My Dads draft 30

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 30

Plenty of Brothers!


Mr. Clzinik clapped his hands together, "Come-on boys. Let's get back to it, we've still got a few butts to get fucked tonight. Those of you who've already been introduced to your new brother find some place to watch that's out of the way. The rest of you get back over there and line up on your hands and knees again.

Jamie, Jerold and Jeremy got themselves into position while the rest of the boys got comfortable. Jock gave me some great head to get me up and ready for the coming encounters. Mr. Clzinik swatted me on the butt and told me to get to cornholing.


From talking to Jock, I knew that Jamie was a kinky little fucker, and always had been. He was really bright and mischievous. Pulling practical jokes and getting other people into trouble were his favorite things. Instead of going over to him, I went over and sat down on the wood bench sitting against the short wall of the showers.

"Jamie!" I called out. "Come over here so we can talk a little." I said as I patted the bench to the right of me.

Jamie got up and strutted his cocksure self over to where I was sitting and plopped himself down. He had a really long, loose foreskin and his ballsack was so long and loose that his balls kept bouncing halfway down his thighs. Jamie was just barely a year older than me and only a little bit taller, but I weighed more than he did because he was pretty light in the ass. I asked him if he remembered getting me in trouble with the coach the week before and he answered with a snotty "Yeah, so what," sort of answer.

In reply, I reached up with my left hand and grabbed a handful of his long blond hair and pulled him across my lap. As he sprawled across my legs I quickly used my right hand to stuff his long ballsack between my thighs and crossed my ankles, locking him in place. As he struggled to get loose I jerked his hair around and whacked his ass really hard with my right hand. I told him that I really didn't like being in trouble with the coach or being the butt of his jokes. Then I told him he was going to be the butt of my joke--and I commenced spanking his ass as hard as I could. After several minutes of Jamie trying to get loose and me working his ass over as hard as I could, Jamie was still calling me names and his ass wasn't even getting pink.

Junior got up from where he was sitting and walked over to where I was trying to bust Jamie's butt. He just looked at me and shook his head. "Joey, you can spank Jamie's butt like that all night long and not even phase him. He loves getting a good bare butt spanking. Try this instead of your hand." Junior reached up on the wall behind me and unhooked a most interesting piece of wood and handed it to me.

It was about a foot long and five inches wide and maybe an inch thick. About 5 inches of the paddle had been shaped into a handle with a big knob at the end. Someone had drilled quarter inch holes about an inch and a half apart all over the face of the board and then sanded and rubbed the wood until it was very smooth. I flipped the paddle over and the holes came all the way through to this side but someone had taken a router or gouge and created a deep design of wandering vines and flowers around the holes. Down one side was the legend, "The Equalizer".

Sounded good to me. I laid a good one across both of Jamie's buttcheeks. The CRACK!, made everyone in the room flinch. Jamie arched up and howled and tried to cover his ass with his hands. I whacked him across the back of his thighs and told him to put his hands down on the floor. He started to protest, so I smacked his thighs a little harder. Jamie wasn't used to getting spanked on his thighs so they were pretty tender and the sting seemed to hurt a lot worse down there. He put one hand down but was still trying to protect himself with his outside hand.

"I'm not telling you again!" I said. I started slapping his thighs over and over until he got both hands on the ground. By now his fanny was displaying a perfect image of the vines and flowers on the face of the paddle. Without a pause I lifted the paddle high in the air and smacked his ass as hard as I could.

Jamie howled and leapt off my lap, or tried to jump of my lap anyway. His ballsack suspended him over my knees. I jerked on his hair again and started hitting his ass, thighs and calf's all over as I told him to get back in position quick or I was going to start on his balls. Jamie managed to work his way back up on my lap and I switched to hard strokes to his ass, demanding, "Hands down! Hands down!" between each stroke.

Once Jamie got his hands back on the floor I stopped spanking him and laid the paddle down. I reached under my legs and pulled Jamie's balls down more securely between my legs and then picked up the paddle and lifted it high again. I let go of Jamie's hair and felt his ass with my left hand. His butt was covered with a pattern of vines and flowers, white on red. I could feel the patterns, especially those left by the hard hit. "Pretty funny, huh Jamie? I asked as I pulled my hand away a split second before the paddle descended in a flashing arc again.


As I felt the new pattern raise I asked Jamie in a happy, light-hearted voice, "Hey Jamie. How come you're not laughing? Don't you like being the butt of my joke?" Again my hand vacated just a split second ahead of the descending paddle.


"What's the matter Jamie? No sense of humor?" My hand pulled away again and Jamie moved to protect himself, but the paddle was only just starting to descend this time. Just as Jamie was reacting to the confusion of the delay the board made contact again.


"Aaaagggh!" Jamie cried.

"Hey. Come-on Jamie. That one was really funny. You ought to be laughing a lot by now."

CRACK!, just barely missing my groping hand.

CRACK! "Come on, Jamie"

CRACK! "Just one nice clear laugh and I'll quit joking with you."

CRACK! "Laugh Jamie."

CRACK! "Isn't this funny?" CRACK!

Jamie tried to laugh but the release of sound quickly turned to crying. CRACK!

Tears pouring from his eyes, Jamie sagged in defeat. The paddle descending one last time, to softly caress the burning butt cheeks. I laid the paddle aside and used my hand to softly pat and gently, lightly rub the painful cheeks.

"Sometimes, a joke's just not very funny, huh, Jamie?"

In answer, Jamie wrapped his arms around my legs and buried his crying, tear dripping face in the valley between his arms and my legs. At the same time his inner leg came up to rest, knee bent upwards, on the bench. His other leg spread out across the showerroom floor. Bent across my lap, Jamie was now spread out and totally exposed and vulnerable to me, his body opened and surrendered to me in apology.

My left hand remained resting on Jamie's back as my roving right hand explored the opened buttcrack and the trembling bud it no longer protected. At the first touch of my fingertips the bud opened into a hungry boy bolt-hole and my index finger slid easily within the moist warmth. The continued movements of my hand withdrew my index finger which was soon replaced by my much longer middle finger which explored the soft depths. Contact with the hard little nut within caused Jamie to swivel his sore butt upwards, allowing me even deeper access. At the same time his now soft crying modulated into an equally deep-seated moan.

My middle finger retreated only to be replaced seconds later by my ring finger. I'd never used my ring finger to fingerfuck anyone before. The results were amazing. The combination of Jamie's velvet soft inner lining and the virgin flesh of my ring finger resulted in my dick immediately flushing to its rock-hard pre-orgasmic rigidity and sensitivity as it pounded against Jamie's tummy. Strong contractions caused several dollops of pre-cum to shoot out between Jamie and me. Now I understood the sexual significance of placing a ring around this finger in bonding ceremonies. Jamie and I were being bound as the ring of his ass surrounded and enclosed the probing digit that seemed to have a nerve that went straight to my brain and directly back down to the sex center in my groin. I was on the verge of cumming, I was cumming with my mind because of this unique contact and bonding that was being felt by Jamie no less than I was.

I slowly removed my ring finger before I lost control completely. My baby finger slid into the vacant opening and tickled the ring of the swollen mouth bringing another deep moan, of need this time, from Jamie's chest.

My hand flowed down the slick surface below the gasping hole and circled down around to taut ballsack. My legs opened enough for me to free the imprisoned male gonads from their trap, caressing the rigid drippy shaft above in the process. I let the long ball sack dangle free, amazed by the long, hairless swoop of skin that terminated roundly in a luscious pendant. Stroking, and milking down the sack brought more moans from my new lover. Eagerly I grasped the middle of the extended flesh and used my grip to lift Jamie up to my face.

Jamie helped by lifting his leg over my head and sliding his body between my legs, supporting his weight with his hands on the floor. I pulled back on the skin until it tightened over the two Easter eggs and then pulled them back to my mouth where my tongue awaited their entrance. Opening wide, I stuffed the orchids into my hungry mouth and proceeded to lave and roll them around with my tongue.

Jamie moaned and lifted his hips to put more tension on his nuts. He began to swivel his hips around to torture his own balls demanding, "Suck my balls. Suck 'em hard. Harder! HARDER! YEAH! Work 'em over."

I reached up with both hands and slapped the cheeks of the moving ass, grabbing hold of them to stop his motion. Clamping Jamie's balls between my teeth, I slid two fingers from each hand up his butthole and hooked them into the tender inner flesh to regain control over his body.

Jamie was getting pretty noisy with his constant stream of dialogue, "Yes. Work on my butt. Bite them balls. Stretch me out. Maul my ass. Do IT. DO IT! Oh, ..."

Stretching his butthole open with my fingers I started lipping and sucking the long expanse of corded ballsack into my mouth. The taste of boy balls flooded my mouth as it filled with fold after fold of the tender skin. I could feel the long ball cords under the soft flesh, Jamie jumping and moaning each time I got too rough with his spermatic cords. I sucked like a madman when I got to the smooth, hair-free little-boy groin, twisting my head around to maul the balls and tender juncture until Jamie was screaming in lust. I finally clamped my lips TIGHT on the sack and slowly began pulling my head back, letting the compressed flesh gradually escape from the sucking prison of my mouth. Jamie was trembling and moaning from deep in his gut, begging me to quit and to never stop and to not hurt him any more and, "Harder. HARDER! PLEASE..."

When all of the sack except the little bit covering the trapped balls had escaped I threw my head from side to side like a dog killing a rabbit. Jamie screamed and grabbed my ankles in his hands, forcing the toes of my left foot into his mouth to stifle the screams, sucking and licking between my toes in an attempt to mollify me and to bring me as much pleasure as he was receiving. No one had ever kissed or sucked on my feet before and the feeling was sexy as hell. I was going to have to get Jamie to really work both feet over sometime when I had the time to pay attention.

Meanwhile I started sucking the spit wet sack back into my mouth, using my lips to work the flesh inside my hot mouth. Jamie was moaning and sucking on my foot in the same rhythm that I was using on his balls as his lips tried to force even more of my foot into his mouth and wide-stretched lips. When I reached his groin this time I spread my lips over the mound and sucked as hard as I could and then... Swallowed deeply, engulfing his balls deep into my throat, cutting off my wind and drawing him out into the hot inner flesh of my body. Repeated attempts to swallow his balls completely inside myself made waves of muscular contraction massage the entire length of sensitive boy flesh.

Jamie went berserk, trying to force his whole body into my mouth and to escape the encompassing torture tube at the same time. I drove another finger from each hand into his stretched asshole and bit down ... HARD... on his ballsack. Jamie responded by biting my foot and bracing himself--frozen in place. Once he was under control again I began pulling my head back again, still swallowing over and over. Jamie pulled his mouth off my foot and started beating his head against my leg, moaning and crying and clenching his ass. The slow withdrawal of Jamie's balls from my throat was overwhelming both of us with sensations. When I got the end of his balls this time I let them pop free of my lips. The swollen wet organs swung forward to slap Jamie in the gut as I dove forward into the slowly closing hole before me.

Still holding Jamie's asshole open with my fingers I ravaged his inner flesh with my face, nose and tongue. Lapping up every bit of taste I could find and trying to bury my head into his shit chute. I couldn't get in so I moved down and sucked the engorged balls inside my mouth again, sucking and pulling on them in a effort to suck them off. Slamming my face into Jamie's ass again I shook my head back and forth until my face was covered with his ass juices. Then I spit Jamie's balls up inside his own ass, let go of his ass rim and pushed him down on the shower floor with his ass up in the air. Jumping on his back I drove my cock into Jamie's ass forcing his balls deep inside him with a single wild thrust.

Jamie voiced his pleasure with a thunderous bellow that broke as his voice cracked as I pounded his ass and balls with my cock and balls, humping like a rabbit on a double dose of Dexedrine. Within minutes my sweaty body was pounding wad after wad of steaming cum up inside the flailed flesh. Still dripping cum from the nose of my slimy cock, I jerked out of Jamie and stood up as he begged for more. I reached behind me and picked up the discarded paddle and jammed the big knob of the handle into the vacant channel. Jamie moaned deeply as I forced the paddle back and forth several times to seat it and his balls firmly up what had become his cunt.

Leaving the paddle up Jamie's ass and still enraged in my manhood, I stalked across the room to my next experience.


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