My Dads draft 29

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 29


Joshua and Jeptha

Josh and Joke presented me with one of the truly world-class sights of the all-male world. Either of the smooth butts facing me would have been notable in any large crowd of naked men, but as a matched pair they were extraordinary. They crouched there, sides touching and inside legs crossed, holding onto each other with an arm across each others shoulders. As they looked at me over their shoulders their tongues were busy exploring the inside of their identical twins mouth.

I climbed up over their muscular backs and laid myself in the groove between their bodies as my tongue joined theirs in mutual exploration. The rank male odor exuding from this randy 17 year old pair went straight to the primitive part of my brain and enraged me with lust. My mouth wandered from their mouths to their eyes and ears where I licked the marker glands behind their perfectly formed ear shells until the musk taste flooded my mouth and swelled up all the mucus membranes in my nose, eyes and mouth. My cock rode the huge butt crack between their two bodies, fucking both of them at the same time as I shifted from armpit to armpit to armpit to armpit collecting taste and smell, wallowing my face in the hairy abyss' dank depths. Flavor and odor bursting in multiple explosions within my mind as they trapped my throbbing organ between them and manipulated it as though it were deep within a single person. My balls HURT they were so swollen.

The twins rotated towards each other and slowly let me fall between them until I was trapped between their hard bodies. Four hands explored me, stroking me and invading all my openings, Three tongues lapping as mouths sucked and my fingers invaded their male tunnels while my cock fucked the perfect man cunt formed by their distended cockflesh, driven by their fingers deeply invading my flexing anus. We worked each others bodies with frantic need as their upper arms and legs lifted over me and cocooned my entire body as if it were a huge thrusting prick caught in a hard male vagina. Plunging deeply into hot flesh surrounding me I shot forth a superheated streamer that felt like it began at the base of my spine until it traveled down my spine and through my asshole and nuts until it erupted in great clots to impregnate the thrashing bodies that had me so perfectly trapped.

As my hot male juices spurted onto their cockheads the twins joined me it a mutual orgasm that shook and twisted our bodies until' we finally collapsed in a panting, heaving mass of post-orgasmic bliss. I continued to wallow in the slime we had produced, trying to keep the glory going with my wasted dick and a hand on each of the huge male organs sticking into my groin. The twins held me still as I tried to continue fucking, begging, "Please, please, please."

They finally slid out from under me and put me in a elbows and knees position. I held onto their pricks and tried to stuff the huge mushroom heads with their leaking, drooling juices into my mouth as the twins worked my ass cheeks over with their slapping hands. Between the feeling and taste in my mouth and the burning in my ass I finally managed to peak completely. I fell to my back as both boys began to piss uncontrollably and I directed the foaming streams back and forth over my body which trembled and quivered in final release.

I licked and sucked the last dribbles of piss from the massive organs, stripping them down with my hands to make sure they were cleared of all urine and any possible lingering trace of sperm. The twins stood and lifted me up to my feet. They had to hold me up though because my knees wouldn't support my weight. They carried me over to one of the running showers and very intimately bathed me clean of all traces of our encounter. They even used a shower hose attachment to deep-clean my guts with a series of warm enemas, holding me over an open floor drain to dump the mixture from my intestines until it ran clear.

When I was truly clean, they held me between them as I recovered my energy, pouring their body heat and energy into me. Jock had told me that the twins had the biggest dicks in the whole family, and after my close examination, I could only agree. I couldn't even guess how big they really were, but I had every intention of measuring them, very carefully and thoroughly some day. I weighed the massive limp organs in my hands and looked up into the twins faces.

"Will you teach me how to take these up my ass some day?"

"Do you think you can handle them?" They said together.

"I hope so. I really want to try, if you'll help me."

"We'll help you all we can, Joey, we're very gentle with them, but it will probably hurt you." The echo continued.

"As long as you're careful, it's OK. I know it will hurt as you stretch me out, but I really want to feel you guys fucking me. I just wish I could take both of you at once."

The twins lifted me and gave me a big kiss. "We love you Little Brother. However long it takes, we'll work with you until you can feel our cocks completely up inside you."

"Thanks guys. Now put me down. I've got some more brothers to fuck."

With renewed energy and a glint in my eyes I headed for fifteen year old Jimmy Clzinik.


Jimmy saw me coming and smiled at me. I was sort of flustered since Jimmy was THE stud jock at my Jr. High School and as he was an eighth grader I was usually beneath his notice. Super athlete, Honors student, popular with both students and teachers, blond haired and indigo eyed Jimmy was the most popular person at our school. He defined what cool was. And there he was, naked in front of me--and I was supposed to stick my dick up inside him. I was suddenly overcome with bashfulness. My head dropped about the same time my dick did.

With his broad smile still on his movie actor handsome face, he got up on his knees and put his arms out to me. "Come 'ere, Joey," he said in a quiet voice.

I shuffled over to him looking as embarrassed as I felt, but he took me in his strong arms and sat me in his lap. Holding my hip in one hand and brushing my hair out of my eyes with the other Jimmy asked me why I was so bashful all of a sudden.

"You're only the most popular guy in school, Jimmy. I don't want to make a fool out of myself in front of you, or make you hate me somehow."

"Joey, you know how hard it is to have real friends when everyone puts you on a pedestal? How impossible it is to have any real buddies?"

"Huh? But everyone wants to be your friend."

"Oh, sure. `See me, I run around with Jimmy Clzinik, the stud.' They use me to build their own status, Joey. Not to really be my friend. If it wasn't for my brothers I think I'd go crazy. I've watched you and Jock together, and felt envy every time you two take off somewhere together. You know how special that is? How long I've wanted a buddy like that?"


"But bullshit, Joey! Don't put me on a pedestal like the rest of the jerks. If you can't treat me like you treat Jock, then just get up and walk away. Don't you hurt me too." Anger and pain mixed in his voice, Jimmy was trying to not cry.


Defensively, Jimmy said, "Yeah?"

So I pushed him over backwards and went into tickle attack mode like I did with Jock whenever he got sad or pouty or something. Jimmy was unbelievably ticklish and I soon had him howling, but he was way too big and strong for me to handle alone so I yelled, "Jock, come help me, man!"

Jock leapt off his dad's lap and landed on top of Jimmy and me. Between the two of us we soon had Jimmy hysterical and begging us to stop. I told him to `say uncle', but he wouldn't so Jock and I went after him with even more energy. Finally, almost out of air, Jimmy yelled, "Uncle! Uncle! Please, Uncle!"

"You gonna do what we tell you to do?" I demanded, fingers in his armpits.

"Yes! Yes! Anything." He panted.

Jock and I grinned at each other and slapped our hands together in high five. Jimmy was on his back under us so I lifted his legs and Jock sat on his ankles, facing his butt. I looked down and was confronted with what had to be THE perfect male behind. I'm here to tell you that the naked human butt is NOT a work of art, but in Jimmy's case I was willing to make an exception. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Awesome. Stupendous. Marvelous. Tasty. Tasty? UnHuh! So I bent forward in homage to this shrine of masculine beauty.

Light brushing kisses around and across the wide-spread cleft caused the smooth skin to twitch and crinkle. Waves of manly bouquet wafted across the turbinates of my snuffle beak making my mouth slaver. My tongue peeked forth from my lust swollen lips, tickling back and forth across the exposed ass flesh. Jimmy moaned and thrust his butt upwards into my face, his roseate pucker moving in and out in hopes of being kissed itself. I couldn't deny the smoothly creased nethermouth its richest desire and so focused my attentions on the pursed lips. Around and around the rim of the opening my tongue traveled. The pointed tip licking and then tickling with tiny vibrations only to reverse direction and coil round and round, wrapping the few fine blond hairs into little love springs.

A sudden shuttering moan from Jock made me look up across Jimmy's ballsack to see what was happening. Jimmy had dropped his legs, planting Jock's butt down over his mouth. He was savagely attacking Jock's butthole. Jock was holding his own head in both hands and wrapping his arms around his head to keep it from exploding. Screeching and wantonly moaning as his dick wiggled back and forth as he tried to push his ass further over Jimmy's face. Jock was obviously loosing his rabbit-assed little mind. Jimmy lifted up with his legs, removing Jock from his face causing Jock to moan, "No, No!" as he strained downwards with his spit slick butt. Jimmy suddenly dropped his legs and I watched his protruding tongue spear up inside of Jock's descending playground.

I returned the favor, driving my swollen tongue deep into Jimmy's receptive bung. His startled reaction shot his legs up and outwards, tossing Jock upwards, almost into the ceiling. Jock was so scared he was pissing all over everything as he came back down from his impromptu flight. Figuring it was about time for me to move on anyway, I grabbed Jimmy by the hips and rolled him over onto his knees. I climbed up on his back and drove my cock into him as I moved forward. With small rotating and pushing motions, I kept his ass warmed up while I talked to him.

"When I get back, I'm going to rim your ass until you're crying and pissing all over yourself. Okay?"

"Yeah, man," he throatily moaned. Using his inner ass muscles he pulled my dick even deeper into himself. "And I'm going to suck your balls so dry they shrivel up, and then I'm going to use my mouth to suck them full again so my ass can suck them dry again. Okay?"

I moaned as his talented ass worked on my boner.

"Oh, Yeah, Jimmy. Please. I'd love that--with you."

I enjoyed the feelings he was creating until it started to feel like I might cum again. I pulled my dork out and asked, "Hey, Jimmy?"


"Can I ask you something serious? No sex and stuff. Just between us?"

"Sure, little dude. Go ahead."

"Jimmy? Can we be friends? Real friends I mean. Not just brother stuff, but real friends. Maybe pal around a little and help each other study and stuff like that. And... Well... Maybe you could teach me to swim as well as you do. I know Jock would love that too. He thinks you're awesome, but he's afraid to ask you. I know we're just seventh graders, Jimmy, but maybe, if you had some spare time..."

Jimmy turned around and took me in his arms, scooping up Jock at the same time. We each sat on one of his thighs and he gave each of us a little kiss on the lips. "Jock, you heard?" Jock nodded. "You want more from me than just getting my nuts off?"

Jock nodded. "Please, Jimmy. I love you so much."

Jock, on the verge of crying, and I both put our arms over Jimmy's shoulders and around his neck and buried our heads into his neck. Jimmy held us closer as our stiff dicks poked into his gut and we nuzzled his neck. "When you guys get back I'll start you lifting some weights and I'll talk Coach Polox into letting me start training you for competition swimming. How's that sound."

Neither Jock nor I said anything, we just snuggled closer and held on. I was wishing that everyone would go away and that just the three of us could spend the night together.

Mr. Clzinik came up behind Jimmy and put his hands on Jock and mine's shoulders. "Come on boys. Time to get up."

Reluctantly Jock and I got up and helped Jimmy to stand. Mr. Clzinik gathered all three of us in his arms and looked down at us. "Now that's what I like to see. My boys really loving each other and taking care of each other. Jimmy..." he lifted Jimmy's chin on his finger and looked into his eyes, " OK now? Not feeling alone in the middle of the crowd?"

"Yes, Papa. I think I'm going to be OK."

"Sometimes being popular sucks left hind tit, Son. I know. Been there, done that. But I think you've got yourself a couple of little buddies now. You be good to them, and they'll give you everything you need. OK?"

"Yes, Papa."

Mr. Clzinik reached down and slapped both Jock and I on the butt as he gave Jimmy a little kiss. Raising his voice, he said, "OK, boys. Let's take a break. Everybody into the showers to warm up. Junior, grab one of your brothers and go get us something to drink." Clapping his hands together, he urged, "Come on. Come on. Get the lead out. Move it, move it." He started slapping bare butts and the serious mood lifted and we all started to joke and play around. He joked, "First one to give me some head gets a cookie!"

Eight year old Jeremy glomed onto his dad's dick in a split second, forcing the big head into his little mouth, lips stretched wide and eyes crossed. His dad reached down and pulled his head back. "Hey, hey, Jeremy, I was just joking."

"That's OK, Papa. You don't have to give me a cookie," and he tried to hook up again.

Laughing, Mr. Clzinik lifted Jeremy into his arms. "Sure is great having a bunch of horny sons." And he turned and waded into the crowd of wet and naked kids.


Take a break here. Imagine what it would be like to have a bunch of sons of your own who had the good sense and intelligence to love each other, and you, and to not make fools of themselves in front of our puritanical society. Our heroes are relaxing, having some sodas and lemonade and some of Ma Clzinik's great cookies. So unlax with them. Enjoy yourself.