My Dads draft 33

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 33

The Same but Moreso

The belly opener:

The chattering group gathered around me and started patting me on the back and inspecting my red buns as they congratulated me on how well I'd dealt with the cleansing enema. Jock got the Vaseline and Jerold renewed the coating of lubricant up inside me. It felt really good to lay there in the warm room with Jerold and Jock taking care of my poop chute as I chatted with the other guys and Joke cleaned and prepared his enema equipment. Being the center of attention of a group of handsome and bright young men like this was doing wonders for my ego. I felt really special, loved and cared for--and, looking at the erections surrounding me, desired. Jamie, in all his fourteen year old impatience, said he just couldn't wait any more and asked me to suck him off before he shot all over the floor. We arranged him on the table in front of me with his legs spread out to the sides and Jimmy and Jazz held him up so he could relax. While we all talked I casually slurped on his hard dick, licked his balls and fingered his ass.

I was talking to Junior when Joke came up behind me and put his hand on top of my butt. "Put that thing in your mouth and hold on tight, Joey!" he ordered. As I sucked Jamie's cock into my mouth I felt the enema probe slide up inside me. Jamie's cum and the water from the enema tube started entering me at the same time and my dick got really hard again. Jamie's cum tasted really good and Joke had turned the water pressure on all the way and was twisting the tube back and forth as he inserted it further up inside me. I could feel the streams of water spraying against the inner walls of my rectum, cleaning me further and stimulating me into an even larger erection.

It didn't take long for my belly to start swelling again and I licked the last of Jamie's sperm off his dick as Joke started feeling my sides to see how full I was getting. Just as I was starting to get really uncomfortable again, Jamie climbed down off the table and Joke shut off the water. Joke carefully pulled the enema tube back out of me and held my buttcheeks together with his other hand again.

Joke called my name and held something up in his hand. "Joey, you see this?"

I looked up and saw Joke holding up a pink thing shaped kind of like a christmas tree. It shined like it was coated with some sort of lubricant. "Yeah." I answered.

This is a butt plug. I'm going to put it inside you so that you can relax while the water is inside you, OK?"

I was starting to cramp again, so anything that would help me relax sounded good to me, "Sure," I said. "Go ahead and put it in there."

Joke pushed the butt plug into me, having to rotate it a few times to open up the passage so it would fit as the fattest part went inside of me. First, I felt the wedge swell my outer ring wider and wider. Stretching and hurting a little bit. I bore down like I was going to take a crap, pushing against the invading rubbery marlinspike. The counteracting pressures made my neithermouth yaw open and swallow the bluntly pointed cone into my inner passageway. I felt my tight stretched outer ass-ring close over the abrupt drop-off behind the intruding bulge and mouth the stem of the buttplug. My relief from the uncomfortable pressure was soon replaced with a deeper pressure as Joke continued to push the tool into my guts.

A gasp escaped me as I arched and bore down again as the rubber nose already intruding into my rectum tried to pass the inner portal of my passage, pushing it wider as the ring of muscle tried to resist the improper, backwards bowel movement. I strained against this most intimate invasion of my privacy until the veins in my neck stood out and my face turned red. All to no avail as Joke pushed the big buttplug firmly into me and my inner ring closed down behind the bulge into the narrow area formed by the "tree stem". The wide "T" shaped base kept it from going all the way inside as Joke pushed hard on the base to make sure it was all the way past the inner ring and I looked around in embarrassment at the teenagers surrounding me, some of whom I had to go to school with, avidly watched their brother stick this cold mechanical device into my exposed ass.

Joke pulled on the base a few times to make sure the buttplug was seated solidly inside me. It felt like I had a three inch wide cockhead on a one inch wide shaft pulling at my ass muscles. It also felt so good I was hoping I could meet someone with a dick built like that some day. Joke slapped my ass softly and said, "Good boy!" as he backed away.

"OK, everybody," Junior said, "let's keep that ass warmed up now. One swat each, and make them count."

Everybody except Junior himself took turns, one at a time, whacking my booty. I could relax my butt muscles this time so it didn't hurt as bad. Actually, for some strange reason, I thought it felt pretty good if the truth were known. Each hand spanked me in a different way, in different places. Jiggling my buttocks and moving the big buttplug around in my hole. Junior punched the buttplug a few times between each spanking to make sure it was all the way up inside me and able to help keep me out of trouble. He'd grin at me while he was doing it because I'd jump and moan at how good it felt.

A glowing warmth spread over my abused ass as the repeated spankings stimulated my nerves and raised a blood red color to the surface, making my cheeks blush as the increased blood flow warmed my ass even further. The spanking ended long before I was ready for it to stop.

I asked for one more from all of my brothers and Junior smiled a happy smile and said, "You got it Brother! Line up guys."

After that was done, multiple hands gently took hold of me and carefully turned me over on my back. Jazz and Jimmy took a couple of square chromed bars from a drawer in the base of the examining table and inserted them into sockets at the foot of the table. The bars were curved at the top and had chrome fittings that looked like fancy stirrups at the ends. My feet were lifted into the stirrups and strapped in place with leather straps that went from my heels up around my ankles. Not tight or anything, just enough to hold my feet in place without me having to worry about them falling out.

There I lay on my back. My swollen gut making me look like a pregnant woman. My legs were comfortable. Spread wide, exposing all my goodies to God and Country and the casual passer-by as I lay there like a beached whale. I started to get embarrassed and glanced shyly around. The thoughtful, lust-filled eager expressions I saw made me forget any embarrassment as everyone closed around me and began to explore my body. Taking my permission for granted, hands and fingers explored my every nook and cranny, freely taking liberties that a Tijuana whore wouldn't permit for less than five hundred dollars. Personally, I quickly got into it and enjoyed being the center of attention. The attentions of eight good-looking and well-hung young men focused totally on me. Hey! I'm not a narcissist, but Jeeze!

My hands wandered, feeling a firm butt here and a nice set of balls there. Pat, pat. Touch, touch. Grope and feel and enjoy as many hands did the same to me in a slow, relaxed pace.

The hands caressing my tight-skinned abdomen began to probe and massage. Gently relaxing the muscles and soothing the taut skin. Playing with my now protruding bellybutton. The soothing movements lulled me into a relaxed, semi-somnolent state enhanced my my hand's gentle manipulation of two pairs of hanging balls that rested on my upturned palms.

As I relaxed further I could feel the hands compressing first one side of my abdomen and then the other; the top and then the bottom. The feel of gurgling water moving around inside of me brought a sigh of deep pleasure and a smile to my lips. Hands continued to wander my body, reassuring me and relaxing me even further as different pairs of hands worked on my gut with greater and greater effect.

I felt something warm on my lips and opened my eyes to see Jimmy's weeping cockhead rubbing across my swollen lips. I smiled lazily as my lips parted and allowed the warm and tasty organ admission. A few slow sucks and tongue twists and the luscious morsel was replaced from the other side with Jerold's stiff play-toy. I lazily mouthed cock after cock as the boys moved from position to position, never letting up on their ministrations, but giving me a constant succession of tongue pleasing pacifiers.

Joke asked me if I needed more water. I became aware of an oddly deflated feeling in my guts. I smiled and nodded "Yes" to Joke. He smiled at me and leaned down and kissed my pre-cum wet lips. Hands released my feet from the stirrups and other hands rolled me up on my shoulders as Joke carefully removed his buttplug from my ass and slid the water probe back up into me with the water already running. He let it run for a while and then asked me if that was enough. My gut felt heavy and full again so I nodded "Yes". Joke smiled and kissed me again and then moved back and withdrew the still running probe. He kissed my other mouth and then easily reinserted my pleasure producing pressure plug.

The loving hands lowered me back down to the table surface and my feet were strapped back in the stirrups. Twice more Joke asked me if I wanted more water and both times I said, "Yes, Joke. Please. Fill me back up. It feels so good." I didn't know where all the water was going, but the massaging hands and all the water were making me feel really good.

Finally my feet were released from the stirrups and strong hands lifted me to my feet. Warm bodies surrounded me as I stood with my feet splayed and my back swayed to support the hugely distended belly in front of me. Hands caressed my pregnant protrusion.

"Wow. Look at that."

"No one's ever taken that much before."


"Man, that's cool."

"Look at that. That's AWESOME dude!!!"

"Hey. It's like he's nine months pregnant and ready to drop a baby."

"You're totally cool, Joey!"

"Yeah man. Awesome fer sure!"

Junior and Joke took my arms and carefully walked me over to the toilet stool. Joke shooed Junior and the other guys back and turned me around and helped me sit down on the stool. He bent me forward and I had to spread my legs wide to give my huge belly room. Joke reached behind me to remove our buttplug, but first he put his mouth next to my ear and whispered, "I wish I could fuck you with your guts full of water like this."

I whispered back, "Some moonless night, will you bring me out here, just you and me, and fill me up until I'm even bigger than this and then lean me over this toilet and fuck me until I pass out? Please, Jeptha. Will you do that for me? And then cum and piss in me until I have your baby?"

Jeptha moaned lustfully deep in his throat and kissed me hungrily, murmuring into my mouth "I'll fuck you into heaven, Baby. I'll fuck you so good you'll never go back to horses." And then he crushed my lips with his as he pulled the stopper out of my ass and the water started to fall out of my wide-open ass into the toilet.

The channel dredger:

Joke led me, a little dazed but smiling, back to the examining table. The group of guys met me, patting me on the back and feeling my dick and balls and ass as I arranged myself belly down with my legs spread and ready for whatever came next. Jerold got behind me and started using his freshly greased up hand to coat my ass with grease again. As I enjoyed the pleasant sensations of his hand working inside of my ass I noticed that my ass wasn't burning. Every time I'd had an enema before, even the little ones I'd had prior to this, the water and stuff from my guts had made my ass burn and itch. Jerold's keeping my ass lining so carefully coated with grease was protecting my lining and letting me enjoy the experience without any of the painful aftereffects. I made a mental note to give Jerold a really special fuck by way of saying "Thank you."

Jerold had worked his entire long slim hand up inside me by now, plastering vasiline thickly all over my insides. My butt was relaxed and warmly receptive even after I noticed that he had his whole hand inside me. I was just quietly pleased rather than shocked.

Joke came up alongside of me. "How'ya doin', Joey?"

"Ummm. Great." I contentedly murmured.

"You ready to finish this off?"

"Anything you say, Joke. You're really making me feel good. Sort of like I'm stoned."

"You're really getting into this, aren't you, Joey. Really enjoying it I mean."

"Ummm Humm. You make me feel so good, Joke. Anything you want me to do, you just tell me."

Joke looked at me with an almost startled look on his face. "You really mean that, don't you, Joey?"

"Of course I do, Joke. You're my brother now. You've fucked me with your water and made me feel more wonderful than I ever have. I Love You, Jeptha. I want you to love me. Not just make love to me, but with me, because we love each other so much!"

Joke put his arm around my recumbent shoulders and kissed me lightly on the cheek. Then he cleared his throat and stood back up. Showing me a different enema tube, this one about the same length as the other one but the chromed steel was about an inch wide, Joke lectured me, "I'm going to use this nozzle to give you a final rinse and to loosen up the muscles in your ass so that all the fucking you're going to get won't hurt you or tear any tissues. You just stay relaxed and you should really enjoy this." Joke turned the water on and I noticed that rather than just having the four high-pressure holes, this nozzle had a series of slits that let a lot more water come out with a lot less pressure. Looked to me like it was going to fill me up a lot quicker.

Joke moved behind me and, with the water still running, began inserting the enema tube into my ass. The warm water rippling across my insides felt really good. Joke slid the tube about halfway inside me and just held it there, letting the water fill me up. I could feel my belly starting to swell up like a beach ball being inflated. It was really cool. I could feel the water flowing inside of me as my swelling belly started to lift me from the table. I moved myself from side to side and could feel the water sloshing around inside me. James noticed what I was doing and asked Joshua to help him. They put their four hands on my back and started rocking me gently back and forth, washing my insides and distributing the water as it flowed into me.

My gut was really bloating up and was starting to be painful. "Joke," I said, "I'm getting too full. It's starting to hurt."

"OK." Joke said. Joke curved his fingers around the transgressing steel aqueduct and began thrusting them up inside me, spreading his fingers with each gain to spread my channel open even further. I clamped down as hard as I could when I felt water starting to seep out of me. Joke fought me and I desperately fought back, trying to avoid the embarrassment of loosing control. My cock going from hard to rock-hard as I strained and fought. I was so horny that my dick was trying to fuck into the hard wood.

"Ugggggh," I moaned. Hurting and fighting against Joke and my assholes betrayal.

"Uhhhuh," Joke grunted as he forced his fingers deeper into my hurting ass.

My asshole betrayed me as the still increasing pressure pushed on my inner ring and Jokes probing, twisting fingers worked on my outer ring and channel. Water gushed out of me in a great cataract. "Ooof," I went as the water sluiced out of me between Jokes invading fingers. The release of pressure was wonderful and the moving water made me feel like I was having an orgasm. My cock throbbed several times, beating it's head against the table base. I managed to close my hole again and shut off the escape but the pressure rapidly built again and Joke continued to attack me without let up.

Again my inner ring opened and water flowed out like I was shooting a huge wad of cum. Joke timed it right this time and managed to insert his fingers through my inner ring. He spread them apart and held me open as the water continued to flow. With his other hand Joke turned the water valve wide open. I could feel the warm water pouring into and out of me like I was pissing, farting cumming and shitting all at the same time. My head spun off into space with the inrush of sensations and my hips began to madly hunch my dick into the rigid table base seeking some sort of relief or orgasmic completion.

"Somebody get on his dick, quick," Joke shouted.

I saw Jimmy dive under me behind the table and seconds later my cock was firmly ensconced in his hot slick oral sheath. Junior and Jamie each lifted one of my legs out sideways and ducked down behind me as well. My scrotum split and each of my nuts was encased in its own warm mouth. My ass opened and closed around Joke's hand and the water wand as my hips hunched into Jimmy's face. My cum would shoot down Jimmys throat as my hips hunched forward and my ass clamped shut and the water pressure quickly built up inside me. As my hips moved back my ass would open and I would ejaculate again, spraying water from my guts all over Joke and the three boys sucking madly on my enraged sex tackle.

Over and over I ejaculated from both ends until I collapsed exhausted to the table, water flowing out of my ass in a constant stream as Jimmy, Junior and Jamie continued to nurse on my genitals, my expelled water flowing over their heads and down across their faces and what little that was exposed of my organs. Jazz and Josh would push down on my back, expelling the water from me in a hard stream and then let up like they were giving me artificial respiration, except that the water continued to flow out of me as Joke kept it running into me.

Once I had calmed back down Joke pulled the water hose out of me and the Jazz/Josh team pushed down on my back with firm pressure, pushing as much water as possible out of me. As the last of the water flowed out my asslips fluttered together letting out a loud, watery fart. I farted water a couple of more times and then the guys let go of my balls and somebody pulled Jimmy off my dick where he was still trying to suck even more cum out of my dry sperm well.

Hands lifted me off the table and put me on the floor in a crouching position. I shook my head as I squatted there shitting out the last of the water and mused, "WOW! That was phenomenal!" I let out another huge waterfart that roared in the tiled room. "Flabbergasting," I said.

Everybody started laughing and fell down on the ground with me. Caressing and rubbing me all over, groping my dick and balls and fingering my ass. I don't know who started it, but someone started a contest to see who could get to my ass and suck a drink of water out of me. Some of the guys would suck out a mouth full of water and then chase each other around trying to spray streams of water on each other, only to rush back to me for a refill as I ran around pretending to be a blimp refueling my fighters in mid-air from my ass as I fought off intruders with my piss cannon. A couple of guys just refilled from my dick.

I was finally empty and we all collapsed into a companionable pile on the floor. Panting and giggling as we rested. Jerold finally bounced to his feet and demanded that we get the show on the road, he was horny and wanted to crack a nut. We got up, Jerold and Jazz helping me to my feet as the wise cracks flew.

"O' the impatience of youth."

"You ain't GOT enough nuts TO crack you little wimp."

"Listen to who's giving orders now!"

"He probably don't know how to fuck."

"Do so! Fucked you last night didn't I!" This from an indignant Jerold. Which statement only served to get his butt pinched.

They put me face down on the table again and Junior said, "OK guys. Let's tighten this hole back up again. One swat each. As hard as you can. Let's go!"

Jerold immediately let me have a stinging slap across both cheeks. By time the biggest boys were letting me have their best shots, I was "Oof'ing" and being slamed forward into the table edge with each impact.

Junior held off again, but as soon as Jazz got his heavy-handed shot in Junior said, "OK, Jerold. Check that pussy out and see if it's worth fucking."