My Dads draft 34

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 34

More Brothers

Jerold Humps Joey

Jerold immediately climbed up on my back and slammed his, now six inch long, boy-meat into me in one swell foop. I mean pell toop. I mean... O' hell. The little bastard was fucking me like a rabbit and all I could think of was how much I wanted to be fucked and how much I wanted to thank Jerold for taking care of me. I tried to work my ass in time with Jerold's fucking but only managed about one undulation for every three strokes Jerold took. The little stud was really fucking me full bore.

"That's it stud. Fuck me crazy. Bore that asshole out you fuck maniac. Plow that fine ass to powder."

His glabrous loins slapping against my wet behind sounded like a fifty caliber machine gun destroying the enemy and the enemy was my ass. "Yeah Dude! Do it. Fuck my ass, Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me hard and shoot me full of your hot boy-cum. Do it Jerold. You fuck so good. You're such a stud man. You're fucking me good, Jerold. Fucking me better than anything."

I could feel every movement Jerold made in my sensitive ass. His absolutely smooth shaft glided in and out effortlessly, rubbing me with just enough friction to really heat up his shaft and my needy keister. I could feel the blunt tip of his cock parting my flesh every time he pushed in and the scintillating corona dragging my dick-receptacle lining backwards with every withdrawal. His cock was so hard that every tiny change of direction poked into the muscles behind my inflamed chute lining making me feel like he was going to punch right through and and fuck into the muscle tissue itself.

Jerold grabbed a handful of my armpit hair in each hand and slammed himself into me has hard as he could, his cockhead erupting past my inner ring as his first shot of cum erupted into my rectum. My lining was so clean and sensitive that I could feel every spurt of hot boy-cum as it sprayed across my intestines.

Jerold finally shuttered and fell off my back onto the floor. I looked over the edge of the table to make sure Jerold was OK.

Josh put his hands under Jerold's armpits and lifted him up as Jerold dazedly mumbled, "Oh my god, oh my god. What'a fuck. That was the best fuck I ever had. Can I fuck him again? I want'a fuck him again."

Josh just chuckled and lifted his Little Brother to his shoulder and carried him off to rest, still asking if he could fuck me again.

Jock's turn:

As soon as Josh walked off with Jerold, Jock climbed up, laid on my back and slipped his familiar rod into me. It was a really good fuck, and Jock talked to me while he was fucking me, but I don't want to talk about what we said right now.

Jamie's ride:

Jamie climbed up on the step behind me and asked the other guys to turn me over. While several pairs of hands turned me onto my back, Jamie moved my feet back into the stirrups, but he didn't use the straps. Once I was in position he took hold of my hips and, with my help, scooted my ass closer to him until my butt was hanging over the edge of the table. Then he let go of me and said, "OK. Let's see just how sensitive your ass is now."

I knew that something special was coming, so I just relaxed and closed my eyes.

Jamie just let me lay there quietly until I was completely relaxed and at peace. Or a relaxed piece, whatever...

The first thing I felt was sort of a glow of warmth diffusing onto the skin surrounding my closed orifice. While I was trying to figure that out, I felt the most minute of touches to my pouting rosebud. Involuntarily, my sphincter clenched and withdrew my opening from the contact. As my rose colored bud returned to battery, it touched the intruder and retreated again. This repeated two or three more times until my involuntary responses quieted and my bud rested lightly against the warmth.

The warmth moved slowly closer until it resolved it's self into the curved nose of a questing, testing male member. I moaned slightly and the warmth retreated, leaving the feeling of a damp warmth spreading across my pucker. Jamie must have deposited a drop of pre-lube and I could actually feel it as it spread. How amazing.

The greater warmth returned and my heightened senses could feel another drop of lube touch me just before the broad nose made contact and pushed lightly against my portal. The nose pushed slightly more deeply this time and my sphincter moved out this time to welcome it. The contact was quickly removed. Apparently I was not allowed to move. I was to lay there absolutely still and just accept what was given to me or be denied any contact at all. OK. I could handle that. I consciously relaxed even more and willed my muscles to remain flaccid.

Jamie saw me surrender and returned the nose of his cock to my rosebud. Slowly, slowly, ever so slowly the nose pushed against me, pushing my outer portal against the inner tissues. The more I relaxed my muscles the more sensitive my nerves became, returning reams of sensation to my brain that I'd never truly felt before.

Jamie pulled back again but did not break contact. Instead, he began with diminutive circles to spiral out around, around, around and then back in. Spreading his natural lubricant across my exposed rosebud and his own cockhead. My lips parted, and I could feel his warmth inside. The opening of my mouth adding a spatial dimension to my sensations as he withdrew again and resumed his spiral from the outside in towards the center where his nose spread and opened me until my tight rosebud flowered open over his corona and welcomed him within my warmth, returning his favor with warm favor in return.

The feeling of his reversal brought a deep sigh from my chest as my flower flowed up over his wide corona and down the sloped face until my rosebud became a full-blown bloom that rested, surrounded, clasped against his nose once again. With only the slightest of pauses, a return stroke finished breaching my bud into a willing flower enticing its inseminator to enter fully again and then continue down the swollen stem to be welcomed into my waiting self as his root spread my flower completely and his soft bush nestled against the fertile ground my beautiful flower was planted in, planted on, he was planted in my plant, his stamen planted firmly in my pistel, his anther floating in the gluey warmth of my deep eggless ovary, radiating its warmth into my soul as my nerves flushed and I blacked out, seeing a spiral of red diamonds against a space black background, smelling only his masculine aroma, his male musk invading my nose and mouth and changing the field to lucent green shot through with lighting bolts as his gonads touched my spine and released a flame that traveled up my nerve channel and erupted in my head with yellow and blue dots chasing the tendrils of his groin slowly growing into my body, tasting like the smell of light rushing out of my ears into the roar of narly surf beating against my mind, beating, beating, beating as he fucked me without moving until I exploded, exploding until I imploded as I shrunk to enclose his anther, inseminating my awareness with bursting glory, red, blue, yellow, diamond, pulse, explode, intrude, relieve, excite, be, feel, aware... know.

I came back to look up into Jamie's eyes as he leaned over me. Staring into the depths he had created.



He was the bee to my flower.

He smiled and began to slowly withdraw. I closed my eyes and returned to the land of sensation. I could feel the hard blood veins under his soft cock skin as they traveled across the sensitive membrane lining my inner senses, and then the so much larger ridge of the hardened corona until the foreskin slid over the flare and a smooth wave of sensation completed the retreat from my depths. Jamie completely withdrew before he reversed direction and re-entered me at the same slow pace. Over and over again until every possible sensation of his fucking was etched into my mind. Over and over again he inserted himself into me. Over and over again he withdrew himself from me. Over and over and over and over again he fucked me until my universe was totally contained in the reciprocated flow of Jamie in and out of Joey.

Time resolved itself with the constant rapid pounding of Jamie's testicles against my spine. Jamie's body was still arched over mine, hands on the table at my sides as long streams of sweat runnled down his slim torso. Jamie's cock was still completely leaving my body before plunging completely inside me again, but his hips were a blur of motion to my addled senses as he pounded my ass with all the strength and stamina of a bull. I watched his scrotum shrink and pull his testicles away from their pleasuring of my spine as they assumed firing position, nestled to either side of the swollen bulbous base of the demanding corinthian column of his rod.

I felt his penis swell even larger as his final plunge drove him into my accepting depths. As he fell to my chest my feet left the stirrups so that my arms and legs could wrap around my new brother to hold him as he joyfully inseminated me. Several of our brothers moved up to the sides of our pavilion to protect us as Jamie and I surrendered totally to the bliss of our mutual orgasmic explosion.

Some sort of eternity or another later I returned to a different universe where Jamie lay on top of me. Kissing me gently as he periodically shuttered the last drops of his cum into my guts.

"Hey. Thanks, Jamie. That was... I don't know. Amazing? Wonderful? Unbelievable? Fantastic?"

"Hey. No problem, Jamie. I mean, after all, what are brothers for? Hum?"

I smiled up at him and said, "Brothers are for fucking. And you are one awesome brother!" I made up my mind right then and there that Dad and my Uncle and Garrick at bare minimum were going to come to Jamie for training. I wanted what he could do, every time possible.

Jamie chuckled and got up off of me, carefully pulling his spent dick out of my well used boy-chute. He walked off jauntily, giving instructions to wake him up when it was his turn again.

As each boy finished fucking me that night they were dragging foam pads out of the closet and putting them under the warm shower sprays or into a warm corner with directions to wake them up when it was their turn to fuck me again. Jamie put his pad down and was snoring before he had finished laying down.

Jimmy's turn:

I turned my head back to the group of waiting boys and said, "Jimmy, It's your turn now isn't it?"

Jimmy smiled and blustered, "Yep! And I'm going to fuck your brains out, Joey. Hang on tight, because this time you're going to get REALLY fucked."

I put my hands down between my legs and grabbed his waist as he moved into me, slamming his cock completely into me with the first thrust. He immediately started pounding my boy-cunt with his boy dick. Licking his lips and looking up into the sky he began his litany, "Oh, yeah. That's some fine pussy. Take it, boy. Take it up your ass. Work your butt, boy. Kiss that fine dick. Make my peter want you, boy. Make my peter need that ass of yours like your hot ass needs my peter. Suck me, boy, suck my dick with your ass muscles. Suck it. SUCK IT!"

Jimmy was a talker. He never did shut up the entire time he was fucking me. Which was okay by me. He was a great fucker and his talk made me even hotter to get fucked by him. He grabbed my calves and pushed my legs forward to expose my ass even more. That lifted my ass a little too high for him to fuck easily so he climbed up on the table and pushed my legs down to my sides until my ass was pointed up in the air as he crouched over me and continued to pound my butt, his long ballsack pounding his nuts into my back all over with each pounding, slamming thrust.

"Yeah! Take that cock, pussy-boy! Take my cock up your pussy, boy! Eat me with your asshole, pussy-boy! I love having my balls pounding your back, pussy-boy. You like having my balls hit your back, pussy-boy? You like my long nuts swinging through the air for you? Open your cunt for me, pussy-boy. Open your cunt so I can fuck you, boy. Open your cunt so my man-cock can fuck your boy pussy, pussy-boy. You slut. Take my cock. Beg for it you slut. Beg for me to fuck your hungry cunt with my big man cock you horny slut."

"Please... Please fuck me. Fuck my Cunt. Fuck me. Use your big cock on my cunt, cunt stud. Fuck me hard. Harder. Harder! Slam me you pussy. Is that all the harder you can fuck! Fuck me you pussy slut. Use that cock on me like a real man would. Fuck Me! Fuck Meeeeee! Put your balls in me and FUCK Meeeeee!"

Jimmy jerked his cock out of me and grabbed his balls in his fist. He quickly pushed them inside me and then used his cock to force them all the way up inside me.

"Take that you pussy. I'm fucking you with my cock and balls. Fucking you all the way. Fucking your ass. Fucking you.

Our lust rage couldn't go on for long. Jimmy only fucked me about twenty or thirty times with his balls inside my butt before he started spewing his load into me. He stepped over me so that he had one foot over my head and one behind my butt while he held me down and fucked me sideways while he unloaded. I pushed up into him and used my ass muscles to strip down all the cum I could get from him, the hot spray landing deep inside of me in burning droplets.

Panting, Jimmy pulled his dick out of me and tried to straighten up his aching back, the last of his oozing cum dripping out of his dick and down my chest and onto my face. He slapped my butt and said, "Pretty good fuck meat there."

I clamped my ass muscles down on his balls and coyly asked, "Just pretty good?"

Jimmy groaned and said, "Yeah. That's some pretty good stuff. Now let go of my balls."

I clamped down even harder. "Pretty good fucking? What's the best fucking you've ever had--Boy?"

"Unggh. OK. Yours. Now let go of my balls. They get really sensitive after I cum."

Jimmy's legs were trembling with exertion and his ballsack was pulled out tight as he tried to stand up straight . "OK, OK. Other than everybody else I've ever fucked you're the best, now let go of my balls."

"Ha, ha. Very funny," I clamped down as hard as I could, "You're the one with his balls trapped. Now admit I've got the best copulating receptacle you've ever fucked, and make me believe it, or I'll snach 'em off."

"OK, OK! I admit it. You've got the best pussy me or anyone else has ever or will ever fuck. It's a great fuckhole. The best. Now please let go of my poor balls."

I gave a victory laugh and relaxed my ass, pushing down like I was trying to take a shit. Jimmy's balls popped out and he jumped off the table and grabbed himself between his legs. "Owwww! Man! You guys be careful! That snach snaches back!" and he hobbled over to the showers with all of us who were awake laughing at him.

James' turn:

James crawled up on top of me and pinned my legs down along my sides exposing my butt like it was a woman's pussy. I could tell that I had a man to deal with as his heavily muscled body took position over me, his heavy cock banging against my red ass.

"You going to try and fuck with me, boy?" James asked sternly.

"No, Jazz. You're too much of a man for that. I'd never tease you like I tease Jimmy."

"OK. You ready to be dicked again?"

"Yeah. But... Jazz, can I ask you a question. A really personal question?"

"We're laying here naked and I'm about to stick my dick up inside you and become your brother. Of course you can ask me a personal question."

"Did you really love her, Jazz? Your wife I mean."

Jazz seemed to deflate on top of me. After a long pause he said, very softly, "Yeah. I really, really loved her. And she loved me. We wanted a baby and didn't care what anybody said."

"Is that why you're so sad all the time? Because you lost her?"

"I'm not sad."

"Oh. You hide it pretty good, Jazz. But I feel your pain all the time. It never stops hurting you. Does it?"

Tears formed in Jazz's eyes. "No." he said. "No, it never quits hurting."

"Jazz. Please. I don't want to hurt you. But, if you close your eyes, can you pretend that I'm Mary. That Mary is with you again for a while?"

"You'd do that for me?"

"If I could, I'd become Mary for you, Jazz. Anything so that you didn't hurt any more. Please, Jazz, if you can, pretend that you're with Mary again for a while."

Jazz didn't answer but kissed me. Long, deep and hard. Then his eyes closed and his hips adjusted themselves and his fat, nine inch long cock began to enter me.

What followed was love between a man and his beloved wife. One of the guys turned off the lights and in the darkness Jazz and Mary made love like that which created their child. The love between a man and his woman. The passion of a man siring his child. A man urging his woman to release her egg and open her tubes to his impregnating fluid. A man, not just fucking a woman, but breeding a woman he was bonded to with all his heart and soul.

And I became Mary as completely as I could. A warm, loving woman accepting the rutting male above her into her receptive body. Wanting, needing him to complete herself in the act of procreation. Saying with her whole body and being, "Fuck me. O' fuck me my darling. Give me a baby my darling. Give me your child. Let me bear you a son..."

As he cast forth great roaring wads of his male essence into me, Jazz cried, "OH, Mary. My Mary, I love you so."

Junior helped me move Jazz over to a vacant pad and lay him down. He fell asleep immediately. Junior took me in his arms. "Thank you, Joey. That's the most at peace I've seen him since Mary died. Thank you."

I blushed in the darkness. I think Junior could feel the heat in my face as I hugged him with my face buried in his hairy chest. He finally leaned back and softly said, "Go to Joke now, Joey. Go to your Jeptha."

Junior knew. He knew that I was falling for Jeptha, and he wanted to help. "Junior? The other guys are asleep and probably won't wake up. But... Well, could you and Josh go outside and leave the lights off? Please? I'll come get you when we're done."

Junior hugged me and said, "Josh and I will go up into the tree house and take a nap together. You don't need to come get us if you don't want to. You and me and Josh can finish this up another time. I think he'll agree that you're already our brother, fucking or no fucking. And Dad won't mind either Little Brother. You go to your Jeptha now."

I went over and took Jeptha's hand and lead him to my workbench, my love pavilion as his twin and older brother left the room. Junior stopped by the doorway and flipped a switch. A recessed red emergency light came on, shedding a dim light into the showerroom.

"How's that, Joey?" Junior asked.

"That's perfect, Junior. Thank you."

Junior followed Josh outside without another word as I turned into Jeptha's arms.