My Exhibitionist Straight Brother - Chapter 13

(baby bro grows up a little)

by Andrew J

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What a terrible afternoon I was having, I thought to myself as I lay in bed, naked and curled up in a ball.

First, I abruptly ended what had been a wonderful date with Tom. He told me he loved me, and I responded by telling him I had to go home right away. I didn’t even share my taxi cab with him. I just left him standing there on 5th Avenue, looking confused and hurt.

Then, just to prove to myself I didn’t love him, I went to a bar and picked up the first cute guy that paid me any attention. He was a skinny, skater-boy type. I couldn’t even remember his name. In any case, it was over within ten minutes of us getting back home. We kissed briefly, and I sucked his cock for a few minutes before the silly little twink blew his load all over me. Then he got all antsy and left. I didn’t even have time to get undressed.

So all I had to show for my afternoon was a huge cum stain on my favorite yellow t-shirt, and a broken heart.

As I lay there, wishing I could just disappear from my life, Dan walked in. He was talking to Jen on the phone. Ignoring me, he put his stuff down and started stripping out of his work clothes. His suit and tie, shirt, undershirt, socks and then his underwear all landed in a pile at my feet on the bed. Actually, on top of my feet. Then, fully naked, he sauntered off into the kitchen, still chatting on the phone, without so much as a word of acknowledgement or a even nod in my direction.

I would have just ignored the pile of clothes at my feet, but remembered that the suit Dan put on this morning was one of his expensive ones. So I got up and hung it up in the closet. While I was at it I took his dirty gym clothes out of his gym bag and threw them into the laundry basket. Then I lay down again.

I heard Dan get off the phone, and rummage around in the fridge. I was too depressed and irritated with myself to get up and help him, so I just lay there. He eventually appeared with a beer and the box of Chinese food leftover from my lunch. He got into bed beside me and ate his food with loud chewing noises. I watched him, curled up in the fetal position beside him.

“So looks like you really screwed up this time, huh, buddy?”

How could Dan possibly know what happened.

“I just saw Tom moping around at his station at the gym. And you’ve got that look on your face.”

Wow. Was I really that transparent?

“I’m gonna guess that either you had one of your whining fits about something and freaked Tom out –”

Whining fits!? I thought indignantly. I never whine! I scowled deeply in Dan’s general direction.

He just rolled his eyes and continued. “Or, more likely, since it looks like you just had sex with some random guy, I bet Tom told you he was in love with you and YOU freaked out.”

I was so irritated I could cry. I was tired of Dan knowing everything about me. Was my life really that obvious? How the hell did he know about my trick?

“My pillow and the sheets smell like cigarette smoke,” he replied to the expression on my face.

I watched as Dan ate his food and drank his beer. He’d just done an upper body workout at the gym, and his biceps, and delts bulged and flexed every time he lifted his hands. I looked down at his dick, and was reminded of all of Tom’s verbalizations during sex this afternoon. Dan was indeed incredibly beautiful.

I knew for sure that Tom was lying when he said he thought I was hotter than Dan. That was impossible.

“So, what are you going to do?” he asked, still not looking in my direction, chomping away at his food.

I just shrugged my shoulders. I didn’t want to talk about it with Dan.

“It’s none of your business,” I said weakly.

“Do you love him?” he asked.

“I don’t know.” I had no idea what love felt like. I knew I loved Dan, but that was different. And Dan was the only person I knew I loved for sure.

“Well, if you’re not sure, how do you know you DON’T love him?”

Dan had me there. I wasn’t sure I didn’t love him. He was beginning to really irritate me now.

“Well, how about trying it out and see how it feels. Do nice, loving stuff for him. Like give him a backrub or take him out to dinner or buy him flowers or something. Then you’ll know for sure.”

Dan’s words hit me hard. I suddenly felt more empty and deflated than ever. I’d never once given Tom a backrub, or done anything thoughtful for him, even though he was always giving me massages and doing sweet things for me. I felt so ungrateful. God I’d really fucked up.

Pouting, I put my head at Dan’s side, level with his navel, and looked up. He didn’t reach down to touch me.

“What’s his favorite restaurant?” Dan asked.

I had no idea. I didn’t even know what kind of food he liked.

Dan continued, “Tom loves sushi. He gets off work at 9 tonight. Take him to that sushi joint in Chelsea. It’s Jen’s favorite. He’ll love it.”

I was about to protest saying I didn’t like sushi, but stopped, all of a sudden realizing that Dan was right. Tom never came first. How could I ever know if I loved him if I didn’t even try to love him, at least once in a while.

“OK,” I said quietly.

“And then, figure out how you feel about him. He’s giving you all he’s got, buddy. He’s a brave guy for putting it out there for you. You’re leaving for Chicago in a few days and I bet he’s really scared he might not see you again. In a year you’re gonna be a hotshot MBA and in a year, if he’s lucky, he’s still just gonna be a massage therapist who can barely afford his rent.”

I had to shut my eyes really tight to stop the tears from coming. I wish I could go back in time to the afternoon, and say something nice to Tom in the park instead of just leaving him there. I wish I could have put my arms around him and kissed him or just held him.
I pressed my forehead hard into Dan’s side, and reached my hand out to hold his leg.

Dan put his hand on my head and stroked my hair. I looked up.

“It’ll be OK, buddy. Don’t worry.” Dan’s touch made me feel better instantly.

“And before you go remember to grab my credit card from my wallet. Dinner’s on me tonight.” He said. “I have plans with Jen but I’ll see you later on.”

“OK,” I said.

“Hey flowers always work with Jen. You should try flowers. Flowers always work.”

Such a silly straight guy, my big brother. I wasn’t going to bring Tom flowers. No way.

He pulled me up to face level and gave me a kiss, his arms tightly wrapped around me. Over the last few days our kissing and hugs had gotten much more physically intimate, with more body contact and more kissing. I was right up against Dan, with one of his arms around my waist. His hand was resting on my ass and the other hand was on my shoulder pulling me close to him. He slowly stroked my back and my ass as I lay there cuddled up beside him.

“Feel better, buddy boy?”

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“You’re just like your big bro. I freak out in the same ways you do.”

“Really?” I looked at Dan. This was a new revelation.

“Yeah, whenever Jen gets too close to me I freak out, and it makes me want to have sex with other women. But it’s something I’m working on and I’m glad she’s forgiving.”

“Wow,” I said, surprised at this.

“Yeah. Tom’s right though. It always helps to –”

“Tom?” I interrupted. “What does Tom have to do with you and Jen?”

“Are you kidding? Tom’s the best guy in the world to talk to about Jen. He tells me so much about her, and about women and about love and stuff in general. He’s awesome. Like the best therapist ever. Like ever since I started talking to Tom, I got rid of all the other women. Susan, and all the others too. Tom says that if I don’t try to love Jen, I’ll never know if I really love her. So I’m taking his advice, and so far it’s working.”

I was stunned to hear that Tom and Dan talked about stuff. I felt painfully excluded, and jealous. Of both Tom and Dan.

“Wow,” was all I could say.

“Yeah. Jen’s been getting pretty close these past few days. We’re coming up on our one year anniversary, and she wants commitment and stuff. It’s funny ever since you got here, she’s been acting weird.”

I just listened silently, surprised at everything I was learning.

“She’s even been talking about crap like marriage and moving back to the Hamptons and babies and stuff and – ”

Babies!? The idea of Dan having a little baby made my heart melt on the spot. I’d be the best uncle ever, I promised myself. I’d love the little guy, or girl, whatever, and spoil him rotten. He’d be beautiful – just like Dan, and I’d be so proud of him. And take him wherever he wanted to go… like to Disneyland and Niagara falls and the Chicago Zoo and –

“Whoa, don’t get ahead of yourself, buddy!” Dan said, laughing.

It was too late. I’d never till that instant ever considered being an uncle. I was delirious. I desperately wanted Dan to have a baby with Jen.

“So like I was saying, bud, I want Jen,” Dan’s voice got very serious. “I think I want to go all the way with her. But I can’t ever, no matter what, afford to lose you. Not even for Jen. You’re my best buddy. And so it’s been kinda stressful cuz I –’

“Huh?” I said. The idea of Dan losing me was ridiculous. Where else would I go?

“Even if Jen is around? I know you don’t like her.”

Whatever gave him that silly idea? “Jen’s awesome, Dan. I think she’s great!” I said. Especially if she wants a baby.

“Even if you and Tom become a couple and move in together?” Dan looked away as he asked this.

All of a sudden it dawned on me that my big bro was afraid of losing me to Tom, just like I’d been afraid of losing him to Jen. And why wouldn't he be? I knew he was happy for me and he loved Tom, but my attention was divided of late, and I didn't have as much alone time with Dan as I had before Tom had become such a big part of my life.

This was probably why Dan was so depressed recently, and why he was so conflicted about not being gay. And why he was so gloomy on Sunday night after dinner at Tom’s place.

Once I realized this, I did what baby brothers have to do every now and then. I rose to the occasion and said something I knew would make my big brother feel better.

“So, Dan, when I move to New York next year, can you and me live together? Even if I’m still dating Tom?” I asked.

Dan thought about that. Almost instantly, his shoulders relaxed, his chest puffed up ever so slightly, and I could see the beginnings of a smile on his face.

“Of course you can, little guy,” he said, holding me closer. There was a sense of relief in his voice that hadn't been there before. "Of course you can."

I just put my head on his shoulder and lay there, in his arms.

Then Dan said, “I hope you and Tom make it, buddy. He’s gonna make me one hell of a baby brother-in-law.”

Tom was ecstatic to see me waiting outside the gym, with flowers for him, after his shift ended. The first thing I did was apologize for treating him so badly that afternoon. Then I asked him out to dinner. He was overjoyed when I suggested sushi, and the restaurant Dan had suggested was indeed one of Tom’s favorites. All evening, he just kept smiling at me.

After dinner we went for a long walk through the streets of the City, and talked about all sorts of things. I was desperately making up for lost time, and asked him all the questions I should have known the answers to by now. I treated him as well as I knew how, and tried extra hard to put him first, and not whine or complain or keep talking about myself.

I gave him a long, earnest backrub when we got back home. As I straddled him and massaged his naked back I noticed how beautiful he was, in ways I’d never noticed before. The smooth, sinewy muscles that made up his broad, tapered back, the hairline behind his ears, the small birthmark on his left shoulder. He was slightly ticklish on his right side, but not his left. He had more knots on his left side than his right, which probably came from being left handed.

As my hands caressed and stroked his body, he eagerly stretched, almost catlike, and his face glowed from the attention.

What surprised me the most was how cute his butt was. Firm, round, muscled, smooth, except for a small tuft of blond hair where it joined his lower back. I’d held it numerous times when he was on top of me, but had never noticed it from this vantage point. I kissed it, and kneaded it with both my hands. When I gave his butt soft, long bites he squirmed in pleasure. I gently spread his cheeks apart, and exposed at his tight hole. Tom was a ‘hopeless’ top, and it showed. I kissed his asshole, and gave it soft licks, which made him moan and squirm even more.

“Mhh…” he yelped each time my tongue darted into his hole. I used my thumb to pry his hole looser. He was really tight. I didn’t have much experience with men’s assholes, but Tom was tighter than anything I’d ever imagined.

As I continued rimming him, his muscles started relaxing, and his moaning become more subdued. I climbed up on top of him. My whole body was pressed up against his. My dick was resting against his butt crack as I kissed his neck passionately. My cock slid between his legs and grazed his smooth perineum as I slowly humped him.

What happened next as as big a surprise for me as it was for Tom. The moment the head of my cock grazed his asshole, we both shouted in unison. “Ahhhhh….” I looked into his eyes, and he gently nodded, hungry for what was about to happen. I clumslily reached for the bottle of lube Dan had knocked down to the floor the previous night, and lubed up my steel hard cock.

When I first entered him, he let out a cry. His face was contorted from the sensation of being fucked for the first time, but he held my waist with his hand and forced me in further. I gently pushed in a little more, slowly, pausing at every inch, to allow him to get adjusted. His eyes were squeezed shut and he was grimacing in pain.

I whispered in his ear, “It’s OK, Tom, I’ll go slow. I promise I won’t hurt you.”

He nodded weakly, still holding onto my waist. The sensations were wonderfully new to me… his asshole was warm, incredibly tight, and had a vice-like grip on my cock. It was almost painful where his sphincter clamped down on my shaft, but the pleasure at the head of my cock was indescribable.

He eventually relaxed, and my rhythm picked up. Instincts took over, and soon I was thrusting in and out of him with a vigor I’d never known before. Tom spread his legs apart as wide as he could as I fucked him.

“Ahh… uhh…..” we were both shouting. This was new territory for both of us. I reached down and kissed his neck hard as I thrust in and out of him. My cock was in full control of my body and my senses at this point, and I lost sense of time and space as I fucked my boyfriend.

“Uhh, mmmmmm…..” Tom whimpered, taking it with everything he had.

My orgasm came the precise moment Tom called my name and said, “I love you, I love you, I love you…”

I shot deep and hard into him, holding him down with everything I had. I’d never had an orgasm like this before, with my cock enclosed in a warm, extremely tight orifice.
Aftter eight hard spurts of cum into him, I began relaxing. I reached around and held his torso, still on top of him and still inside him. His abdomen was wet and sticky, and there was a huge wet spot, or more a puddle, on the sheets and mattress beneath him.

In my mind, I played with the sound of the words, “I love you, Tom” and realized how beautiful it sounded. I didn’t say it out loud though. That would be much later.

So there I was, the little guy from small-town Wisconsin, lying on top of the second most beautiful man in the world. I’d just fucked him and cum inside him. With that realization came strong, indescribable feelings of protectiveness, tenderness and love. I could never ever let Tom down now. His happiness and well-being were my responsibility. I would prove how well I could take care of him. He needed me now, just like I needed him.

Tom’s face was angelic. His eyes were closed, and his smile was peaceful and radiant. God, I wish I could be a better and bigger person. I wanted to be everything Tom deserves, I thought to myself, as he lay underneath me in my arms. I could feel his heartbeat, but then again, it might have just been my own heartbeat.

I promise you, Tom, I’ll make you the happiest man in the world. I’ll do whatever it takes. You and Dan are everything to me, and I’ll give you my all.

I was woken up by Dan hopping into bed. His eyes beamed as he saw me lying on top of Tom. He cuddled up to us, his naked body pressing up close, and without a word, gave me a big kiss on my forehead.

Dan you won’t believe it - I fucked Tom! For the first time ever I was the top! And I think I love him! And I made him cum all over the sheets. And –

My big brother just beamed and nodded as I yammered on without saying a single word out loud.

Tom was fast asleep. Dan looked down at him tenderly and affectionately, kind of like one would gaze upon a new arrival into the family. In a sense, Tom had indeed just become part of our family that night. He then gently ran his fingers through Tom’s hair and sideburns, and, bringing his face really close to Tom’s, Dan gave Tom light kisses all over his face like he was a little kid.

I love you, Dan. I drew his body in, closer to ours.

I love you too, buddy boy.

The three of us - my big brother, my boyfriend and I, slept soundly that night, more peacefully than we had slept in days. We embraced each other tightly, glad that we’d finally found one another.

(to be continued…)

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