My Dads draft 32

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

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Chapter 32

More Brothers II


As I stood basking in the warm spray and the affections of my new brothers, perchance I espied, yon, against far embrasure a wilted forlorn form. Huddled, lost in the misery of a sorrow impaled soul. Alone. Apart. A mere wee form of dejection. To wit, Jeremy, youngest of the Clzinik clan present, and currently unaccounted for. Cautiously, cock adangle, I excused meself from mine boone companions and haled forth to solace the lost soul.

"Hey, Jeremy, what's happening?" [Aren't you glad I burned out my Old English mindset in one paragraph?]

Jeremy just ducked his head further into the corner. I could see now that he was crying. I sat down beside him and put my hand on his slight shoulder. "Jeremy, what's the matter, Brother?"

"I'm not your brother! You don't love me!"

I pulled his resisting form around to face me. "What the heck are you talking about?" I asked.

"I wanted to be your brother too. But you ignored me. You just think I'm a little kid and you don't want me to be your brother."

"Jeremy! Jock told me all about you. I think you're his favorite brother, so of course you're my brother!"

"Am not. You ignored me. You just walked away."

"I didn't ignore you, Jeremy. I thought you'd joined me and the other guys under the shower."

"You're just like the other big guys. You just ignore me unless you want something. You guys don't even see me most of the time."

"I saw you! And I came over here as soon as I did. Didn't I!"

"But I wanted you to be my brother."

"Jeremy. We're going in circles. I already told you that you are already my brother."

"You didn't fuck me like you fucked the other guys."

I looked more closely at the crying boy. He was small, even for an eight year old. And skinny to boot. Among his beefy older brothers he looked like a throwback. "Jeremy, I don't need to do that for you to be my brother. When you grow up we can do that, but for now, we can just be brothers."

"That's not what Dad said. He said..."

"Jeremy. That was just for the big boys. You know that! The boys that are making sperm already. When you're making sperm we can do that if you want too."

"All the other guys fuck me... Well... except for Josh and Joke. They're to big for me. But they're working on my butt to stretch it so that they can fuck me too. You just don't want me to be your brother."

Sighing, I shook my head. "Jeremy. I just thought you wouldn't be interested in that stuff. I always wanted you to be my brother just as much as the other guys."

Tentatively, Jeremy looked up at me and asked, "Really?"

I made an "X" over my heart and said, "Cross my heart and hope to die!"

Jeremy just smiled and slithered into my lap and hugged me. Did you ever have a naked, horny eight year old sit in your bare lap? Phew! My dick got hard in no time as Jeremy's slender bottom wiggled around in my lap. Jeremy turned around to face me and sat back down, right on top of my stiff dick. His tender little flower bud grabbed my foreskin and slid it back onto the shaft as he sat back down on my lap in one long, smooth, continuous move. He put his legs behind me and his arms around my neck and started bouncing up and down, impaling himself on my prong over and over. I put my hands around his chest and helped him bounce even harder.

Jeremy was the real direct type. No foreplay. No kissy-smoochy mushy stuff. Just: dick in ass and fuck. I started laughing and Jeremy got even more serious so I started tickling him. He tried to fight me off and fuck me at the same time, but it was a loosing battle. Finally he started giggling and tried to use his hands and arms to protect himself. My hands attacked him everywhere. Tickling his armpits and sides, his tummy and little dick, his back and neck and feet when I could get to them. His twisting and turning and laughter stimulated my dick as much or more than his bouncing had. He refused to give up my implanted dick to escape and was lost in the joyful laughter that only a boy his age can so fully enjoy.

I kept tickling him and started demanding that if he was going to have sex with me he'd have to act like he appreciated the favor I was doing him and quit laughing. "Come on. Sit still and be serious, Jeremy! Quit jumping around like that! What's the matter with you? Do you get this crazy anytime someone sticks their dick in your ass? Hold still Jeremy, or I'm not going to play with you any more. I don't like little boys who can't control themselves."

Jeremy tried to protest the injustice of what I was saying, but every time he tried to get enough breath to talk. I tickled him even worse. He tried to tickle me back, but every time he tried to reach forward, my tickling fingers would go straight to his exposed and unprotected armpits.

He was so weak with laughter that he involuntarily started to pee on me. "Oh, so now you're going to pee on me are you? Well, take this!" Laughing hard myself, and not having pee'd all night, my bladder cut loose and my piss started swelling up his skinny little belly. Jeremy just sat down harder and leaned back so that his pee shot up between us, spraying both of us with the little-boy smell of his yellow-tinted clear pee.

I was still pissing a full stream when Jeremy's little bladder ran dry. He stayed leaned back and I helped hold him up there as we both watched in fascination as his belly swelled up bigger and bigger with my load of urine. I reached down with one hand and caressed his swollen tummy. We both enjoyed the feel of his drumhead tight belly. I lifted my knees so that he could lay back comfortably and used both hands to massage the urine around in Jeremy's guts, making sure that his enema reached every part of his lower intestines,

Jeremy was in seventh heaven with my cock up his ass, his belly swollen tight with my urine and my hands constantly caressing him. Every time I'd play with his little cocklett (now a very stiff three inches of boy meat) and balls he'd have another dry cum, over and over and over. Every time he came he'd moan and his butthole would clamp down on my rod.

"Hey, Jeremy."


I gave him an evil look. "You want to go for a pony ride?

"Sure! I always wanted a pony."

I put my arms under his legs and back around his back, folding him in half as I stood up. Jeremy got the idea right away. He grabbed my ears and demanded that I "Giddy-up!"

Using my arms and hips I started bouncing his butt off my groin as he locked his heels over my shoulders and started yelling, "Giddy-up, giddy-up. Faster horsey. Faster!" The horsey was fucking his rider with full length strokes that pounded rider and horsey together in joyful lust. It only took a few minutes of this exertion for the horsey to loose his mind and shoot his white fluid into the yellow fluid he'd already deposited.

As we both stood there trembling with aftershocks, Jeremy said, "Joey. You better take me to the toilet before your dick gets soft and falls out of me."

I nodded and walked, or rather staggered, over to the alcove next to the door that held the open toilet. I sat down backwards on the seat and held Jeremy in my arms, kissing him in thanks for the wonderful fuck. My dick gradually softened and began to slide out of Jeremy. He clenched his guts and expelled the last of my butt plugger and a stream of sperm, piss and little boy turds that shot between my legs into the toilet. Moaning into my mouth, Jeremy expelled wave after wave from his overburdened guts.

I flushed the toilet several times and held Jeremy gently in my arms as he took care of the results of our union. A Big Brother and a Little Brother sharing body functions like only brothers that truly loved and cared about each other would. When it seemed like Jeremy was finally done, I very carefully dabbed his butthole clean with toilet paper and flushed the toilet for a last time. I stood up and put my forearm and hand under Jeremy's butt to hold him up and he laid his head on my shoulder and put his arms around my neck and down my back. I had one very tired little boy in my arms.

I walked over to the showers where Jeremy's brothers greeted us. Congratulating Jeremy and washing both of us, Josh and Joke taking special care to thoroughly cleanse Jeremy's sore backside, telling him how proud they were of him and hoping that they could have as good a time with him once their dicks would fit up his butt.

Jeremy fell asleep on my shoulder so we dried him off and Joke took him inside to put him to bed.

Turnabout is Fair Play

When Joke got back from putting Jeremy to bed his dad got up and told Josh and Junior to come with him and Joke. They went out the side door into the storage room only to return a few minutes latter with one of those hospital examining tables with the leg supports. They set it down in the middle of the showerroom and Mr. Clzinik turned around to face me.

"Well boys, " he said, "I'm going to go to bed. I've got a long day tomorrow. You guys put Joey up on the table and complete your side of the bargain. I want each of you to fuck him at least once before you go to bed. Reverse order of seniority. If you want to fuck him more than once, go ahead, but not until everybody's had a turn, OK?"

"Yes, Sir." they all answered.

My stomach sank as Mr. Clzinik smiled at me. "You enjoy yourself now, Boy. Maybe this will burn off some of that wiseass energy of yours so I can have a peaceful flight to Bermuda tomorrow."

Looking at the randy cocks surrounding me, I had a feeling that Mr. Clzinik was going to have a VERY peaceful trip tomorrow. My butthole was suddenly itching something fierce.

I watched Mr. Clzinik as he walked off to his bed and wife, his hard, proud ass clenching and bunching with each step. I turned and looked at the eight boys, at the eight hard cocks waiting for me. I smiled, and walked into their arms.


OK. I admit. I was a little bit scared. I'd been fucked royally before, but eight hard-dicked teenagers--well, OK -- seven hard-dicked teenagers and a horny eleven, going on fifteen, year old. All at one time? Yikes!

Everyone tried to hold me at the same time. No pushing and shoving or roughness, just eagerness to touch and stroke and share loving warmth. Warm hands on my face and arms and legs. On my butt and cock and balls. Feeling my fuck holes, fingers in my mouth and anus, gently probing and patting.

"Boy, are you gun'na get fucked tonight!"

"Nice ass dude."

"Suck my finger. I wanna know what my dick's gonna feel like."

"That butt's going to be torn up tonight, fer sure!"

"Hey, don't bruise the merchandise, Dude! We're going to need that ass in good shape!"

Junior stepped back and told his brothers, "OK, guys. Let's get started. Put him belly down on the table."

Laughter, "All Right!"

"Let's do it!"

"Careful now."

"More this way"

"Let go of his dick Jerold, you're getting in the way!"

Hands eagerly lifted me and carried me over to the examination bench and laid me, stomach down, over the end of the bench with my feet on the step they'd pulled out of the base of the table.

Jazz came over with a big bottle of Corn Huskers Lotion. "OK, guys, let's get a good base coat worked into his skin. Don't miss any spots, and work it in good." He poured a stream of warm lotion from my neck to the crack of my ass and down each leg and arm. Hands gathered the bounty and rubbed and massaged in into my skin, plenty of care being taken by everyone to make sure plenty was worked up my ass chute. Jerold even worked all four fingers of his long narrow hand up inside me to coat the beginnings of my rectum. His thumb, and a couple of his brothers the only things that kept his enthusiasm, and entire hand, out of my ass.

Once everyone had a chance to grease up my main attraction, Jimmy held a big container of Crisco up to Jerold. "OK, Jerold, work a bunch of this way up inside him now."

Jerold ran his finger tips through the slick grease and carefully coated the sides of my butt crack and the opening to the current center of attraction. Then he cupped his fingers and filled the U-shape with more grease and slid his hand back up my butt and started carefully plastering the sides of my channel from the rectum back out to the already lubed outer ass-ring. He'd already loaded his other hand with Crisco so that when his right hand emerged from my chute, his left hand immediately entered before my boy-pussy had a chance to close back down. He plastered the other side of my chute, and then his hands took turns building up the melting grease and relaxing my assrings. Jerrold was doing a fantastic job of getting me ready to be the center of attraction at the up-cumming orgy.

Joshua came up to my head and showed me what he had in his hands. It was a bright yellow garden hose that reached back to a faucet set back into the shower wall. It had one of those quarter-turn shutoff valves at the end. Attached to the shutoff valve was a shiny nine or ten inch chromed metal tube that had been brazed to a female hose fitting. How weird looking!

Joshua smiled at me and turned on the valve. Warm water spouted from four holes that had been drilled behind the blunt nose of the half-inch wide tube. "Ready for your enema?" Joshua leered.

Realization dawned over me and I gasped, "Oh SHIT!" and started to get up. Many hands took my arms and legs and waist and spread-eagled me across the examination table. Joshua walked out of sight behind me and Jock took my head in his hands. He leaned over the table and talked softly into my ear, "It's OK, Joey. He's really good with that thing. He does all of us when we're not feeling good. He's really gentle and knows exactly how much to use."

As Jock calmed and reassured me, I felt Josh start working the enema tube up my ass. Once he felt it enter my rectum, he turned on a gentle flow of the warm water and started working the tube side to side and up and down as he pushed it deeper and deeper inside me. By the time Josh had the tube inserted all the way, I was feeling pretty full. Josh clamped my buttcheeks over the hose and valve with his hand and just held me there. He used his other hand to feel how distended my tummy was getting and just let me slowly fill up.

What an amazing feeling. Laying there helpless with a steel tube up my ass, feeling the warm water fill me up, lifting my mid-section with water pressure. The pressure in my guts was making my limp dick fill up with blood again and it started pounding against the shellacked wood base of the table I was laying on. Somebody started stroking my hanging balls and playing with them. All I could do was lay there and accept their ministrations and feel the water filling me fuller and fuller.

Just as I felt I was going to explode, Josh shut off the water and pulled the enema tube out in one smooth movement. Still holding my cheeks closed with his hand he explained to me, "This is how it works, Joey. You have to wait for the water to work inside of you. If you loose as much as one drop of the water, you get ten strokes with the heavy leather strap. You don't know what that means yet, but trust me, you DON'T want to know. Lose just one drop, and your ass is one big blister! Ready?"

My voice quivered, but I answered, "Yeah."

Josh let go of my butt and I had to clench my ass really hard as the water tried to surge out and my gut muscles tried to expel the heavy pressure. I kept forcing my ass muscles to hold in the water and a group of guys kept a close watch on my exposed pucker for the drop of water that would lead to my blistering strapping.

As things settled down a bit and my belly quit roiling and testing my butthole, Junior put his hand on my head and said, "OK. While you're laying there relaxing, we're going to get your butt warmed up for tonight's events. OK everybody. Five swats each, and let's not waste too much time, because Joey's going to have to lay here and hold all that until we're all done."

Jerold moved up alongside the examining table and felt my butt. "You ready, Joey?"

I nodded and Jerold said, "OK. Here goes..." and his skinny right hand, still greasy from lubing me, landed on my left butt cheek. The grease seemed to make his hand stick and sting even worse than a bare hand would have. The sting repeated itself on my right cheek and then 3 more solid slaps landed in timed cadence, leaving my butt stinging something fierce. The worst part though was trying to control my ass muscles to keep the water inside while Jerold was spanking me. If I tightened up my butt cheeks to help hold in the water, the spanking stung even worse, but if I didn't tighten up my butt cheeks, each slap threatened to shock/vibrate my asshole loose and release not just one drop, but the whole mess. My asshole was weakening and I needed to clench my asscheeks to hold the water in but that made the spanking sting really bad. I had tears in my eyes from the effort and the stinging and, even worse, my guts were starting to cramp.

"That's nice and pink now," Jerold stepped back and Junior said, "OK guys, two at a time now. Let's go."

Jamie and Jimmy stepped up and Jimmy said, "Payback's a mother-fucker, Joey." Both boys started working my butt over with sharp, stinging slaps timed to land together. Jamie on my left cheek and Jimmy on my right cheek. I lost track of the count trying to keep the water inside of myself as the impact of the double spanking drove my jelly belly back and forth across the bench.

Jamie and Jimmy stepped back and the twins immediately took their places. Their much larger and heavier hands felt me up and Josh said, "Boy! That's getting good and hot!"

Joke replied, "Yeah. Nice. Let's work it!"

The hands lifted and the extra weight of their stinging descent impelled me across the table so hard I thought the water churning in my guts was going to be forced out of me. While I was till trying to control the pressure surge Joke cried "Cross" and their hands crossed in mid-air and landed on the cheek opposite them, which stung fresh areas of my butt but didn't help my control at all. The twins kept a constant rain of blows falling on my ass, with Joke calling out "Cross" several more times until their ten swats were used up and I was about to shit all over myself. Tears were pouring out of my eyes uncontrollably and I was moaning and sobbing out loud.

The twins patted my flaming red cheeks and stepped back. James stepped up to my left side and looked over his shoulder at Junior. "Go ahead Jazz, I'm going to save mine up to the end." Junior said.

"OK. I need to practice for when my boy grows up anyway." Jazz said. Then he put his hand on the small of my back and his other big hand arced down below my butt level and swung up to spank me from below, which not only stung worse than anything yet, but lifted me into the air and dropped me on my overfull tummy. Moaning and trying to control the now constant cramps and clenching my ass to hold the water in, I was totally unprepared for the next stinging slap that landed just as my butt clenched up tight. By the time that Jazz had landed all five of his swats I was crying openly and begging to go to the bathroom and Jazz had a hardon that looked like it was about to explode it was so swollen. Big knotted veins bulging out all over and a constant stream of thick pre-cum drooling out of the eager fucktool.

Junior walked over my head, his rampant cock pointing at my face. "Was there something you wanted, Joey?"

A big cramp hit me and I moaned, "I've got to go shit, NOW!"

"Ask politely."

"Please, Junior. Please may I go take a shit?"

"Don't use dirty words Joey. It isn't nice. Ask nicely now."

"Please, Junior. Pretty please with sugar on it. May I please go to the bathroom now."

"OK. Kiss my dick and then you can go potty little boy."

Without hesitation I leaned up and planted a full lipped, if quick, kiss on the dripping head of Juniors dick and slid off the table in one movement. Clenching my knees and butt cheeks together to contain the imminent explosion, I quickly waddled over to the toilet, my bright red butt flashing back and forth.

Everybody laughed and Joke said, "Did you ever see a boy in such a hurry to go potty?"

I got to the toilet just barely in time. My ass was already opening as I sat down. My buttcheeks stung like hell as they touched the cold toilet seat and a huge ripping fart rippled my asslips as a stream of stinky, dark-brown water and lumps of turds shot out of my tortured guts. Great racking cramps surged through my guts as gout after gout of enema water and feces shot into the toilet bowl.

Everybody started holding their noses and waving their hands in the air as my intestinal perfume filled the room.


"Gag a maggot, man!"

"What you been eating dude? Skunk cabbage?"

"Agggh, let's get out of here."

Everybody tried to push through the door into the back yard at the same time except for Joke, who walked over to me and held me against his leg, his big dick in front of my eyes, as he bent over and started to massage my cramping stomach.

"It's OK, Joey. They're just teasing you and trying to give you a little privacy. They've all been here and done this before." He flushed the toilet again and continued, "It's going to feel really good when I get you cleaned out completely. You'll be really sensitive and be able to really feel the dicks as they're going up inside you. Once you get used to my enema's you'll be asking me for them regularly. But you can't have them too often or you won't be able to go to the bathroom without an enema. About once a month is all I like to give a guy an enema, unless he's sick of course. Then you can have more. Sometimes we take the grate off the floor drain and I give everybody enema's at the same time. That's funny. Everybody shitting and farting and begging for more water. Once I did the whole family at the same time, Mom and Dad and all the boys and girls, even the little kids joined in. I used the short rubber enema tube to be safe in all the hurry. We had a lot of fun. Everybody started chasing each other around, trying to shit the clear water from their guts on everybody else. Jock loves enema's better than anybody. He REALLY likes getting high colonics. We'll have to show you how we do that sometime. You about done now?"

Joke had managed to keep my mind off my guts and his massaging had emptied my intestines and soothed my belly. I felt great. "Yeah. I feel really empty now," feeling my gut.

Joke laughed and patted my back. "You don't even know what empty is yet." He uncoiled one of those hair washing showerheads on a rubber hose from the faucet on the wall of the commode alcove and adjusted the water temperature. Then he washed me and the toilet down, flushing several more times and making sure I was spotlessly clean. Then he shut the water off and lead me back over to the table and laid me down on my stomach again.

"You guys going to fuck me now?" I asked.

Pausing, Joke thoughtfully said, "No Joey, you've got two more rinses coming." My face started to screw up into tears again and he quickly said, "Don't worry, Joey. The worst part is over. The rest of this will feel really good. I promise. If it doesn't, we'll stop immediately, OK?"

"You sure?"

"I'm sure, Joey. I've done this a lot of times."

"OK. I trust you, Jeptha."... I suddenly realized that I'd just spoken the truth; I did trust Jeptha!

Joke leaned over and kissed my lips. "Thanks, Joey. It makes me feel really good that you trust me. And I really like it that you called me by my given name. But please don't do it in front of the other guys, they give me a really hard time about my name."

"I promise, Jeptha. I love you." And my heart swelled, knowing that was true as well.

Jeptha leaned back down and kissed me deeply. I kissed back as good as I could, sliding my tongue into his mouth and accepting his into mine at the same time as I fondled his huge dick and balls. Jeptha pulled himself back and broke our connection. Breathlessly he said, "I'd better go get the other guys or we'll be in here by ourselves for the rest of the night.

He went outside and returned a few seconds latter with the rest of the guys.