My Dads draft 37

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 37

Bermuda Anyone?

Junior gave all of us great big hugs, "One per customer, please," and started home with the Pick-up. I was only half-awake getting on the plane. Mr. Clzinik's company had bought business class tickets for the trip, but my dad had upgraded all the tickets to first class when he bought mine. We barely got in the air when Jock and I reclined one of the big leather seats, curled up together and fell asleep.

We were woken up when the steward started serving dinner. Jock moved over into his chair and Mr. Clzinik watched us from across the isle. We were the only passengers in First Class, so the steward paid a lot of attention to us. I thought he was drop dead gorgeous, and so did Jock. A blond, blue-eyed surfer Adonis who seemed to have a lot of trouble finding a place to hide whatever it was that was making such a big bulge in his white duck pants.

Naturally, Jock and I vied with each other for his attention, which ended up with us both being noisy and obnoxious. Mr. Clzinik told the steward to pull down our pants and give us a spanking if we bothered him. He looked us over and told Dad that we were no problem, but I noticed that the bulge in his pants got a whole bunch bigger.

"Besides, Sir, I wouldn't want to make so much noise that people would wonder what's happening."

"Can anyone hear you from that little cubicle you keep darting in and out of?

"O' No, Sir. You have to be right in the doorway to hear anything in there.

"Good! Then take them both up there with you and give them a good bare-butt spanking. I want'a get some rest!"

The steward looked at Dad with wide open eyes and then looked me and Jock over with a real hungry sort of look in his eyes. Gulping, he turned towards Dad, "You shouldn't joke about things like that, Sir!"

"Who's joking?" Dad said, making a dismissing gesture with his hand as he leaned back into the comfortable chair and closed his eyes.

The steward stood there, like he didn't believe what he'd just heard. Jock and I looked at each other and grinned. No more sleep on this flight, Dad had just handed us a present for being good boys. Nodding at each other, we got up and each of us took one of the stewards hands. "Please, Sir?" Jock asked, "Could we please go and have our spanking now?"

It was funny. The guy was so bemused that Jock and I had to tow him down to his little 'office' like a couple of eager puppy dogs. I glanced back as we went through the door and Daddy Clzinik winked at me and grinned.

There was a fold-down seat against the wall and Jock pulled it down while I pushed the hunky steward back into the seat. He just sat there, totally bemused, while me and Jock stood there fidgeting with our hands behind our backs and our heads hanging like a couple of little boys who had been bad and knew retribution was eminent.

"Ah... Ah... boys. Ah... Well, that's enough, boys." The steward gulped, looking furtively around for some manner of escape. "This has been fun, but you guys should return to your seats now."

Joey started crying and, taking my cue from him, my eyes started to fill with tears and I started to rub my bottom.

"What's the matter?" the steward demanded.

"If you don't give us a spanking, our dad is going to really blister our bottoms for not doing what he told us to do." I said.

"That's silly!" He said. "Your Dad was just playing around. He wasn't serious!"

Bursting out into tears, Jock cried, "Oh, yes he will. He'll whup us good for not doing what he said!"

The steward grabbed a handful of Kleenex from a container on the counter next to him and pulled Jock closer to him. Jock pushed himself way in-between the steward's knees as the man was cleaning his face and getting him to blow his nose. I pushed my way in and demanded the same treatment. He wiped my face and got me to blow my nose and then cupped our fannies in his hands as he said, "Don't worry , Boys. We'll tell your dad I gave you a spanking and everything will be okay."

His hand felt great on my butt, it was so big that my whole behind fit right into the curve of his palm. Sobbing with jerky breath like a little kid trying to talk and cry at the same time, I wailed, "Oh, yes he will! He'll pull our pants down and if our butts aren't red he'll really blister us for lying and then he won't let you play with us any more."

Jock and I both hand laid our hands down in his lap when we had moved between his legs and what had been a large squishy mass was rapidly swelling and getting much firmer. I don't think he really thought about it, but his hands caressed our bottoms as he said, "Well, I guess I'd better do what your father want's then, hadn't I."

Both Jock and I threw our arms around his neck and pushed as close to his groin as we could as we kissed his cheeks in thanks. Having his arms full of squirming boys and thinking about spanking our bottoms seemed to make him so excited that he was trembling all over.

Pulling back from kissing us so hard, and holding tightly onto our butts, the steward shook his head to clear his thoughts and asked, "Okay. Which of you boys is going to be first?"

"Me, Sir," Jock said. "I'm the oldest and I'm supposed to go first. But, before you spank us, don't you think you should tell us your name? I'm Jock and," pointing, "he's my brother, Joey."

Grinning, the steward gave lifted us by our bottoms and gave each of us a very wet kiss. "Sorry , boys. I didn't mean to be rude. Surely you have a right to a proper introduction before someone spanks your asses." Sticking his hand down inside Jock's shorts, the steward gave him a big open-mouthed kiss with plenty of tongue. "Hi, Jock. My name's Stewart.

Jock and I cracked up laughing. Stewart the steward. It was just WAY too funny! Stewart got a little flustered, and we cut him no slack, teasing him and calling him 'Stewart Steward' and then, when that wasn't funny enough, we started introducing him to each other as 'Steward Stewart Steward'.

"Ha, ha, ha." he said. "Very funny! Just remember who's going to be giving who a spanking!"

I got very big eyed and put my best "Poor Little Boy" look on my face. Stewart pulled my thumb out of my mouth and replaced it with an extraordinarily long tongue and gave me a long and thorough kissing before leaning back and saying, "That's okay, Joey. I know you boys were just playing around. I'm not mad at you at all. But, maybe we ought to get the spankings over. What do you think?"

"Yes, Sir." we both answered. Contritely, we climbed down from the perches we had taken on his thighs so that we could each put an arm around his neck and still be able to keep one hand in the middle of the interesting developments in his crotch.

I moved over to the side out of the way, but where I could closely watch what was going on. Jock slid down in-between Stewart's legs as soon as I got out of the way and then he just stood there waiting. Stewart tried to gently push him back and when that didn't work he said, "Move back some, Jock, baby. So that I can get you across both of my legs to give you your spanking.

Jock shook his head slightly and said, "Daddy always strips us naked before he gives us a spanking."

Stewart seemed to go white and we could hardly hear his voice when he said, "Are you sure? Are you telling me the truth?"

Jock just stuck his thumb in his mouth and nodded his head up and down saying, "Yes."

Stewarts eyes flicked over to me and I just gave him a big-eyed nod of the head and a quiet, "Yes, Sir. Buck naked."

Stewart looked back at Jock and reached tentatively towards him, hands trembling and fingers crooked like claws with his desire, his need to touch the sweetly shaped boy-form in front of him. Jock obediently lifted his arms in the air and waited patiently for Stewart to take off his Star Wars, "May the Force Be With You " t-shirt.

Looking like he might pass out, Stewart reached forward and lightly, making every effort to not touch Jock and trembling and jumping like he'd had an electric shock every time he did touch Jock while trying to remove the two sizes too small t-shirt. Stewart finally managed to work the t-shirt up over Jock's head and then off his arms. Keeping his arms up in the air, Jock moved even closer into the Vee of Stewart's legs and looked at him with total innocence, waiting for whatever Stewart wanted to do.

Dropping the t-shirt to the ground, touching lighter than a hummingbird landing, Stewart's fingers barely touched Jock's fingertips. Jocks response was to move his fingers towards Stewart's questing digits, quietly admitting his availability and his own eagerness.

Stewart gave up, surrendered to his need, hands trembling, shaking with the need, fingertips twitching with ardor vibrated their way down Jock's smooth, firm flesh. The two sparse patches of fine down in Jock's armpits caused a pause as Stewart's fingertips explored what his eye could only barely discern. Jock moaned in pleasure, not loud enough to worry Stewart, but just loud enough to let him know how very much Jock was enjoying what was happening.

Jock's reaction seemed to release Stewart and his hands fit themselves completely around Jock's thin, but muscular arms and slid all the way back up to Jock's loosely held hands. Taking their time now, and much more sure of themselves, Stewart's hands worked their way back down Jock's extended arms, exploring his skin and muscles very completely...