My Dads draft 39+

by Jon Hold

Copyright ©2015 by the Author

Chapter 39--?

Who Knows?

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later scene with Granny:

She is watching Mr. C. spank Joey. Mr. C notices how much she is enjoying it.

"Quite a sight, isn't it, Granny. Them bright red cheeks smiling up at you?"

Licking her lips, Granny just nodded.

"You'd like to have a boy of your own to teach and guide, wouldn't you, Granny?"

"Reckon as I would, Jersey. But an old spinster woman like me, she just does as she can."

Mr. Clzinik looked over his shoulder and called out, "Jimmy. Get over here."

Jimmy put down the controls to the train set and ran over to his daddy. "Yes, Sir?"

"Strip off your clothes, Jimmy." Mr. Clzinik ordered. "Granny, this is my boy, Jimmy. He's fifteen now and needs some special attention. I warn you, the boy is horny ALL the time and he thinks with his dick. Just like a mule, you've got to get his attention the hard way--with a stick. He's been wanting an older woman to be with. You think you might be able to teach him how to treat a woman and how to be a good boy?"

Granny looked Jimmy over real careful. He saw her staring and his big dick reared up and started drooling. "You pointing at this old woman boy?"

Jimmy just flushed red and hung his head.

"You expect me to be able to teach this young horn-dog anything in one afternoon, Jersey?"

"No Granny, I don't. I'm telling you that boy hasn't got no grandmother, and he's always wanted one. If you want the responsibility, you take that boy to be your grandson and keep him with you until he's a good grandson. Trained by you to be a credit to our family. You'll be completely in charge. He can't even come home to visit unless he's been a good boy and you tell him it's OK. I'm asking you to take my son and teach him to be a man, Granny. Will you do that for me--and for him?"

Granny looked over at Jimmy. "You want me to be your Granny, Boy?"

Jimmy looked at the naked old body in front of him. The sagging breasts and the little pot belly and the deeply lined face. He walked over to where our clothes were piled and pulled the thick leather belt from his fathers pants. Then he walked over to Granny and handed her the doubled up belt. She took it from his hand and then he laid himself across her lap, exposing his small tight globes to her.

Granny looked down at the boy laying exposed on her lap and put her hand just above the small of his back. Here was this fresh young man, offering himself to her without reservation. Granny put the belt down and used her right hand to caress his smooth, fuzz covered butt cheeks. Finally, she patted Jimmy's ass and told him to stand up. Almost crying in rejection, Jimmy stood up and tried to hide his face in shame.

Granny stood up and took Jimmy's wrist in her hand. "Jersey, you sure you want to give up yore boy this'way?"

Mr. Clzinik looked at Granny, and then at Jimmy. "Jimmy?"

"Yes, Sir?"

"You want Miss Brambles to be your grandmother?"

"Oh, Yes, Sir. I've been watching her. And watching how she loves and takes care of Joey and Jock. I'd really like it if she could be my Grandmother. She's a really nice lady, Daddy. She makes me feel good all over."

"Looks to me like you two want and need each other, Granny. Boy don't lie with his pecker, and you're holding onto him so hard his hand's turning purple."

Granny flushed and smiled, a little--and loosened her grip on Jimmy's wrist.

"I isn't like you were taking him away from us, Granny. You're already treating one of my boys like a grandson. I'm asking you to join our family, not take one of us away from the family. You choose to, you take care of that boy like he was your family, because he will be. You'll be Granny to all of us. You willing?"

Granny just looked a little befuddled and shook her head. "Jerzy. Son, I'd be proud to be yore chillens Granny. Already love 'um all anyways."

Mr. Clzinik had all the kids there, including me, line up and Granny went down the line and gave each bare butt a good swat to make it official. Then all of us except Jimmy ganged up on her and hugged and kissed her. Tears in her eyes she started swatting us and telling us to get our randy young dicks away from her before she put us all across her knee. We backed off, but continued to tease from a distance. A very short distance, they just out of reach distance! Mr. Clzinik pulled Granny over to him and gave her a great big hug and kiss.

"Once you get that boy straightened up, you call me to dinner. Always did want to go to bed with my mother, and having my boy watch, and maybe help me some will just make it better," and he pinched her right on the ass.

Granny slugged him in the tit, about as high as she could reach, and told him to watch his mouth, he wasn't to big to spank yet. He just laughed and wondered if Jimmy wouldn't like to watch that too.

Granny took Jimmy's hand and started to lead him off. Jimmy reached for his dad's belt.

"Never mind that belt boy. I've got a hairbrush, if I need it."

"Yes Mam'," Jimmy answered her.


"Sorry, Granny!"

They walked off, Granny and Jimmy's dick leading the way. Jimmy told me later what happened when they got to Granny's cottage.

*The height of indecision: a 14 year old being offered sex OR food...*

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Mom and Dad take Joey to bed to teach him about boy-girl sex. Themes: Feeling baby develop in moms belly. Joey providing sex for Dad while mom is incapacitated. Dad and Mom spanking Joey. Joey and Dad spanking Mom. Mom and Joey tie up/down Dad and spank him.

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Orgy with all participants. Man/Woman. Man/boy/teen/girl/Woman. discipline session, ect.

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Joey and Jock's dad's get in a fight. End up being buddies and loving their boys who live at the old place the older son of brother "watching them."


Family bonding: Big wedding for Patrick Gurney and Alice Lowens. Followed by a family bonding: Joey, his mother Carol, stepfather Karl, Patrick Gurney, Garrick Gurney, Jock Clzinik, Greg Lowens/Gurney, Mrs. Alice Gurney neƩ Lowens, and the damn dog (the cat refused to attend, but showed up for the reception).

Carl was Patrick's best man. He was ecstatic when Patrick asked him. In collusion with Jock and Joey, Greg had a tuxedo especially tailored to his body. Much to the family's surprise, in clear view of everyone, Greg met Patrick in the vestibule and walked proudly beside him to the altar. Beautiful Alice, walking slowly up the aisle towards the altar, almost stumbled and fell when she saw her son in a tuxedo standing next to his new father, who was crying with pride and beside his Best man, his son, on his knees. They were the same height.

When Alice got to the altar she handed her bouquet to her maid of honor, knelt and looked at her men. And cried! The priest asked for the rings, and Greg took them out of his vest pocket and me stopped to hand them to the priest, who gracefully went down to his knees with big smile on his face, and took the rings.

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Chapter The Last

The End of All Things

This isn't the end of this story. It's just barely the beginning. If I don't get around to finishing this may be another writer will continue the story, either using the notes I've left or starting off on their own. There is a lot left to write. I'm getting old and I doubt I'll be able to finish much more of this story. I'm no longer able to type very well, being reduced pretty much to one finger. But I'm using Dragon Dictate, and even though it requires a certain amount of nursing and nudging, it's fantastic how much it gets right. Of course when it goes wrong, it can make a real mess of things especially if you don't catch it right off and fix it. But hey, that's why you're supposed to edit things!

To all the people who have written over the years, and been so supportive and kind: thank you!

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Just reread this, and it sounds pretty negative to me. I have no plans for dying soon. In fact, my lawyer told me the other day that I can't take it with me. So, I've pretty much decided not to go!