. Jock moved up until he was sitting astraddle of Mr. Polox's upper back with his legs poking out across Mr. Polox's shoulders and resting on my upper thighs. I poured some of the shampoo on Jock's hands and then on mine and we treated Mr. Polox to a long and sensuous hair washing, Jock getting up several times to fill a plastic bucket with warm water to rinse off the shampoo and cream rinse. Mr. Polox seemed to be enjoying his shampoo because he kept sighing and moaning. Every time he'd moan Jock would start giggling. I told him to be serious and to quit playing around and he said that every time Mr. Polox moaned the vibration tickled his butthole.

After rinsing off the last of the cream rinse Jock started soaping up Mr. Polox's back again while I carefully washed off his face, eyes and nose with a damp washcloth. By time I got done with Mr. Polox's face Jock was using his whole body to wash Mr. Polox's back, sliding back and forth, over and around the broad, slick playground. I got up and got under one of the warm showers to wet myself up again and then used one of the bars of soap to slick myself up before joining Jock in sliding our bodies all over Mr. Polox's back, butt and legs. Sometimes one of us would grip his torso or a leg or arm in our arms and legs and the other would slide us up and down like a scrub pad. Needless to say, both Jock and I had raging hardons that kept poking Mr. Polox in odd places. He never complained though. He just laid there and kept on moaning and groaning.

We soaped and rinsed Mr. Polox several times, cleaning him very thoroughly. Finally, Jock sat astraddle Mr. Polox's lower back while I spread Mr. Polox's heavy legs and sat between them with my legs draped over his. We spent quite a while very carefully inspecting and cleaning every square inch of the shapely man butt that flexed and flowed so smoothly in-between us.

We kept a bucket of warm water handy to continually rinse off the used soap with handfuls of water, especially when one of us would hold the asscheeks apart so that the other could carefully clean the crack and the beautiful puckered rosebud with its clenched mouth and hidden velvety channel.

Jock was pouring a stream of warm water from the bucket down his crack and across the puckered anal mouth as I used my soft young hands to stroke and rinse away every last vestige of soap. The view was so entrancing that, without even thinking about it, I just leaned forward a bit and started using my mouth and tongue to finish the job and to make sure there was absolutely no soap left in this sensitive area to later irritate our wonderfully masculine gym coach.

The result was electric! Mr. Polox's legs shot straight out into a splits position only an accomplished gymnast could achieve, tensing his lower back and leg muscles to their maximum extent, rotating his smoothly firm and rounded buttocks upwards and placing his stretched ass-lips directly under my lips and probing tongue.

At the same time he rotated his shoulders to the side as his powerful right arm swept back and hooked Jock around the waist, pulling Jock sharply to him. The rest of the water gushed over my head and the bucket went bouncing off across the floor. My lips spread over the precious anus as I built up suction to keep me in place and my tongue drove forward into the liquid velvet lined passage to heaven.

Totally unable to resist, Jock was swept forward and locked in place by both of the coaches powerful arms as a furnace hot mouth clamped over his hairless cock and balls as a long and agile tongue laved his peritoneum and tip probed his tight little pucker. Jock screeched and clenched Coaches head to his groin with both arms and legs.

I picked up the heat and frantically worked at the hot and flexing ass where my treat was being served. I became aware of my body trying to duplicate Coaches splits position only I was trying to force my tongue even deeper into the warm and luscious channel while he was trying to drive his ass up and over my head.

This frenetic activity went on for several minutes until Coach pulled Jock loose and passed him around behind him like a basketball. Using Jocks butt, Coach pushed me away from my treat and then hooked Jock back up, driving Jocks rigid little prong into his now slick and gaping passage. Jock immediately began to lustily fuck the hot hole.

"Joey, get in there NOW! Help out your teammate Joey! Go! Go! Go!"

By now Coach was up in a low bridge position and in response to his commands I immediately flipped over on my back and scooted up under him so I could lift my hips and drive my rampant cock into his ass alongside of Jocks pistoning member.

Coach stretched to accept my fat cock as my pubes mashed into the large smooth globes of his balls and my legs reached up to hook over his, locking me in position and giving me leverage to fuck him with long and powerful strokes. The feeling of his clenching soft/smooth/hard channel combined with Jocks slick rod pounding against mine with faster and shorter strokes was ---- God! I don't know how to describe it. Fantastic! Magnificent! All the words I can think of don't begin to give the faintest understanding of what I was experiencing.

Coach was hunching his heavy cock back and forth and across my rigid tummy as he worked his ass on his stugents counter-thrusting boy dicks. The feel of his manhood made me even wilder, wishing there was some way he could be fucking my ass as Jock and I fucked his with almost total abandon. Our Coach. Our teacher. Our fuckhole dicklicking cocksucking ballmouthing assrimming cock receptacle. Jez, he is one hot man and he was a real fuck animal.

My lips reached up and sought out Coaches swollen paps and when I found one in the thicket of curly blond hair my teeth latched on and began mauling his large nipple.

Coach went over the edge! Clasping my head to his tit and moving me from one to the other as his need moved from side to side. Sucking at our embedded cocks with his guts and hunching his hips as he tried to fuck me through my skin with his leaky mauler.

Coach was roaring as I whined and tried to fuck even deeper into his ass and Jock provided counter point with his maniac thrusting and explosive quick breaths.

Suddenly Jock pulled back and then drove forward, giving me what I needed, a hard prick up my ass chute, working the rest of my genital nerves to maximum pitch. At the same time he used his new position as a opportunity to pay Coach back for some of the bare-butt spankings we'd received during the school year for various fuck-ups. Using both hands, together and alternating, Jock spanked Coaches asscheeks as hard as he could which did nothing except enrage Coach even further as his asshole almost ripped the skin off my dick.

I couldn't take it any more. I went spastic as I tried to force my swollen and abused member completely inside of Coach and Jocks cock acted like a hard driving piston, driving another spurt of boycum out of my cock and into Coach's hot ass with every thrust.

Coach started howling as he felt my cock swell to its maximum and the burning spurts of slick boy juice flush into his receptive rectum. His asshole tried to suck me inside, cock, balls and all as he went crazy with need.

Without warning, before I was even done cuming, Jock pulled my legs loose from Coaches and pushed them down under Coach's legs. Reaching over the top of Coach's legs he pulled my legs back up over the fronts of Coaches corded thighs, pulling my still spasming cock out into the steamy air. Reaching under coach, Jock bent his cock backwards until he could jam the leaking head of it against my spread asshole. It was a good thing I was still a little loose from Dad fucking me that morning because Coach's instincts took over and he clenched me too him and drove his massive man organ completely inside of me in one overpowering stroke.

My legs went straight up in the air and my teeth clenched together, my sharp little incisors filling my mouth with Coaches blood from his lacerated titty.

Coach instantly began fucking me like a stallion getting his last mare as Jock leapt up on his back and began fucking the coaches big ass for all he was worth.

Jock began screeching again as he shot stream after stream of his thin young boy cum into Coach's rectum. At almost the same instant Coach almost broke my back as he tried to implant his seed as far up my ass as he could reach which caused me to begin my orgasm all over again.

Ten minutes, or two days later, whichever--we lay there in manly exhaustion. Jock passed out on Coaches back. Me quivering and panting under Coach with his still tumescent cock planted in my abused asshole, cum leaking out around the no longer tight seal. And coach crouching there on chest and knees, dazed and moaning as my hole palpated around his fat cock... and... My God, Coach was crying!

As I stirred under him Coach lifted up and looked down at me. "Oh God Joey. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry," he said in a deep, quiet voice. Then he broke down and started crying again.

Coach was plastic in his despair and I rolled him off of me onto his back, dumping Jock off to the side onto the now warm, wet tile floor of the shower room. I picked up one of the abandoned bars of soap and used it to begin slowly and gently laving and massaging his chest as I sat astraddle of his hips, keeping his now flaccid penis within my warm sheath. I began, "Shhhh, shhhh, shhhing" him as I carefully and lovingly worked up a lather on his broad chest.

With his head turned to the side and his arm still tossed across his eyes Coach softly sobbed, "Oh, Joey. I'm so sorry. So sorry I lost control and hurt you like that... I'm so sorry..."

I just softly "Humphed" deep in my chest and continued to soothe my Coach with my hands and anus.

Coach pulled his arm away and looked up into my face, his mask trying to cover the look of self-loathing that hid behind his eyes. "How can you even stand to be near me after I hurt you like that?"

"Hurt?" I puzzled. "Coach, you can hurt me like that any time you want too. In fact," and I emphasized this by sucking at him with my velve*teen* anal muscles, "you're hurting me pretty good right now. And it looks like you hurt Jock so good he can't handle it." We both looked over to where Jock lay spraddle-legged under one of the warm showers, steam billowing across his limp form from one of the hot showers. Softly snoring and periodically humping up into the shower spray.

Looking back at Coach as his now puzzled eyes rejoined mine, I planted both hands on the solid plates of Coaches pectorals and leaned forward, "Seems like this thank-you party was me and Jock's idea. Not yours!"

Confused by his inner turmoil, Coach began to blather, "I've tried to control myself since college, especially around you kids. You guys are just so attractive to me. Strong and healthy and full of sex and spunk and... and... well, just so full of life and expectation. I don't want to hurt that, to ruin your future or your respect for me. I just..."

"Coach. Please shut up for a second. You ain't got a clue here. I know you care about me. And so does Jock. And so do the rest of the guys. Hell Coach, there isn't a teacher here that any of us respect or look up to as much as you. You showed Joey and me what sex with a real athlete can be like. You let us fuck you and never became submissive. What a lesson that is for both of us! You showed me how a man in complete control of his body can perform. You gave both of us the best reason possible for working hard to develop our bodies and keep them in shape. Isn't that your job? Isn't that what you're supposed to do Coach?"

"Yes, Joey. But not like this. Never like this. If anyone ever found out society would destroy me!"

"How are they going to find out Coach?" My voice got hard. "You going to tell them? Joey and I sure as hell aren't. You think we'd talk to Mr. Higginbottom (our wimpy school principal) about this? Or Miss Pliss (our dried-up prune of a spinster Librarian)?" I said with a great deal of scorn in my voice. "We checked this place out last week for microphones, speakers, cameras and stuff like that when my new Dad told me too, and I hand locked all three doors from the inside before we started. No one can hear or see anything in here, or get in here unless we let them, and we'd have plenty of time to get dressed before we let them in."

"You told your new Dad about this?"

"I didn't tell him. I asked him. I told him how important you were to me and how much Jock and I wanted to let you know not to hold back. To teach us everything you could, or wanted too. All of us have felt you holding back, keeping from training us as hard as you really wanted too. Not doing things you actually though would be best. My dad understood and made me memorize a message for you. You ready for it yet?"

"Uh. Yeah. Go ahead..."

I sat up straight (jabbing myself pleasantly in the process with the now half-hard shaft up my bum) and cleared my throat. Looking off into space I began reciting, "Mr. Polox. My name is Steven Gurney and Joey is now my son. He wants to be a good boy but he's learned some bad lessons and some bad habits. He needs good strong male figures to help him control his youthful passions and flights of fancy, to keep him in line and to help him grow up into a strong, considerate man himself. He has told me of his respect and admiration for you. I have spoken to Bob Lertizt who is an old college chum of mine and he tells me I can trust the boy to you. I do. You have my permission to discipline Joey as you find necessary. If you are comfortable sharing your sexuality with the boy, do so. In any case, I place him entirely under your control while he is at school. He knows that you have my permission to spank his bare ass or to fuck him. He agrees to this and is willing to learn from you. Treat him with respect, he loves you. I have spoken through my son."

I came out of my self-induced memory trance and looked back down at Mr. Polox. "Please Mr. Polox. My Dad explained some things to me and listened to what I had to say. He told me I could ask you this if I choose too."

"Mr. Polox..., uh, Coach... Will you accept me as your son?"

"Joey, you don't even know what that means!"

"Yes I do, Mr. Polox. My Dad explained about how Coach Lertizt became your real Coach in college. The father of your physical being, your physical self. In charge of training your body and spirit and the soul of your manliness. He told me how you and your `brothers' became his sons. Jock and I talked it over, Mr. Polox. We want permission to call you Coach ---- and to be your sons."

Jock had quietly sat up and was just staring at us. Mr. Polox looked over at him and Jock just nodded, agreeing with everything I had said. He had nothing to add.

Mr. Polox reached out an arm and Jock slid across the floor to be gathered up against Mr. Polox's side as his other arm reached up to pull me down to his chest. When we were gathered in close and comfortable, Mr. Polox took a deep breath and let it sigh out. Then there was silence.


Intermission. Take a break. Our hero's are thinking things over and need a few minutes.