My Dads draft 35

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 35

Joke's Turn:


I respected his need to be called Joke, but in my mind he was always Jeptha. Jeptha was ten inches or a foot taller than me so when we hugged standing up my face fit neatly onto the small patch of hair between his iron plate pectorals. My arms fit smoothly around his sides and down his back to were my hands clasped each other behind his behind. His arms draped loosely over my shoulders to where his broad hands spanned my back, rubbing and caressing me as I sighed and relaxed into his embrace. I smelled his arousing masculine aroma and felt the convex arch of his penis under my ribcage where it fit into the concave arch of my abdomen.

As we took comfort in each other I remembered what Jock had told me about this Big Brother of his--of ours--who was becoming so important to me. Joke and Josh, his twin brother, were two of the most popular Clzinik boys. Fine blond hair, soft blue eyes that could turn icy cold when angered, tall, handsome, well-built in a lithe swimmers build kind of way, athletic, musically talented (they both played several instruments each (besides skin-flute you nasty minded...) and their duo singing had already drawn professional notice), 4.0 students in the pre-College curriculum, fantastic dancers, swimmers, divers, cross-country racers, undefeated State champion wrestlers (they refused to wrestle against each other, and split the top award), they excelled in any sport they cared to enjoy and were avidly sought team members, using their skills to boost their teammates, to be team players and not just star players. The sports games amongst their friends always found them on opposite teams. Games against other schools, now, that was quite a different thing, wasn't it. They had it all--except for one little problem. Well, two little problems. Well... Not actually little problems, more like two big problems.

In a family of large dicks, the twins carried the acknowledged `Dicks of Death.' Identical truncheons that, so far, had guaranteed their virginity with anyone except each other. While they were growing up, their older brothers and father had taken on their dicks, but by the time the boys were fifteen it had gotten so uncomfortable for their siblings and their father that the boys restrained themselves to fucking each other, which they did often. Long, and hard! Joke sublimated his outward sex drive into giving enemas while his brother had become a master of the leather strap. They both got plenty of practice because their brothers loved them and enjoyed their expertise.

To get graphic, the identical organs measured just over fourteen inches from the nose to the upper groin when erect. A small patch of light blond pubic hair with an almost invisible treasure trail reaching up to their indented navels surmounted the wellsprings of each boys penis but their scrotums were completely, totally hairless. The smooth, upwardly curved shafts each had slightly different patterns of corded and intertwining veins that only became apparent when they were VERY excited, like just before they were ready to ejaculate. The variegated surfaces added considerable stimulation to whatever the shaft was inserted into. A bit over four inches across the broad, flat tops, each massive cock measured twelve and a half inches around the middle, about the diameter of most men's fists. The noses of these intimidating organs contained a meatus measuring three-eighths of an inch long, big enough to not look lost on the broad, blunt noses. From the questing noses each head swooped up smoothly to a studded corona that projected about a quarter inch out from the shaft. When enraged the head swelled even more and the corona extended over a half inch from the shaft creating a plunger over sixteen inches in diameter. A dick of death for sure. The long loose foreskins normally dangled floppily over the hanging cockheads, but pulled back to expose the nose and piss slit of the erect cocks.The boys had developed an early fascination with each-others foreskins and long hours of play had stretched the hoods until they would pull easily over the cockheads, even when fully erect.

One feel of their cocks, even limp was enough to scare off most girls. Even the randiest, slutest girls were only willing to have the boys show them their cocks and maybe jack them off--at the most. Both of the boys had become accomplished cunt eaters, but that was as far as they'd ever gotten with a girl. Some of the guys at school would cop feels of their dicks while they were playing around in the showers, but even the nelliest queen in school was afraid to be alone with one of the naked boys.

The boys had it all, including the dick every man dreamed of having, and couldn't get laid by anyone other than their own twin brother. I was about to try and change that.

I snuggled into Jeptha's embrace and looked up to him. His eyes were looking down at me. His head slowly dipped and his lips made contact with mine, a light boy-to-boy kiss that any brothers or father and son might exchange.


"Ummm. I really like the way you say my name, Joey. I appreciate your not teasing me in front of the other guys too."

"I'd never hurt your feelings on purpose, Jeptha. Can I ask you a question?"


"Jeptha. Do you like me?" and then, more quickly, "I mean... for a brother?"

"Hummm." Jeptha just stared down at me like he was trying to see inside of me. After a longish pause, he asked, "This isn't just about being brothers, is it, Joey?"

"Uh... Well... no."

"Are you falling for me, Joey?"

"Huh? What do you mean by that?" I tried to sound innocent.

"Are you falling in love with me, Joey?"

"Uh... Well... Uh, Jeptha? Can I tell you something. Just between you and me, I mean?"

"Hummm," he frowned at me. "Well... OK." Jeptha held his hand above me with his forefinger extended.

I reached up and hooked my forefinger into his. We locked fingers and shook once. "Brother bond" we both said.

I took a deep breath. "My step-dad... Jock told you all about my step-dad, didn't he. I mean, that he fucks me and everything?"

"Yeah. Jock told us. And he told us you said it was okay to tell us."

"Well, Dad has a younger brother, and his brother has a son too. Garrick and I are brothers now. And we are lovers. I mean, we really do love each other a lot. Garrick gives me what I need and I give Garrick what he needs. Together with him I am more than I could ever be alone, and it's the same for Garrick with me."

"I... I don't know how to explain this, Jeptha, but I think you're the third part with what neither me nor Garrick has." I buried my face back into Jeptha's chest. "I need you, Jeptha. I need you to care about me, and to take care of me. I need to want you and need you, and I need you to want me and need me too. More than anything. I can't explain it, Jeptha. It's just that inside of me I know this. I know I love you, and I want you to love me. And I want you to meet Garrick and love him too, because he's part of me, and I think you are too. I know I'm just a kid, Jeptha. But I really, really love you, from deep inside. And I want you to love me too, Jeptha. I want you to love me... and I want you to make love to me. I want you as deep inside of me as my love for you is. I know it sounds mushy and stupid, but that's the truth, Jeptha. I love you. I need you. I need you inside me. I need you to make love to me, Jeptha, and, if you can, I need you to love me."

Tears were coming out of my eyes and I tried to squeeze them back, but they ran down my face and down Jeptha's chest. "I'm sorry I sound so stupid, Jeptha. I know I'm just a kid and that you're really almost a grown-up, but I really do love you.." and I started quietly sobbing into the hard chest.

Jeptha just held me and let me cry without embarrassing me. Stroking my back and my hair and holding me close.

After a while my sobs quieted as I made up my mind to take whatever Jeptha was willing to offer me and to live with that without complaint. I knew I was way too young for Jeptha to be serious about, but I thought that if I was a good boy, maybe Jeptha could love me when I grew up.

Jeptha finally sighed and snuggled me in even closer. As I snuggled back I felt Jeptha starting to swell against my abdomen. Pushing into my gut, the monster organ grew longer and longer down towards my groin where my cock already strained upwards to meet it's advance. Our noses touched and kissed as Jeptha bent forward again and placed his lips on mine. More demanding this time. Not a brotherly kiss, but the kiss of a lover not to be denied. My lips parted and Jeptha's wide tongue filled my mouth, probing and questing. As his tongue invaded me I felt his cockhead slide past mine as his cock lengthened toward full erection.

Jeptha shifted his hips back to release the painful pressure on his organ and it swung up and around sideways into full erection only to land with a meaty slap against my chest. It felt like someone had half-seriously punched me in the chest. We both moved to trap Mr. Happy between my chest and his stomach. As if it knew it was a big, bad boy, the independent municipality of Greater Dickville was pumping out great gouts of slick pre-lube that spread over the playground as Jeptha hunched over me with his tongue probing into my throat.

Jeeze, I was about to pass out from excitement and lack of air. I broke of the deep soul kiss with Jeptha and dropped my head to the blind eye quivering below my chin. As soon as my lips locked over the blunt nose the pumping plant of Greater Dickville kicked into high gear and shot a great wad of smooth, slickery tasting pre-lube into my mouth. My nose flared, my lips swelled, my dick shuddered, I farted, and what little good sense I ever had left, evaporated as I dropped to my knees and attacked the big stick that I'd dragged down with me.

Jeptha crossed his arms across his chest and looked down at me from his maddeningly masculine stance and watched me try to service a cock that was bigger than most of my body parts. It was useless attempting to get the Brobdingnagian cockhead into my mouth, but I easily managed to slobber the thick saliva/pre-lube mixture from my mouth all over the head as I kissed and sucked at it. Following the rim of the corona all the way around with Lilliputian nibbles, carefully scraping and working over every sensor bump I found, caused the object of my affections (or his cock anyway) to throb, swell, smell, quiver and all that excited male stuff. (Come to think of it, Jeptha was doing a bit of throbbing and swelling and smelling hisownfineself.)

Once I got back down to the frenum I worked on that sensitive spot until my man was shaking with need. I reversed direction and started back up the way I'd just come except this time I followed the deep groove behind the well-used corona. Rooting into the channel with my nose and lips, I managed to move the gathered folds of foreskin aside so that my tongue could solicitously gather every lump and speck of smegma it could find to add its deep waxy flavor and body to the lubricating mixture in my mouth. This pleasurable activity took a while, but I was enjoying myself, and besides, I didn't really have anything better to do at the moment, so why not?

When I finally got back down to the frenum again, I gathered the accumulated drool of various sorts that had collected there into my mouth and quickly moved back up to the seeping meatus and sucked out several more freely donated servings of the tasty pre-lube. I'd been trying to not swallow, so my mouth had a pretty sizable collection of lubricants that I proceeded to spread back and forth all over the wide Ramshead.

As I sucked and licked at Jeptha he caressed my body and guided my head with one hand and firmly and lovingly worked on my male opening with the other. He was so sure of himself. Solid and strong in his movements and powerful in his control of my body. Not demanding or trying to control, just accepting his due as an alpha male with self-assured easiness. I did my very best to meet his expectations, even when he moved around behind me and held me crouched down on all fours.

"It's time, Joey. I need to try and get inside you, baby."

I thought about how much it hurt me when Jock took my virginity and how I'd reacted when he entered me. Taking a deep breath, I looked back over my shoulder at Jeptha's powerful form. "I need you inside of me, Jeptha. Just make me a promise, okay?"

"What promise, Joey?"

"Promise me that once you get inside you won't take it out. I'll probably holler and moan and groan a lot, but promise you won't take it out of me until you're done fucking me. It will just take me a little bit to get used to having you inside me, so promise you won't let me chicken out. Okay?"

"I don't want to hurt you, Joey."

"It's going to hurt at first. We both know that, Jeptha. Just promise me you won't give up on me. Please?"

"Okay, Joey. I promise."

"Good. Please fuck me now, Jeptha. I need you to fuck me. I want you deep inside me, fucking me. I need you to make love with me, Brother. Please, Jeptha, now!"

Jeptha lifted his heavy erection and put it against my boy bud and then bent over me, pushing against my tight hole and kissing the back of my neck at the same time. Jeptha kept pushing against me, and I kept pushing back against him, sometimes harder, sometimes softer. We tried and tried but all it did was hurt me and frustrate Jeptha. He was about to give up when I said, "This isn't working, Jeptha. Please put me on my back and do it that way. Please, Jeptha."

Reluctantly, wanting to give up trying to fuck me and to just hug and kiss and maybe jack each other off, Jeptha finally got off my back and rolled me over to face him. I pulled my legs up and put my knees back behind my own shoulders, raising my butt up into the air and totally exposing myself as Jeptha pulled me down to the edge of the padded table. He got back up over me and reached down between us to guide the nose of his glans up against me again. He tried to just snuggle and perform frottage, just rubbing up against each other, but I reached down between us and forced his leaky eye against my pursing rosebud and demanded that he continue to attempt entry. Jeptha finally acceded and told me that he would keep pressure against me if that was what made me feel good.

I felt deep pressure against my entire peritoneum as Jeptha inched up into me. The nose of his blunt organ was solidly in place so I let go of it and gently held onto his sides. Jeptha arched his back and buried his face between my shoulder and jaw and started kissing, licking and biting at me. I took a series of long, slow breaths like my martial arts teacher had taught me and began to relax, putting myself into a state of heightened awareness and acceptance of the reality surrounding me.

As I reached a mediation state I felt myself truly relax. Becoming truly accepting of the pressures against my body and deeply aware of the wonderful feeling of Jeptha touching me. At first I was mostly aware of Jeptha's mouth moving against me and the wonderful feelings he was causing with his loving attentions. I gradually became more and more aware of the pressure against my anus and turned my head to accept Jeptha's tongue deep into my mouth as I started to widen and open and allow him access into my other end.

A strange sense of abstraction that my sensei had told me about but that I had been unable to attain in my martial arts classes came over me. It was like I was there, and totally aware of what was happening, but at the same time I was standing off at a distance watching, totally unaffected by any sensations of pain or discomfort. Instead, I was intimately and acutely aware of the pressures against my body and the sensations of movement. As I transcended to this alternate state of awareness I felt things as I had never felt them before. Jeptha's tongue was a warm and living entity protruding into my mouth to nurture me with moisture and warmth. His penis was there to open me up and allow me to experience the full range of motion and sensation that I was capable of.

The feeling of my anal muscles stretching and overcoming barriers of resistance was amazing. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to be held open so widely. I could distinctly feel every pebbled surface of the broad glans as more and more of it came into contact with my sensitive velvety lining. Slowly. Ever so slowly, as though time had an entirely new structure and meaning, I opened and opened some more before the intussusception of the broad beginning of Jeptha's virile manhood until I felt the outer lips of my anus gently and happily furl itself over the speed bumped corona and greedily slithered down into the following valley to push out and replace the folds of foreskin abiding there.

Oh, it was glorious. The head of Jeptha's cock was completely inside me, sheathed snuggly within my anal tube. One sphincter locked deeply behind the corona and the nose of the glans protruding into my rectum, locked in place by my inner band of muscle. Jeptha shuddered and trembled all over at the feeling of being so entrapped. He bit deeply into the muscle in the back of my neck, moaning and crying and whimpering, trembling all over in his attempt to control himself and not be overwhelmed by the glorious sensations that threatened to overcome his self control and restraint.

I let go of his sides and reached up and lightly touched my fingertips to his turgid biceps where they supported him over the elbows so deeply planted in the cushions at my sides. He took my release of him as permission to continue his onslaught into my neither regions and I joyfully responded to his continued foray into a region that might as well have been virgin and to depths that were virgin. The slightest pressure of my fingertips against his biceps would cause him to immediately halt the assault, just as the slightest release of pressure would ask him to continue his explorations into my deepest and darkest recesses.

An obstruction was met were my colon turned nearly ninety degrees to the side. I carefully squirmed under Jeptha's body and he adjusted himself with me until he managed to negotiate the turn and straighten his ensheathment so that I could accept the remainder of his length. This rearrangement of my internals brought on my first orgasm of this experience, heat flashing through my insides as my testicles clamped up tightly against the base of my rigid boy-organ and I sprayed both of us with a slippery-sticky greeting to my inner virginity. I continued to spray and to have massive internal orgasms as Jeptha carefully seated his massive organ completely inside me.

I quit spraying my boy-cum just as Jeptha's crotch hair compressed between us. And that signal from my lover started a continuous internal orgasm that Jeptha swelled to meet as he flooded my guts with the proof of his enjoyment and passion for me. Warmth perfused my innards as the heavy log of meat laid pulsing within me, bathed in a mixture of it's own effusions and the slick mucus being exuded from the walls of my intestines that would lubricate our continued interaction as my body was racked over and over with the electrical shocks that signaled another orgasm was starting, over and over as the man covering me took complete charge of our passionate encounter, which led him into the wilderness of never before experienced emotions, sensations, and the wonderful universe of bonding with another so powerfully that the bond itself could never be broken. Jeptha knew he was in love with another man. Totally. Completely. Without let nor hinderance. He loved Joey, and was his!

I was living in a separate space granted to me by my training and the efforts and body that laid supine upon me. Crushing me delightfully as his gasping struggle for breath was matched by the throbbing, pulsing organ within me. My universe was a glorious unified whole comprised of scintillating diamond clear fragments of sensation and awareness that refused to remain apart from each other and yet could be separately examined and gloried in. The smooth heat of the sperm flooding me. The heavy heat of the meat filling me. The squashing heat of the body covering me. The radiating heat of my own joy. The blinding heat of my roaring orgasms. Waves of sensation rolling across and through Jeptha and me as we joined into one awareness as he filled me and I encompassed him. His head weakly rising as he kissed me in blessing benediction. I was as truly in love with Jeptha as I was with the rest of my family and had every intention of bringing, first Garrick and Greg and Jeptha together as the nucleus of one huge extended loving family! I could hardly wait until Greg and Garrick saw Jeptha naked for the first time!