My Exhibitionist Straight Brother - Chapter 11

(Sunday dinner at Tom's, Dan's blues)

by Andrew J

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“Of course we’ll be there! Tell your mom we’re honored,” Dan said, taking my cell phone from me and whacking me on the head.

After he hung up, my big brother glared at me. “What was the fuck was that about, buddy? If someone invites you over for dinner, you say yes. What happened to your manners?!”

The very thought of meeting his parents and entire family all at once made me nervous. After all, I’d only met Tom last week. Sunday dinner at Tom's house was a big Italian family-style ritual with his extended family, who all lived in and around Brooklyn. He was the middle of five children (three boys and two girls), and had numerous cousins he talked about.

In any case, we were going, and it gave us something to look forward to for Sunday night. Dan and I spent the whole weekend recovering from our Friday night drug trip. We were mellow and lethargic most of the weekend. We went to the gym once but mostly stayed at home. Dan was extremely quiet. I think we both felt a bit awkward from everything we had talked about and done on Friday night. We’d covered more emotional ground that night than ever before. We didn’t interact much when we were together, but it was nice for me to know that Dan was always just a few feet away, and he seemed to feel the same way about my presence.

Much to my and even Dan’s surprise, Jen and Tom and had bonded incredibly over the last 2 days. They were best buddies now, and almost inseparable. They text-messaged each other constantly, and had inside jokes that completely excluded Dan and me. They even had code names for us and would occasionally giggle when Dan or I did something. It was both endearing and annoying at the same time.

So, on Sunday evening, it was no surprise when Jen said she’d meet us over at Tom’s place, as she was going early.

Tom’s parents lived in a beautiful brownstone in an old middle-class neighborhood in Brooklyn. There were already several cars parked around Tom’s house when we got there. Dan had bought enough beer to supply a small army so I was sure we’d be welcomed with open arms.

Tom’s mom answered the door with Tom right behind her. She was a short, lively woman with a warm voice, a welcoming smile and an infectious laughter. I liked her instantly.

“So this is the businessman? Tom you didn’t tell me how handsome he was!” She said, giving me a big hug. I smiled and blushed.

“Mom, he’s a student, not a businessman yet,” Tom said, correcting her.

“And this one is yours?” Ignoring Tom, his mom spoke to Jen, who was sitting inside. She hugged Dan who, like me, smiled and blushed.

“This is my dad,” Tom said, introducing us to a tall, handsome, silver haired version of himself.

My God what a knock-out I thought. Tom’s dad was gorgeous. I could see where Tom got his good looks from. Next we were introduced to Tom’s big brother, Anthony. Another knock-out. Dan hit it off instantly with Anthony and Tom’s dad. They all went into the family room and joined other members of the family who were sitting around and watching the game on TV, while Tom and I went into the kitchen to keep company with his mom.

I spent the next hour or so being introduced to and chatting with Tom’s sisters and several of his aunts and cousins. He stayed close to me, looking embarrassed and hoping it wasn’t too much for me all at once.

“Hey let me show you something,” Tom said to me when he got a chance. He took me upstairs, and led me into the bedroom that was his when he was a child. “My family can be a bit much. I’m sorry. But I can tell, they really like you.”

“Hey no problem, I think they’re great!” I compared his family to mine. Extended family get togethers were stressful, once a year events in our family. His family seemed so warm and genuine. My mother, cool and reserved, was the diametric opposite of Tom’s mom.

“You know, I really like you too.” Tom said, moving in closer. “More than like you.” He gave me a kiss. I responded eagerly, and we made out. I was definitely falling in love with Tom.

When we went back downstairs we helped set up the tables in the backyard. I got the sense they did this often. I was amazed at how at ease Tom was with his entire family, from his 84 year old grandmother to the youngest of his little cousins. I felt a small pang of jealousy and wondered what it would be like to have that kind of family.

The entire family sat down together for dinner. There must have been about 25 people. It was an amazing sight. Tom’s dad sat at the head of the table, and Ma sat beside him, but mostly just walked around forcing more food on people’s plates. We sat on the other side of Tom’s dad, near the head of the table, and were made to feel like the guests of honor.

“Such a beautiful couple they make,” Tom’s mom said to everyone, pointing at Dan and Jen. “What are you waiting for, huh? Get married and make beautiful children.”

I didn’t see Dan blush often. But he did, several times that night. Jen seemed perfectly at home, and kept glancing lovingly over at Dan. If Jen was at all uncomfortable, it didn’t show.

Then Tom’s mom turned to me. “And this one… so handsome and smart. You should take my boy to Chicago with you. He’s too good looking to amount to anything here in New York. He’ll get into nothing but trouble!”

“Mom!” Tom said, laughing.

“What? It’s true. Good looks only get you into trouble. Just like your father,” she said, smiling at Tom’s dad, who was smiling back at her. She hugged Tom from behind and kissed his cheek. “Here. Eat more,” she said, heaping more pasta on his plate.

She eventually had the whole family roaring in laughter, as she fed us and fed us more. Tom’s dad was very quiet, and sat back silently, seeming very happy to be out of the limelight, at the same time very proud of his wife and family.

We all ate and drank and talked and laughed in the backyard. It was a summer night, and the sky was illuminated by diffused sunlight. All the smells of summer… freshly cut grass, a barbecue somewhere not too far away, and various flowering plants permeated the air. For a moment I thought I was back in Madison. I suddenly felt a pang of homesickness and wondered how my own parents were doing.

Jen was definitely a hit with Tom’s sisters. I saw them disappear for a while, meaning they probably went off to smoke pot. Leave it to Jen to show people a good time. Tom’s youngest brother Luke was a shy teenager who didn’t say much. He would periodically go to a corner in the backyard and play his guitar. I sat with him for a while and he played a few tunes for me. For some reason, he reminded me a lot of myself when I was his age. I thought he was a really cool kid.

After dinner, the family asked Tom to sing, and he agreed. I had no idea he could sing, and was amazed at how good his voice sounded. He sounded professionally trained. We were all sitting around in the livingroom, on the sofas, chairs and the floor. Jen was stting on the floor right beside me and Dan. We listened spellbound as Tom did a few verses from show tunes, hits from the 50’s, and ‘Top of the world’ from the Carpenters. A couple of others joined in with him and they all sang.

Then, Dan surprised both Jen and me by asking Luke if he could borrow his guitar. He coupled up with Tom to do a song together. They discussed what they would sing together in hushed tones, and when they decided, Dan looked over and winked at me as he strummed an intro. When Tom started singing, he looked over at me and smiled. Stars shining bright above you...

My heart melted as the two of them performed one of my favorite songs, Dream a little dream of me.That song brought back memories of one of the first gay movies I saw when I was 15. It was a British film called Beautiful Thing. I was in love for the first time, with Rick. It was before Dan moved away, and I was happily gay, and felt secure and content. As Tom sang, he gazed into my eyes. Dan looked over at both me and Jen as he strummed the beautiful melody to Tom’s singing. Dan performed remarkably well, considering he hadn’t played much since his days in Madison. When they got to the end of the song Dan sang the "ya... dadada" part along with Tom, and they both cracked up. Jen and I applauded like crazy, as did the rest of the family.

I was having such a good time I didn’t want the night to end. But it was a school night, and everyone had to work the next day. We said our good-byes, and Tom’s mother made me promise to visit her again before I left for Chicago.

As soon as we left, Dan got sullen. There was something eating him, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Tom asked me if I wanted to stay with him in Brooklyn. Dan would have absolutely none of it. He insisted that all three of us go back ‘home’ to his place, so we did. As we sat in the cab, Dan held Jen’s hand and didn’t once glance in Tom’s or my direction. I figured he was just tired and needed a good night’s sleep.

The moment we walked in the door Dan and Jen fell into our still-unmade bed and started making out, not even bothering to take their clothes off.

Meanwhile Tom and I were both on a natural high from the evening. We had both thoroughly enjoyed the family Sunday dinner, and I already felt like a part of his family. But Dan’s sullenness cast a shadow on our moods, and where we would have been chatting and laughing away, we were both quiet and communicated with smiles and hugs. We both undressed and got into bed.

I had gotten Dan and Jen beer from the kitchen and placed it on their side of the bed, but they didn’t notice. Dan had retreated into his own world and taken Jen with him, so there was an impenetrable wall around them.

Tom and I lay holding each other, stripped down to our underwear. Actually it was my underwear. Tom had recently taken to borrowing underwear from me, under the pretext that it was sexier than his. I didn’t mind. Truth be told I found it sexy. He lay on top of me and kissed me, whispering “my boyfriend” or “my sexy boyfriend” or “my hunky boyfriend” over and over in my ear. As I ran my hands over his muscled chest and broad shoulders, I felt truly lucky to have him.

Dan and Jen were still fully clothed, and engaged in an extended french-kissing session. Dan was almost wrestling Jen’s head down with his own. There was an unprecedented earnestness in the way he was kissing her and holding, like he never wanted her to get away.

Tom kissed his way down my chest and stomach and started giving me a blow job. As I relaxed into the sensation of his warm tongue against my rigid shaft, I looked down as his head went up and down on me. He eagerly licked my smooth balls and inner thighs and massaged my pubic area with his tongue. My cock stood straight out and throbbed, glistening with a coating of his saliva. Then, getting up to a kneeling position, he took my feet in his hands and started massaging them, giving my toes kisses and licking the soles of my feet.

Dan and Jen had partially undressed by now, or at least Dan had managed to take most of Jen’s clothes off save her undergarments. He was still completely dressed - jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. He briefly stopped for a deep swig of beer. Completely ignoring us, he fell back on Jen and started intensely kissing her again. She was moaning and writhing in pleasure, and her nails were digging into Dan’s back as she held him.

The foot massage was turning me on. I was fully erect, and hungered for Tom inside me. Sensing this, he took his underwear off and got on top of me. He playfully threw his underwear at me, and they landed on my face. I deeply inhaled, finding Tom’s musky aroma deeply arousing. The front pouch of his underwear was completely drenched with his precum, which made a long, 8 inch streak from the left side right down to the root of his shaft. My boyfriend, the leaker.

Tom gently spread my legs apart and placed them on his shoulders. Sinking his full weight on me, he started kissing me. My legs were held spread apart, exposing my most private areas, my asshole and my perineum. It felt good to be exposed to Tom that way. His erection slid easily along that tender area, generously lubricating it with his precum as he moved. I wondered where he stored all that precum.

My asshole was open and waiting. I craved Tom to be lodged in the deepest, most intimate parts of me. When I felt the large head of Tom’s cock touch my entranceand then easily entered me, and I moaned softly in pleasure. He entered slowly, pausing after every few inches, allowing me to get used to him. When he was fully inside me, I held him there tightly.

We looked over at Dan and Jen. Dan was still fully clothed, save his open fly, and Jen was completely naked. Dan rhythmically thrust his hips into her. Her head was tossed back and she was moaning loudly. Dan had his eyes squeezed shut and jaws clenched as he intently fucked her.

Tom looked back at me, and fucked me as he kissed me. I couldn’t get enough of him. I was getting used to the size and girth of his cock, and the way his thrusts touched me in all the right spots inside. I was leaking copious amounts of precum as his cockhead grazed my prostate with every thrust. It was like his cockhead was designed to stimulate my prostate, because he didn’t miss a single nerve ending. Each stroke of his cock brought an indescribable wave of pleasure with it inside me. His balls felt hot when they touched my ass, and they were wet with perspiration. His kisses were wet and sloppy.

I was in total heaven. The only thing that seemed wrong was the lack of contact with Dan. He was in his own world with Jen, and I was in my world with Tom. This past week I’d gotten used to Dan being a big part of my sexual life with Tom, and now that he wasn’t, I missed him.

At that precise moment, Dan reached his hand out and grabbed my shoulder. As he continued fucking Jen, not even glancing in my direction, he roughly ran his fingers through my hair and grabbed the back of my head with his fingers, and held me. He then did the same thing to Tom, who was also probably feeling Dan’s absence. It was almost as though he was saying, “I’m right here with you guys.”

Neither of us needed any further encouragement. Tom’s thrusting doubled pace, and he easily brought me to orgasm. My arms clinging tightly to his shoulders, his cock buried deep inside me, I let go, spraying my chest and face. I had already cum several times that weekend, and so my cum had barely any substance in it. It was just splashes of watery liquid. During my orgasmic contractions, Tom, ever the gentleman, stopped his thrusts, and massaged my groin and balls. He was about to pull out, but I held him inside me, and motioned for him to continue thrusting. He did so, and after about a minute of aggressive thrusting, came, deep and heavy, inside me.

Tom collapsed onto me, and as we held each other, he gently caressed my sides and shoulders. We turned our heads to watch Dan fuck Jen. Judging from her moans and shouts Dan had already brought her off at least twice. He was still going strong. God he was being an animal. His t-shirt was drenched in sweat, and his jeans were getting wet spots of perspiration around his crotch and at the back of his knees.

As I watched my big bro mane make love to his girlfriend, I thought to myself what a perfect night it would be to make a baby.

Tom, abruptly got up and went to the bathroom. He reappeared holding a bottle of lube, and handed it to me, tilting his head towards Dan. Tom had figured that after two orgasms Jen could probably use some lubrication. How he intuited these things was beyond me, but I was glad he did. I held the bottle out to Dan, who at first ignored me, but then grunted, and, still not looking at me, pulled his cock out almost all the way, and held himself up above Jen.

His shaft and the ridge of his cock-head was exposed but the tip of his cock was still inside Jen. I put some lube on my hand and took his cock in my fist, careful not to withdraw him from Jen. Tom was right… they were fucking dry. I generously coated Dan’s erect cock with lube, including the whole shaft, and as much of the sensitive cock ridge as I could reach. As Dan freely and quickly slid back into her, they both let out simultaneous, loud moans and continued fucking, even faster and more furiously than before.

It didn’t take long after that. Dan let out a loud, bear like growl, and, pinning Jen down with his hands on her waist and his mouth against hers, thrust one last time deep inside her and let go. He shot his hot cum into her, his whole body contracting and pulsating. I could picture the cum squirting out of his beautiful cock deep into her. Jen was writhing as well, and I figured she was having a third intense orgasm.

Dan’s orgasm brought deep relief to both Tom and me, and we looked at each other and smiled. He turned me around, and, spooning me, gripped me with his usual vice-like hold, around my chest and waist. We were both extremely tired at this point, and before long I found myself drifting off to sleep in his arms.

I must have been asleep for about an hour or so before I was awaken by the feel of Dan's hand pressing at the back of my head. My big brother was lying facing me, looking at me with very sullen and earnest eyes. Jen was fast asleep behind him. Dan was still fully clothed, and his body smelled of sweat.

Dan put his other hand around my naked waist and tried to pull me close to him. I had to pry myself free from Tom, who was fast asleep. Tom just mumbled and rolled over at this interruption.

Once I was free from Tom’s grip, Dan pulled me right up close to him. I was very aware of my being completely naked, and of him being completely clothed, including his shoes. His jeans were undone, exposing the pair of red briefs of mine that he was wearing. His hair was matted down, and his expression was both tired and anxious. I felt vulnerable and awkward, and admittedly, mildly aroused, at being so completely naked while he was so completely clothed.

There was definitely something eating Dan - he hadn’t really been himself all weekend. Maybe the ecstasy on Friday night had been a bad idea after all. Not knowing what to do, I put my arms around his chest and held him close to me. What’s on your mind, Dan? I wanted to ask him.

“Never mind. It’s nothing buddy,” Dan whispered in my ear.

He stroked my head and gazed into my eyes, and then kissed me. First on the forehead, and then, when I looked up at him, on my lips. It was the gentlest of kisses. I held him tighter, and he drew me in closer and kissed me again, more earnestly this time. His tongue darted into my mouth playfully, and this time I responded cautiously exploring his mouth with my tongue. My tongue felt soft compared to his, and his kissing intensified when my tongue entered his mouth. We tongue wrestled for a while, and I found my grip on his sweaty back tightening. His hand explored my lower back, and the upper part of my ass, and my feet explored his ankles, above where his shoes were.

I was in bliss, and found it hard to believe this kissing was happening.

Then, as abruptly as he’d started, he stopped. Wincing, he turned his head away, and then grabbed my head in a headlock position and pulled me down towards his chest. Holding on to my head with both hands and pressing me close into his chest, he lay still for a long while.

I didn’t notice my big brother was crying until I felt the tears streaming down his cheeks and into my hair. I then felt his chest heave and fall as his sobbing got more intense. I was completely at a loss. I put my arms around him as best I could in that position, and thought to myself, I love you Dan, no matter what you’re going through, I love you.

At that, Dan shook his head, and, still crying, put his arms around me. He cried for a full minute. I felt his beautiful chest rise and fall against mine as his tears flowed. He cried like I’d never seen my big brother cry before, or ever would again. I just held him, thinking to myself how I had no idea why he was crying, and if I did, would probably have not had any words to offer.

When his tears subsided, he got up. He buckled up his jeans and headed for the door. I sat up, a bit worried, wondering if I should go with him. He shook his head, and, waving me down, left the apartment.

I lay back down, bewildered, and a bit scared. I’d never seen him like this before. After a few minutes, I heard footsteps, and the door opened again. Dan stood at the entrance, and motioned for me to join him. I scrambled out of bed, quickly got dressed, and followed him.

We walked. We walked and walked in complete silence. It was dark, and the weather was balmy. The streets were mostly empty but there were still people walking around. The usual nighttime smells of Manhattan… concrete, cigarette butts, car exhaust and trash permeated the air. Dan was always a few steps ahead of me. We walked several blocks, but I wasn't sure where we were going.

Dan led us to the lights and crowds of Times Square. By the time we got there I was exhausted. I have no idea how long we'd been walking. We both sat down on a street curb. We stared at the huge illuminated signs and bright billboards and ads and ticker tapes and crowds of people going by.

For a small-town Wisconsin boy like me, Times Square was another universe. Just a few years ago even downtown Milwaukee left me feeling overwhelmed, and I still avoided downtown Chicago if I could. I was amazed at how there were still large throngs of people and so much activity at Times Square at that hour of night. This universe I was sitting in, with its perpetual lights and sounds and sensory overload completely floored me. I was glad Dan was nearby, because I would have been a bit scared to be there otherwise.

After a long while of sitting in silence, lost in thought, Dan’s posture started relaxing, and he seemed less sullen and anxious than earlier. I still didn’t know what was bothering him, but didn’t know how to ask. I did sense that whatever it was he had started working it out.

“You want some ice cream, buddy?” Dan asked finally.

“Uhh… sure,” I said. At the mention of food, I suddenly felt famished.

Dan went into the large internet café we were sitting in front of and got us 2 chocolate ice cream cones. As we sat and ate our ice cream cones, he absently took my hand in his.

“Don’t get freaked out by New York, OK? It’ll all be fine. You have nothing to worry about.” He said between licks.

“OK.” I said.taking another lick of my icecream cone.

“Can't wait for you to move here, buddy.” Dan said.

“Me too.” The ice cream was really hitting the spot.

“We'll get you a great job here as soon as you're done school, little guy.” Dan was slowly returning to his usual cocky, confident self.

“OK.” I said. The cone was the crunchy hard-wafer kind I really liked. Yum. Got it's amazing how good anything tastes when you're hungry, especially when it's something like ice cream, that tastes good in the first place.

“Oops, sorry bud,” Dan said, after he’d accidentally elbowed me, causing my ice cream to smear on my face.

“No probs.” I said, wiping my face with my fingers and licking them clean.

Dan accidentally bumped me again, just as I was taking another bite of my ice cream cone. More ice cream on my face, on my left cheek and jaw this time.

“Oops," he said. I wiped it off and licked my hand again.

When he bumped me a third time, I turned and looked at him, my right eye and nose covered in chocolate ice cream. He was grinning at me mischievously.

“You asshole. You’re doing that on purpose,” I said, frowning, thoroughly annoyed at him. Thanks to him my face and hands would be sticky till we got home.

He laughed like a 12 year-old as he watched me wipe the chocolate ice cream off my face and lick my fingers. When we were kids he’d always bump into me when I was eating and make me spill my food and get in trouble.

I had to smile despite myself. I wondered whether Dan was feeling better now.

“I think I am, buddy. Sometimes you get down about stuff, but it just takes a long walk and a ice cream cone to realize how lucky you are. And there's no denying, I’ve got it made.” He put his arm around my shoulder and gave me a squeeze.

And for the first time since Friday, I saw Dan’s eyes twinkle.

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