My Dads draft 31

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 31

More Brothers


I stepped under one of the running showers that were keeping the showerroom steamy-warm and rinsed the sex fluids off my tight body, staring at Jerold the whole time like a panther contemplating his dinner. Jerold kept glancing at me over his shoulder, fear expressed in every movement. Clean, I walked solidly over to Jerold who turned his face to stare at the wall in resignation. I knelt behind Jerold and just stared at the slim eleven year old body in front of me.

Lithe. Fair skin without blemish. Fine straight shoulder length blond hair with a single braid beginning at the nape of the graceful neck and reaching to the small of the glabrous back. Small, equally glabrous butt mounds divided by a deep clean crack. Slim boyish legs parted enough to expose the pre-teen's male pouch in the first stages of the growth that would lead to puberty. Jerold was easily the most beautiful man-child I'd ever seen. And yet he managed to be beautiful without exhibiting any feminine characteristics at all.

I reached out and lightly stroked my fingertips down the compound curves of Jerold's side. Jerold flinched away and his breath caught. With one hand firmly on his butt and the other under his chest, I lifted Jerold upright until he was standing on his knees like I was.

"What's the matter, Jerold?" I asked, concerned because the boy was trembling.

"Well... Uh... I..." Jerold stuttered as he looked over to where Jamie was still laying on the showerroom floor, slowly hunching the slick flooring as the heavy paddle bounced up and down in his butt.

I turned Jerold around to face me. "Jerold. Jamie and I did what we did because we both wanted to. Jamie or I could have said `Stop' at any time, but we were enjoying ourselves. If you want to stop right now, I will. Or any other time you ask me to stop. Okay?"

Timidly, Jerold answered, "OK. I don't mind s... s... spanking or anything. I... I was, Uh, it seemed like you and Jamie got pretty fierce, and that s... scared me."

"Jamie and I did what we wanted to do. You want to do some stuff with me?"

"Uh... Yeah."

"Ya wanna be brothers? Like me and Jock and the other guys?"

"Yeah! I do. You're really neat, Joey. You make Jock really happy all the time. I asked him if I could play with you guys. He said, `OK' but we didn't have a chance yet. If we're brothers, can we play around together?"

"You mean sex?"

"Yeah! Sex, and other stuff. Jock told me you've got a really neat train set. We've just got a little one, and the little kids break it a lot, so it hardly ever works right."

"Even if we don't become brothers yet, Jerold, you can play with Jock and me, and my trains and stuff. That'd be fun. But I think that maybe you're too young to have sex yet. I don't want you to do that stuff just so you can play with my trains."

"Joey, you're nuts. I've been having sex with my brothers since I was a little bitty kid--and enjoying everything we did. Sucking the big guys and watching them go crazy is lots of fun. They get so goofy when I blow them. And they'll do anything for me if I let them fuck my tight butt. If they ever figure out that getting fucked is my most favorite thing, I'm in trouble. And besides that, I ain't no little kid no more! I ain't got no hair yet, but my balls and dick are growing, and I can shoot sperm too!"

I looked down Jerold's smooth, slim boyish body and he was right. His body was completely hairless except for a sheen of golden fuzz on his forearms, lower legs, and just a dusting of tiny, fine fuzz on his perky butt. But his playground no longer had boy equipment. His rigid cock stuck up against his in-curved tummy over five inches and as big around as one of my dad's thumbs. His balls hung down in a loose sac, not up against his body in a tight, crinkled sack like a little boys nuts would usually be. His balls were amazing. They were already as big as most of the balls I'd seen on grown men at the public swimming pool. They hung real heavy in the thin-skinned sack that stretched to support them. When Jerold grew up, he was going to have balls like a bulls, even if his cock was going to be more like a stallions.

My hands automatically moved down to the straining organ and its pendulous appendages. I stopped my hands before they touched Jerold and looked up into his face.

Jerold smiled at me and said, "Told you I wasn't a little boy any more, didn't I! Go ahead and touch them if you want too. I like it!"

I smiled back at Jerold and looked back down to his growing organs. My fingers lightly grazed his hot shaft and it immediately surged and swelled up even thicker, eager. I could see his cockhead flare even wider under his translucent foreskin which was pulled back enough to show a little opening just large enough for a glistening drop of oily fluid to show in the muscle missile's single eye. I felt all over the hard shaft, touching the soft, soft skin and feeling the hard, bone-like ridges of swollen tissues just below the loose skin. An amazing concatenation of hard and soft, weak and strong, rigid and flexible.

Jerold moaned deep in his chest and grabbed my shoulders to keep from falling down as waves of pleasure shook his body. Jerold laid his forehead on my shoulder, against my neck where he could look down at what I was doing and continued a low, varying moaning sound.

I put my forehead down on Jerold's shoulder just like his was and we both concentrated on the feelings of my hands wandering lightly all over his groin, testicles, ball sac, foreskin and penis. No matter how lightly I touched the hanging balls the sac would immediately pull them up out of harms way, only to descend seconds later looking for even more sensation. Over and over I stimulated the responsive nutsac, touching the bottoms of the balls, the curve of skin over the tops of the balls, the in-curved swoop of loose skin or the tighter skin where it joined the base of the weeping cock above.

With one finger I stroked the smooth skin just behind the juncture of ballsack, shaft and foreskin. In heated response Jerold slid his knees further apart and swiveled his hips forward, giving me complete access. The more I stroked the taint the more involved Jerold got; nuzzling the crook of my neck and slobbering his tongue into my ear, which makes me REALLY horney.

Jerold's moans modulated into pleas whispered directly into my ear. "Please. Please, Joey. Please suck my dick, Joey. Please suck my dick, Joey. Please. Please. Oh! Ummmm. Oh please, please suck my hot cock, Joey. Please..."

I lightly slid my forehead down across Jerold's small chest, nibbling on his flat little titties, and then down to his concave stomach where my tongue spent a delightful time toying with his sensitive, silky smooth bellybutton, slowly getting closer and closer to the smooth skinned blunt tube of hot flesh rearing up at me, throbbing with a young man's need. I carefully circled Jerold's scrotum with my thumb and index finger and gently pulled down on his balls. His cock separated from his tummy just as my wide open mouth arrived to drop over the smoothly covered head and shaft so that my lips could lock over the base of the still dry sperm implanter.

I exhaled my warm breath over the dry rod, blowing across the smooth groin and stretched ballsack. Goosebumps and shivers sped up and down Jerold's spine. He moaned and leaned forward across my back. As I began to suck, Jerold returned the favor by playing with my butt and fingering my anus. Taking the rhythm from Jerold, my tongue began to wet down and explore the rigid little rod in my mouth.

What a perfectly delectable morsel this was. With my lips pressed against the hairless groin the head reached through my uvula to rest in the back of my mouth, but not really down into my throat. I could, and did, move the shrouded flare of the cockhead back and forth across the entrance of my throat tickling myself and causing gag reflex after gag reflex that I easily controlled and thoroughly enjoyed. By moving my head around I could cause the inserted probe to swab the insides of my buccal cavity, stimulating the mucus membranes to exude thick, slick mucus that provided the most sensuous of all male sexual lubricants. My tongue oscillated across the surface of the slick shaft in counterpoint to my nursing muscles.

Like a babe in arms I sucked and gurgled at my prize, lips and tongue forming an airtight seal against the suction created by my cheeks and throat muscles. The oily fluid from Jerold's Cowper's gland, the only precum he had at this age, flooded my mouth with male taste. Jerold's arms were locked around my waist in fear that I might try to escape the passionate embrace. His mouth traveled over the expanse of my back, slobbering and lipping and kissing in appreciation of the sensations arising from his heated groin. As his lust soared Jerold's motions and actions became frantic, his teeth emerging from his lips to score and bite at my back, his hands roving over my chest and stomach, fingernails pinching my swollen titties and scratching at my water-softened skin as his fingers tried to grab handfuls of my body. His hands finally moved up into my groin, pulling and tugging at my sensitive cock and balls until they hooked back between my legs, fingers invading my heated slot in a death grip as his body reacted like a rubber spring, hunching his entire crotch deeper and deeper into my face as his teeth found purchase in my side and bit down savagely, like a stallion breeding a mare. Like a mare, all I could do was squeal and whine and submit to my stallion, my masterful giver of sex.

I felt Jerold swelling, ready to spooge way too soon. The rest of my fingers joined my thumb and forefinger encircling Jerold's tender growing testicles. It didn't take much pressure to divert his attention from climaxing to protecting his developing manhood. Jerold reared up like the angered stallion he was and, hissing through his teeth, slammed his palm down across my exposed butt, demanding to know why I had interfered with his rape of my mouth. Still sucking hard I pulled my head back, almost ripping the skin off his penis as I withdrew and looked up at the young boy who was so enraged in his manhood. "Too fast Jerold. Too fast. You're too much like a young stallion. All you want is to bust a nut. Enjoy me. Enjoy my mouth. Make it last."

The throbbing organ danced before my face as Jerold's eyes plead with me to let him complete his task. I released his balls and used my hand to stroke his side, calming him as I rested my head against his thigh. "Relax, Jerold. Let me build the pleasure for you until you really explode? Please?"

Jerold straightened up and just nodded as he turned slightly and thrust his cock back through my parted lips. I kept the swollen head in my mouth this time and, sucking only slightly, used my tongue to bathe and caress the wonderful young organ. Jerold's hands began to caress and massage my neck and shoulders and head, giving me direct feedback on the pleasure I was creating for the both of us.

I set myself the task of baring his gland of the tight foreskin and my lips and tongue began their arduous, if delightful, task. Every slight movement back of the slowly yielding veil exposed yet more of the highly sensitive foreskin flattened surface. As I continued to labor at my self-imposed task, Jerold had a reaction typical of young men having their cockhead exposed.

"Joey, I've got to pee."

In answer, I quit sucking and licking and pressed my forehead into his lower abdomen putting pressure on his swollen bladder.

Jerold put his hand to my face and tried to gently disengage. "Joey. I've GOT to pee!"

My hand curved down around one cheek of Jerold's ass and held him in place as my mouth relaxed and provided a warm, accepting receptacle for his imminent effusion.

Jerold's cock softened a little and, with a sigh of mixed relief and worry, Jerold released the first spurts of urine into my mouth, still not too sure that I actually wanted him to do this. When my only reaction was the slight movement of my swallowing and my hand patting his ass, Jerold relaxed his bladder and released his boy-stream completely, the clear flood washing out my mouth with the light flavor of boy piss. Too strong an image! "Boy pee." Yeah, that's more like it: ...the clear flood washing out my mouth with the light flavor of boy pee. I was completely submitting to this eleven year old boy, allowing him to prove his attainment of manhood as he mastered the boy that had just mastered his older brother.

The tip of my tongue speared the last drops of slightly acrid urine out of the gapping piss-slit as my lips returned to the task of peeling back the shroud from Jerold's rams-head. The slightly softened state of the deeply inserted organ allowed the foreskin to suddenly slide completely behind the flare of cockhead. My tongue immediately curled up over the pebbled surface and the stimulation caused the organ to tense and swell again, trapping the foreskin behind the rising corona.

Like many young boys, Jerold was not very careful about cleaning under his foreskin. He didn't realize that the little bit of dead skin cells that used to collect under his boy-hood had been mostly replaced by the same exhalations and excretions of a fully developed male that now collected in an odorous mass under his man-hood. The taste flooded my mouth as the fumes permeated my mucus membranes and snaked up my pharynx to invade the back of my nose, swelling the turbinates and provoking my lust in surges of high blood pressure. My head swelled until I thought it was going to explode.

My tongue reached back around the corona and dug out masses of the waxy-oily-slickery smegma, carefully wiping it all over his cockhead and the insides of my mouth to maximize the flavor and sex fume production. The sensation caused the athletic Jerold to jump up on his feet, while keeping his cock firmly planted in my mouth. Crouched before me like a Balinese Monkey Dancer, feet spread in the stable uma-no-gamae stance, his hips dipped down to the level of my mouth exposing his asshole completely and putting great tension on all his lower body muscles. His hand clamped onto my neck, controlling my every motion with mouth and head and increasing the tension in my body. Each time I would make a motion with my mouth or tongue that was not totally pleasing to him, his other hand would crash down on my exposed ass in admonishment.

I had both hands on the floor now to support the weight he forced down on me so that I could maintain full insertion of his copulatory organ. Jerold grunted forth a series of commands and demands, directing my actions as I attempted to garner and savor every last speck of Jerold's precious smegma.

Jerold began to fuck my smegma and spit slick mouth channel in time with is demands and ass spanking. Jerold gained total control over me. Punishing the slightest infraction of his demands and desires with ass reddening slashes of his hand and rewarding proper behavior and actions with hard thrusts of his suspended hips, slamming his cock into my face in lust-filled motions that bounced his testicles off my throat... at least until they began their migration toward the base of the thrusting cock.

As we both reached uncontrollable, peak peaks of passionately peaking pleasure, both of Jerold's hands gripped the back of my head and his swiveling hips and thrusting thighs pounded my face as the contractions of his back and arms bounced my face off his slamming groin. I was totally at Jerold's mercy, of which he was totally bereft. Totally given over to lust, he took his pleasure from me, raping my face and using me as he would his right hand (or the wrong one for that matter!), without control, without let nor hindrance, except such as I imposed. I was in lust heaven, being face fucked out of my mind by a hairless eleven year old stallion.

With a voice cracking roar Jerold surged upwards, lifting me to my knees he ground my face into his crotch and his groin into my face as his legs flexed and trembled from overstrain and he filled my mouth with the ultimate male effusion. I hung from Jerold as I concentrated on sucking deeply on surge after surge from the loins of the dominant stallion impregnating me. I didn't loose a drop of the precious fluid throughout all of Jerold's hunching and trusting expulsions.

Neighing his ultimate pleasure as his empty sex glands continued to contract, Jerold fell backwards. Like a team of trained acrobats or martial artists, Jerold and I folded into unity. As Jerold went down, I went up, swiveling my knees up from the floor into the same horse stance as Jerold's. Hips moved between my legs and I folded over to lower him firmly onto his back from the suspension of his hands behind my neck and my hands clamped to his ass cheeks. His thighs slid across mine, lifting his feet from the ground up into the air as we flowed downward, my body moving forward to cover his as my erect penis and tongue entered him at the same time his entered me. We shared the flavor of his exhausted sperm as our tongues washed each others and my loins pounded his ass and filled him with sperm at the same time, fucking and cumming, sucking and sharing all at the same time as we completed the first part of our act of brotherhood.

We rested in our seemingly awkward, but actually comfortable posture connected at mouth and groin. Both penis' seeping and throbbing slowly in the aftermath as our lips and tongues played a tune of friendship, brotherhood and almost, nearly, but not quite spent passion. As we lay there enjoying each other our other brothers came over to silently sit and stand around us. Caressing us softly and joining in the magic of our pleasure. Slowly, they lifted us and, without separating us, carried us to a shower and softly and gently cleansed us as we continued to kiss and my released love organ hung against Jerold's smaller organ, comfortable in brotherly companionship.